Angel Lace

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What is Angel Lace?

It claims to be a long-sleeve half cami that helps in reinventing sleeveless dressing. It states to tone the arms and hides the flab without ruining the look of the dress.


Angel Lace CLAIMS

Reinvent sleeveless fashion
Angel Lace promises to be the hottest trend that helps in reinventing and doubling the wardrobe. Angel Lace states to be a long-sleeve half cami that helps in concealing arms and enhancing the sleeveless dresses, tops and blouses. At this point of time there are no Angel Lace reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


Smartly designed
Angel Lace guarantees to be designed to conceal the flab on arms and make them look toned. The SlimStretch fabric of Angel Lace assures to be attractive, lightweight and highly comfortable for all-day wear. More shall be revealed once Angel Lace is reviewed. Angel Lace proclaims to have a wide under band that stays discreet all day long under any type of clothing without rolling up. The machine washable cami alleges to layer beautifully under variety of clothing including strapless fashion wear, dresses, blouses, jackets, tank tops, low cut tops and more. Both black and white Angel Lace makes a great impression; user reviews will soon expose the truth.

Angel Lace Review

Angel Lace review states that Angel Lace is made using poor quality material. Its color and build is nowhere similar to what is displayed in the infomercials.

Angel Lace review says that it is made using cheap material. The armpit area ripped after a single use and is poorly sized as well.

Angel Lace review asserts that it works well if a bit larger size is ordered. It is good and comes in handy to add style or conceal arms on sleeveless dresses.

Angel Lace review says that Angel Lace is a good option to wear under less modest dresses and during winters. It covers the arm in a fashionable way that matches even Mori and Strega fashion. Angel Lace has thin and slightly shiny stretch-lace with a decent build. The half cami Angel Lace is designed with decent length and stays comfortable throughout the body.

Angel Lace review similarly states that it fits perfectly as expected and is soft enough to wear throughout the day. It goes well under costumes but can be a little tight in the arms. For such reasons few may find Angel Lace a little small. Otherwise, it scores well in terms of layering and staying in place under the dresses. The Angel Lace review further says that it looks great for the price it comes for.

Angel Lace review warns that Angel Lace is not suitable to wash in the machine. Instead, it is recommended hand wash only to ensure that it retains its elasticity, color and shape.

Angel Lace review says that it is very pretty and fits perfectly well. The busier and thicker lace pattern makes it even more comfortable wear it without a tank top underneath and works well even with an undershirt. Its lace pattern and material is delicate yet bold. The softness of the fabric ensures that it stays comfortable throughout the day and does not itch or hurt the skin. The fitting design helps conceal the arms well and can really highlight colourful tops. The key is to get the correct size of Angel Lace to fit the body.

Angel Lace Questions and Answers

Question: What are the size dimensions for small or a medium Angel Lace?
Answer The small size is suitable for a bust size of up to 38”

Question: Which Angel Lace is perfectly sized for a U.S. size 12, 5’5 height and 180 pound female with flat chest and thick arms?
Answer: The large size should be suitable but keep in mind that it is made up of spandex.

Question: Is the medium sized Angel Lace stretchy and comfortable enough for a 38C bust size and thick arms?
Answer: Angel Lace is quite stretchy but it is recommended to use a large size for a 38C bust size.

Question: Which Angel Lace is suitable for a 34C bra size?
Answer: A medium size should do. The large fits 36D size comfortably.

Question: What are the measurements of small Angel Lace?
Answer: True size

Question: Is it designed as one size fits all?
Answer: No, Angel Lace comes in variety of sizes to suit various individual requirements. But a medium size can be used to fit someone from XS to M measurements.

Question: Does it have a built-in bra?
Answer: No

Question: Which Angel Lace size is suited for someone in-between a small and a medium size?
Answer: The medium would do better since the small size might be too tight on the arms.

Question: What material is Angel Lace made from?
Answer: No information is available.


What do I get?
Buy one white Angel Lace™ for $14.95 plus $7.95 P&H,and just pay separate $7.95 P&H for black Angel Lace.™

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