Amazing Arms Reviews and Complaints

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What is Amazing Arms

Amazing Arms is an arms shapewear that claims to make your flabby arms appear thinner and slimmer – instantly.

Do you love to wear different attractive dresses but shy away from anything sleeveless because of the way your arms would look? Flabby arms can really be a problem with excess body weight or due to loosening of skin with age. Many different products come with a guarantee of helping to conceal such arms while wearing a sleeveless top or dress but they hardly help to give a fabulous look. To ease up the look and feel of a sleeveless dress Amazing Arms is launched, which does the best job at hiding the unwanted flab easily.

How does Amazing Arms Work? (rather claims to work)

Amazing Arms claims to be a revolutionary garment which has the ability to conceal any type of flabby and loose arm fat into firm beautiful looking arms in no time. It comes in a color and pattern that can blend perfectly with any type of outfit. It can easily slip with an undergarment and can simply be locked in on the bust area for securing it in one place. It starts working to conceal all the flab, any unwanted and unsightly blemishes and wrinkles as soon as one wears it. It has the capacity to not just conceal the arms but make them look fabulous at the same time.

Amazing Arms also claims to be sheer and lightweight that it hardly adds up to the clothing in a way acting like a part of skin itself. It is so thin that it does not even give ugly back bulges that might ruin the looks of a good dress or a top. The fabric from which Amazing Arms is developed has a pattern that can conform to any size and has the capacity to stretch in four ways so that every type of arm can fit right into it feeling comfortable, slim and definitely beautiful.

Amazing Arms comes in two standard colors of black and pearl at a price of one for a limited period and an added bonus of a free Lace Amazing Arms that has an attractive design for special occasions. It comes in a wide variety of size range for small sized body to a XXL sized one.

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

Amazing Arms Review

Amazing Arms are sheer shapewear sleeves that are meant to camouflage and shape your upper arms. But unlike the claims, the sleeves are not firm enough and do not really make much difference in making your upper arms look shapely. The Amazing Arms sleeves have more problems than one in terms of fitting and fabric. The fabric that is used in Amazing Arms is of substandard quality and extremely flimsy. Because of this Amazing Arms looks worn-out on wearing. Apart from the poor quality of the fabric, the sleeve is woven very unevenly and it looks like a cheap pantyhose. Amazing Arms are said to be often very ill-fitting and the user may get the wrong size of sleeves even when they carefully measure and order the correct size. Some pieces have problems like being too small in the bust area and rolling up the wearer’s chest but too wide on shoulders and slipping off when arms are raised. Also, all three different colors of the same size fit differently. In one instance the clasp had to be forced apart. In one instance, a piece of Amazing Arms fitted on the bust but was larger and more elastic whereas its sleeves were 3 inches shorter compared to the other colors in the same order. The sleeves of all the pieces in the same order were too short and looked like ¾ in length. Another problem with Amazing Arms is that they have a gap in the underarm area making your armpit looking webbed armpits.

Alternative to Amazing Arms Shapewear

Don’t be gullible and fall for this Amazing Arms scam. You can try these arms shape-wears as an alternative to Amazing Arms. They can help you feel more confident and it can boost your self-esteem.

Sleevey Wonders

SlimMe Arm Shapers by MeMoi

Leg Luxe Arm Shapewear

Mary Portas & Charnos Plain Armery

ARMore Clasisic Arm Shaper


What do I get?
4 Amazing Arms in your choice of size for just $19.95 + $11.98 s/h. Official website

31 thoughts on “Amazing Arms Reviews and Complaints

  1. I ordered the product which included the 3 colors of the garment. I was will surprised when shipping was charged at approx. $15.00 additional, however I agreed to the order. When I received the product the size was wrong. In attempting to return the product I am told that the original shipping cost would not be refundable and that the cost of return shipping would be my responsibility. In today’s online purchasing through sites like Amazon where you can obtain almost any product all and also mitigate shipping cost this is highway robbery. why would any one order directly through this supplier. I will never ever again order with this company.

  2. I feel I was truly mislead by the TV commercial and website info. It lead me to believe I was getting two sets if I paid the $14.98 S & H. I waited twelve days for the parcel to arrive and not the 7 to 10 days as advertised in the add. Product might be good but I very much dislike the manor of the company’s promotion and handling. The S & H charge is outrageous for that size of package.

  3. I don’t understand why you all complain about buying this crap shapewear. Everything that comes from the “as seen on tv” is crap – it is no brainer. All you have to do is go to, ebay etc and search for “arms shaper” or “arms shapewear” there are tons of products out there which actually work. You deserve to get ripped. God bless America.

    • I completely disagree with your comments. Hard working and honest consumers do not “deserve to get ripped off” as you put it. Nothing shameful about seeing an advertisement for an item that you have been looking for and then purchasing it. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to do your research but there should also be truth in advertising and manufacturers, retail sales etc. need to be held responsible for the claims they make about their products, after all, it is them who should know what their products are capable of. And by the way, you can purchase this very same “as seen on tv” item on Ebay and Amazon.

  4. Wow so glad I checked the Amazing Arms reviews. What a nightmare, this sounds like won’t be ordering.

  5. I too saw Amazing Arms commercial and thought what a great idea now that I’m 59 I’m pretty young looking for age except my flabby arms. But I have looked at official Amazing Arms website and looked at many review sites. For most part even after a year many have never received a product. Others got all 3 products in different sizes. No one says it even works?! And extra S&H included. I have studied the item and think I could do better cutting apart and sewing strong pantyhose like those made for various veins and get better. Today’s pantyhose materials look good and come in all colors. There are a few other similar products but I didn’t like the entire blouse look as some are or the total opaque material some are made of like for tummy flattening. I’m going to try it. What can I loose but a few pairs of hose?

    • That’s a GREAT idea!! I’m in the same boat as you…older but look young other than my arms. I never wear sleeveless tops even in my own yard! I’ve been looking at these sleeves for about a month. Amazing arms seems to be the least expensive of all the different types but I haven’t seen one good review. You’re quite the improviser, as am I so yeah!! What do we have to lose??

      Have you tried it yet? I’m curious to see if it worked for you.

  6. Beware..beware…BEWARE! I’m not sure yet what I have gotten myself into. Saw the numerous Amazing Arms tv ads, called and got a pre-recorded message. Stupid me, I gave my card number and THEN was told that you had to buy an extra Amazing Arms Sleeves “set” in order to received the supposedly free lacy one. At least that is the way I remember it because the recording goes so fast and switches from the product to subscribing to this or that that it is very difficult to keep up with what is transpiring. I heard that old line about calling and CANCELLING THE SUBSCRIPTION(?!). etc and God only knows what all else they were selling because I was yelling NO NO..give me a representative so many times that I lost count. They blabbed on about gift cards and other nonsense and gave out a couple of telephone numbers, which only produced more of the same. Is there really a telephone number that has a human attached to it? I never found one. I gave up, called my credit card company and turned the mess over to them to monitor. What a damn mess…I am so angry. I will keep this site and any other reply site I can find updated…..happily.

    Sincerely ticked off…W.L.B.January 2014

  7. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I bought these Amazing Arms sleeves to camouflage my upper arm area but soon as I opened the package I knew these were not what I’d hoped they would be. You can tell just by glancing at the shapewear that the fabric is very poor quality- the weave is uneven and the material is scratchy. Like really, really cheap pantyhose. The clasp on the first one I tried on wouldn’t open without forcing it apart as hard as I could. All three colors fit very differently, and very badly. I used a tape measurer when I ordered and followed the measurement chart (I got size Large) but both black Amazing Arms shapewear were way too small in the bust and rode halfway up my chest if I raised my arms, but were too wide in the shoulders and would easily slip off. The white one fit on the bust as it was about an inch larger and slightly stretchier, but the sleeves on that one were 3 inches shorter than the other colors! All three were way too short in the sleeves, by the way, but having one be that much shorter than the others was bizarre. It looked like three-quarter length sleeves. All of them also gap in the underarm area and make you look like you have webbed armpits, plus the overall fit isn’t firm enough to make any difference in improving your upper arm appearance. ***I wouldn’t recommend Amazing Arms for anyone, they are a waste of money.***

  8. I am wondering if you have other colors. I already have the ones you show. Looking for red, green, purple? please let me know.. thank you

    • I was a prospective customer, but after reading these Amazing Arms reviews I will not be ordering this crap shapewear. I saw the TV advertisement and decided to research before placing my order, and I am glad I did. You have to be very careful about products being sold on TV. From reading these reviews, it appears that you may not receive your orders. The concept is great for those of us who do not like to or can’t exercise; the bottom line is there is no getting around that. Thank you all for helping me with my decision. I’ll keep my money.

      • Please don’t buy. I order got sleeve with disappointment. left sleeve short than right on both colors. lace one to small. Oh I can’t forget claps have broke on the black after 3 wears. SMH

  9. I ordered mine in Dec. and was assured I would have my order before Christmas. That was a big lie.

    Do you have the Amazing Arms in now? I still need them for my summer clothes. If you are still waiting on back ordered, please don’t take my order. I was truly disappointed. Will you please email, letting me know the status of the order.

    Thank you

  10. I too have ordered the Amazing Arms and have yet to receive it I doubt if I will based on the other complaints being the same as mine do not purchase just assume that it does not work because how would anyone know.

  11. So, I have seen a lot of people say that they have not gotten their order. Was it from I would like to know if it works or not :/

  12. Just ordered Amazing Arms, but conveniently for you, inconveniently for me the customer, screen cuts out TOTALS, so I can’t view exact amount I have charged. Then I called customer service # which says go to web site, then disconnects, preventing any questions. A loop, dead-end. Is this site legitimate?

  13. I ordered this Amazing Arms on Jan 1st of this year. I have written to the company because I immediately received an email stating that the product is back ordered. It is now the 2nd of March with the 4-6 week waiting period well behind us. Although they have not charged my credit card, I wonder if the product even exists. The “Amazing” part will be if I ever receive this As Seen On TV product!

    • I ordered this product in January as well and have not received anything. We’re you able to contact the company. The email provides no contact info.

    • I ordered the Amazing arms on June 9, 2012 and I got the same email that you did that they were on backorder. I called them 3 times over the year and they just said they be shipped as soon as available. I saw the ad on TV again this week April 7, 2013 and sent them an email to please send me the order. I got the same email again that they were on backorder. So I called them again and they said that because it had been so long that they had canceled my order. They still had the order on my account with them so I told them to reinstate my order. Again they said it was on backorder. I think you are right, the only thing “Amazing” is the company responsible for this. There must be a rip off somewhere there.

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