Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit Review

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Do you fancy going for a swim but are too awkward because you do not have the beach body? But now you do not have to sit by the poolside or beach watching everyone else having fun just because you feel conscious about your sagging body. With Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit you can get the body and the confidence to rock that swimsuit, because this is a smart swimwear that gives you the perfect poolside curvy body

How does Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit Work

One of the biggest drawbacks of most swimsuits is that it doesn’t make the body look even but with Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit you will get smooth and even lines on your stomach, waist, back and your butt because it has a stretch fibre mesh panelling. All these parts are usually the problem areas for most women but in the unique swimwear they look well defined. Also adding to the figure defining feature of Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit is the beautiful ruffle-effect front or the rouche design that helps in pulling in your flanks so that you get a slender and contoured silhouette.

With this swimwear you will get a slimmer physique instantly and you do not have to worry about getting in shape for a day out on the beach.

Most women also get conscious about their bust area when they wear a swimsuit. But Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit takes all such worries away too with its woven-in bra support that gives the upper body a firm shape and good control. With this you would feel comfortable as well confident about wearing the swimsuit.

The stretch-form fabric will make sure that you feel comfortable wearing Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit even for longer hours. Available in different sizes from 10 to 18, you can adjust Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit to your comfort with its lycra straps. Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit is also machine washable so you do not have to worry about separate washing procedure for it. The swimwear is available in funky designs and exciting colors like Morello cherry and Topaz other than the safe black. So now you can get ready for a slender summer poolside body instantly.



What do I get?

  • 1 Belvia Shapewear Swimsuit

All this for £39.99. Official website



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