Booty Pop Panties Reviews and Complaints

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What do you look at in the mirror, when you are trying out a new pair of jeans? Do you look at your sexy or not so sexy bottoms? If you want to get that great look and reshape your backside, you need to get amazing Booty Pop which gives you the ultimate shapely booty, almost instantly! Booty Pop is a revolution in women’s underpants.


How does Booty Pop Panties work?
Just like padded bras enhance your assets; Booty Pop works like a padded bra for your backside for that great look. You get the fabulous figure with a bootilicious perky pop, which you always wanted. The secret to Booty Pop is that they are strategically placed pads inside the panty designed to lift the buttocks for a more desirable booty, instantly.

With Booty Pop, wearing a pair of jeans means drawing admiring looks from others! Turn your droopy area into a head turning one! Women, of all sizes and shapes can wear them with any outfit, and make themselves get noticed. You can now forget about getting expensive and painful surgeries or doing endless squats, Booty Pop make you look and feel confident and attractive about yourself.

Twist your bottoms in Jeans, shorts, or even that slinky dress; every booty looks better with Booty Pop! You can go from flat to fab in just seconds with Booty Pop. They are comfortable enough to wear every day and stunning enough to get noticed with every outfit; clothes fit better too! Wake up your booty with Booty Pop!

Colors Available – Caramel-Nude and Black.

Sizes Available

  • Extra Sweet (Extra Small) – Pant Size (0-2), Hip (34-36 inches), Waist (26 inches), Jean Size (24-26 inches)
  • Sweet (Small) – Pant Size (4-6), Hip (37-38 inches), Waist (27-28 inches), Jean Size (26-28 inches)
  • Sweeter (Medium) – Pant Size (7-9), Hip (39-40 inches), Waist (29-30 inches), Jean Size (29-31 inches)
  • Sweetest (Large) – Pant Size (10-12), Hip (41-42 inches), Waist (31-32 inches), Jean Size (31-32 inches)
  • Super Sweet (Extra Large) – Pant Size (12-14 inches), Hip (43-46 inches), Waist (33-34 inches), Jean Size (32-34 inches)

Booty Pop Panties Frequently Asked Questions

Can the pads be removed?
As they have been placed in a specific position to create a round and lifted booty, they cannot be removed. It also means they always stay in their place.

How can Booty Pop panties be washed?
Booty Pop panties are best machine-washed on delicates or gentle cycle in cold water. Mild detergent can be used and they can be laid out flat to dry.

What’s the fabric used?
95% natural cotton and 5% spandex is used to give comfort fit.

Was Kelly Ripa Wearing these panties on Live with Regis and Kelly?
Yes and they have also been worn by The View co-host Sherri Shepherd. Booty Pop has also made appearances on The Tonight Show, The Today Show and Martha Stewart Show. Entertainment Tonight fashion editors had it on their “must have” list and it’s made it to magazines like Seventeen, Self, In Touch and Life&Style.

Are they “true to size”?
There’s a simple size chart, which makes it easier to find the perfect fit.

What are the colours Booty Pop panties is available in?
In a wide range of colours that include Pink Cotton Candy, Blueberry Gumdrop, Lemon Jellybean, Candy Confetti, Classic Cherry Pop, Purple, Lace Cherry, Caramel Creme, Lace Lavender, Classic Grape Pop and then some more.

Do they have cotton crotch or gusset?
It’s made of 100% super soft cotton.

Can non-chlorine bleach be used?
Only if needed but the bleach shouldn’t contain any chlorine.

Do Booty Pop panties contain any liquid gel material?
A lightweight, seamless foam fabric is used to make Booty Pop panties.

Do Booty Pop panties have to be washed in lingerie bag?
It’s not really necessary but it can certainly be used to prevent the fabric from snagging.

Is the padding natural looking?
Just like padded bras enhance bust lines, Booty Pop panties enhance your curves naturally.

If one’s bottom is patted, does the padding seem natural?
Booty Pop panties are not only natural looking but they feel natural too.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Get 2 Booty Pop Pantiess in your choice of color and size for just $19.95 + $13.90 shipping/handling.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Booty Pop Panties Video


6 thoughts on “Booty Pop Panties Reviews and Complaints

  1. I had a nightmarish experience trying to look for reviews of Booty Pop Panties online. I wonder if there are any other users who have had similar experiences. For starters there were no reviews on these sites that were being touted as review sites for products. They had dazzling content about the product with superlatives regularly interspersed in it. It clearly sounded like the manufacturer was paying to get these reviews written. And alarms bells went off when I saw Buy Now tabs on these sites. For me it was like Buy Not, because I thought if the manufacturer is so desperate to sell a product it must be of poor quality. But now that I have found your site I will come back here if I am looking for reviews again.

    • Yes, it’s no consolation but many other users have had similar experiences looking for reviews online. As you rightly say these sites are promoted by manufacturers of products and they are put up by affiliate marketers. These two parties are the ones who are in a win-win situation while users tend to lose out. Wish search engines could do something to penalize these sites.

  2. I remember the stupid song they had for this, I just don’t know why would anyone use this. You cannot wear it with any type of clothing and it is uncomfortable. One thing that does work is Booty Wow. No padding, or silicone and still works better than booty pop. It lifted my butt, and made it bigger instantly. It has been 4 months since I have using booty wow and my butt has changed dramatically, I exercise and ate right. Now I have a body like J Lo, it is good to exercise with Booty Wow on and wear it everyday.

  3. I’m a fashion designer and attended Magic in Las Vegas last year (Feb 2010), the biggest fashion trade show in the U.S. I was walking the floor and stopped by the “Booty Pop” pants booth because I had never seen their product before. After talking to the sales rep about their product, she gave me a free sample of the Booty Pop pants. First of all it’s hilarious! Do it work? Well, yes and no. It does give you a lift to fill out your butt, however, the padding isn’t sewn into the pants properly to make it look natural. The padding inserts are sewn too far apart than where your natural butt cheeks would be.

    If you want a pair for fun and to make people laugh, go for it. But don’t wear these out in public because it’ll look like you had mismatched and misplaced butt implants!

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