Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown

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What is Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown –

It is a cooling nightgown that keeps you dry and comfortable through the night by preventing overheating and sweating.

No more sweating and overheating at night

Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown promises to help women get a goodnight’s sleep if they wake up soaked in night sweat and bothered by hot flashes. Problems like menopause and other health conditions can hamper your sleep at night and make you wake up time and again with discomfort. But Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown is supposed to cool you down and prevent overheating and sweating and gives you dry relief and comfort so that you can stop sweating and start sleeping at night. For women who are too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it can believably find an easy solution in Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown.


Breathe-knit fabric and thermoregular properties

It is common for women to wake up in the night sweating to change the nightgown. Such disturbances are not only annoying but can also botch your sleep for the rest of the night and leave you fatigued the next day. But the breathe-knit fabric of Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown apparently drives the moisture away from the body and brings it to the surface of the fabric thus making it evaporate faster. The supposed thermoregulator properties of the gown are said to keep you cool, dry and comfortable to sleep well through the night. If you feel like it’s hot summers because of overheating, Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown will believably make you feel like sleeping in cool fog.

Soft and comfortable

Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown claims to be very soft and comfortable to wear with the light knit weave moving with your body. It is also said to have an elegant design that looks as good as it feels. The nightgown is available in sizes from Small to XL and is said to be machine wash friendly and dryer safe and hence a breeze to clean too. With Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown you are meant to feel so comfortable through the night that your partner wouldn’t have to freeze because you need the air conditioner on when it isn’t even hot.


    What do I get ?

  • You get one white Breezy Dreams nightgown + Soft blue Breezy Dreams nightgown just for $19.95 + 15.90
  • Official Website:

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