Belvia Bra Padded Review

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Are you fed up of bras that do not fit perfectly and are not comfortable enough to wear? Plus most of the available bras cannot help you in giving your bust the right shape and can even make them look sagging. Not to mention these bras cost a lot of money. Buying a bra is not easy and there are many issues to be addressed during its purchase like the fitting, the material, wires, hooks, etc. The wrong bra can be disappointing and can discourage you from wearing a really nice fitting top. Sometimes even good shaped women look weird with the badly fitting bras because of bulges that form odd shapes under the tee shirts and tops. Not to forget the amount of digs and bites you can get from the hooks and wires used in manufacturing of bras widely. But now you can feel comfortable, fit and hurt free with the very new Belvia Bra Padded.


Belvia Bra Padded
Belvia Bra Padded is one of the most comfortable bras as rated amongst all other products. The amazing part about it is it has no wires, straps or any kind of hooks. It is designed to fit and cling to the body for a comfortable support and provide the perfect amount of lift. Apart from fitting perfectly it even enhances the shape of the bust with its use of special stretch fiber that conforms to the body. It also has pads that provide extra volume and enhance the natural contour of the breasts giving a much fuller look. The pads are ultra-comfort micro air vents which give easy breathing for subtle shaping and support. The circular pads mold itself around the shape of breasts which makes it easier for fitting any size and shape and are also removable when not needed.

Belvia Bra Padded can stretch and yet retain its shape due to its design and does not create any bra line, bulge or rolling effect providing a comfortable feeling round the clock. This bra is virtually seamless and comes in black, beige and white color for sizes of small to extra-large.



What do I get?
Belvia Padded Bra is available in White, Black OR Beige colors. Sizes available are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Price – £14.99. Official website



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