Zero Odor Eliminator Review

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Life stinks! Shoes stink! Are you embarrassed by the odor in your life? Are you disappointed by air fresheners and deodorizers that didn’t do the job? You need Zero Odor Eliminator – the patented breakthrough in molecular chemistry. Why cover up odor when you can now eliminate it? Zero Odor Eliminator will eliminate your odor problems.


How does Zero Odor Eliminator work?
Zero Odor Eliminator is the odor eliminator. Wherever it touches the odor, the odor is gone and it won’t come back. If your car smells like your dog, you need Zero Odor Eliminator. If your house smells like your cat’s litter box, you need Zero Odor Eliminator. If your baby’s room smells like dirty diapers, you need Zero Odor Eliminator.

If you have a musty basement, if your kids play baseball, football, or hockey, if you have smelly workout clothes or running shoes, if someone smokes in your house or even worse, in your car, if you have bathroom odor at home, an RV, or a boat, you need Zero Odor Eliminator.

The Zero Odor Eliminator 22 ounce bottle can reduce even the worst odors to zero. You can even get in a 7 ounce bottle for your car or an 8 ounce bottle for your bathroom. Zero Odor Eliminator is chemically organic, non-toxic and biodegradable. It even takes skunk odor down to zero.

Zero Odor Eliminator Odor Eliminator is a breakthrough in molecular chemistry. Its patented formula seeks out and bonds with odor molecules, changing them into molecules that can no longer cause odor. It measures “0” in skin irritation tests (and in fact, its primary ingredient is used in human hydrotherapy treatments).



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 1 – 4 oz Zero Odor Eliminator Bottle
  • 1 – 8 oz Zero Odor Eliminator Bottle
  • 2 – 2 oz Zero Odor Eliminator Bottles



Reviews and Complaints
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Zero Odor Eliminator Video


2 thoughts on “Zero Odor Eliminator Review

  1. I have used Zero Odor Eliminator for several years and I swear by the stuff! I’ll try to answer the questions above.

    It really works like the videos online show. I assume they are the same as the TV commercials.

    It is effective. I didn’t expect it to work any better than other odor removers, so I was really surprised when it did.

    Pros: It absolutely works.
    Cons: Personally, I don’t like the “tracer scent”, so I walk away for a minute after spraying. My family likes the smell. Go figure.
    Another Con: The stuff is expensive, but I pay for it happily because it WORKS.
    Another Con: For some reason, the manufacturer insists on selling it in these stupid kits with one thing I want and one thing I don’t want. Why can’t I mix and match and get exactly what I want? Don’t know.

    I don’t remember if I have ever bought online. It’s been a while since my first order, so I can’t speak to questions on that. I know I have called in and ordered.

    The shipping fee from the manufacturer is ridiculous. And yet, I pay it because Zero Odor Eliminator WORKS.

    Every time I ordered, I got exactly what I expected.

    I absolutely sing Zero Odor Eliminator’s praises any time I hear somebody needing to get rid of odors. It’s the best.

    It arrived on time every time I ordered it. (3 or 4 times, so far, over the years.)

    Customer Service was pretty good. I believe the rep was a native English speaker, so I didn’t have to spend time trying to figure out what he was saying. Last time I ordered, he directed me to a kit that’s not featured online, and I believe is only available to repeat customers.

    I KNOW my email address was not sold because I set up a special email address for each site online. I would know instantly if I started getting email from them selling my email address because it would come to that account.

    It’s not a scam.

    The videos I have seen accurately show what I have experienced with the product.

    To Wolf:

    If you mean how does it work, chemically, I believe it breaks down the odor molecules? Sorry, I’m not scientific-y, so I can’t tell you the details. If you mean how do I use it? I spray it on the spot, or generally mist the area heavily. On the litter box, I mist about 3 times over it when it was just used and about the same when cleaning it. Be careful with litter that absorbs wetness and don’t get the litter real wet. In the trash can, I spray a couple sprays in it before putting in the bag. On a spot like where a pet peed, I SOAK the spot, all the way down through the pad. I probably should soak it up with a towel or something, but, hey, I’m lazy.

    Smoke odor: I don’t smoke and none of my family does, so I’ve never used it for that, but I would be extremely surprised if it didn’t work on that, too.

    Hmm, clothes, shoes, or bathroom odor. I did spray it on my pants a couple times when they had gotten something on them and smelled rank, just misted them as I had them on, and it worked great. Oh, and a cat visited our porch and sprayed the wood door, which is old and cracked and it sucked in the pee. I soaked it with Zero Odor Eliminator until the door was dripping, and the smell went away, and better yet, no other cats sprayed there (the ultimate test of whether a smell is gone or not!) I guess I never tried it on shoes or in the bathroom. I think you would probably need to get it down inside a shoe to the actual fabric that is holding the smell to get rid of it, but that’s only my guess.

    Is it organic, nontoxic, and biodegradable? The only answer I have is that the carpet that I soaked with it years ago hasn’t degraded and looks exactly like the carpet around it. I wouldn’t spray it right on the cat, though. *smile*

    In my experience, it removes odor pretty much on contact, yes. If there’s still a smell after the tracer scent goes away, you missed a spot or didn’t get it in deep enough.

    It’s great for animal odor! That’s why I got it, in the hopes that it would get the smell of cat urine out. I had a spot under my desk where a cat had urinated. I tried all the commercial odor removers, and my husband works in used furniture and one of the things he does is clean dirty office furniture, so I tried the best stuff. Carpet shampoo, steamer, vinegar, you name it. The vinegar seemed to work (to my nose) but the other cats kept coming back to that spot, so obviously it was only partly successful. Anyhow, I heard about Zero Odor Eliminator and got it from the manufacturer. I soaked the spot really well, down into the carpet pad, and no more peeing under my desk. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to get rid of that constant and repeating stink right beside where I sit for hours every day! I’d pay twice what it costs to fix that stink. Gag.

    Oh, and I brought the (outdoor) dog in one night and darned if he didn’t walk right up to my Lazy Boy, hike his leg up, and pee on the footrest. I was LIVID! I grabbed the Zero Odor Eliminator and soaked the wet spot, and there’s no smell and no stain.

    Hope that helps.

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