Belvia LuXe Bra

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What is Belvia LuXe Bra

It is a bra with a patented X Support System woven into the fabric to provide the best support and comfort minus the problems of pinching, bulging, rolling and digging.


Perfect shape and lift without pinching, digging or bulging

Belvia LuXe Bra is supposed to be a wonder bra if you are looking for utmost comfort and best support in your undergarment. All traditional bras have hooks, underwire and straps that are supposed to provide breasts the support and shape but prove to be more painful than helpful as straps pinch the skin, hooks dig into it and in spite of the underwire there is the unsightly problem of bulging and the fabric rolls. This is where Belvia LuXe Bra is supposed to help as it is meant to have a patented X support system that is seamlessly interweaved into the fabric of the bra so that you get the same lift and shape that a traditional bra gives with its wires and straps without the above problems. The ruching at the center supposedly gives you the perfect shape and lift.


No complicated sizes

One place where most women go wrong is buying ill-fitting bras because of the complicated sizing issue. Wearing the wrong size over a period of time can lead to shoulder and neck problems and even breast cancer. But Belvia LuXe Bra is supposed to have no complicated fittings. You apparently just need to choose your chest size and you will find the bra that will fit to you perfectly. It is said to be available for a woman of any size whether small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Belvia LuXe Bra is supposedly a seamless bra made with just elegant lace trim and the absence of wires, hooks, and straps gives you so much comfort that you believably feel you are not wearing anything at all.


Made of light breathable fabric

Traditional bras made you feel stuffy and hot because of their thick fabric. But Belvia LuXe Bra claims that you would always feel comfortable wearing it because it is made of light and breathable fabric. The fabric is also meant to not roll so that you can save the embarrassment of adjusting the bra again and again. Also, if you buy Belvia LuXe Bra in pink, £1 is donated to the Breast Cancer Care charity.


    What do I get ?

  • Price starts from £14.99
  • Official Website :

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