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What is BRA-Ket:

It is a bra pocket for your mobile phones that claims to protect you from harmful radio frequencies.
BRA-Ket maintains that it can be of aid to all women who just can’t do without their phones and are looking for a smart way to hold on to them. Many of us have to constantly be close to our phones for both, professional and personal reasons. Hence we normally just end up tucking our phones into our bras, which unfortunately exposes us to harmful radiofrequencies. That’s where BRA-Ket has its merits as it offers you a safe solution to keep your phones.

BRA-Ket and how it protects you

In the last few years, there have been many more wireless devices in the market and that means a huge surge in radio frequency. There has been an increase in diseases related to it and exposure to electromagnetic fields as well. That’s why; the importance of BRA-Ket cannot be overemphasized, according to its claims. There have been studies that reveal that your body heat when combined with the effects of radio frequency can lead to a number of health related issues. But BRA-Ket makes claims that it is heat and radio frequency resistant. As a result you will be kept away from harm’s way with its use.


BRA-Ket is a convenient solution for your phone storage needs

Are you a runner who goes the distance on a daily basis? Or have you started running as a fitness routine and wish you had a way to store your mobile phone easily while you run? BRA-Ket can be a smart solution for women who can keep their phones secure while they are out on their daily runs. What’s more, BRA-Ket also claims to be sweat resistant. You might be working up a sweat in the gym on the treadmill; your phone will not be affected by it.
BRA-Ket maintains that it has several applications for you and can carry your cash or wallet for you as well. You can now keep your precious belongings safely while you get protection for yourself too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get BRA-Ket for $34.95.
  • Official website:
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