Cami Shaper Reviews and Complaints

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The fight with bulge is hardly ever helped by the regular slimming and fitting garments available today that are incapable of tucking in the extra flab. What adds to the misery of dealing with the constant uncomfortable feeling of being bulky is the embarrassing need to readjust the garment time and again since it causes the bulges to pop out with movement. This is where Cami Shaper by Genie comes in. The innovative camisole helps one feel in shape all the time whether stepping out or staying indoors. One needs to simply step into a Cami Shaper and slide it on.


How does Cami Shaper work?

Made from one-piece woven everlast fabric Cami Shaper gives a seamless and smooth look and is every woman’s dream fulfilling camisole that gives a curvy shape by lifting and sculpting the body with its slimming technology. Along with all the required positive features Cami Shaper has an additional flared comfort band that extends till below the hips thereby getting rid of oblique and buttocks flab.

Cami Shaper has an added feature of a built-in Genie Bra that helps give an ideal shape and perfect lift according to the wearer’s custom size from top to bottom. The Cami Shaper is a three in one solution provider that gives you wonderful shape by providing the comfort of a camisole, lifting of a support bra and tucking the tummy and buttocks.

The microfiber pullover Cami does not need adjusting over and over again but it fits the body perfectly toning it to a perfect shape for long hours. In short, Cami Shaper becomes a part of the body and moves along with the skin unlike other shapers that create creasing with any action. So if the body needs a shape to flaunt, Cami Shaper provides with the tuck with assuring accuracy and the shape of a 10 lbs lighter body.

Available in three colors – black, white and nude, the Cami Shaper can be worn under your clothing and works alone too. Now the time of running away from full frame pictures is gone because of the Cami Shaper.

Cami Shaper Review

Very bad product – Stella who bought Cami Shaper complained in her review that it was a poorly made product that just didn’t stay in place. She had a lot of trouble trying to put the pads together because they kept going in different directions. Trying to return the product was a nightmare for her because she kept getting put through people in foreign countries. It was an annoying experience and at the end of it she was told that they would only refund the shipping costs. It left her very upset with a product that was badly made in the first place.

Size issues – Nigella who reviewed Cami Shaper revealed in her review that she bought the product based on the sizing chart but it just didn’t fit her well. It did not hold anything in place for her and she thinks she would have been better off with a regular tank top. Overall she has been really disappointed with the product and wishes that she hadn’t bought it.

Badly made – Emily who used Cami Shaper exposed in her review that the bra shapers are very badly made and bunch up, fold up and are just not comfortable. She thought they were made from a poor quality material and that’s not what she expected from a product that she was paying good money for. If she had to look at the positives, the only one was that there were no binding straps. But otherwise she thought they were completely hopeless and don’t support or trim as they claim to.

Not worth the price – Ella who bought Cami Shaper complained in her review that the product was a disaster from the word go. She noticed that the package arrived with creases on the shapers, which was not the best first impression. The band at the bottom was wider, which made the garment pull up constantly. That’s why she had to keep adjusting her bra all the time, which was quite annoying. She also believes the product is quite overpriced for what you get.

Quite uncomfortable – Anna who reviewed Cami Shaper exposed in her review that though the concept behind these shapers is interesting, it was very badly executed. Wearing them caused a lot of discomfort every single time. She picked the right size when she ordered it. The order took very long to arrive. Yet she was hopeful about the product because she had heard a lot about it. Unfortunately it was ill fitting, didn’t offer her any support and was painful at times.

Shoddy customer service – Rebecca who used Cami Shaper complained in her review that the product was terrible and she wanted to return it right away. But getting in touch with the customer service was very difficult. Finally when she got through to someone, it wasn’t very helpful. She was given some excuse or the other but no real answers. They also offered her returns only for shipping but even that hasn’t happened till date.

Cami Shaper FAQs

Is Cami Shaper washing machine and dryer-friendly?
Yes, Cami Shaper is machine-washable and can be put in the dryer.

My order of Cami Shaper comes with pads. Should I remove them before washing?
Yes, if your Cami Shaper has pads remove them before washing.

What fabric is used to make Cami Shaper?
It’s made of 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex.

Are there hooks in Cami Shaper?
No, the Cami Shaper is a one-piece and seamless product that is comfortable to wear.

Can I buy 3 pieces of the same color?
No. Each pack has 1 white, 1 black and 1 nude piece.

What’s my size of Cami Shaper?
Sizing depends on your shirt size. Find your size from the sizing chart.

Is Cami Shaper difficult to wear?
No. Just step into it and pull it up over your upper body.

Does the Cami Shaper double as a camisole?
Yes, you can wear Cami Shaper as a camisole without looking bulky.


What do I get?
Cami Shaper official offer includes 3 Cami Shapers – 1 Black, 1 White and 1 Nude for $59.99 + Shipping. Official Website

335 thoughts on “Cami Shaper Reviews and Complaints

  1. I ordered 3 Cami Shapers and upgraded for 30.00, finally got them put one on and when you bend over everything shifts. So breast falls out then when you stand up everything shifts down and you end up pulling things around to readjust. I called and was told to give it to a friend. Foe over 100.00 I want my money back. I paid for postage and insurance and was refunded 69.00. VERY BAD company to do business with.

  2. Do not order the cami shaper–it does not shape. it is impossible to get a good fit for both your breasts and midriff. I ordered one, paid for shipping and found it to be not what it was hyped to be as far as shaping. When I called customer service to find out how to return it, the person suggested that I give it to a friend and they would refund my shipping fee. If I didn’t like the product why in the world would I give it to a friend Paid to ship it back for a refund and was shorted $5. So in addition to the $5 I paid $7.98 for round trip shipping for a product that is misadvertised.

  3. I bought these based on my shirt size, which means now the bra compresses my breast down so much that it looks like I am a whole size smaller in my breast. The pads in the bra move constantly, you can take them out. Do they do the job as a shaper, not really. They are not very comfortable and I upgraded to the Ultra cami shaper, I feel as if I was ripped off. I feel like I just got the regular shaper, but ended up paying more. Will not recommend to anyone and will not buy again. I should have know better, but occasionally we all make mistakes, this was one of them.

  4. Wow…the ads are so impressive, but after reading all these negative reviews, I would never order!! Any tv product ads that go on and on and on ad nauseam are suspicious!!

  5. I should have read the reviews so disappointed in this product return my order less the shipping $19.99 what a scam not worth the hassle and money…..

  6. Very upset with the Cami shaper. They don’t stay in place. The pads & the purchased uplift pads don’t stay in place. You have one pad going one way & the other pad moving a different way. I haven’t even opened the beige ones. I called the number to get a refund but I was told they would refund shipping. I am disabled got them in Feb but wasn’t able to try them until last month. I wasn’t able to discuss the refund until last month. You can’t get a U.S. Citizen to talk to. All I have gotten in someone in Jamacia & India. They are not worth anything. Don’t BUY them. WASTE Don’t purchase them please don’t

  7. I have watched the infomercial several times. The after pictures look like the bumps and lumps are gone but the person put on another 10-15 lbs. They didn’t lose any weight or appear thinner. Its suppose to make you look thinner NOT FATTER.
    Its a good infomercial for not selling the product. What a joke!

  8. I wish I would have read the reviews of what women really think about this product, but I didn’t! I bought one and it’s terrible, I hate it, waste of money!

  9. It did not work for me,i will try to return it.Maybe i needed a smaller size but i brought what was recommended.Im 5 foot 4 inches tall and 184 pounds ,im a large according to there size chart but it wasnt tight at all,didnt hold anything in and might as well make it a tank top.I was so excited i ripped the bag open and didnt even check if there was a return labor.So disappointed.

  10. Not impressed. No support for my 38DD breasts. Did not flatten my lines or stomach. I found a much better shaper at JCPenney. The cami shaper is comfortable but nothing more than a spandex tank top. Save your money unless you need a few under shirts.

  11. I purchased a total of 6 Cami Shapers. What a disappointment! That pads in the shaper bra bunch up, fold & I have had one actually move as far as into the other cup! They do not support & trim as they claim. The only thing that is true, it is comfortable, no binding straps. I spent over $130 and not satisfied @ all.I would not recommend this product to anyone. You are better off the buy and shaper @ KOHLS or GORDMANS.

      • I called customer service because they sent me the wrong color and they told me that I would have to send it back before they would send me the correct one. No thanks! I don’t have time for that nonsense when they’re the ones who made the mistake in the first place.

        • I ordered the 3 and got 3 more as the on TV deal showed. I paid by e-check. 3 weeks later I wondered where they were and went to the website to see my order had been canceled, but my money was taken the next day. There was no communication to let me know my order was canceled or anything. I spoke to a very curt supervisor who did not care and said my money would be sent back to me in a check from them in 10 bs. days. It has been well over that and now I am told that it will take 2-3 weeks to reach me. However, they have more camis available and would I like to order more. No thanks. Buyer beware. I will never get as seen on TV again unless it is on the shopping network. P U!

  12. Cami shaper purchased, paid for including second set for half price. Wore them once and they rode up so badly that I haven’t worn them since. Wish I had read the reviews, saw it advertised on tv on a reputable show so thought they would be okay. Like the genie bras though!

  13. well I first called to order and decided I wanted to change from a large to extra large was told that she could not do it because my order had already gone through I needed to call back the next day! I called back the next day they told me that they could not change my order it had to be cancelled… My money was not refunded my bank, told me that the money did not get refunded! I call back to speak with a representative they tell me they never even took a payment out! I was hung up on by one and they are extremely rude! I am calling Better Business Bureau…how could you possibly lie flat out to your customers still their moneyand be rude and hang up on him as if I did anything wrong! Every representative I speak to tells me something different blah blah blah don’t waste time or money

  14. I purchased my first order well over a year ago. Then I saw the milana bra and just had to have them as well. Then it was the underwear and finally the Cami’s. I just love them. I’m very small to start out with so I wasn’t worried about rolls, but I feel so great wearing these. I will never buy from any where else, Oh I almost for got, the leggings, again I just love them. My only problem is I want a green Cami and underwear that match, but they won’t let me have just them.

  15. I can’t rave more about the Genie Bra. Its the ONLY bra I wear now. I bought it at wal mart because I like to try things on before buying. LOVE , LOVE, LOVE it! So when I saw the cami shaper there I bought it in the same size as my many other Genie Bras. What a difference! The shaper part is ok but the bra is lacking that extra support band underneith to keep the girls in place. I’m a 34D and can’t stand the jiggle and that extra support band is the key to the product working so well. Take it out and the product becomes mediocre. And thats what I think of the cami shaper. All I can say is TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

  16. Wore the Cami shaper one time, washed it as directed and now it rides up! Bought it at Rite Aid, can’t return it so its going in the trash. Save your money!

  17. I ordered one set of the Cami shaper only. This was by phone. I received two sets and now I am placed on auto delivery!! Rip off scam. I hate this product and it does not fit. It rolls up when on!

    • Your story, Kathy, is just like mine. They forced a set on me too. I ordered one set, over the phone, which they claimed I did it online. I didn’t realize this was a forced shipment until after their 60 day “warranty” had expired. That’s how they rip the customer off. Two of the payments showed as 2of3 twice, throwing me off. It was then I checked back several bank statements did I see they charged me for 6 payments. I thought the 2nd set was a B1G1 offer.
      Even after returning them (signature confirmation receipt shows they rec’d them 12/24) I am still in the process of reimbursement. Today a supervisor said he, just then, sent a credit to my bank account, and should be there in 1-2 days. Yeah, well, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  18. Like most of the reviews below, this product is a rip off. I sent the first order back and got a smaller size, hoping it would hold. It doesn’t. They don’t have enough holding power, bra part is too small and it rides up. I have bought other shapers which do hold. So I know that some do work, just not this one.

  19. I don’t know how any of us girls ever got by without a shaper to suck in the midsection. I’m finding there is a huge difference in the different products and how well they do the job. Cami shaper is pretty good….however…my size is not normal or regular, so if the bust fits the middle part is too loose. If the middle part fits my boobs are squished. I followed the advice of others and tried Skinny Cami ( where they make it to fit me exactly, and I have to say it’s the best shaper out there on the market.

  20. #######Making correction on response that I just sent. You are billed through a company called P H I Body Shaper which is not related to Cami or Body Shapers.######## SCAM

  21. My Cami shaper experience has been a nightmare! . Made a One time order for this CRAPPY product and have been charged for the past five months 59.95. Cami shaper doesn’t let you know that when you make the purchase by phone , as I did, you have 30 days to cancel or they will automatically enroll you in a bogus online health website and magazine you never receive with a company called Body Shapers Experts. You’re Hillsborough another company called PHI Body Shapers. Had to put a fraud alert on the Companies with my bank and spent hours talking to RUDE so called customer service reps before speaking with a customer service specialist to get half of my money refunded. DON’T ORDER THIS PRODUCT!

  22. Thanks to all of u frustrated women out there for taking the time to write your comments. These people should be prosecuted but unfortunately it’s in a different country. Maybe one day we will all learn and only buy from our local stores and stop giving these crooks business! Keep checking your credit card because they will keep billing.

    • At the bottom of their website lists Tristar Products, which is their distributor here in the states. Here’s their contact info:
      Corporate Office: 492 U.S. 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004; 1-973-575-5400, 1-973-575-6708 (FAX),
      Administrative Office: No Returns To This Address, 2620 Westview Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610.

      Customer Service: For all product inquiries, please contact Customer Service Manager at: 1-973-575-5400 x 112. Another number I have or them is 973-287-5144, which a “supervisor” gave me to call back on.

      They are ripping people off left and right with their fraudulent strategies, ie. forced shipments, inadequate customer service hoping it frustrates the customer into ceasing pursual of a refund, phantom supervisors, when calling they transfer you to no man’s land, “kept on hold for the next LIVE company representative” for extended periods, told the “checks in the mail,” etc. This is the type of commerce that needs regulating with a checks and balance system. Companies like this should never be allowed to peddle their wares in this country without being highly scrutinized, but the mighty dollar comes first…..we’re all just suckers!!

  23. The Cami shapers are a huge waste of money. The tops just smash your bust in like a sports bra and will constantly roll up and the pants are see through. I love the Genie bras so I took a chance and bought 3 pants and 3 shirts, after trying them they went into the trash and I am still paying on it.

  24. I think this is disgusting. The Cami is awful. It’s fits better when you wash it and dry it in the dryer, but the bra is terrible. A total waste of money.

  25. This is my second review….My first one was a knee jerk reaction of the negatives I have read…not just here but a lot from here….and my experiences with customer service. I stand behind my objections to customer service. It could be better…I hope my previous post helped someone with address and numbers to help resolve their issue…

    After writing this I got my shipment fast…literally ordered it on Monday and it came on Wednesday. After an afternoon of curiosity I decided it was worth the Gamble and try them…

    To my surprise I liked them…My biggest concerns (other than money) was would it ride up or make me flat chested….The bra could have better support and yes there is a bit of smashing of the girls…bit I am comfortable as if I am wearing a bra without out the discomfort a bra can bring. I wore the black one today under jeans and it has not budged. Do I look skinny? No…I still have a gut….I do not feel 2 sizes smaller…what it does do is bring support to the jiggly areas and indeed smooths things out…

    Will it work for you? I have no idea…I think I got lucky and the size I ordered happened to be the right size. Are they fabulous…no, but they are as good as any 20.00 undergarment I have purchased and since I got the second set at 50% off it gives me a better value and it is pretty comfortable…

    I’m glad I didn’t send them back and I am happy I didn’t prematurely send a complaint to the BBB. I apologize, I should have waited to review the product before writing…

    • You got a 2nd set 50% off??!! I was told they have no offers, only free shipping. They lied to me big time….no surprise there.

  26. I bought the Cami shaper at wal mart for $20. If you buy it from the tv commercial they want 140-180 for 3. Rip off.

    I finally found a size small at wal mart so I got it. I was disappointed. If I wear it, I feel like I am going to be pulling the thing down all day. Annoying! What I do like is the Genie bra part of it. I am only a B size and it works well for me. But shaping wise? No. I am a small woman and thought it would shape.
    The tv commercial is full of it.

    Yall save some trouble and dont order online or over the phone! They’re in stores so if you dont like it its not a hassle to return (:

  27. My story…please bear with me….
    I saw the TV comical and thought they looked pretty cool and only being moderately over weight, a few flaws from having children and aging I thought the concept might work well for me. I go online and start the order process but hesitated. I decided to look up review for the product and found Cami Shaper Review- Don’t buy before reading here is the link to the review…

    Anyway that swayed my purchase. I chose the original colors and was offered a second set at 25% off when I declined I was offered 50% a second set and chose to accept. I think I gave my credit card information before I was bombarded with offers to buy more product…that was not a problem for me…After placing the order I get a message saying to confirm my order and receive a 50.00 Walmart card to call (800) 835-1082….that threw up a red flag. I didn’t have tome to call yesterday so I did so today and surprise surprise it was only to sell a service for 1.99. I declined and I was told he couldn’t find my order that I need to call Cami Shaper with questions. I proceeded to argue with him and the response was their data base is down is why he can’t find my number. I call the customer service and the customer service agent G60 really had no answers to why they made it appear I was getting a gift card but it turns out I get it with strings attached…and she said I needed to call the number above back about the problem.

    After coming here and seeing all of these reviews I’m freaking out and call Cami Shaper customer service back and tell them I want to cancel my order and I was told it already shipped and it cannot be canceled…bear in mind I placed the order yesterday…I ask to speak to a supervisor and after being on hold for about 10 min I left a callback number. I was surprised to receive a call back…which again I was told I couldn’t cancel. I asked for a physical address to the company (want to contact BBB) and she said there was only a PO BOX…the customer service is obviously outsourced so maybe she didn’t have the address.

    It is very hard to find any information on the company but after a bit of investigation I found on THEIR website that the company is Tristar Products…doing a web search for Tristar I found out this information
    Corporate Office
    492 U.S. 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004
    1-973-575-6708 (FAX)

    Administrative Office
    2620 Westview Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610

    It says:
    Customer Service
    For all product inquiries, please contact
    Customer Service Manager at:
    1-973-575-5400 x 112
    But when called I am asked to hang up and call 973-287-5100 which is the number I received the call back form Cami Shaper Supervisor…after that I did use the extension number and leave a message…I have yet to hear back

    Seeing how calling Customer Service number provided I think it would be a good idea to over whelm them with calls to the Customer Service Manager at:
    1-973-575-5400 x 112
    write Tri Star Products 492 U.S. 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004

    There are steps to take…one contact your credit card company or bank and ask for assistance in getting your money refunded…It may take paperwork but it is worth the time…Watch your account and as soon as you see you are billed contact your finical company.

    If like me you, have reason to believe you not want to do business with this company do not accept shipment or return it to your local USPS..they will sent it back at no charge if the package has not been opened.


    Here is the Better Business Bureau Review for Tristar Products

    If any of my links do not work work please try to copy and paste into your browser…..

  28. Please what customer service because all I have is 1-973-287-5144. It doesn’t work. I just want to talk to someone whose product is so much crap.

    • I don’t know if this will help you but here you go…

      Customer Service Manager at:
      1-973-575-5400 x 112
      But when called I am asked to hang up and call 973-287-5100 which is an alternative number to the one you called …be sure when you get that recording to not hang up but use the extension number…
      I got an recording to leave a message and I have not received a call back…but maybe you will have better luck and get a human or a call back..
      Here is an address maybe you could write them
      Tri Star Products 492 U.S. 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004

      Please report your trouble to the Better Business Bureau. Right now they have a rating of D on a scale A+ to F…you may help another consumer….

  29. Wow….I am SO GLAD, I found this site. I had actually purchased this 2 seconds before I read all these reviews. I have never seen so many bad reviews in my life. So I called my bank right away and cancelled my card so no payment will be taken. Its really sad that they continue to sell this product after 99.9% unhappy customers.

  30. I couldn’t sleep so I see the Cami shaper commercial and the results looked amazing! However, I looked up the reviews and I’m thankful that I saved myself a headache and a nightmare! I want be ordering this crap ever!

  31. Totally disappointed and even more disappointed by their return policy. The operator suggested I try a smaller size so I agreed not knowing that if I agreed to the exchange I wouldn’t be allowed to return the smaller size. Would not ever order anything from this company again.

  32. I’m sorry to say that I received my Cami shaper, since it did not work for me I called to let them know, needless to say they convince me to order the one with extra support, so I had to return it, which I had to pay $10.00 for shipping. Then I received the one with extra support again it did not support anything, I am a small woman so there is no need for this product not to work for me. Well! now I had to return the second ones they sent again!! I had to pay for shipping ($10.00) so all together I was out of $20.00 plus all the gas that I used running back and forth to the post office. Would someone let these people know that gas is to high to be wasting on crappy items.

  33. I did not like the Cami Shaper at all. Did not do what they said. I have been trying since Feb. 2013 to get my refund. They confirmed they received my items but I never received a refund. I have kept track of all my numerous calls to customer service and was told I would receive a refund in 3 to 5 business days and never received one. Tried to talk to a supervisor or manager and never could. There customer service is horrible. They got there product back and I never got my 148.00 dollars back. I have all my receipts of returns and email from them confirming my returns. NEVER RECEIVED MY MONEY. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO OR WHO TO CONTACT TO GET MY MONEY BACK. THEY ARE A SCAM COMPANY.

    • Angela,

      First off, call your credit card company and decline/report the charges. I just did that with another company. Write this company a letter (certified mail return receipt) and demand a refund. Also write to the attorney general in your state. Trust me you will get your money back!

  34. Don’t waste your money!! Everything that is said on TV is a lot of bunk!! This is a piece of garbage!!

  35. Thanks so much for saving me the grief of going through what some of you have. Glad I check reviews before spending my money. Thank you again!!!

  36. So glad I found this website. I was honestly about to order. Then searched Can you buy Cami Shaper in store. This came up, so I clicked on it quick. THANKS all of you!

  37. I ordered online and received my Cami Shaper order within a week. It really didn’t hold things in the way I expected, so I called customer service as they requested before returning the products with no problem. My biggest disappointment is that I had to pay close to $10 to ship it back, so, essentially, I paid $10 to try a product that didn’t work “as seen on TV”.

  38. Wow. GO TO THE GYM!! Why hide what you are ashamed of?? Instead of shrink wrapping yourselves with this worthless product, take a walk.

      • Agreed Brooke, I’ve had an flabby sack of skin for almost 30 years after having my son, even when I lost weight still had the saggy skin. Tried all the similar products on the market and was disappointed.

  39. There should be a class action lawsuit for this company. This company is a joke I have a little pug on my stomach. I am not overweight. It does not work for a little flab. It rides up very very bad and makes nice boobs look saggy like they are 145 years old. If a lawyer is reading this we all will be eligible for class action lawsuit for this ripoff company. I fought with this contraption for one day and I couldn’t handle it another day. It was torture. Say no to cami shaper.

  40. That is the worst piece of crap. Boobs sag and you have to keep pulling it down they ride up. You spend the day pulling it down. It is a joke. I like the genie bra. I tried to wear my genie bra with the cami shaper so my boobs would be lifted. The cami shaper alone made the look saggy. I don’t have big saggy boobs. The thing still rolled up bad. It is gross. I spent my money and bought this junk. Anything on a infomercial is usually to good to be true anyway. I love genie bra bought 10 of them.

  41. Do not order from this company. I ordered in January, didn’t like the product so i sent it back. It’s now may and I haven’t received my refund. I have called 4 times now and receive the same song & dance about receiving my refund in 5 days. I’m writing my state attorney general now and the better business bureau.

    • I’m in the same boat with you Patricia… I keep hearing that my card will be refunded in 3-5 business days, but still hasn’t. I even give them a few extra days then check my credit card account. On the phone yet again with customer service. They received my Cami shaper on May 17 and its now June 26. Guess they think people will give up and not want their refund!

  42. I ordered the Cami shaper and it did arrive very quickly. I will admit that they do try and sell you other products but so doesn’t ever other seller does if you order something like this. when I did receive my shipment I found that they were to big. I did phone the company, boy right through and the person on the phone was more then pleasant and was not at all hard to understand. She explained to me they would send out a smaller size and would email me the return label so I would not be charged for sending the pkg. back. She also gave me the ra#. Never received the email so I pd the shipping and did call them and explained how I didn’t receive it. And they explained that it showed that they did but the agent did apologize and gave me a $10.00 credit toward my last pmt. She was very apologetic

    About what happened and could not have been nicer. I have worn the Cami shaper now a few time and have to admit have no problem at all with it. It does not ride up and as for the bust line it does flatten you but I do have bust enchantments to put in them. As for completely flattening Your stomach the only way anyone will ever get w fal stomach who does have some type of fat is by surgery, girdle or old fashion corset. It does get rid of bulge on your back and the love handles which I love. I think it if you order the correct size and your not looking for something that that will make you look like you had surgery to get rid of fat then you will be happy with this product.

  43. CAN SOMEONE HELP WITH THE CORRECT ADDRESS INFO TO PROVIDE THE BBB FOR THIS COMPANY? I am trying to fill out a complaint however do not have the correct information for it. I tried to obtain it but was not able to. I made the 5th call today to get my refund and was told this time around I would have to wait 7 days to see it processed. I am fed up with them and even if I never see my money I want to put a complaint with the BBB. This type of companies shouldn’t be allowed to do any type of advertisement. They are a fraud! I will check back again on this message to see if I get a reply from someone. Many thanks in advance for whoever that can offer the info I need.

  44. I had read several complaints about customers having trouble getting their refunds. Of course the Cami shaper did not work for me, it would roll up & was not comfortable. So I returned it as per instructions and within 4 days yes 4 days the money was back into my account. I was very worried,but I was pleased to see how fast it was handled.

  45. This is the most horrible product in the world. I ordered just 1 top and 1 bottom, and when my email was sent it said I ordered 3 of each and my account would debited for 3 payments of 39.98. I called the next day and was told it was shipped. When I came in I tried the top on and the bottom, hated it returned it expedited return, it was received by them, they told me it would take 5-8 days for my credit to go back to my account. Oh and when I called the first time they told me they would give me a 30 dollar credit to keep it but I told them no. 10 days pass no credit back for my refund, I call them and they told me it was a partial return which is bullshit, and they have now debited my account for a second payment on merchandise I do not have. This is a scam. All I get is a bunch of Indian speaking people everytime I call. How can you not only refund me my original price but debit my account again. IF anyone can help with info please leave a comment

    • Karen….I would immediately contact your bank to let them know you have “not” given permission to debit these amount of monies… They “should” be able to keep them from debit’g more.. Unsure about what they’ve already debited .. Hopefully good customer service can assist you… Then I’d contact better business bureau asap… File your complaint .. They can guide you… and you would be an asset to other consumers by showing what kind of company they are …
      It’s frustrating when we are expecting a product to be helpful, fun or enjoyable .. And it turns into a nightmare of chaos ..
      Good luck! …

    • I had issues getting a refund after I returned two sets of CamiShapers. Every time I called I was told it would be taken care of and that I would have the refund within 3 to 5 days. After two months and 5 phone calls, I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and then I did finally receive the full credit. I suggest you do the same.


  46. Oh my goodness!!!! Why did I not read the reviews first before buying this product?!!!! All I see are endless bad reviews. And I agree with with all of them. NO SUPPORT! THE CUPS RIDE UP THE BREAST! And the worst part THE DARN SHAPER RIDES UP THE WAIST. IT DOESN’T STAY PUT!!!! This shaper does not shape at all. Awful awful product!!

  47. I bought a large Cami shaper based on the size chart and returned it for a medium. However the medium didn’t fit properly either, as my breasts kept falling out below the bra cups. I usually wear a wired bra and thought this product may be more comfortable. It was comfortable but just didn’t hold me or support me correctly. Returned the item for refund.

  48. So-so. I bought all of it. The automated system won’t let you go. 30 minutes is too long for a phone order. I use them all. However, you must take out the pads in the cami shapers. They ride up and the pads end up on the top of your breasts. Also, the bottom of the camis roll up and before you know it you have a roll above your waist. When you wear the cami with the panties you can see where one ends and the other begins. I am 50, 160 and a size 12. I bought to avoid the separation from bra and the rolls you see under your garments. I bought the bras and leggings too. The bras roll up too. The leggings are heavy and have the stitching visible on the inside of the leg. I wanted a more comfortable bra but you have to keep pulling both the bra and the shaper down.

  49. I JUST POSTED TESTIMONIAL FOR THE Genie Bra and my honest experience with the cami shaper and their customer service. I saw SO many negative comments. Please have someone contact me. I am a cancer survivor and believe in the bra and refer many to the Genie bra. I currently am on the Board for a number of cancer organizations.

    That was very upsetting to see such negative feedback. Please have someone call me that can help me. Not someone from 973-287-5144. They are not helpful – don’t listen and not doing justice to this product. I wrote a comment prior to this one and sending this after seeing all the negative comments. I would really appreciate some kind assistance. Thank you. Donna

  50. Love the Genie Bra. I am a breast cancer survivor and sit on many Boards for cancer. The best bra I have every worn with my reconstructive surgery. Have an audience of woman that have ordered. Recently I saw the CAMI SHAPER – ordered – and just does not provide the support I expected. Call customer service – I was told about an ULTRA cami shaper – ordered and they sent the same one. Impossible to get someone in customer service to help me. I now have 6 cami shapers – being charged and just want to stop this and get the ULTRA. Most importantly I want to speak to someone that can help me with this. When I called and asked who the president is the rep and supervisor did not know. I’ve seen Stella Riches on TV – she is lovely and has a wonderful product. I continue to send Breast Cancer survivors like myself to the amazing Genie Bra. Please if whoever is reading this can you have someone call me that can handle my request and just send me an ULTRA I would be so happy. A very happy customer up until now. Thank you

    • I too am a breast cancer survivor, and as I said earlier, my PA/NP recommended the Cami shaper and the bra – I couldn’t be happier – no roll up at all – but then I wear my panties over it, which helps to keep it in place. I have read a lot of these remarks and have to wholeheartedly disagree – this product is wonderful – I have only received what i ordered, no payment plan, additional shipments, etc., I have no idea what has happened to these ladies, but I for one, am very pleased.

  51. Cami Shaper ripped me off. They do not work…spent $104 on 6 of them for the offer they gave me. they were awful and was told send them back. SPent just under $10 to send them and have had no refund, they say they don’t have them and I am unable to get my money back. Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM COMPANY.

  52. I actually like the product!!! I received the package of 6 cami-shapers within 10 days!!
    I am 5’9″ and a size 14-16 I have a muffin top and they seem to work for me!! I have been wearing one every day since buying. They are so comfortable and hold my stomach in better than regular cami’s. Are they perfect, No, but better than the alternative…liposuction/tummy tuck!!!

    I have found that they do rise up, but to prevent that, you do need to step into them AND tuck into your pants. They gave me the confidence to wear a tighter fitting t-shirt today!!

  53. I purchased one and it does NOT WORK it is a scam unless you are skinny already and nothing to hold in. Don’t waste your money save it and purchase a tummy legging from Wal-Mart

  54. I too tried Cami shaped and its crappy because there’s not a size that fits me. Save yourself some trouble (I’ve tried them all I think) because there’s one that takes your measurements and fits your body perfectly. I loved the shaper I got at It wasn’t that expensive and arrived like within a week. They communicate with you to make sure it fits…something you don’t see much these days.

  55. All of the reviews about the product not living up to what is advertised, the delays in sending the product or refunding the money when you process a return are absolutely TRUE!!! I’ve been dealing with these people since January 2013 on an order I processed back in November 2012. First there was a delay on receiving the order and when I decided I did not want to wait anymore and cancel, they told me my order was on its way so I need to return it via a return label they sent. When the order arrived I decided to give the Cami shaper a try, well NOTHING happened about containing the bulge and the smoothing of the muffin top, the Cami was loose all over and so, that I chose the size according to my bra size… I called again and they convinced me into trying a smaller size. Got the size S and STILL the same issue… comfortable to wear but no shaping AT ALL… I called and explain my situation and to find out if I could get another prepaid label since the product was not up the hype and the answer was no… reluctantly I paid to send the items back and hope to see my funds back in the acct as soon as I got their confo that hey received the product. Well… not the case, the confo they got the product was sent on 3/13. It is April 22 and STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY BACK!!!! each time I call the reps reassure me they will personally process the refund request and I should see my money within 3-5 biz days, not the case at all. Today was my 4th call to claim my refund…. and after politely venting my frustration to the rep, she told me that she apologized but they were behind with the refund process since I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE REQUESTING A REFUND…. and was told once again she was going to engage into personally process my refund I should see my money withing the next 3-5 biz days… HOW FRUSTRATING BUT WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO… wait to hopefully see my funds back.

    • All the reviews are true. I experienced this with my order too. So-so. I bought all of it. The automated system won’t let you go. 30 minutes is too long for a phone order. I use them all. However, you must take out the pads in the cami shapers. They ride up and the pads end up on the top of your breasts. Also, the bottom of the camis roll up and before you know it you have a roll above your waist. When you wear the cami with the panties you can see where one ends and the other begins. I am 50, 160 and a size 12. I bought to avoid the separation from bra and the rolls you see under your garments. I bought the bras and leggings too. The bras roll up too. The leggings are heavy and have the stitching visible on the inside of the leg. I wanted a more comfortable bra but you have to keep pulling both the bra and the shaper down.

    • I purchased one size of the CamiShaper and found it to not stay in place so I called the company and they told me I needed a smaller size. I purchased the smaller size and the same thing happened. I returned them both and waited for my refund since three payments had been taken out of my account. The refund didn’t come and I called the company and was told it would be taken care of. After waiting two months and making 5 phone calls to the company (each time I called I was assured it would be taken care of) to get my refund, I finally reported them to the Better Business Bureau and finally received my credit to my account.

  56. WOW, so very glad I checked this site out before placing my order. I’m happy that I didnt waste my money. Having this many BAD reviews – who would?

  57. Poor Business or a Scam!!! I waited 28 days from the day of my order and NO shipment, just “processing order”. On day 28 I called customer service (outsourced, of course) and was told the the leggings were not available and were “holding up” the order. She then went on to say to me “if you had not ordered the leggings you would have had the tops already” as if it was my fault I ordered them! I asked, why didn’t you just send the tops? “Oh, because they are part of the same order, so we have to wait for the leggings”. When will the leggings be available? “We don’t know”. I feel they held my order hostage because I didn’t pay for priority shipping until they offered it for less (Priority Process Downsell, they call it). I cancelled my order immediately! They should be investigated by the BBB!!

  58. I am usually always a savvy shopper. I do research and read reviews about TV products before I buy them and this practice has served me well. Well, this time I was reckless with my money in buying this here crap-ola. I ordered both the Cami shaper and slim and tone leggings together. I was billed 129.98. I paid for the express shipping because I was super excited about looking fabulous. I kept checking order status and it kept saying pending approval from bank…(WHAT???)…So I called the company and the company and the rep was nasty as diarrhea. I explained to her that the money was taken from my account immediately and there was nothing further to be approved. Well she said “look lady I don’t know what YOU did with your money, but we don’t have it. Maybe you need to check your closet for some other things you bought”..I PROMPTLY cursed her out, then called my bank.

    My bank informed me that they indeed did not approve the money because the company submitted incorrect information on 3 separate occasions and on each occasion they submitted different incorrect information. So my bank refused to release the funds. I placed a stop payment on them and got a new bank card. This company is ALL WRONG on very many levels.

    I’m glad I saw this forum because now I don’t feel ad about what I did. And yes, according to my bank this is an outsourced company. I do not knowing support outsourced companies. Too many Americans do not have jobs to be supporting outsourcing and especially to a bunch of nasty rude crooks.

  59. I purchase three of these and so far I am not happy at all. They don’t support the bust and not any of my rolls. I have worn it for three days to day and today I am wearing a bra under it for the support because it keeps riding up on my chest and doesn’t stay in place, plus it has not even given me the two size smaller look at all. I am very disappointed and I got it in the size I wear, I am thinking do I have to get it another size smaller to have it suck me in? I don’t thing so.

  60. I purchased the three-pack Cami-Shaper several weeks ago. Two days after I ordered they emailed me a message that said they were upgrading my shipping. I got them within 5 days of ordering. They are super comfortable but they endlessly ride up around the middle. I’m average size and just wanted a smoother look. I called today to get a return authorization number and Natalie 341 helped me. She was very friendly and respectful and didn’t try to sell me a bunch of other products. I have my authorization, we’ll see if the return/refund goes as smoothly.

  61. I am so sorry I purchased this item. I spent an additional $29.99 for ultra support and didn’t get any support at all! THESE CAMIS DO NOT WORK…DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

    I am now the proud owner of 3 camis that don’t support NOTHING. I purchased for $80…go figure.

  62. Bra section is horrible! pad inserts move around, fold and are no support at all, especially for a D cup.

  63. Loved the product, customer service was lousy. Had to cancel credit card 2nd and 3rd payment charged on, received a call from a person from out of the continental USA wanting a credit card # from me when I refused and explained why I would not give my number over the phone he threatened that I would be sent to collections. I finally called customer service and I was again talking to a person from another continent, this one was somewhat easier to understand. She gave me an address which I could mail the balance of less than $100. And I told them they would get a check from me.

    The first person (the rude man) called back a 2nd time (within 5 min of my hanging up on him because he kept demanding a credit card #, which I kept refusing, so I hung up on him. ) The 2nd time he left a message with the threat of collections.

    The next day being Friday he called again, I patiently explained I would not give a credit card # I was sending a check he told me that was not acceptable and I would have to call customer service he continued to rattle on and on and I screamed at him and hung up (Which is very unlike me). I once again called customer service 2nd time in 2 days. At that time I was told they did not accept checks. Now I would like to why they do not accept checks. I guess I will take my excellent credit rating and my business and go elsewhere. Too bad because I did like the product and I am a good sales person to my friends and coworkers.


  64. I ordered set of 3. Fabric was wonderful. But, when I put it on and went to the super market for about 20 minutes. By the time I got home I was half in and half out of the Cami! The Cami needs to be altered to fit larger top women. A larger size would not fit the waste. Was sad to have to return it!

  65. Live and learn. I ordered the 3 pack of Cami Shapers. They arrived timely. Sadly, they do not work at all. They don’t hold anything in at all. I look exactly the same with it on as I do with it off. I wish I had found this site before I ordered them. No where in the infomercial I watched did it say they came with bust pads already built in the camisoles. When I went online to order them the site offered pads to purchase. I did not purchase them. So I was quite surprised that the camisoles had pads in them. They are way too large of pads for my small bust. What a total waste of my money. Based on everyone’s comments on here I am not even going to waste my time trying to return them. I will just suck up the loss.

  66. I am SOOO glad I found this feedback forum and saw all the negative feedback on this product. In the past, after a lot of companies “sticking it to me,” I’ve learned to surf the net for feedback on the products I see advertised on TV. What I was really wanting to know if the Cami Shaper rides up and it does, according to one of the posts here.

    This product is probably also sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I’m sure, just like the Genie Bra is. So, I’d go there if I was going to try this product out, because returning it there would be much easier than trying to return it through the Cami Shaper company itself. Good luck to all you ladies and I’m sorry for all the hassles you’ve gone through. I hope everyone gets 100% satisfaction and is able to find this feedback forum.

  67. I was just about to order this product. So thankful everyone has left feedback. You just saved me money and the frustration. Not sure how they stay in business with SO MANY unhappy customers.


    • I ordered this mess also and when I was email and was told it was shipped out and the total was $300.00 .I couldn’t wait to receive it to return their package!!!!So I was told it will take 5 days to return my money I have been waiting since March!This is a scam and a big joke!Please tell me whom I can get action to get my money back!Thanks!I have talked with 2 supervisors male and female both hung up in my face after my complaints!WHAT WE WAS SHIPPED WAS INSTANTLY RETURNED HOW IT WAS SENT! I DID NOT OPEN PACKAGE! They say 3 was shipped back out of 4 and I shipped UN-open box!They need to check out this shipping department!!!

      • I ORDERED THIS MESS on March 6,AND IT TOOK A LONG TIME TO COME.BUT OF COURSE AFTER RECEIVING THEIR EMAIL AND STATING THAT IT WAS SHIPPED OUT AND THE AMOUNT WAS $300.00,I immediately called back and said to the agent when it come what is the address to return their package. and I was told 500 Return RD. Wllingford. CT.06494 was given ordered number 21570… as well. I noticed on my bank statements Cami -shaper are taking money out of my account,AGENT G-10,G-79,G-48,B-01 HAD ME ON HOLD WITH YOUR RECORDING SYSTEM for more that 30 minutes as well as 2 of your supervisors being very rude male and female hanging up in my face.Better Bureau time now!I have not received my money back yet , my bank and statements show only debits s from this company not credit to my account!T hey need to check out their shipping department and they are accusing the consumers,especially when I DIDN’T OPEN BOX!

  68. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! This product will not do what it says. By their chart I ordered the XL, it did nothing. I was willing to let them replace it with the L, it made no change to my figure. NOW I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET MY MONEY BACK FOR OVER A MONTH. THEY WILL NOT REFUND MY MONEY AND NOW I WILL HAVE TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  69. WOW! Thank you everyone for taking time to write these reviews …. I was watching the commercial and was going to order the 3pack but after reading these, NEVER!!!!! It is the BIGGEST hassle to try and return and get your money back …. to me that type of business equals lawsuit!!
    Good luck to everyone who has to deal with that type of BS, my heart and prayers go out to you 🙁


    I am currently on hold for 9 minutes and 45 seconds! I have been dealing with ” customer service” for three weeks. All I wanted is a exchange for a smaller size and they have yet to get me my pre paid return label. I have spoke to two representatives assuring me that they send it to my email. I DID NOT RECEIVE IT! So I called a third time and the guy that answered got defensive when I told him about my experience thus far and started justifying rather than apologizing. then Hung up on me, and called back stating I hung up on him. After I received it to my email finally The instructions stated RA number which as it turns out means order number. I found that out when I called in and waited this whole time I’ve been typing. Purchasing this product is a guaranteed headache because they will send you the wrong order and then take their sweet unprofessional time to fix it.

  71. I too couldn’t wait for my Cami Shapers, I ordered the set of (3) at a one time price of $59.97. Extremely disappointed I ordered my original size L. It stretched compared to others i had not put on (Original state in bag), which I had not worn yet. It does ride up. I do regret not reading reviews first. I just mailed my cami set back as it details to call and get R/A# it basically is your order Number, and you have to pay return postage I live in NM they got me for about $10.00. (Round off). absolutely a complete SHAM!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Ladies

  72. I can’t believe that this company is still in business. I placed an order yesterday and as soon as I hit “place order” I noticed that I was charged $85.00 with two additional $75.00 payments due. I called the so called customer service and cancelled the order. Nicara G51 said that she would take care of it. She said she had cancelled my order and that my credit card had not been billed. I asked her to send me a e-mail confirming the cancellation. When I didn’t receive the e-mail I called back and spoke with Tawna G22 who assured me my order had been cancelled and nothing had been charged on my account. Several hours later I received a call from my back about a suspicious $85.00 charge. I called and spoke with Tawna G19 this morning and got no where. I will call my back this morning and dispute the charge. Not sure if the product works since I ended up not ordering it, but I wouldn’t do business with this company ever again……never again.

  73. This company is TERRIBLE. I returned the product and they kept billing me. I never got credit and had my credit card dispute the bill. I spoke to a representative who said they had received the item back and would credit my account. Then, they didn’t credit my account and now say that I still owe them money. TOTAL CROOKS.

  74. My friend and I both purchased this item. I am a large, I am about 35 pounds overweight and the Cami was a disaster. It bound my breasts and the bottom kept riding up my hips to my waist. My friend is an older gal, she is very petite, skinny in my estimation, but “lumpy”. This worked as advertised on her, it smoothed out the bumps and only rode up a little. It is designed to give the already skinny but maybe a little flabby a smoother more toned look. So us chubby gals, we just need to do more situps and lay off the carbs and save this item for when we reach our goal weights.

    • UPDATE: my skinny friend says I should add that, the cami only worked in the upright position unless under tight jeans. Day two when she went to put on her size 2 skinny jeans the bottom rolled up while she was bending over to schooch her pants up her legs. She finagled the cami back down her hips and they stayed moderately well cinched by her jeans, even while sitting. However she warns that this product is a one trick pony. The next day she wore the cami under a t shirt material long sun dress to a function. By the time she got out of her car, the cami had ridden up and was bunched up at her waist. She had to run straight to the bathroom to pull the cami down. However, it worked great for the next two hours of standing around chatting with her other skinny friends. She said she look nice and trim. However, when she was forced to sit for dinner hour, she could feel the cami rolling back up. She had to stand and speak during the dinner and had to again dash to the ladies room to adjust the cami so she didn’t look like a sausage in the wrong casing, all squeezed wrong, while in front of an audience. SO, as long as you only wear this while standing, and you’re one of those skinny saggy gals, you’re good.

  75. Ladies, bear in mind that this product is directly marketed to folks like us who are dealing with excess weight/out of shape issues. There is no miracle body stocking that’s going to suddenly whip us all into being runway models – get real! Maybe this is a bridge to eating smarter and taking better care of ourselves for ourselves – so if the funky thing rides up on your waist, maybe it’s time to do something about that waist other than just try to squeeze it all where it won’t fit. I’m trying a new plan I’ve made for myself: no matter what’s put on the plate for me, home or away, I’m only eating half of what I would usually do, and that when I’m working out – and I’ll admit that’s not enough – I’m going to do increase it by half, so if I was going to do 20 minutes of something, I’m increasing that to 30, and so on. This Cami Shaper’s not going to shape me – I am!

  76. I was holding my breath waiting for my package to arrive. This was the biggest disappointment that I have had in long time. The Cami shaper is a total rip off. It DOES NOT make you two sizes smaller. It does not hold you in at all. The Cami rides up, I was constantly pulling it down. I cannot believe I paid all that money for this garbage! I cannot believe they would blatantly lie on TV claiming that this garment does things that it really does not do. I am so pissed off.

  77. I purchased the genie bra a while ago and didn’t like it. I kept on seeing the ads for the Cami shaper so decided to google it and saw this website for complaints. THANK YOU!!! Won’t bother now.

  78. Wow! I’m glad I looked this up before ordering from these thugs. They’re probably made in Nigeria in a shack owned by Kathy Lee Gifford. Thanks for the warning girls, it’s back to Flexes for me!

  79. I too just finished watching the infomercial and almost order the camis. Then something told me to check the internet for any reviews or complaints. Thank goodness I checked. I need something like this for my son’s wedding. But after reading how awful this product really is, I cannot be at a wedding pulling my gown (un rolling the Cami) all night….embarrassing to say the least. I hope all the people that got “taken” to report this company, as it seems to be a scam. I purchased the Genie bra and it fit nice until I started to move the darn bra rolled up. Thank goodness I bough it at Macy’s, I returned without any hassles. I will go back to Macy’s the have many shappers I can try them before making a purchase. Macy’s has a great return policy. Thanks to everyone for posting these review, had not been them I would have made a huge error. I too like to write reviews I hope I can help others. Thanks again PS MAKE FORMAL COMPLAINT SO THIS COMPANY STOP THIS RACKET. They’re is selling because they won’t return the money and complaints need to be established.

  80. Saw ALL the commercials regarding the Cami Shaper by Genie…..DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! I purchased the “3 pack”, wore one of them for a couple of hours, took it off, and held it up to the other two (that weren’t worn)…..It must have stretched out at least 1 1/2″ in such a short time-frame….AGAIN, like so many people have commented—–DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  81. I placed an order last month, you have the first month payment of $19.99, when will I received my Cami Shaper. If you’re not going to send it PLEASE return my $19.99 to my bank account.


    Doris Allen
    Address 2629 30th st se #2
    Washington D C 20020

  82. I brought 3 Cami Shapers February 22nd. It was too big and so I returned it to get a medium and the product did not work so I thought maybe I needed a small. I called customer service and requested a small. The Representative said I cannot do anymore exchanges and suggested I get a refund. I took her advise and they received the returned product March 11th. Since March 11th I have been calling for my refund status and I kept getting the run around “wait 3-5 business days”. Finally I called and demanded to speak with a supervisor and she assured me I would get my refund today and I still have not. I called today and threatened to pursue further action and guess what the supervisor told me 3-5 business days I will have my refund I requested an email confirmation an have not received it yet. I am convinced that I will not get my refund of $64.96 back. A total scam! I reported them to the better business Bureau. I hope they can help me.

  83. This product is not at all as advertised. The fit is poor, the material is poor and worst of all is the fact that it rides up with every movement. I sent it back for a refund a month ago and today contacted their service department (and I use that term loosely) to inquire why I had not yet received the credit for the return. The service representative first told me that she could not find my order by my order number (first red flag), then she could not find me by the return authorization number (second red flag) but finally found me by name (which of course included both previously noted numbers). Now I’m told that they never received my return. To that comment I provided the time and date of delivery to them via USPS tracking. She then said that she would have to check with receiving before issuing me a refund. Third and last red flag. This was the preverbal run-around. I called my credit card company and received a credit for the purchase. Now this company can try to run the bank around. I would not recommend these products or company to anyone.

    • I can’t believe this!!! The complaints are never ending, so happy I didn’t purchase! Thanks to all of you guys who took the time to write your reviews.


  84. Purchased top(s) and bottom(s). Exchanged both at least once for other sizes. Top does not “lift” bust; and bottom band “rolls”. Bottoms do no fit well either and the waistband rolls. I used both pieces as “insulated” underwear during the winter–they certainly don’t “perform” as advertised. Very Expensive insulated underwear!

  85. Thank goodness for reviews!! I have not heard any positive reviews for the Cami Shaper. The company is a disgrace and should be ashamed for offering such a fake product. I hope all ladies take the time to review these complaints prior to ordering.

  86. Mine arrived quickly–within a week and I ordered the slowest, cheapest method. I even checked my credit card to make sure they hadn’t charged the higher shipping, but it was charged correctly. Haven’t worn it long enough to comment on riding up, but initially seemed okay. I can’t say it’s a miracle product, but did seem to make a slight difference, mainly because it encouraged me to keep my tummy tucked in a little more.

  87. Long wait for delivery, Cami is made of poor fabric. It holds in nothing and rides up, you constantly have to adjust it, because it slide up over the breast. What a rip-off and serious waste of money!

    • Thanks for the review! I bought the genie bra and was very disappointed. I was hoping the fabric was of better quality.

      I’m glad they have these review pages!


    • Hey Ladies,
      Everyone who is having a problem after buying a money back guaranteed item, call your credit card company and explain to them, as soon as you realize that a company (like this one) is a scam. They will reimburse you, and get their money back from the company. It has worked for me. If the company can keep the money they scam from everyone, they WILL stay in business. Get your money back.

  88. Your product is no good. I cannot even get my breast in the cup and there is no tight fits it holes or shapes nothing.I had to give the damned thing to my daughter.That was $60.00 wasted thanks for nothing

    • I was looking at the infomercial and dialed the order number when something told me to check reviews first so I hung up. Glad I did. Never saw so may bad reviews on a product before. I have ordered a KYMARO shaper from a infomercial several years ago. They have lost there support and always did ride up. Thought these would be better. I am a 38D and really need support. It sounds like the better business bureau needs to be involved in this. Hope you all will report them. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Complain to the company you bought it from, this is just a website that people can add their reviews to. You will get nowhere by complaining here.

  89. I returned the Cami Shaper that did not fit and it was noted and an e-mail sent that it was returned on the 14th of March. On March 18th, the full amount of the returned products was taken out of my bank acct. I doubt I will ever see the $74+ dollars again….

  90. DO NOT ORDER! It took me months to get my order. They had to re-shoot it and once I got the product I hated it. It rides up and isn’t really even tight enough to make a difference even though the size is appropriate. I’m still trying to get my money back from my return and I bought it in December. Customer Service is HORRIBLE!! They will not help you and promise the manager will call you back because they are in a meeting- they never call you. Please advise!

  91. Purchased the Cami Shaper and this was a total expensive waste of time and money. Good luck getting your money back, 3 promises and still nothing. These are so cheap, won’t stay in place and unless you are flat chested, forget any support at all. Still trying to get my $120 back.

  92. I placed an order by phone yesterday but never spoke with a live person. I want to know if that order went through and I would appreciate a confirmation of the transaction.

  93. Watched the infomercial and was ready to order, thinking that’s just what I need and then decided to Google for reviews. Boy I am glad I did based on the reviews; I will not waste my time. Thanks Ladies. I can always count on the truth from the public. You saved me a head ache I do not need.

    • I just watched the infomercial too, I did the something , let me google the reviews first, thank you ladies for the honest review! Who has money to waste! I really thought it was going to work. 🙁

  94. Thank you soooo much for all your reviews! I watched the commercial and thought maybe. I always try to find reviews online though, and for that price I was definitely going to check it out! Based on these reviews, there is no way I will buy. I am not huge, about 20 pounds gained in the last 5 years as I enter my late 40’s, however, I have always been large on top.(Currently a 38D/DD) Based on these reviews, there is no way this shaper is going to provide the support I need. Again, thanks so much sisters!

  95. Girls…I just watched the infomercial and was ready to order. Reading all of these very similar reviews has changed my mind. It pi$$es me off that these Companies get away with this! Thank you for taking the time to post here. Positive Vibes for future orders (just not this Product)!!! 😀

  96. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. All their customer service reps. are in India or Jamaica and they are very rude. You ask to speak to a supervisor they refuse. The Shaper does nothing to enhance ones figure. I called to tell them it doesn’t do what they profess it to do. I returned it with the information they gave me, and now they say they haven’t received it. They sent another size it is no good. I called to find out how to return, and they keep giving me different addresses and the phone number they gave me for customer service is not a working number. I feel scammed.

  97. This company is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered the Cami Shaper 2 to be exact one for myself one for my mom (XL) and these did not fit so we ordered the (L) and this also did not fit due to we are both very top heavy and the Cami rolls up on the ends. The policy states if for any reason you are not happy with the merchandise you should return within 60 days of purchase for full refund no questions asked. We ordered 2/7/13 and returned was received by Cami 2/14/13 for X-large wh then tried on L and it to did not work so returned it 2/22/13. It is now 3/14/13 and I have spoken to several reps of all who stress 3-5 business days money should be credited to my MC. Sheneice (rep) has been the most helpful rep even thus far although all she can do is speak the same nonsense jargon as the rest have..which is useless!!! This company DOES NOT stand by its OWN return/refund policy. The reps are RUDE and hang up on you. There is NEVER a member of management present for “escalation” and all the reps simply tell you is that the money will be refunded in 3-5 business days and that there are many refunds pending and the “SYSTEM” has not processed all refunds as of yet. Each time I call I get the same nonsense. This is ridiculous and with these antics this company wont last long in my opinion. If you haven’t purchased from this company DON’T!!! Bunch of liars!!!

  98. Cami Shaper does not work! It flips up and is uncomfortable. They are also charging my credit card too much!

  99. I ordered the 3pk of Cami Shapers and absolutely love them! Fits great and smooths everything out. I am not huge on the top (38B). I am also not really fat, just a little out of shape after having 3 children. I love the way they fit and stay in place. Bottom does not roll up. I have been practically living in these! I wear them almost daily with every kind of shirt from a lite t-shirt to sweaters. I do think it slims me quite a bit. Nice quality of material and washes well, looks like new! If you aren’t really super fat, give them a try!

    • I think you are correct. This product is for a person that is small busted and not overweight. A person that wants JUST a little slimming…the Genie Bra is the same thing. I think it would be ok for a smaller busted woman, but as a D girl, it was a dud not a genie!

  100. Hi,
    I brought the Cami Shaper at Walmart and I got a size large according to their sizing chart it did nothing for me ,I returned it and got a medium,it still was to big and did nothing for me,I then purchased a small it does smooth my tummy but bra is not supportive enough and would not recommend it to anyone looking to size down it seems to be a good tank top but must wear bra underneath for support.hope this helps I am a size 10 on top and a 36D.

    • Thank you so much for your posting. I am the exact same size and bust size as you, and was just about to hit “order” when I decided to check the comments….. Sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for saving me the trouble.

  101. This is a nightmare dealing with company. Will report to attorney general ! Worst customer service ever! Product is a joke! Don’t waste your time or money!! Nothing but a scam. Will also file complaint with better business bureau!

  102. I want to cancel order due to automated system trying to trick you by saying say yes or press one and not giving a chance to say no and have talked to friend who says they constantly ride up and she hates hers!

  103. Nightmare dealing with this company one I will ever get caught up in again. Ordered Camies but when I placed the order I did hit the wrong amount. Tired several times to correct calling Customer Care who had several reasons as to why I could not change had to let the order go through and pay. After 7 calls and talking to rude people I called my bank and stopped payment. Once I receive the order I will be for sure returning it…….they do not live up to their claims and not worth the money or time……..

  104. I bought the Cami Shaper at my local Rite Aid drug store. It was on the shelf with “As Seen On TV” products. I saw the infomercial and I was excited to be able to buy it without having to order it and pay shipping and handling fees. I bought the size large and tried it on when I got home from the store. While the top is comfortable and it is a good shaping garment that holds in my stomach and goes comfortably over my hips, it does absolutely nothing to provide me the lift and support I need for my breasts. The chest area of the top is padded but it doesn’t give me the shape I want. My bra size is 38D and I need the support so I’d have to wear a bra with this top to get the look that I want. On the infomercial, they made it seem like you don’t need a bra with the Cami Shaper because it provides the support already built into the top. Not true for me. I only spent $19.99, so I’m not that upset. I just won’t be buying anymore of these.

  105. No… this product does not work for me so I sent it back for a smaller size and it didn’t work either. Ordered the Cami Shaper in October 2012, when I didn’t receive them I called and the answer was they were on back order. They finally showed up in December they did not work like it did in the commercial so I sent it back for an exchange for a smaller size. When they came they also did not work so I sent them back also. I have been trying to get a refund since January of this year, It is February and I am still trying to get my refund. I have spoken to supervisor and to no avail it is always a problem. I thought that the customer was always right with this company they really want to keep my money, she suggested instead of giving me a refund they would send me those Cami Shapers again. I don’t want those things. I want my money back your product did not work.

  106. Thank you, all of you ladies who shared your unhappy experiences with this Cami Shaper. I think it’s worth sharing that I found one I LOVE at It’s tight enough to suck me in, and hugs my hips without rolling. They make them custom to your measurements (who does that in this day and age?) so it fits just right. I am sooooo pleased to finally find a shaper that works!

  107. First, when I received my invoice by email, one of the items was priced wrong. I called to report the error and was offered a $40.00 credit and was told the order would be a finale sale, not eligible for return. Thank goodness I told the operator I was not interested in a no return arrangement. I will be returning the Cami Shaper because it rides up, and I will be returning the leggings because they roll down at the waist. I do however like the bra. It is very comfortable, but it offers very little support.

    Now I will see if my credit is issued promptly and correctly after returning the products.

  108. My husband ordered these for me as a gift. We were quite impressed with the video we saw…but the sad fact is this product does not too what it claims. I don’t even look one size smaller. I wear size 8-10 but have problems with a flabby tummy after having twins; I ordered a medium of the 3 color “deal” Genie offers. If I don’t wear a bra my chest looks flat…there is no enhancement or lift at all…it just squishes. The cami part itself may “‘smoothe” but it does NOT give you a smaller sized appearance as it claims. Also, the bottom tends to ride up and I am constantly having to tuck it back in my pants. I am very disappointed with this product and would not recommend it. I’ve debated on whether it’s worth the hassle to return it. I don’t usually buy “as seen on TV products”…this purchase reminds me why.

  109. They are ridiculous 25 minute phone call and I finally cancelled my order. I kept telling them No No do not want any specials any deals the operator would not listen kept rattling on until I literally yelled in the phone with stop and place the order or cancel it. The most disgusting customer sales and service I have ever dealt with. Stay away from them!!!

    • The sales agent is required to offer you the upsells or they will be fired. Is it that difficult to listen and then decline. I am sure the customer service part was fine.

  110. While I do feel it smooths me out some, the bra gives you the always attractive “uniboob” look. I wouldn’t buy it again.

  111. I ordered size according to chart but think I might need smaller size, like the way they feel. I have 2 genie bras already and love them. I just hate to send back and wait on them to arrive.

    • I just bought a Cami Shaper at bed bath and beyond to try it out. It was an opportunity to buy just one, at $19.99 and know it can be returned. Before I purchased it I checked out several sports bras and found them both expensive and very uncomfortable. Racer back as most sports bras are limits the kind of tops one can wear. I’m wearing the Cami Shaper today and it is extremely comfortable, not rolling up or binding in any way. I am normally a size 32C bra. This does tends to flatten the bustline somewhat. I’m not bothered by that as it will be worn basically when wearing casual and/or yoga attire. I’ll trade the discomfort the different look for under-wire jabbing at me and the fact that it enhances my posture is a real plus.. I bought a medium and think I’d do better with the small next time.

  112. I ordered the Cami Shaper before Thanksgiving as I needed it for holiday parties. Well, I waited and waited and it never came. Come to find out it was “back ordered” and nobody let me know. The holidays came and went and I told them I did not want the product. Guess what….it ended up showing up in the mail. Ok, by this time I had purchased something similar from Playtex at Walmart. I decided to open the Cami Shaper package and tried one of them on…it did not have any control for around the bottom of the belly. I compared mine and their’s and…. Playtex held in more then the Cami Shaper. So, it is your call…I am not one to write reviews but I would like to help someone else out before you order this product.

    • Doris,
      My bottom belly is my biggest problem area, would you please tell me which Playtex product you found at Walmart that works? I shop Walmart but haven’t found the right one yet!

  113. I bought a smaller size than I wear to make sure I got results. It dint work at all and the built in bra was too small. I felt like it made me look fatter than before I put it on. It smoothed everything but didn’t make me look any smaller. It was also short on me. And like the bras it rolls up on the bottom. I like the bras. Don’t like the Cami Shaper.

  114. Liked the Cami section but the Cami and bra combination did not fit well. It feels comfortable but did not like the overall look.

    • I just finished reading the reviews and am so glad I did! I was going to order these but definitely will not after reading. Guess I should know that when something sounds too good to be true, that it usually is! Thank you all for saving me the aggravation of these things!

      • Sharon, I so agree, I was watching the infomercial and thought “wow, that is what I need!” After being burnt a few times on “As Seen On TV” products I decided to google Cami Shaper. Boy I am glad I did, in my mind I thought this is to good to be true, especially at that price. I am so glad, because everything everyone has written about this product is exactly what I have been experiencing. That also goes for the SpanX, that is a bust too. It may work for smaller people, but usually not for anyone over a size 16. Only thing that is going to get rid of of muffin top is diet and exercise.

  115. Cami shaper arrived within 10 days of ordering it. The first day I wore it my family asked if I had lost weight. It does not stay put and I am constantly adjusting it throughout my day. I also wear my regular bra under it as I feel my large chest is not supported in it.

    • You answered my concern about how this products works for varying cup sizes. Ads and sizing chart do not address cup size. Will stick to Slander and Wacoal. Thanks for update. Saved me time @ money.

  116. Wish I had seen these Cami Shaper comments before ordering. It’s been a nightmare!!! Ordered the Shaper and Panties on 12-24-12 and still have not received them. Am being told should received them 3-25-13!!! Found similar product in TARGET and it’s working just fine and for less money. Will cancel my order today!!!

  117. I received my Cami shapers and Did Not like the built in bra. I actually cut out the bra section. I wear my own bra and love it! They should recreate the Shaper with out the built in bra.


  118. I am SO glad that my sisters have shared their disappointments and experiences. God bless you. You saved me the stress and trauma that you’ve been through. I don’t even want to look at the TV commercial again. What a joke huh. Thanks again for sharing.

  119. I called Camishaper customer service earlier today but they neglected to give me the Required Return Authorization number for the 6 items I didn’t order…after reading all these horrible reviews I am just going to return all of them (since I have to pay to return the ones I didn’t order anyway).

    I called again to get the Required authorization code, I waited a total of 14 minutes to speak to the customer reps. They have assured me that I will get the full amount refunded once they get the item(s) back…let’s see how long that takes!

    I order items everyday on the internet–this is the first time I have ever had such a thing happen. I truly believe their “3 for” and “3 payments” options cause problems…why would I order NINE ???!!!

  120. Did online Order of items 3/$29.98 in 3 easy payments on 1/28/13. Received confirmation that stated 3 easy payments of $29.98 for a total of $89.94. Received today, 1/9/13 a totally different email format that stated I was being charged a total of $269.82. I was being charged for 3 sets of 3. Very deceptive emails…if I had received the second email before it was shipped, I could have called and cancelled, but now they are already shipped and I have to pay to return them!!!!

    Haven’t received item but is this anyway to do business? Is this how they sell more product???

  121. I agree that the Cami shaper is no more than a camisole… It rides up unless it is tucked in, the bra is a joke, the pads wrinkle up, (I just threw them away)and it is very short waisted.. And am short! I would have returned them but I threw away the package slip…. I just wear them as an undershirt…. There is hardly any compression!! I bought a better one that I love at Costco for $10.

  122. I saw the Cami shaper ad & was excited to try it. It took FIVE WEEKS to finally get it & I got a huge let down. I ordered a medium and it was a little loose on the sides and the bra had no support. I have 36 dd breasts & they got no support. The band would ride up my breasts & I was constantly readjusting them. There was zero separation so after a short time I ended up with the mono boob look like sports bras. I tried with the pads, without, folding the pads, shifting them to different spots, nothing helped. I have to wear a separate bra, which defeats the purpose. The band on the bottom simply refuses to stay put. It rides up and rolls at the middle, defeating the whole purpose of a shaper. Overall, I am extremely disappointed and wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

  123. BEWARE!!! I ordered my Cami shaper on December 18, 2012 and never got it!!! I had a credit card stolen shortly after I ordered this and had to get a new card. I called Cami Shaper and gave them the new card number. Here it is the first week of February and they still haven’t run my new card after several call from me to run it. Don’t deal with these people!!! Once they finally said they would cancel this order and put in another one…why they didn’t do that to begin with is beyond me, they said I would have to wait another 6 to 8 weeks!!!!!! Oh but if I wanted to pay an extra $10 they would send it out express. NOW WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR EXPRESS MAIL BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB?????? DON’T BUY IT!!!!

  124. I got my Cami Shaper and was extremely disappointed. I am not a big person but I have a poochy belly. The Cami Shaper I would classify as a glorified tank top.

  125. The Cami Shaper does NOT give you the support it claims. The waistband rides up unless you tuck it in. It washed horribly. It has “pills” all over it from even the first wash. DO not order this product until they improve it!

  126. I was so excited to receive the Cami Shaper trio. Unfortunately, it did not take me long to realize what a useless product the Cami Shaper is. There is NO support under the breasts, and it does not hold you up at all. The first time I wore the black (which is what I would use 90% of the time), I had to find time to go to the ladies room or my closet at work several times, to bend down and put myself back into the bra. Not to be outdone, I saw a black shaper at Walmart in a small instead of a medium and bought it. The cup is too small and I do not completely fit in it, but it worked a teeny bit better, but still not acceptable. It does little to smooth anything out. I only weigh 122 pounds, so am not large. I wear the Geni bra and am happy with them. I just wish there was some support under the breasts!!!!! I threw everything away, so don’t have any of the packaging or paper work to return.

    • OMG…..I was about to buy one of the Cami shapers and after reading all your reviews, I will not. Thanks for the advice guys…..

  127. So glad I read this, I was actually on here looking for the site to place an order, thank God I stumbled upon this forum first. I definitely will NOT be looking to buy now, to wait that long for crappy product is not something I wish to do. Thanks everyone for the 411.

  128. Got my Cami Shaper order in today, it did take a while to get it but to their advantage I was told it would take awhile so I did not mind the wait. Very disappointed with the product does not do as it claims, don’t waste your money it’s just a glorified tank top. If you have bulges your still have bulges when wearing it. I am not a large person but small with some belly fat.

    I look the same with or without it.

    • I always like reviews of any item that I plan on ordering and spending my money on. These reviews helped me out a lot. I will not be wasting my money on this.


  129. Thank you, all of you ladies who shared your regrettable experiences with this Cami Shaper…you totally convinced me that this will not be worth my bother… you saved me some trouble! Hats off to you!!!

  130. Ok – so I received the Cami Shaper after waiting months…but I knew that ahead of time. When I received them – I liked them (black & white) were great. Something weird was going on with the Tan one – so I wanted to exchange it – I didn’t even care what color they gave me. NO – I had to return all three ??? Duh – not sure why…so I requested the prepaid return label (3) times before I received it. Sent it off and of course they have no record of having received them? That was on the 15th. Sure hoping I see this as a credit on my credit card real soon thank god I did the 3 payment thing. I told my CC no more charges can be applied from that co – only a credit of $19.99. If they were SMART – they would go through all these complaints and make good for the customer….create a fan base ~

  131. Received the Cami Shaper. What a joke. Every time I moved it rolled up. It’s going back. My opinion. Go to a real store and try one on. TV is a lie.

  132. Oh my gosh I am so glad I read these reviews. I have been watching this commercial for a couple of weeks and was going to order them BUT have changed my mind. This website was so helpful in changing my mind and I want to thank you ladies. I really hope someone from Cami-Shaper reads your reviews. Thanks again ladies for your input because I am NOT ordering them now.

  133. I ordered the 3 Cami Shapers from the tv add and was totally dissatisfied. The fabric is not strong enough for any support to help bulges, nor smoothes anything. My bust would not even stay in cups worked under with in few minutes.I do not believe they send shaper as seen on the models. I definitely would not wear as a camisole as the pads crease and does not stay in place showing the lines and creases. Then when I called the same day received the rep was rather rude , not friendly all as if she didn’t care to any thing I had to say and actually hung up on me because I was questioning the return cost. When a tv ad says try at no risk I would not think that returning was at my cost, I spent money to find that this is the worst mis represented item ever. If it was sold in stores no one would ever buy it if they tried it on. I wish I had read reviews before ordering …..WORSE EXPERIENCE AND NOW OUT OF MONEY FOR NOTHING…

    • I had the same experience. Does absolutely nothing my $5 Camis from Kohls don’t do. After waiting 6 weeks to get them, I was told they had to receive them in 3 days if I wanted to return them. As I work , I couldn’t get them that day to the post office. I guess I am stuck, out $60. I will complain to the BBB.

      • Thanks to all the women who warned all of us about this slimy company. I hope you get results from the BBB or The Federal Trade Commission. Don’t give up. Get your money back! Thanks again

  134. So I attempted to place an order right after Thanksgiving. First call after going through my info her computer crashed. OK fine, no problem. So I hung up and called again to a different lady. After getting all of my info and order, placing me on hold several times, it was a non stop, ongoing thing with her trying to sale me other different things. At this point I am getting annoyed I told her I just wanted my order and that was it. I was then placed on hold again, and she never returned. No confirmation of my order nothing. I was on the phone for 33 minutes which is absolutely ridiculous!!!! So I hung up. Then January 11th I am charged for the first month because my order is now being shipped. I received it today January 23rd. I tried it on, and the Cami Shaper sucks. It was a very tiny and I mean tiny difference. It is not worth $60 for even 3 of them. Save your money!! Mine are being sent back. I WILL NOT be doing business with the Genie company ever again.

  135. In my opinion as I just purchased Cami Shaper, first the shipping was sucks, took about more than a month before I got it. The product will never let you look lose weight. Now if you had a lot of body fats (big belly) don’t buy it. But if you just want to used it as under garments it is really comfy, better than a bra. My boobs never get flat. I had no much body fat so it looks really good to my upper body. I am using it every day, instead of wearing bra. The amount was not bad as bra are much more expensive. Again, don’t buy the product if you have a lot of upper body fats, it is not true that you will look skinny that was shown on the TV.

  136. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT ORDER this useless piece of JUNK! I ordered at the beginning of December and didn’t receive my order till nearly 2 months later! Not only that BUT the product did not do what it advertised at all. Doesn’t hold anything in, and I don’t have much to hold in (tiny bit off muffin top), just a bit of extra from having kids and I wear a 36 c (medium Cami Shaper) and my breasts kept sliding out of the “cups” over and over. It crept up terribly and made me feel itchy. also made my breasts look weird when I put it on. Not sexy, too squashed and pushed together. Not that sexy lift and separate you get from a good bra. You cannot wear this as a tank either. You can clearly see the pads in the bra part. Reminds me of breast-feeding pads. The pads also don’t retain their shape. The infomercial I watched that sold me on them made it seem as if I could easily return and get ALL my money back, shipping too. Not so. They make you pay to ship and they send in such a cheap envelope that I had to spend an extra $3 for a new large envelope on top of the $8 to ship. I am really upset and feel ripped off. If you want a good Shaper, shell out the dough for a Spanx. I adore mine. I could have bought a full-coverage Spanx for the price of these 3 pieces of junk. BEWARE ladies!!! Hope this helps someone from making my mistake. :0(

    • I couldn’t agree more! I was going to buy the three on TV but I saw the one for $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond so I thought I’ll buy that because it’ll be less shipping and handling and if I like it (which I was certain I would since I saw the infomercial) then I would go and get more. I tried it on and WTH?! It did nothing! I have a belly n small boobs and it flattened my boobs (like I really want that) and as a lady mentioned above I looked EXACTLY the same as I did before. Not slimmer “looking” at all. In fact I could still see the roll of back fat that they claimed would “disappear”!!! It also pushed whatever fat I did have by my arms n armpits!! God I’m so thankful I got it at BB&B cause I KNOW I will get my money back tomorrow when I go and return this dumb thing!! I thought I was doing something wrong or got the wrong size so I decided to look at some reviews. I’m glad I did! Thank you ladies! I guess we just have to do it the old fashioned way and hit the gym……ugh!

  137. OMG, I was headed to buy this thing as soon as I’m out of bed… Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll just work on losing this extra weight faster…smh.

  138. One of the worst products I have bought… constantly rides up and I need to keep pulling it down. Does NOTHING to flatten-returning. Don’t buy!!!

  139. I haven’t even tried them on yet, but I’m hoping these reviews are all wrong! I only found this site because I was wondering where my 3 sets of Uplift Pads are that I paid an extra $20.97 for. Who do I talk to about this?

    There seems to be a lot of anger and disappointment here. I hope that won’t be the case with me…

  140. Has anyone tried the “spanx” shapers that they sell? They are a little expensive, but they work! I’ve had mine for years and it still looks new, and works the same as the day I first took it out of the package!! I came here for a cheaper alternative, but grateful to have read your reviews and gladly, I will “NOT” be buying this crap!!!

    • Joyce, so glad Spanx worked for you. I tried on 2 separate occasions buying Spanx and they DID NOT work either. Kept riding up, rolling and I looked the same. Glad there is hope for some of you. Thank you all so much for your input. Sorry you had to go through all you had to go through, but you helped hundreds.

  141. Wish I had read the Cami Shaper reviews before ordering. They took about a month for me to get and even paid extra for shipping. What a rip off! Most un comfortable things ever. They ride up! Waste of money in my opinion.

  142. I ordered these darn things in NOVEMBER because a friend had them on her Christmas list. It’s January 18th and NO sign of them yet. In the meantime NO communication from the company NO answer from anyone that could tell me WHEN I would get them, just that they were back ordered. They charged my credit card IMMEDIATELY, shouldn’t they have shipped them IMMEDIATELY? Now I will have to PAY to ship them back whenever I do get them because I no longer need them. WHAT A RIP OFF!

    • I ordered the Cami Shaper on November 17th it came on December 17th. I have to say it is very comfortable and I didn’t have any problems with it riding up, but the cup size is way to small and the band keeps riding up when you walk so it looks like you have multiple breasts and they are squished together, no separation. I guess its not for big breasted woman I am a DD and I am 5’2. So they are going back. They say just to send them back so they better credit me. As I said too bad because I found it very comfortable.

  143. I just hope they give me a refund like they say.i called the customer service they were rude and gave me the run around. I have only had the Cami for a few days, so I am still within my 30 days. Do not order from this company. Everything they show you on tv is a big fat lie. The Cami Shaper has no no no support at all in the bust area or much less holds your tummy in. What a rip off. I’m gonna report them to for false advertising also gonna call my credit card company to make them aware of the way this company is giving me the run around. Do not order I repeat do not order this Cami Shaper it is no more than a stretch tank top. OMG I just can’t believe I fell for this lie.

  144. After waiting 2 months for this Cami Shaper to arrive (and repeated emails from telling me my order would come in 2-4 weeks from order date) I’m finally able to try it out. Don’t waste your time and money! The Cami rides up – no matter how many times you tug it down, it’s back up in 30 seconds. So not only does it not fit as advertised, you also get the added bulk around the middle from the Cami bunching up.

  145. I waited probably 8 weeks for it to arrive. What a disappointment. First time I wore it was to church. Totally embarrassed when I went into the restroom and looked in the mirror. It looked like I had four boobs. the bra has NO support and the band that was supposed to be under the breasts had ridden up and divided my breasts to look like I had four. When I got home and took my top off even my husband had to laugh. As for the muffin top, I will say it helped, however I don’t need extra bulges up there. I was talked into purchasing an extra set but they are all going back tomorrow.

    • The same thing happened to me. I order a large that was the size they said was right for me. Took it forever to get my order. I ware a 36D cup bra. OMG! It has no support at all. The band around the bra area was a joke. It did not bald me in anywhere. I had to keep pushing my boobs back up to the bra area, and pulling bottom down. It would slid up from bottom and down on top. When I called customer service to get a refund no. To send it back they tried to talk me into getting a med. I said no I want a refund the med would not fit my 36D breast. She would not stop telling me that I needed the med. and she did not know what to do. I told her I knew what to do, give me a refund like is stated in your add. Poor customer service gave me a hard time. The Cami Shaper might be good to use for a dust rag. I can’t believe they have the nerve to get on TV and lie like they do.

  146. I’m so glad I read the Cami Shaper reviews. I just texted my friend, convincing her to get the Cami Shaper. will not experience this dreadful company. Its amazing how they pull it off…..that it works…when u have had so many problems. Lets remember this ladies ……and check reviews in the future.

      • Thanks ladies so glad I read these reviews first I was gonna order but now NO this sounds like a big rip off this should be reported then they should be sued!!!!

  147. I bought one recently for $20 at Walmart and I’d say so far, so good. I didn’t think the pads had any value and caused creasing, so I removed and discarded them. It seems to smooth out most of the bulges and actually feels quite snug and comfortable. I doubt I’d wear it for business due to lack of bra structure, but I think it’s great for weekends and other relaxing times.

  148. THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!! I was considering the camishaper but found only one review on Cami facebook (of course positive). With the assistance of your wisdom, I will check out the other one that was mentioned and check with Nordstroms, Macys and Victoria’s Secret. Thanks for protecting my money and have a happy New Year

  149. Okay, I had to try the Cami Shaper…purchased at Walmart, which saved me the shipping costs (and time waiting for it to ship). Have to say I agree with the concept of a Cami that is a shaper and doesn’t have to be snapped in the crotch area…but…it doesn’t work to just buy a size L because I’m only size L in the middle and size XL in the bust and size M in the hips. Needless to say it rides up the hips and squishes my boobs.

    The shaper I found that works the very best is at They asked for my measurements and made it custom, exactly to my body type! It fits me perfect…sucks in where it needs to and lifts my bust. You have to wear your own bra with it, but I’d rather wear my own because then I know it fits. Just thought I’d save y’all some time and trouble.

  150. Was just going to push the checkout button for the Cami Shaper and other products and decided to check out some reviews first. Glad I did. I will not complete this order…. People should not have to go through all of this nonsense to get something that they paid for. People should not be treated this badly when trying get their questions answered by the company.

  151. I just ordered the Cami Shaper via automated system. I will patiently await for the arrival since shipping delay seems to be a problem. Luckily I have a body Shaper by Flexees that I purchased from Macys last year! It works wonders and i use it for special occasion dresses but wanted the Cami Shaper to wear to the gym. I will update my response with a product review once it arrives. Good luck everyone.

    • Will check out the Shaper, glad you were kind enough to post your view, it was very helpful. I used to weigh 250 now weigh 92 (gastric bypass) and am hard to fit in adult sizes, so no online or phone after this info.

  152. Ok, this is not a review, as I have not tried it yet, but since most of the reviews are about service…THIS IS NOW SOLD AT WALMART!
    I came to this site to see reviews about the product, but will now go try it for myself. Hope this helps someone else that is on the fence..

    • After reading the reviews I am leery but will buy it at Walmart to try it. At least if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit I can EASILY return it to Walmart for my money back.

  153. This product Cami shaper does not have enough lycra in it to keep even a slim person comfortable.Save your money there are better products out there.

  154. I was very disappointed, I ordered the genie bra last year and it took 10 weeks but I do like those but I also expected the long wait, I finally received my order and was excited to try it on and the thing keeps riding up, constantly pulling it down , every time you sit down or get up constantly pulling it back down , very annoying very disappointed.

  155. After reading all the Cami Shaper reviews I was worried that I was not going to be able to return the Cami Shapers I ordered. I purchased something else after they sent me an email saying my order was back ordered so I no longer needed my order.

    I was not able to get through the online customer care service so I called, I got a live person, no waiting, Jennifer was very helpful, asked if I wanted an exchange I said no I was returning the product, she gave me the number I needed and said my account would be credited, I just need to mail it back.

  156. Darn, wish I would have read Cami Shaper reviews 1st…I ordered yesterday and already received an email saying it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery…I’m OK as long as they get here. I’m a size 10 and have lost 30 lbs recently so I’m looking forward to some support…heck, at my age 46 ya need all the help ya can get…LOL…Maybe I can come back once I get them and give a good review. Wish me luck!

    • First how did you loose the weight I am having an awful time loosing it and want to order this Cami Sharper Bra. let me know. Thanks.

      • I hope it comes in 4-6 weeks. I ordered mine on 11/26 and as of today, it still has not shipped. (When I ordered it was supposed to be shipped in 2-3 weeks) I canceled my order and plan to check them out at Walmart…yep, they sell them there and you can try them on 🙂

        • I had never seen it on TV, but saw it in Wal-mart yesterday for $19.99..started to buy it, but put it back..may go try it on first to see how it fits..

      • Weight watchers work! I lost 50lbs last year, but due to unemployment, I have gained 30 of those pounds back. So, over eaters anonymous is next.

  157. The Cami Shaper seems like a good idea,right? Well, I ordered mine after Thanksgiving,after saying NO to all of the extra things they try to sell-how annoying!!!
    I received my 3 shapers and first thing I noticed was the pads on 2 of the shapers have permanent creases not pretty under clothes.

    The band at the bottom is wider and helps this garment ride up constantly while you wear it. If you pull it down to cover the hip area the bra part stretches to under the stomach.

    I actually have 2 Genie bras but these add LESS support and I find myself having to rearrange the bra all the time which I never had to do with my Genie bra.

  158. My order for the Cami-Shaper has been nothing but a nightmare. First they cancelled my order from 11-05-12 in error, resubmitted it on 11-30-12 then told me it was in the mail and I know that was nothing but BS because I still haven’t got my package yet. I probably have spent over 6 hours on the phone and have only been able to get through to a human person on the other end twice. I just put my phone on speaker walked away and almost one whole afternoon no one ever came through to talk to me only the same voice recording repeating the same stupid crap. I wish I never order their product it’s not worth the hassle.

    • I also just received a cancellation notice I don’t get it, when I check order status it says cannot refund at this time.???? This is CRAZY

  159. Does anyone have anything to say about the product itself. Not one review on the Cami Shaper. Just alot of complaints about phone ordering. Ordered on the computer very easy don’t know what you were doing wrong. If you are not going to review the product then you should be put on a different part of the site to complain. THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FOR REVIEWS OF THE PRODUCT.

      • Ordering was a snap….6 weeks later and my order still hasn’t shipped. Can’t review something that you never receive 🙁

        • I ordered it like a month and a half ago, still haven’t received it. Thinking they are rip off artists at this point.

      • Warning this is a scam…..

        I waited 8 weeks still got nothing, they charged me and I have never felt so ripped off. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Def, do not recommend doing business this scam. No cami shaper, just a bill, and everytime I try to talk to customer service they hang up on me. By far the very worst!!!

    • My complaint is that Cami Shaper does not support my breasts as the regular genie bra does. the bra part rises up over my breasts and I have to keep adjusting it down. I will be returning it. I also find the pads are mis shaped. they are not the same as the genie bra. I love my 6 genie bras and am so disappointed in the fit of the camishaper

    • I bought one at Walmart and have not been happy at all with it. Thank goodnessI didn’t order it. After reading the reviews, I see that I am not the only one dissatisfied. The bra doesn’t support, the bra pads bunch up, the shaper doesn’t smooth and the the wide band at the bottom> All it does is ride up. Worst $20 I ever spent. Hope this helps.

  160. I ordered the Cami Shaper on 11-16 and finally received it in the mail on 12-22. I am wearing it now to see how it feels and I have to say that I am very disappointed. I am a size XL and the bra has not support at all. I feel like my breast are on my stomach. Not holding anything in around my stomach. What a waste of money!!!! I guess that I will now be going through the return process. Wish me luck. Don’t waste your money or time. I also paid the extra 9.99 for expedited shipping. What a joke.

  161. I am disappointed now that I have read the Cami Shaper reviews. Thank goodness for reviews. I don’t like the fact that one is kept on the phone with pushes to order other items. It is a disgusting practice that the companies should get wise to. I don’t like the fact that one can’t get to speak to customer service. It should be longer so that it wouldn’t ride up. There are too many reasons not to do business with this company. Television marketers think they can sell more by offering more and more products on the one call. They can’t. Offering more than one on easy=pay won’t do it, either. Good business practices will spread the better word better.

  162. Best advice I can offer is buy Cami Shaper at Walmart AND be sure to TUCK IT IN your pants. If you don’t, then it may ride up. It’s not going to perform miracles but I have to admit it does enhance my figure. Just remember to step into it when attempting to put it on. Last but not least, don’t order by phone or online unless you want to buy other things (for some reason they think u want to max out your credit card buying a bunch of different things) and online is a hassle too. Walmart through the self checkout is the quickest way to buy it.

  163. I already knew (from my past experiences) that the “as seen on tv” ordering process via: a phone call would be a nightmare – all of the negative Cami Shaper reviews regarding this same complaint are spot-on to what I went through…so I thought ordering online would be better. NOT! I filled in all of the required info but got the “error” message to “select a size” (even though I distinctly remember entering that info). After answering that question (again) I had to enter my credit card # again (although I do understand & appreciate this safety measure). But after receiving this SAME message (to enter a size) & re-entering the cc info for the 3rd time, I gave up & decided it wasn’t worth my time & effort to continue with the insanity. And I absolutely REFUSE to call my order in for the same reasons given by other reviewers…it’s even MORE frustrating. I’m really disappointed…I was truly looking forward to using this product – especially getting in on the “3 for 1” deal that I wouldn’t receive at a retailer. I’m just hoping my cc account won’t be charged for the 3 online attempts. Too bad the company is losing sales caused by the incompetence of “as seen on tv” personnel & the inefficiency of their website.

    • …and this is how some of us ended up getting multiple orders. If the confirmation email had given a total amount, I would have been able to correct it, but two totally different emails?


  164. I have to agree with about everyone on this site! I ordered the Cami Shaper on Nov. 26. I have traced it several times and it was only showing it was being processed. Well, I started getting aggravated because I wanted it for holiday parties. OH WELL!! I sent them a message and explain that I was not very happy and that is when I got a message back that said it was on back order…REALLY! Why didn’t they tell me this before. Calling the 800 number is ridiculousness…good luck if you get an answer. I kept getting the message that all agents where busy….OJ..doing what!

    • Ordered mine on line 11/5/12….backordered….billed full amt., and turned out I ordered (mistakenly) 3 Cami Shaper sets! What a nightmare getting it straightened out. One rep told me to take the one set & return the other two & would send me a label – nothing yet. AND somehow they got my work e-mail and said the only way I could return would be to “refuse” the order & re-order NO, I’ll end up on back order again. I just got charged the $60 plus, with another installment coming out of my acct on 1/10. Keeping a paper trail for the attorney I work for and my bank. They also claim item was shipped 12/11 & it is now 12/19 – no product and out over $60. If it’s such a good product get better staff & easier site to read. I thought this would be easy and is now turning into a nightmare!!!!!

  165. I ordered Cami Shaper by phone and after 20 minutes of trying to sell me additional items I hung up. Then they sent me an email showing all these items I didn’t order. I called and was on a 45 minute wait and the guy said he would fix my order and drop it $10.00 for my inconvenience. Great! Then I got another email confirming my cancellation of the entire order. I think I dodged a bullet so I’m glad. Would NEVER order from Cami Genie again!!

  166. I think it’s a good practise to look for reviews of products before buying them. I believe it’s something that everyone should follow because you are going to spend your hard earned money on it after all. That’s the thought process I was following when I started looking for Cami Shaper reviews. But would I find any reviews that would be of any help? Not at all; it was a complete disaster and the review sites that came up were fake. I couldn’t believe that these sites were functioning like the way they do when it was so difficult to find a genuine review site like yours. Surely there must be some discrepancy somewhere that has to be avoided.

    • That’s a huge problem that is being faced by many users today and it’s because search engines just haven’t managed to do anything about these fake review sites. In fact they can’t tell the difference between genuine and fake review sites. It’s a big letdown for users who hope that search engines will bring only genuine and quality information to them. But that’s not happening with these sites promoted by manufacturers and kept running by affiliate marketers.

  167. Very upset with this order. They could not fulfill the order. After over 12 days after placing the order, I received an email saying that my order was back ordered for another 4 to 6 weeks. The TV commercials are misleading, especially when you agree to pay the $9.99 to expedite the order. I CANCELLED MY ORDER.

  168. Just bought mine in Walmart.. It does ride up!!! Ugh!! Unfortunate Bc concept is great and it is oh so soft and quite comfy when not rolling up … Maybe tuck into tight pants???

  169. This was the worse customer service. ‘free’ shipping is a 4 weeks service. so i paid 9.99 for regular shipping. They messed up my order, forgot to add 3 items, told me half of my order was on backorder for an unknown time and refused to send the items they had in stock.

    I needed the items for a big out of town event in 3 weeks. Now i’m out $150. There only remedy was that i cancel the order, and repay for all the items. Considering i waited for 45 minutes on hold where the supposed manager was not available, I would avoid ordering from them.

  170. I am very disappointed… I ordered my Cami Shaper on 11-10-2012, and even paid the $9.99, and it’s still not here…. How can you offer a product and not indicate at the time of purchase, that’s on backorder…I plan on calling today the customer service and canceling my order… I was very excited about getting this, but here it is almost a month later, and still no Cami or update on my order…

    • Do not do business with this Cami Shaper company. If you do not go for all their up-sales, they take forever to mail your order. The quality of the Cami Shaper is so inferior and wouldn’t tuck in anything. Trying to return the Cami Shaper is a NIGHTMARE. I have to report them to the Attorney General’s office of my state as I can’t get them to respond to me.

      This is a real case of BUYER BEWARE.

      MJ O’Brien

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