Booty Belt Review

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Do you just hate to wear belts because of the style or the uncomfortable feeling around your waist? Now there is a solution. Introducing, Booty Belt, the belt that attaches to the rear of any pant or shorts that have belt loops. Booty Belt features elastic properties that help to take out the unwanted and unsightly bulge and keeps them bottoms up.


Booty Belt
The best part is that it will also make your shirts or blouse fit better too, while keeping up your pants or shorts.

The Booty Belt is a must have product for all those with a J-low booty. With the Booty Belt you can wear any outfit you like and show off your figure giving you a clean, non baggy look.



What do I get?
Order the Booty Belt for just $9.95 and go from baggy to snug.



Booty Belt Video
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5 thoughts on “Booty Belt Review

  1. I love this product when I had my pants fixed by tailor the waist fit but such a struggle to get over my hips.

    • I tried the Booty Wow did not like it compared to the booty belt. I bought many of these and gave to my friends to try they all loved it.

      • These are two different products Booty Wow helps lift your booty with the Booty Belt helps hold up your pants if your waist is small and your booty is big.

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