ComfiFit Bra Review

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Bras are an important under garment for women and can enhance or ruin the look of the body. Most bras available in the market are not comfortable since their fitting is not perfect. Apart from being the right shape, it’s important to check the type of material used for making it – the wires, hooks, etc. With soft bras the problem lies in the capability to hold up the bust and give a nice shape to it but is comfortable to wear. On the contrary structured bras can help support and provide a nice shape for tight fitting dresses but can be discomforting with use for longer hours. What if the comfort of a soft bra and the support of a structured bra were combined into one single bra? Well it is made true by the makers of Maidenform and is known as ComfiFit Bra .


ComfiFit Bra
ComfiFit Bra as the name suggests provides the comfort of a soft bra fused with high quality stretchable material and is shaped to provide the support that comes from a structured bra. The design of Comfi-Fit Bra takes into consideration the amount of movement taking place in day to day activity to provide comfort performing them. It has a unique Gusset area that expands and contracts with movement. It opens up and closes like a fan from top to bottom and side to side eliminating the need to adjust it manually making it a completely self-adjusting bra.

The wing area is made of a stretchable material which provides up to 150% of stretch and a quick recovery to its original shape with any kind of movement to help keep the bra fit in proper place all the time. To add some comfort it comes with a 4th row of hook and eye for an extra inch of space and is completely stretchable too. The straps are also designed with the same stretchable material to give the best shape every woman would love to have.



What do I get?
Comfi-Fit Bra fits comes for almost all sizes and is perfect especially for the in-between ones. For a limited time offer 3 Comfi-Fit Bras in Nude, Black and White color are available from S to 2X size at a very low price of $59.99 + Free Shipping.

Customer Service

Phone: (973) 287-5184
For further assistance in Spanish please call : (973) 287-5175



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  1. Review ComfiFit Bra

    Does ComfiFit Bra really provide comfort of a soft bra and support of a structured bra?

    Does Comfi-Fit Bra adjust itself with its unique design?

    What material is it made of?

    Do the wings of this Bra stretch up to 150%?

    Does Comfi-Fit Bra fit properly for in between sizes?

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