Clever Cleavage Bra REVIEW

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About Clever Cleavage Bra

It’s a wireless and strapless bra with an instant sticking surface as a substitute for straps. It lifts and shapes the upper body like a push-up bra. Clever Cleavage Bra could be the must-have wardrobe essential. It claims to be the perfect bra that provides the ultimate lift and shape and yet has no straps neither shoulder straps nor back straps. Instead, Clever Cleavage Bra has an instant sticking surface that settles on your skin gently while its strings at the front in the centre just need to be pulled smoothly to get the right fit and look for the cleavage.


Clever Cleavage Bra Reviews

Clever Cleavage Bra review reveals that Clever Cleavage Bra does not push by the breast while creating a cleavage. Instead it flattens them that make them look horrible. Its shape doesn’t look natural although the cleavage is created well. Clever Cleavage Bra’s adhesive also is not great as it didn’t stay in place at all for a long time.

Clever Cleavage Bra reviews state that Clever Cleavage Bra is too small to fit and can make the breast look weird. It cannot be used under all types of clothing and can also show up under shirts making it look lumpy and bulky.

Clever Cleavage Bra review complaints that Clever Cleavage Bra makes the skin itchy and can even create rashes on the breast. It feels horrible when it is on and worst while peeling it off.

Clever Cleavage Bra review says that it simply falls off with little sweat in the area. Its sticky feature makes it feel weird and has issues while trying to reuse it.

Clever Cleavage Bra reviews state that its sticky adhesive doesn’t stay for a long time and starts peeling off quickly. It can be a problem while stepping out. Also the pull tab doesn’t work very well and make the breast look lumpy.

Clever Cleavage Bra review reveals that its material quality of the string and the pad is not that great. Also the strings on Clever Cleavage Bra are short and don’t stay on for an hour. It fails to deliver what it promises and is simply waste of money.

Clever Cleavage Bra reviews assert that it is uncomfortable and has no ability to provide support. It also has issues in sizing and has cheaply made material with adhesive that doesn’t stay strong for long. There are no instructions regarding its use and even cleaning it for reuse.

Clever Cleavage Bra Questions & Answers

Q. How many times can Clever Cleavage Bra be used?
A. It can be reused but there is no specific information on its reusability.

Q. How to clean it?
A. Clever Cleavage Bra can be cleaned with soap and water. Dry it after to reactivate the adhesive.

Q. Can Clever Cleavage Bra stay sticky for multiple uses?
A. If taken care, one can use Clever Cleavage Bra multiple times. Take care of the adhesive film backing while washing.

Q. Is Clever Cleavage Bra washable?
A. There is no clarity because it uses an adhesive coating that might wear off due to water. It’s a party wear and not recommended for daily use.

Q. Can Clever Cleavage Bra lift sagging D cup breasts while providing a cleavage?
A. Clever Cleavage Bra is meant for only providing cleavage and is not designed to lift or support sagging breasts.

Q. Can Clever Cleavage Bra be worn while swimming?
A. No, Clever Cleavage Bra has a sticky adhesive that will wear off in water.

Q. Is Clever Cleavage Bra compatible with weather in Caribbean countries?
A. It is difficult to say whether Clever Cleavage Bra will perform well since the weather in such countries is humid and sweat can affect the adhesive. It is recommended not to use in high temperature outdoors, workouts, and while swimming.

Q. How does Clever Cleavage Bra work? Is its adhesive good enough for reuse?
A. The manufacturers do not provide any proper instructions. But a good way to use Clever Cleavage Bra is to wipe down the chest with a clean, damp cloth before applying it. With every re-use the stickiness of the adhesive will wear off a little. This is why it should be used only with certain type of clothing and is not meant for everyday use.

Q. Can Clever Cleavage Bra be used while dancing? Does sweat affect its usability?
A. Clever Cleavage Bra is very effective and can stay in place all night long. It does create a good cleavage by bringing the breasts together but is not good for lifting them. It is not good for dancing as sweating can cause the adhesive to wear off. It is only meant for certain type of dresses.

Q. Does it include a single or a pair of Clever Cleavage Bra?
A. It’s a single Clever Cleavage Bra that is strapless in design and has a drawstring in the middle to tighten and find that perfect cleavage.

Q. Does Clever Cleavage Bra provide extra padding?
A. No, it is an adhesive bra and has no space for inserts.

Q. Are there any proper instructions to store Clever Cleavage Bra?
A. Place it in its original box and protect its adhesive surface with the protection film. Ensure that dust doesn’t settle on it as it might hamper its reusability. Keep it ventilated and away from direct sunlight or higher temperatures.

Q. Is it easy to stick?
A. Clean the chest and let it dry before applying Clever Cleavage Bra. Follow the visuals provided on the box and place it on each breast. Tighten it by pulling the string and check for the right tightness that offers the best cleavage.

Clever Cleavage Bra CLAIMS

Creates the Perfect Look, is Easy to Maintain – Clever Cleavage Bra guarantees the greatest level of comfort and aesthetic look it also has no underwires. Clever Cleavage Bra, the comfortable and easy to customize bra, also suits every attire- strapless and off-shoulder designer tops, shirts or backless dresses. Its instant sticking surface lifts the breasts and allows you to shape the cups and even increase the appearance of its size. Also, you can just rinse it and dry to wear it again the next day. Further, Clever Cleavage Bra is available in nude and black colors you can choose from.


What do I get?
Clever Cleavage Bra costs $19.99 + $7.99 P&H | Official Website:

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