ComfiZip Bra Review

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You take all the effort in the world to ensure that you make the best impression with your carefully chosen outfits because you know a lot of emphasis is put on how you present yourself. But do you also pay that much attention to buying the right fitting, comfortable bra that lets you put your best foot forward every time you step out of the house. It’s a misconception that bras that fit well and are comfortable too cost you a fortune because now you have a smart and budget friendly solution in the form of ComfiZip Bra.

How does ComfiZip Bra Work

ComfiZip Bra means you not only get utmost comfort but you will also get the right lift and support when you are wearing it. You won’t have to worry about any kind of sagging or rolls under your dress that can leave you feeling inhibited when you go out. ComfiZip Bra will offer you a smart option that will be extremely functional for you too. The easy front zip is the highlight of the bra and ensures that you can get it on without any difficulty. No more hassle getting into a bra before you step out of the house for you.

ComfiZip Bra is known for its cross back support as well and it can enhance your posture really well. Thus any of you who’ve been suffering with back pain will get a lot of relief from it, which is an added bonus of wearing this bra. It is also known for its memory foam strap, which means you get additional comfort. ComfiZip Bra can be worn without a care in the world and there won’t be any squeezing required. What’s more, you won’t have the discomfort of underwire when you are wearing this bra as well.

ComfiZip Bra lets you get all the benefits of a superior quality, cleverly designed bra without paying astronomical prices for it. And you will get complete comfort while wearing it so that you can be at your confident best when you go out. It’s so comfortable you can wear it all day long at home too.




What do I get?
Get 2 ComfiZip Bras for just $14.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website



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12 thoughts on “ComfiZip Bra Review

  1. There is no support what so ever. Am returning as soon as I figure out how. The straps are great, which my other bras had those straps.

  2. Hello. I ordered a ComfiZip bra via my old address and email but after a month they did not arrive. I saw that you charged me for the bra (2 for the price of one) but right after you charged me for it (a month after I ordered it) I also moved. Your bra wasn’t forwarded to me. I have been unable to connect to any website to contact you to send my bras that I paid for. I tried your site at: but that did not work either. Please email me to communicate with me and don’t answer on this site. I prefer a refund at this point. Thank you.

  3. I bought the comfizip bra..although it is has no support ,”none” its made of a very weak material.and the pads show humps through your clothing.I wasted my money…

  4. I just ordered 2 comfy zip bras and I was billed $31.80 shipping! I thought I was paying $14.95 plus $7.95 s&h for the first bra, then $7.95 for the second. What a rip off!. Also they try to sell you other products during the payment process. Beware!

    • I encounter the same problem. Scary when my total of two bras was $60 and not even allowing me to see the final payment befor I checked out. BIG RIP OFF!!!

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