Booty Wow Review

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Women crave for a perfect and attractive looking body just like their favorite celebrity. Also in these days, getting eyeballs from someone you might like is not that easy. Out of all the body parts one of the most fascinating and attractive parts of women is their butt shape. You might have tried enhancements through padded pants and underwear but it might not help to actually provide a natural and curvy feel to the booty shape. Also to get silicone an implant is out of question because of its cost and might leave you feeling low. What if someone told you that there is a way to boost the shape of your booty and that too naturally? Well it’s true – using the amazing Booty Wow.


Booty Wow
Booty Wow is the newest product that will change the look of women needing uplift for their booty. In recent times there are many panties and pants that come with padded butt enhancers which actually have many drawbacks. They do not fit all possible sizes and can that’s why start looking weird and they actually fake the shape with no success whatsoever. Keeping in mind that the female body consists of a natural mass in the butt area, uplifting and shaping it would provide much natural look and feel to it, Booty Wow was invented.

Booty Wow mainly functions very similar to a push up bra for the booty and lifts the booty high up to give it an amazing shape without the use of any extra pads or the need of implants. In reality since it lifts the already existing mass, the shape of the booty is maintained and looks fabulous thus boosting self confidence. It works perfectly to provide fuller, bigger and rounder booty along with the use of any panty, pants, shorts, skirt or dress.

Booty Wow fits all size and has helped many women to get the shape they would love to have without the need of even working out in the gym. Plus Booty Wow comes at an amazingly low cost for a limited time introductory offer and is clubbed with a 30 day money back guarantee to satisfy the customers.



What do I get?
Buy Booty Wow at the Official website for just $14.95. Shipping is free.


Booty Wow Video

108 thoughts on “Booty Wow Review

  1. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! I spend $32 on this pos and it seriously did NOTHING. I’ve been calling/emailing the company for WEEKS with still no answer or reply! the plastic bag it comes in has a picture stolen from the copy of BRAZIL BUTT LIFT which I also own. the thing didn’t even fit right!!! I promise all these good “reviews” are from the company.

  2. I DO NOT WORK for the company, and want to give honest review. I work out, and use it while working out and it does make a difference. I am a personal trainer so I get how it can work over time. But there is a proper way to wear this!! Many people wear it the wrong way and come on here and say it doesn’t work. The front part should cover the front of your pubis mons for you people who don’t know what that is just google it lol.

    • Shutup Chandra…this Booty crap does not work, I have read all the reviews to the tee, so many people can’t lie you liar.

  3. I got my Booty Wow Dec 2014 Love it!!!!!!!!!!! It lift my butt up!!!! I’m so happy!!!! And no I don’t work for Booty Wow.When I saw all this on line I call Paypal to get a tracking num, Got it in less than a week. Thank you Booty Wow!!!!!!!!

  4. Great! I just ordered mines without reading the reviews! Thank god I did it through PayPal because if it is a scam I’ll make sure I’ll get my money back!

  5. We’ll I have read and re-read these comments, but I still decided myself to try bootywow. I ordered on June 20, 2014. I haven’t received any conformation from bootywow. My payment method was Pay Pal. I am hoping for the best after reading the scammed reviews. I was told 7-10 business days after payment cleared, payment has cleared! I will repost, when bootywow has arrived or not!

  6. Heard you can exercise with it but I tried and it’s just not for me. I prefer working out my butt without booty wow on. I just use it to get the results everyone talk about and since my butt looks better with it than without it I wear it pretty much everytime I am going out.

  7. I don’t have the money or the guts to go through plastic surgery. I’m not even that bothered about the shape and size of my butt I just want to look hot when going out and that’s the only reason I wear it. I think it’s ideal if you want your jeans to fit better and look more yummy from behind

  8. I don’t buy the love your body crap. I have a small butt and I resent the idea of not having a lil smith to draw attention. So I felt obliged to try padded panties. Didn’t work for me. Now it’s Booty Wow. Hope it lives up to my expectations or else I’ll be pissed!

  9. Yeah, I agree there’s some waiting involved (or at least it was in my case) but I did receive the product. you know, i didnt even care if it was legit or not, i was too curious to find out and the price wasn’t exactly tear inducing so i bought it. I can’t show pics here but reply to my message if you want one. I was wearing it yesterday and my friend snapped a photo of me whilst i wasn’t even paying attention :p

  10. I ordered my booty wow about three weeks ago and have not received it. I have been sending emails to request some sort of assurance im not getting ripped off and I still haven’t received any email back at all. I hope I haven’t been scammed that would suck I really wanna try this product how do I get ahold of booty wow costumer service a different way?

    • I placed an order since 18th of October and still waiting for my package. Its been over 2 weeks. Transaction been deducted.. How long does it takes? I tried calling Customer service, the number is out of service. Seems fishy..

  11. Hey girls, I got mine the other day in the mail and it does what it says it does but with the kind of material its made with it rolls around the cheeks. Is anyone else experiencing this too?

  12. I checked here about a week ago while I was trying to figure out if I got scammed or not and I was pretty confident that I did in fact get ripped off. I ordered mine on July 15, 2013. One week later I called and left a message and got no response. Today, August 1, 2013 I got my booty wow in the mailbox finally! Just as I had officially convinced myself it was time to open a dispute on PayPal, it arrived. So here is what I think: first, I see a lot of people think that those with positive reviews are just booty wow employees. I DO NOT work for this company, it does seem a little shady but I actually did receive my product. I tried it on and all I will say is that the product is likely for small women. It is very tight fitting around the front of my legs where eh bend at the hip or pelvis or whatever. It did lift the booty but it is uncomfortable if u are plus size. I’m around a 14/16 so I’m guessing a size 10 may be as big as it could comfortably stretch. But to answer everyone’s concerns, YES I did receive it, and YES it does lift the booty. I’m thinking if there is indeed a scam, maybe they randomly rip people off and then they send the product to the rest of the consumers who also paid for it? I dunno but I did receive mine. The only thing I can recommend is that you DM me on twitter @BabyySquirrell if you want a pic of the product or envelope or even a before and after shot if you really need assurance that this is somewhat legit? You’ll see I have no booty wow tweets, I have almost no followers and I am also following minimal people. I am not promoting this product because I don’t want anyone to know I even have it! So there’s my review πŸ™‚

  13. I made a payment to Gloria Grasmick for the Booty wow product since 20th July 2013 to date I have not receive any product or email from her. Please readers do not purchase this product. Payment of $31.90.

      • I’ve ordered one from Gloria and I just received mines yesterday didn’t take long at all. So its not a scam just came with no instructions that’s all.

        • I got mine and its been in a bag for two months it didn’t come with instruction. Can someone please send me directions?

  14. We’re can I buy the booty wow ? Or the web site that’s not a scam for those of y’all that have order and received them on .. Thanks

  15. Booty wow does what it says it will but did not come with any instructions and it is very uncomfortable.

  16. It’s Been 3 weeks and days still haven’t Got mines. I’m starting to think Booty Wow is a scam. Well I been thought that after the 2 week ugh

  17. I’ve ordered the item but it hasn’t come in yet. I am worried that I got scammed because I’ve called the number and its seems that its disconnected and I haven’t gotten a tracking number or anything please someone help me πŸ™

    • It’s such a scam, ugh I’m so pissed. I want my money back, how long its been since you put your order in.

  18. I was really interested in this product but after quite a bit of investigation, I sadly think that this is a scam or at least the website is.

    Aaliyah19 mentioned the name Gloria Grasmick. It would appear that this Gloria Grasmick also supposedly makes a product called “Nose Right”.

    Check out these links and pay special attention to the name that keeps popping up. There also appears to be a Joshua Grasmick involved in this possible scam:

    (The above links are only a small sample).

    Additionally, I decided to have a look and see if I could find any reviews on Youtube about Booty Wow. There were not very many and what was there all looked curiously the same as each other. The editing, text used and format of the videos are all extremely similar to each other, even though the uploaders are apparently different people:

    The other dead give away are the comments. Not only on this site, but on some of the other links I have listed (including youtube). Pay attention to how similar and well scripted they are.

    I have also searched and searched and searched and not found one picture of this product, except for the one on the website. Not even the people who did those youtube reviews actually show the product.

    Ladies, I think all the signs are right in front of us?

  19. I just want to say that BOOTY WOW is not a scam. I myself thought it was at first because I didn’t get the order in time. It took about 3 weeks for me to get it, i ordered mine on 2 Mars and it came today on 25 Mars. Am soo happy to be trying it on. If you want to know how the package looks like or the product just send me an email on

  20. So, guess it’s not scam after all? I’m still confused, but will buy it nonetheless. I can wait, doesn’t matter how long it takes to arrive, I want it so badly!


  22. Who doesn’t crave for a bigger booty? I just wish there were more before and after pics online. Or videos. I’m concerned I won’t see much of a difference when sporting it. Perhaps if I wear booty wow and buy some pushup jeans? lolz..I’m exaggerating already :)))))))

  23. Keisha, I suggest you order it now, and wear it during your workouts. It’ll help, trust me. My butt is rounder now, I’m also free of dimples. Try and get it before Easter because I ordered mine during the holidays and waited a lot to get it.

  24. Well first I would like to say this is a scam! I ordered this product over 2 weeks ago and yet I have nothing. The money was taken out of my account immediately. I am so angry. I have tried time after time to contact them but I have yet to receive a call back. I have left email with no reply. Can anyone help me what can I do to get my money back.

  25. I have a big booty, but it’s like..flat and I wanna lose some weight as well. Do you guys think it’s a good idea to buy this? I don’t know what to do, I really want my butt to look nice. Should I lose weight first, and then buy it?

  26. Ordered mine about a week ago…. I hope it comes in soon. Cuz if this is a scam I am raising HELL. No one has money to just be throwing around these days.

  27. I’m so feeling pissed. I ordered my booty wow through their website and it’s been about 12 business days excluding weekends and holidays and still have not received anything!!! I called customer service to find out what is going on and all you get is a voice-mail when you call. So I left a message with my name , number and the issue and no one has gotten back to me. On the website it says that customer service will get back to you withing 24 hours it been a week since I’ve called, I even submitted my info thought the form that their website provides and still nothing. No matter what time of the day you call customer service ” all representatives are currently not available” and you’re forced to leave a message.

    Quickly to take my $22 but yet can’t even call me back with some type of information. I didn’t even receive a tracking number or anything !!! I think this is a SCAM and I will be pursuing this issue through PAYPALS resolution center and I will be filing a claim

    BUYERS BEWARE – all these people that have reviewed their booty wow are probably working with the company itself . How about you stop wasting time writing reviews in your favor and actually use that time to call back all the customers that have called customer service ?

  28. Hi My name is crystal and I wanted to know that the booty wow really works and I just emailed them and I really wanna know if this work or it’s a scam because I really want a bigger rounder booty I be mad cause I’m the skinny girl who don’t have a bigger booty and I try working out but it’s no hope I’m 1’20 lbs and I wanna try butt enhancement creams but I’m afraid to try them so I’m hoping Booty wow does what it’s claim and show improvement because as I read these reviews and I like the review and. Yeah all product are not what they seems to be and are scammers so I’m happy who have the results that they wanted and to the others who didn’t like the booty wow try something different πŸ™‚ workout so can somebody tell me if this Booty wow really works what’s the intrusions and what do the Booty wow just lift a few bigger inches and when will you start seeing results thank you πŸ™‚

  29. I order mine on Sunday and I barley read this today idk if its really a scam but I hope not after having two kids I was really looking forward for this hope I didn’t waste almost 23 dollars on this!!!

  30. DAMN! I wish I would have read this site first. I ordered my Booty Wow yesterday and got confirmation that the $22 was taken out of my Paypal account, but now I’m reading how people have ordered as long as a month ago and still haven’t received the product! Please tell me this isn’t a scam! I ALWAYS order online and nothing in the U.S. takes more than 5 business days normally! I know it’s the holidays, but I’ll update if anything comes up.

  31. So as many individuals states here already, I have still NOT! received my booty wow. I ordered mine on the 19th of this month, (November, 2012) Perhaps it’s too soon for a review, however, when I usually order products online I at the very least receive a shipping number, did not receive that. I’m hoping this is not a scam. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, double shame on me. It is sad how complete.strangers can appeal to people’s intellectual vanity. What a disgraced world we live in. πŸ™

    I’ll be typing in whether or not I received my order to let people know, and they can be aware.

  32. Bought it a few days ago…I’m still waiting but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually. If not, I will let everyone know they are scammers!

  33. I’m currently waiting for my booty wow to arrive. I really hope it meets my expectations. The last booty enhancer I purchased was an EPIC FAIL

  34. I had my fair share of concerns regarding how comfortable I’d feel with the booty wow on. One day I forgot to take it off and I fell asleep with it on, and it didn’t give me any rash or anything like that. It’s actually comfier than you would expect!

  35. I ordered mines today. I was wondering if it was a scam or not. Normally when you order a product it says the name of the product or company in the email. My confirmation email says the payment was sent to a Gloria Grasmick…….. scam?

  36. There is no smallest size. What you have is the only size they have, and should fit pretty much any silhouette. I too have a large but, yet it’s flat and it fits me just fine.

  37. I have this in the smallest size. I was wondering, could someone with excess weight but flat butt also wear it? I have a friend who is also interested in buying it

  38. It doesn’t look appealing at all when seen directly on the skin, but at least no one can tell I’m wearing an ‘adjustment’ :P:P

  39. Shipment took 6 days, 6 days can you believe it?? Every product I bought on the web shipped in 2 -3 days tops! they’re very slow, at least the product is good. HIDEOUS packaging, but nice little product, effects are good

  40. I hate SCAMMERS as much as anyone does, especially people that advertise dangerous collagen injections. After those, you feel like hell!

    Why use those when you can benefit from something that’s cheap and neat? Booty Wow is the thing you should be after.

  41. Saw something similar on a website, and bought it and it felt really uncomfortable, plus you could tell I had something underneath my clothes. Didn’t know what to do, and since this one doesn’t have a hefty price tag, I bought it. It works pretty good so far…

  42. A friend of mine went ahead with an injection procedure which she already regrets. Her butt is really sore and full of lumps. Girls, stay away from invasive stuff. It’s better to be safe. Look for alternatives like this booty wow product

  43. Woohoo! Mine was shipped a few days ago, it took a week to receive it. I opened it immediately and put it on, and it looks amazing. Makes my booty exactly the way I want it, not too big, just right. It’s an excellent thing to trick people into thinking your butt is fuller

    • Why is the moderator approving these comments. Booty Wow is a scam, all the recent comments are posted by people working for the company. Just as Jenny mentioned below, scroll down to the bottom of the page to read REAL reviews.

  44. Lol, all these comments crack me up. I’ve ordered booty wow without looking at people’s reviews and guess what…I got it! Not sure what’s happening, but hey, if you’re really that concerned, paypal has policies so you can get your money back. I personally don’t regret buying this. Looks awesome on me

  45. This is the best booty enhancement product I’ve ever worn and I tried quite a few. Feels nice, and it makes my booty looks 2x bigger than it really is!

    • Stop promoting your crap product. It seems you are the only one who received the Booty Wow crap. And you have been posting with different names. People just scroll down to see the actual reviews.

  46. My friends have no idea why my posterior suddenly looks bigger. I’ve told them I’ve started eating more and exercising, but in fact I’m wearing booty wow. It’s such an excellent product!

  47. I have no idea why some people are not getting their products. I got mine in like a week, and I’m super excited about it. I have these jeans which I’m crazy about, but they didn’t fit well at the back. With the booty wow on, I look super hot in them, guys are checking me out and all, I feel super confident when wearing this Booty Bow wonder.

  48. I ordered this a while ago and WOW it works really great, everyone comments on my booty! The only thing is that shipping took 5 days a little too long.

  49. I placed my order for Booty Wow a week ago. Yet, haven’t got it. I’m in UK though…dont know what is going on here. Please help.

    Thank you

  50. Same here, I order Booty Wow over two weeks ago ans still no package. Just like the others on here the money was taken out of my PayPal account. Someone help us — I was looking forward to trying it out.

    If anyone out there has tried it, what website did you get it from. Please would like to know.

  51. OMG!! Ordered mine on the 18th of June and now it’s July 1st. And it still isn’t here!! It took The money from my PayPal but I have NO ORDER. The number is disconnected. If it doesn’t show up I guess I will file a complaint or something I guess. But I really wanted my order!!!!! πŸ™ HELP!!!

  52. hi I ordered Booty Wow too & it’s been 2 weeks and it still hasn’t arrived. I called over 20 times and no one picks up. But then I tried calling again 2 days ago and the phone number seems to be disconnected. But It’s strange because they did take the money from my PayPal. Can someone help me??

    • The same thing is happening to me right now as we speak! Their number is disconnected and it’s saying that my order has been confirmed but I have NO package! I go to the post office almost everyday but they say I have NOTHING! Ughhh

      • Ugh. I’m so mad because I wanted to try the product Booty Wow so badly ! & now their number is connected but they still won’t pick up. But I have made a complain on PayPal. They told me that if it doesn’t Arrived by July 23rd I can get my money back. Which is good but I really wanted to try the Booty Wow πŸ™

  53. Hi , I am a buyer who ordered booty wow about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard from them with a tracking number or delivery. I have tried to contact them over 20 times on the phone and a few times on email. They did take the money out of my PayPal account and I am assuming its not a scam. The problem is the I am traveling in less then a week out of the country and I am still getting no response from them. Can anyone tell me how to receive my product. And if this is a scam or not , I ordered my product from for $22

    • I ordered my booty wow over a wk ago and still have not recieved it. I was told that it would only take 5 business days to get here, well its been 10. They took the money out of my paypal so where is my product?? Everytime I call that number they have online it goes to a voicemail. I am goin to report them to the better busoness burea.

  54. I order it on almost 3 weeks ago and still have not received it. I have left several of voice-mails and emails and still no response.

  55. I ordered for it from the website, but till now it has not been delivered. Was I duped or something?

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