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Are you fed up of ill fitting bras that do not help you in giving your bust the right shape and make them look sagging, result in discomfort and that you have paid through your nose for? Well, there are a number of concerns when buying and wearing a bra – the fitting, material, wires, hooks, etc that can make or break your confidence when you step out especially wearing nice and body fitting tops. Even if you are in good shape if you do not wear the right type of bra your torso ends up showing bulges and odd shapes underneath your tee shirt. Even if you have been able to get rid of those unsightly problems you often do not feel comfortable because the fabric is rough or the wires and hooks hurt.


But now to give your bust a wonderful shape and give you a comfortable feeling is a product Bra-Tastic, which is inarguably the most comfortable bra you could ask for. Not only is it comfortable to wear because it is made of soft silky fabric but given the material’s stretching property it covers and fits your bust perfectly. Bra-Tastic lifts, supports and separates both your breasts perfectly to give you good shape that would look great even in body fitting tees. What’s more, Bra-Tastic is absolutely seamless since it has no under wires, hooks, or straps neither in the front or back preventing odd bulges and rolls showing especially on your back. Bra-Tastic has extra wide straps and a ribbed bottom that ensures uplifting fit.

Bra-Tastic is completely washable and is made of 96% nylon and 4% spandex. Size is not a restriction in Bra-Tastic with bust sizes 38-40 also being available and A, B, C and D cups fittings. Three colors available are black, white and nude colours. You get the best possible comfort, support and style in the form of Bra-Tastic that too paying way lesser than what you would for any other bra and that too with not as great and seamless appearance.



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  1. Review Bra-Tastic

    Does Bra-Tastic offer a seamless look even in skin fitting tee-shirts?

    Does Bra-Tastic uplift the bust better than other bras available?

    Is Bra-Tastic cheaper priced than other bras?

    Can wearing Bra-Tastic prevent bulges and rolls from appearing?

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