Belvia Shapewear Top

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Do you have to think twice before buying your dream clothing and are worried how will an attractive dress look on you? Do you often feel conscious about the way your upper body looks while wearing your favorite skin fitting top? And you have tried everything but just can’t get a perfect looking figure in that favorite dress of yours? You may have tried various slimming underclothing but nothing gives the kind of support and comfort you want. Most slimming wear digs into the skin and at times instead of taking care of troublesome areas accentuates them even more! But say goodbye to all your bulges and say hello to confidence with comfort with Belvia Shapewear Top, a slimming garment that makes your upper body look slimmer and eliminates the unsightly bulges like love handles and bra bulges by hugging and holding them in.


Belvia Shapewear Top
No matter what shape or size you are, Belvia Shapewear Top will give you support and a flattering shape that too instantly. The camisole style gives great shape, strong stomach panel gives support and the thin straps and silky smooth top and bottom panel give you a slimmer and better streamlined silhouette. With all these features Belvia Shapewear Top will define your frame and maintain a smooth line around your waist, tummy, hips, sides and back and does not flatten your chest. No one would guess it is hiding bulges inside or that you’re wearing something underneath. This is also because the fabric of Belvia Shapewear Top is soft and breathable ensuring you do not feel stuffy or uncomfortable through the day when wearing the top.

Adding to the comfort of wearing Belvia Shapewear Top is the special weave design that prevents the straps from biting or digging into your skin. The top is a great choice for layering under the clothing and it also reduces rolling. So you wouldn’t need to keep adjusting it now and again.

Getting a toned and firm shape is so easy with the Belvia Shapewear Top that gives perfect and subtle sculpting and gives you even and controlled curves. The top is available in UK sizes Small, Medium and Large. It’s also available in three different colors – black, white and beige to go with the color of your outfit.



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3 thoughts on “Belvia Shapewear Top

  1. Is buying your dream clothing always a worry especially when you feel very conscious how the dress will look on you with your particular body shape? No matter what sometimes you might not get a satisfactory looking figure in a dress which might be sometimes depressing and no underclothing till now has worked to maintain the same. Plus, most of the slimming inner wears cling to the skin and sometimes even highlight the problem areas instead of concealing them. Not to forget the bite and dig marks that are left behind due to straps and constant adjustment required to keep the inner wear from rolling. But now you can say goodbye to those extra bulges and wear any dress with confidence by using the new Belvia Shapewear Top.

    Belvia Shapewear Top provides the ultimate support and a flattering shape within no time that too regardless of the shape and size of your body. It is a revolutionary camisole style design which provides amazing shape and support with its strong stomach panel and has thin straps and silky smooth top and bottom panel to provide a streamlined silhouette to fit into any desired dress.

    Belvia Shapewear Top helps in creating a smooth line around the waist, tummy, sides, hips and back without flattening the chest concentrating on the most common bulging areas. The concealing of the bulge is easy due to the soft and breathable fabric used to create the top and also ensures total comfort throughout the day. Also Belvia Shapewear Top does not give any strap bites or digs into the skin due to its special weave design unlike other inner shaping products, and it needs minimum rolling under tops avoiding any type of adjustment required all the time.

    Belvia Shapewear Top provides the perfect solution to get a toned and firm shape with subtle scuplting feature to fit into any dress instantly. It is available in UK sizes Small, Medium and Large and comes in three different colors – black, white and beige to go with the colors of the outfit.

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