Belvia Shapewear Slip Review

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What is Belvia Shapewear?

It is a shaping slip that fits women of any built and size. It can be worn in three different ways to get a firm and toned look for overall body shaping.

Look and feel great, no matter what

Belvia Shapewear claims it’s the perfect shaping garment that can give a chiseled look to any woman irrespective of her shape and size. Belvia Shapewear is designed to be worn in three different ways to target the commonest problem areas and look great in any outfit. Apparently it works by shaping your body in a slender way by firming and toning the stomach, bust, chest, sides, waist, back, hips and bottom instantly and effectively.


Comfortable, virtually seamless

The designers of Belvia Shapewear guarantee that it helps every woman to acquire a marvelous figure easily, conveniently and quickly. You are assured of utmost comfort besides great fitting as it is designed to be a seamless shaping slip. It is made of light and breathable fabric and also has a silicone band that doesn’t slip and remains intact.

Wear any dress with confidence and style

Belvia Shapewear seems to be the perfect solution that makes it possible for you wear any outfit like a skirt or any dress without any hesitations. It hides bumps and bulges, flattens the tummy, shapes the bottom and slims the waist so you don’t have to feel awkward or conscious about looking out of shape.

Can be worn in three different ways

Belvia Shapewear, you are told, can be worn in three different ways depending upon your requirement while wearing a particular dress. It can be worn:

• over the bust to acquire curves that goes with strapless dresses

• just below the bust to get an hourglass shape that is perfect while wearing skirts

• around the waist to flatten the stomach and surrounding areas to wear both formal and casual dresses confidently.

Available in three sizes

Belvia Shapewear comes in three different sizes viz. small, medium and large (as per UK size chart) from which you can choose one that fits your size.

Machine washable

Belvia Shapewear is a machine washable garment hence washing and maintaining it is easy too.

What do I get?

You get Belvia Shapewear Slip for £14.99.Official website

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