Comfort Click Belt REVIEW

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What is Comfort Click?

It is an innovative belt that fits anyone having sizes 28 to 52 inches flawlessly as it uses exceptionally sophisticated mechanism. Comfort Click Belt is an intelligently made belt that claims it boasts of numerous hi-tech features and looks. Comfort Click Belt features safe classic design that suits all outfits and never goes wrong. It comes in colours black and brown. Made of genuine leather and the greatest precision, it assures you of perfect clasp for anyone of sizes between 28 to 52 inches.


Comfort Click Review

Gary O’Neil praises Comfort Click in his review“Comfort Click has good looks and style!After wearing the Comfort Click belt for only a few weeks the belt has begun to bend out of shape and stretched a bit too much but is a nice buckle though.”

Carlos Gomez is not much impressed by the Comfort Click belt, in his review Carlos complains“Comfort Click’s ratchet’s lever and spring mechanism broke after 6 months of ownership. The metal piece just snapped in half while lightly pulling the belt apart (loosening it) because of not fully disengaging the ratcheting mechanism. It took an alarmingly small amount of force to break it. You would expect it to withstand a bit more than that.”

Ben Croft is happy with his Comfort Click, in his review he mentions – “It takes nerve to stamp “genuine leather” on a belt that clearly isn’t. Comfort Click looks as good as some leather belts and is very comfortable because the ratchet is so precisely adjustable.”

Brandon Peterson mentions in his review“Comfort Click belt is great in many ways, but for some reason the body of the buckle itself scratches away really easily. Shame, because the Comfort Click belt itself is awesome.”

Paul Conner complains in his review“Comfort Click is a nice belt but poorly made. The Comfort Click buckle is heavy. The buckle keeps slipping off the leather and the buckle finally broke so it was a nice belt for the short time.”

Bill Clark reveals in his review“Comfort Click is an adjustable belt that seemed pretty easy to use and durable. Then, within a week of using, the buckle
came off and can’t be put back on without super glue.”

Eddie Clark has extracted the disadvantages of Comfort Click in his review“Comfort Click has some flaws that are worth noting as they were not apparent from the photographed item.”

1. On the outside, Comfort Click looks alright but the buckle has a flat face riveted on to the buckle frame. The back of the rivet scratches the belt a bit when inserted.

2. The ratchet system is not intuitive. You would think that you would pull the lever to release the buckle, but instead, you have to push the lever in towards your groin area while you are pulling the buckle out. The release lever is flush, but it may be to flush for you. When you want your Comfort Click belt to come off, you don’t want to be slipping of the lever because there is really no good grip on it. To get best results, plan to use to hands with this mechanism.

Thomas Nicholson states in his review“The Comfort Click belt smells of cheap would-be-leather…it’s just awful. It reeked right out of the box so you will have to air it out for a couple days before deciding to return it. The smell was still there. The materials are obviously cheap or the glue is awful but it smells like the inside of a cheap shoe store that has been in need of maintenance. The buckle mechanism is not good too unlike some other belts of this nature sold on amazon. Comfort Click does work, the ratchet is there and it will hold your pants up but you could get a much better belt with the same functionality and without that awful smell.”

Robert Seaman reveals the missing information on the Comfort Click site , in his review he says – “Comfort Click has no guarantee and warranty given, belt width and length information is missing on the official website, and there is no option for buckles and no buckle dimension are given.”

Comfort Click Claims

No more grappling with holes and fitting – Comfort Click Belt has no prongs that have to be inserted into a buckle’s holes. Instead, it has micro-adjustable 32-position ratcheting track system which, coupled with steel and zinc alloy buckle and quick release lever, keep the belt intact and let it slide on, off and also adjust faultlessly. You need to just click for the perfectly comfortable fit.


What do I get?
Buy Comfort Click Belt for just $19.99 + $4.99 S&H | Official website:

44 thoughts on “Comfort Click Belt REVIEW

  1. Please contact me I bought a replacement belt and it does not my old buckle the new belt
    is to wide. David Low or 616 550 2707 please get in touch

  2. So, I should have read reviews first but bought this belt. I like a tight belt and this belt will not allow you to have it pulled tight as it just slips loose if you bend forward just walk for a while. It is a POS. But for $20 I will not go to the efforts to return and that is what they count on I would wager.

  3. I purchased this belt earlier this year. When I received the pkg I opened it and it was straight forward with what I saw on the advertisement. Within a minute of opening the box I was overtaken by this awful smell.

    I hung the belt on my deck for several days to air it out. I brought the belt into my front room closet and it not only stunk up my closet you could smell it as soon as you walked in the front door.

    I then hung it in the spare rooms closet for a week because I never go in there. I went to try it out and the whole bedroom reeked. I took the buckle off to maybe use on another belt, but realized the 2 must be used together. I had to take it to my complexes dumpster and then air out my condo for a couple days as the smell lingered.

    I posted a negative review on FB to what I just learned was a diff company selling their version of the belt, they company actually replied to my post and said they have had this issue and would send me out another belt, only today they contacted me to let me know they couldn’t find my order info, so this is apparently an issue w/ this belt and it’s various designers or retailers it’s being sold under.

  4. I just bought one at Wal-Mart. It claims to fit 28-48. I’m a 29, and it doesn’t fit. Total waste of money. No 1-800 number to call because they are a scam.


  6. I love this belt, but there is one slight problem. When you cut the end and slip it into the designated section of the belt and squeeze the silver flap with the teeth edges, that end will fall out at least once or twice a day. If they could give that section more of the belt to clasp onto this belt is fantastic.

  7. i ordered the click belt and after about a week the buckle comes apart from the belt so what you have to do is cut the belt and clamp the belt to the buckle. It is a piece of junk. It sounds like a good idea but the belt is cheaply made. Do not buy it.

  8. I purchased my belt back in March, 2017. Everything was great; however, it just broke today. I called Customer Service and the lady told me that the belt is only warranted for 60 days. If their belt is so good, it should be warranted for longer than 60 days.

  9. First rule of thumb on any product sold on TV is Google it for complaints. This is just one more scam item of very poor quality. Almost every belt made in China has a paper center covered with a thin layer of leather or vinyl. This one is no exception. Generally, every item or request for donations advertised on TV that has a $20 price limit, is of poor quality or a scam, since that is the limit that they can charge before they are investigated for fraudulent advertising.

  10. I received the Comfort Click Belt for Christmas. Today 5/3/17 the belt broke in half cannot be fixed also will not hold its position constantly have to tighten the belt. I would not recommend buying this belt. Saw ad and ordered the belt off of the TV.

  11. I used the belt for about 3 weeks and it would not to totally release. This caused me to drop my pants in order to use the bathroom etc.
    I paid extra for the leather version which by any examunation is leather or at best a poor version.
    I did send it back to the return center paying my own postage.
    Don’t waste your money

  12. Great concept but with a weak spot that needs to be corrected: The buckle won’t stay connected to the belt and comes apart at most inopportune times.

    Am now trying the superglue fix mentioned above, but there should be no need to have to fix a design error in the belt.

  13. Bought the premium one. Had the slippage problem. Added thin strip of metal with Superglue under the bridge to hold the belt tighter against the ratchet mechanism. No more slipping. You’d think they would fix this design flaw! Now, let’s see durable it is over time!

  14. The comfort click I got will not stay tightened the latch releases itself its junk the buckle may as well be a paper weight useless

  15. Ordered 2 belts from comfort click, or i thought i was got one hd and one normal. the normal belt last
    3 weeks and refused to do any thing, because belt was ordered 4 months ago. I hope a belt has a longer life than 4 months!

  16. I have had this belt for over 2 weeks, wear it every day and have had no problems at all, fits great and opens and closes nicely.

  17. Two pins or screws that hold the buckle together fell out and the buckle came apart rendering it useless.

  18. It is a piece of garbage. Used it once and it broke. Very poorly made. Was not what I expected. The people who advertise this product should behind bars.

  19. I bought the CLICK BELT. all it did was click money from my wallet . What a waste of money . I am taking it back to Walmart tomorrow . Piece of junk does not hold with the clip .

  20. I have not purchased a belt yet, but was very intrigued. But after a few minutes of research, I was suspicious. On the comfort click commercials they claim a price of $19.99 for a leather belt. On their website you must add $9.99 for top grain leather. So what is the $19.99 belt made of? After reading the reviews it seems like this belt is an extremely poor product with misleading claims and advertising.

  21. I bought one of these pieces of junk years ago in Korea for $4. It fell apart in 2 weeks. THIS IS the same thing–IT IS JUNK

  22. CHEAP JUNK. Sorry but the comfort click belt is very poorly made. The belt made of plastic or vinyl and looks like a child’s belt. Buckle is badly designed and the belt slips out the side of it. But what do you expect for an infomercial product for $19.95 ? Actually they upsell you for more money. There are far better ratchet belts on the market. Don’t waste your money on this one !

  23. Received the belt Jan. 11 & love it. Great invention, 100% satisfied. I posted my comments on my facebook so other families can order one. I purchased it from Publishers Clearing House – cost me $3.00 more for postage but received it in 5 days.

  24. I bought a comfort click belt a couple months ago and after wearing it for a few weeks the buckle no longer will clamp to the belt thereby making the belt absolutely useless.
    I’m really sorry that I did not save a packing slip, if there was one, in the hope to getting a new one.

  25. My father bought one like 2 month ago and he never got it. We still waiting and we have been calling and nobody answer the phone

  26. On November 19 I ordered a belt from the Comfort Click web site as a gift for a friend and had it shipped to his address. (order # 19709010) On Nov. 21st I finally received a confirmation number and shipment tracking number indicating the belt had been shipped to DHL in California where it arrived on the 24th. From there they shipped it to Illinois where it arrived on the 29th. and ultimately was delivered to the US Post Office in Ames, Iowa for delivery on December 1. That is 12 days to get a very small package from Comfort Click to the city of delivery. Doesn’t this whole process seem illogical and stupid. If they had just put it in the mail at their location the belt would have arrived at it’s destination in a couple of days, probably for less postage.

    I don’t know about the quality or functionality of the belt but I do know their order processing and shipping processes suck. I will not be rewarding their stupidity with additional purchases.

  27. I order this but after hearing so much crap for other offers including upgrading to leather which I thought it already was, plus offers for free vacation and lots of other crap offers I decided to cancel my order. Good luck with that! Impossible to do. You can’t even get anyone to talk to and when I called the 844-482-1423 it is a bad number so what does that tell you. I’m going to cancel my credit card and get a new one because I don’t trust them at all.

  28. My brother bought one of the Comfort Click Belts and he is very satisfied with his purchase. He said the belt is smaller fitting to the point of it feels like he is not wearing a belt.

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