X-Hose Review

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Water hoses are the most widely used garden equipment across the country for gardening, cleaning house exterior, washing cars, RV’s, etc. But the problem with using a hose is that it might be really heavy to use and over time starts getting tangled, which can be really frustrating. But then there is hardly anything that can be done to avoid using a hose unless you wish to toil with a bucket of water. If these problems could be solved, cleaning and watering the flowers will be very easy. Well, this problem has been already solved in the form of X-Hose.

How does X-Hose work?

X-Hose is a never before seen revolutionary hose which is exclusively designed to change the way people use a garden hose. It is a small compact hose which can automatically expand or contract 3 times the original size depending on the water flowing through it. The design of X-Hose has two layers of hose which uses tough rubber for the inner hose and a durable nylon hose for the outer covering. These both hoses combined together expand in length and widen the diameter up to 3 times its original size whenever water starts flowing through it.

The intelligent design of X-Hose not only just expands and contracts but also creates powerful high flowing spray through itself with any regular water flow. This kind of power is good enough to spray clean cars, water the plants and even clean windows up to second floor height. X-Hose is uniquely designed to weigh way much lesser than any regular hose and is charted at weighing just 1 pound. The most amazing fact about X-Hose is that its design also never lets it twist, tangle or even kink throughout its use. Also its durability is high since stays strong and does not get damaged in any type of weather conditions.

X-Hose is not just perfect for house but also works well on RVs and boats because of its durability and compact size. It is available for purchase at a very low cost in comparison with a regular hose but only for a limited time period.

XHose Instructions

The biggest problem with using a traditional water hose is its heavy weight and bulky size. But with the revolutionary XHose you can say goodbye to the toil because this hose will automatically expand up to three times its original length when you turn the water on and contract back when you turn the water off making it very lightweight.

After you have got yourself XHose for your water hosing purpose, please read all the important information and instructions properly.

Use the XHOSE with a spray nozzle (not included) for best results because without the nozzle it tends to contract a lot when you turn the water on.

Before you start using XHose, ensure to firmly affix the rubber inside the female coupling to prevent leaking.

Append the female end of XHOSE to the water source.

The male end has to be attached to the supplied on/off valve.

Though XHOSE functions well without a spray nozzle, for optimum results buy one separately and attach it to the male side of the on/off valve and turn the valve to OFF position

At its source, turn the water on and slowly increase the water pressure to expand the XHOSE automatically up to thrice its original length.

When the XHOSE expands completely, turn the valve to the On position and the XHose will be ready to use like a regular hose.

After you’re done, turn the water OFF at the source.

Drain the water from the XHose by turning on the on/off valve to On position. If
using a spray nozzle then open the nozzle. The XHose will automatically contract back as the water will drain from it.

The XHose can be used for regular water applications.

When you’re not using the XHose make sure not to leave water turned ON and the XHOSE under pressure. Turn the water off and drain the water from the XHose to let it contract back to a small size.

Make sure the outer webbing is not damaged physically with cuts, punctures or tears since it protects the inner expandable hose.

Avoid running hot water through XHose

When the XHose is not being used during summers, drain it well and keep it under shade as much as you can.

Keep the XHose indoors during harsh winters. Drain the hose well before storing to prevent damage caused by remnant water freezing inside.


What do I get?
Choose from:

  • $19.95 – 25′ Expandable X-Hose plus $6.95 s/h
  • $29.95 – 50′ Expandable X-Hose plus $7.95 s/h
  • $39.95 – 75′ Expandable X-Hose plus $8.95 s/h

Official website www.XHOSE.com


X-Hose Video


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537 thoughts on “X-Hose Review

  1. We bought We bought the XHose Pro advanced plus+ at $59.95. It was light and easy to handle, BUT…… it only shrinks back about 10 feet and this summer we had to buy “””4””” because they kept springing leaks. – SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS!!!!!!!

  2. We got the XHose Pro Advanced Plus+ at $59.95. I is light and easy to handle BUT……. It only shrinks back 10 feet and we had to buy “””4″”” this summer because it kept springing leaks. So make sure you save your receipts!!!!!!

  3. I’ve lost 3 X-Hoses because the pressure either popped the connection and resisted repair or a bubble formed on the wall of the hose which eventually popped. Despite its apparent advantages, this brand is a piece of junk as far as I am concerned.

  4. I just went out to fill the birdbaths and my hose has sprung a big leak and is useless.I have had it less than a year.That’s $30 down the drain.So I dragged out my 25 year old rubber hose to use again.
    This hose is very poorly made.It can’t hold up under the least bit of use.You can’t keep a garden hose out of the elements all the time and baby it.It has to be able to hold up to use.
    And I didn’t even use the hose that much but to clean and refill the birdbaths and wash the porches.
    Sad how poorly things are made today!

  5. I have four of these XHose. They worked great the first year and that is why I have four. Year number two not so good as every single one of them leaks. What a waste of money.

  6. After having used my XHose 3 times it burst in several places. A true disaster as I ran the hose through my house to get to where I needed the water. My wife came running out to warn me, but by then I had several soaked carpets.
    This hose is a disaster and I would not even consider a free replacement should I be offered one.

  7. The xhose is great for the short term, I purchased mine one year ago and it has exceeded my expectations until today when filling a birdbath it split and now is useless.

  8. Rubbish!! I bought two of these 50 foot hoses. Both burst within 1 week’s time after only using 5 times at the most. Don’t waste your time or money. Buy something at Home Depot that you can take back!!

  9. I bought a couple of hoses 1 year ago. Everything was fine . Well this year I try to use them again ,they spill water everywhere. The worse product ever.

  10. Bought the chose pro with brass fittings 75 ft and after 1 month of use and being very careful with the hose following all manufacture recommendations the hose sprung a leak I found the outer lining on the hose wore through then the inside is very easily punctured which is what happened and that was just with watering flowers around the house. Cheap junk don’t waste your money. I got my money refunded and bought a real hose

  11. I purchased one for my mother and one for my wife. They loved them because of easy use. They both loved them so much that they both purchased another (against my recommendation) after the hose blow up after a month or so. Once again they loved their hose and continued to love the garbage for another month or so until the hoses blew up once again. Complete and pure trash product.

  12. I have went through at least 6 of these 50 ft and 75 ft versions, had the first few replaced no charge now they want a fee to replace them total garbage

  13. Purchased the Big Boss Xhose Extreme Plus, 100 ft. length on April 18, 2016 for approx. $75.00 Canadian (+ tax). Absolutely love the ease of use and the easy retraction. HOWEVER today, May 19, 2016 (after one month of use) the nozzle end piece disintegrated and fell off the hose. I am not happy. I am not at all finding it easy to contact the makers. The Customer Service number of 1-800-423-4248 gives you phone numbers for service of just about everything else, but not the Xhose. So far I haven’t found a phone number or email address to contact the manufacturer.

  14. I purchased 2 X hose pro 75′. Both failed with min. use. They were used for basic watering and filling the bird baths.
    Complete junk!!
    There is currently a class action suit against DAP, for ripping people off.

  15. Have tried these hoses over the years, All Leak or Explode. You would think that the product design would improve over time. This is a great Idea, just poor execution in Engineering and Manufacturing. The last 2 – 100ft Black (New and Improved) models purchased Mid April 2016, 1 hose had a leak when arrived and the other ruptured thru the inner casing, then blew up like a large Water ballon, then exploded like a shotgun. Could have easily injured someone. This is a potentially dangerous product. The Engineers, and Manufacture should be punished for letting a product like this on the market. All about Idiots and Greed. Forget Quality. DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT

  16. I’ve read some of the other reviews about how bad this hose isand I totally concur. I bought the x hose 2 for the price of one deal a few years ago. Both hoses busted and I went back to regular hoses which were bulky and I hated that. In 12/15 I again ordered the x hose pro (2 for the price of one) that was supposed to be better. Well it’s now 4/17/16 and both hoses are busted again. The hose in the back yard gets quite a bit of use and it started leaking about a week ago. Friday I got tired of my shoes getting wet while watering my fruit trees so I called customer service and they said they will promptly replace the hose with 2 more. Sunday morning I moved the hose in the front to the back, and I have to say that hose in the front was used maybe 20 to 30 times since I’ve had it. While watering the trees I noticed the hose leaking and a few seconds later the hose busted off the hand held sprinkler. I surely got my second shower this morning.

    I will receive my new hoses in June hopefully and I will use them until August or November until they leak and bust again. I will never buy and I warn you to never buy this hose again. I didn’t purchase this hose through Amazon but the hose through Amazon is the same hose and it’s the same crap you get from the company. DON’T BUY IT. if you still want to buy it after reading this I’ll send you one that still leaks and you can use it a few times until it bust and you can get a cold water shower under the hose.

  17. really great hose very nice space saver. for one season then it springs a leak, bought the ones with brass ends they lasted 1 season the plastic ones leak but I am on my 3rd season with them. if you have the money to buy new hoses every year you will love them.

  18. Hi, I ordered this and I loved it for the first 15 minutes but the end connection quickly started leaking and then it exploded. Useless in 1/2 hour.

  19. Bought 2 50 ft hoses . Both failed within two weeks. Had replaced twice and was told no more replacements. One of the Last replacement exploded while using within 30 mins. Worst product I’ve ever purchased.

  20. DON’T BUY. HAD 4 of these and they all explode the inner liner at the connection fitting and can’t be replaced. It’s a waste of money.

  21. Anyone know of a class action suit against his POS product and company.I have had 3 explode on me,what a scam.

  22. We bought a 50ft hose and used it for the first time on vacation attached to our trailer. Within a week the inside came lose from the outer casing and was recked. Do you stand behind your hoses?

  23. XPRO 50 ft. Broke right at the nozzle fitting after about 4 minutes of use. Had bought a couple of the yellow/green color ones for gifts and they broke within 5 uses. All in all the product is a piece of trash.

  24. I have purchased 4 Xhoses 3 25 ft and 1 75 ft and in the past 2 weeks they have all busted for some unkown reason. Until they exploded I was very happy with them but not now. What is wrong with them.

  25. We purchased an X hose, 100′ with the bigger opening, which cost almost $100 with shipping……and it lasted about three months…..it’s a great concept, it worked really well until it broke…..so, if you are willing to spend $100 every quarter, it’s a wonderful hose….too bad they can’t perfect it…until they do, we’ll stay with the much cheaper vinyl hose that is a pain.

  26. The worst purchase I have made in many years. I purchased two 75 foot hoses. I was dumb enough to buy them in the fall and each was only used sporadically until I drained them and brought them inside for the winter.

    I hooked them both up a few weeks ago (now out of warranty, BTW) and one of them only allowed an occasional trickle of water out, without a nozzle of any sort being used. I messed with it and it kept feeling as though it would burst at the business end so I drew a breath and said, “oh, well”, and other words not suited for publication.

    I tried the other one-no problem. The first time. The next time I was washing the car, using a nozzle, and I heard a very loud boom and it had exploded, about a 15 inch gash ripped open.

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on theses pieces of shit. I am out $100.00 bucks or so and received no value whatsoever. How many people have been ripped off by these people???

  27. Xhose DO BUY THIS hose it sucks. Last one season. Keep it in a heat storage room and the next sprint both broke. These thing are not cheap I bought the 75ft. Go to walmart and but the green hose they are guaranteed for life, but keep the receipt.
    XHOSE SUCKs no spary

  28. Just got it last week as a Groupon promotion.
    followed instructions and used maybe 3x and guess what?
    Burst open and unusable.
    I agree w/others, not worth the value of the brass fittings!
    Will be writing, XHose, Groupon and anyone else I have to get refund.

  29. I bought (2) 75′ not one year old keep in heated shop in winter, just took it out to use and it exploded,what a piece of crap,very very disapppointed ,nothing but a scam. I hope they go busted themselfs.

  30. In the past year I’ve had three X Pro Hoses, two of them I’ve used no more than three or four times and they both burst. The third one was used only once and it burst. I think the hoses are pure garbage, no one should waste their money on these worthless hoses. Buyer beware don’t believe all the hype on the tv commercials.

  31. I bought this hose for all the reasons the company states. I kept it out of the sun, etc. Well, it exploded this morning. Needless to say, I will not purchase another.

  32. My 75 ft X hose did not last a full season. It blew up and now can not expand or hold water obviously.

    Very disappointed with this product as I did not do anything to cause the damage.


  33. I bought the 50ft and the 25ft lgths, the 25ft started leaking at connection after 5-6 usses and the 50ft xhose blew the connection clean off after only 3-4 uses…What a WASTE of money…I think i will stay with the traditional rubber hoses

  34. I have 150 ft. I thought it was going to be one long hose.
    When I connect all 3 I can’t get any water out of my nozzle. If I use just 50 ft I can get loads of pressure.
    I got mine when they first came out. I paid around $60.00 for each. Have had no problem with the hoses. Just with the nozzle with all 3 hoses.


  36. Does anyone have a free customer service free phone number for complaints about an Xhose that exploded the first time I tried to use it? The only number I can find is a phone number in England.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

  37. I purchased 2 X-Hose Pros and one sprung a leak at the brass fitting within a month. It happened the first time I used it to wash my car. I called the X-Hose Pro number and they sent me two more, no charge, even though only one was broken. It wasn’t long before the second hose from the original purchase sprung a leak at the brass fitting also. So then I started using the first of the replacement hoses hoping they had solved the problem but no it split down the middle. I have one left and my confidence level is very low. I hope our local Fire Department is not using these. I think the X-Hose Pro is a POS. I’m not even going to ask for a replacement just glad I didn’t toss my old hoses.

  38. Bought 2 50 ft. X-hoses at Bed Bath & Beyond. Have used them maybe four months. Was washing my car this morning and my hose just exploded. I thought someone had shot at me. I regret that I have recommended these hoses to my friends. Being a Widow myself, we are all about convenience and because they were so light weight, we loved them. Now I am out a lot of money and have to go out and buy the old heavy ones, and they are very expensive also! Back to my original opinion about the “as seen on tv” items, don’t waste your money!

    • the best thing to do is buy the hoses at bed bath & beyond. i always buy them there. I’m am a/c guy use them daily they work great for a while soon they will burst n your face, they all do. great idea but far from perfect. but i then return them for a no questions replace at the store. i really use them a lot they fit perfect in my van in a bucket but unfortunately they don’t last. great idea bad fabrication. don,t buy them online even if it says lifetime warranty. you will have to pay for shipping it happens to me then i switch to bed bath. problem solved. i have 2 one spare all the time.

  39. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond the beginning of June. It worked great for 4 months then started spraying water from just below the connection to my nozzle. I only used it to water plants on my enclosed porch and hose off my porch. Never in the sun and always drained out the water. Returned it to the store–after reading reviews, had kept the box and receipt. Got a full refund and BBB is no longer carrying this product. I was told they had a LOT of complaints and returns. The one I bought had a 1 year warranty printed on the box. At the Xhose website, I saw that they are now offering only a 90 day warranty. Great idea– poorly made. They need to go back to the drawing board and redesign it.

  40. This hose is junk!! I purchased the Xhose Pro and also got the second one free and after less than one month the inner hose detached from the fitting rendering the hose useless! I would definitely not recommend this hose to anyone else…

  41. My first summer. Kept it in the shade under the outdoor stairs, drained it after every use, not
    leaving pressure on it. stored indoors for winter in the house, after three months the lining blew out
    today. what good are brass fittings if the inside lining won’t hold up ???? I paid $49.95 for the
    50 ft. Money wasted , don’t buy this product.

  42. Worst product ever!!! Do NOT purchase this hose. I work in a retail store that sells theses pieces of crap and you wouldn’t believe the amount of abuse I take for the bad quality and the constant returns coming back. Tonight my staff was kept for 1/2 an hour late in the store and I had to call security to have the customer removed. We don’t offer a money back return so of course he was irate. I hate selling this piece of shit and I am so angry right now. All these hoses should be recalled, the company knows there is a problem but yet keeps on selling them. Thanks Xhose, really appreciate your business ethics.

  43. Our XHose was great for the first couple of months, then it blew out. It’s sad, they were so close to having a great hose. Don’t buy it unless you want to experience the same dilemma.

  44. They need to go back to the drawing board this is my second X hose but I must say I loved the ease of it before they exploded I would buy then again but only after they perfected them I cannot return them since I have no idea what catalog I bought them through

    • And by the way I wish I had read the comments before I bought the two hoses this is outrageous and we live in America? How are they getting away with this

  45. I love this hose, but disappointed its life span is about a month and a half. The lining rips open and then it explodes. Three times this occurred!! I’ve done everything from letting the water out after use, to storing in shade, and not dragging it along driveway. Can’t this ever be fixed!! Such a great product when it works, but a HUGE disappointment!! I would like to use this for several years!!!! Please solve this so that I can enjoy it!!!!!

  46. DO NOT BUY THESE !!!! Purchased a 25′ and 50′ hose. 50′ hose blew out right behind the cheap plastic fitting where nozzle goes. They will not replace it ! Used it 3 times. Money lost. Going back to regular hose. Oh, it does not retract like it shows on TV either, that is false advertising !
    And no guarantee on them either. Not happy about this and reported to Better Business Bureau also. BEWARE !

  47. WARNING! .Horrible product – Do not buy. Hose blew out after two uses. I am now back to original rubber hose. concept good but this does not work. do not waste your money!

  48. Highly disillusioned! I returned and asked for refund however, had to pay return shipping that costed me $9.

  49. Got an X HOSE pro. Always turned it off & empty the hose after each use. Stored it in the shade. Took it in earlier this year when a frost was due. Used it 12 – 15 times and it burst. I can only say I wish I had seen this web site before, I wouldn’t have to wast my time writing this review. If you are considering buying an XHose – DON’T!

  50. not worth it fitting separated from hose. outside sheath split. treated the hose as if it was a baby. going back for refund.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

  51. well as far as being light, its just great as for being good, as long as you don’t use it ,it’s perfect!!

    taking back the second one in a month outer jacket split, first one came apart at fitting. this is the new xhose, but I will get my money back

  52. DO NOT PURCHASE! When the hose breaks (and it will) they will replace it again & again. Don’t forget about the 90 day refund. The hose needs a WARNING Xhose Xplodes! The first hose leaked right away and then the tube broke inside. The first time I used the replacement hose, before my eyes the nylon covering ripped along the seam as the hose was expanding, in seconds the cover was off & the tube was exposed. Under pressure it exploded in my face. Very loud & dangerous. I am waiting for a refund I hope I get it. The manufacturing of this hose is so bad it makes me wonder if this is a money scam! No one answers the corporate # 800-284-4628

  53. I purchased the 25foot hose which I thought would be perfect for me because I have a bad back and cannot haul a heavy hose around to water my plants…I used it once..it worked ok…then, on the second use it split as if there was a seam..and sprayed water down the side…then the end coupler popped off while my yard man was using it…Just glad it did not swell and burst on him..but I was sorely disappointed it is such a cheap, chintzy product…They have sold millions of these..and I am sure others do not return them…just throw them away…Scammed again. The product concept is great for those of us that have trouble toting around a heavy hose…but this is a terribly inferior product which could cause bodily harm as noted in some of the other posts…I will check this site before buying products from now on….

  54. Bought two of the 50ft. and after using them for less an hour, they both sprang a leak. Somewhat expensive lesson to learn but learned it was. I will not waste my time or money returning them, ( which I expect is just how the company planned it), because it’s crystal clear to me they are an extremely inferior product. And don’t bother asking me how, why, when, or where I used them. No, the fault isn’t mine. Crap in, crap out.

  55. This company is a fraud making money off the shipping and handling charges, product does not work stay away…….

  56. My wife was using the X Hose (30M) one purchased in late May 2014 when it Exploded on her. She told me she notice the water had stopped coming out of the Spray Gun looked around and saw a half balloon size swelling in the hose ten feet from her at this point it exploded and a piece of the debra hit her on the arm. We recovered two small bits of the internal rubber of the hose. There was a large hole in the hose. It was a very frightening experience for her. I have forwarded an email to the Shopping TV customer services. Waiting on their response? Let yous all know later what happens. Pity I didn’t read this site before buying and putting my wife in danger.

  57. Loved this product when we got it but now we have two burst on us. Not impressed. Will tell everyone that it is a total waste of money.

  58. You guys SAVED me!!! I was just looking for comparisons to see WHICH hose to buy when I found all these horror stories. I had one last year that sprung a dramatic and sudden fountain the 2nd time it was used. Bought the ‘new and improved’ and- ‘don’t be fooled by imitation’ line.

    As a business consultant, I got thinking that perhaps the same people went into ‘competition’ with themselves to extend the afterlife and gain huge new profits with there own ‘knock-off’ product- at a higher price….hmmmm.

    Regardless, these products are very dangerous and there may very well be lawsuits currently pending after all the close calls I’ve read about. Why don’t ALL of US, put in a complaint to the Consumer Protection Agency at http://www.consumercomplaintagency.org/ ??!!!!
    While we’re at it, we need to hold our government accountable for their scams and scandals too!!

  59. I purchased a bright green Xhose and used very few times. I connected the hose last week to a longer distance from faucet and as I was using the hose, it separated from the male end of the water hose and was flooding the yard at the connection. Is there any way to repair this male end of the hose. I do not have the receipt for the hose and it was purchased from Walmart in Bastrop LA a few months ago. Please contact me. If this hos cannot be repaired, it is not worth the money I spent for it. I cared for the hose as directed and kept it in my garage out of the weather.

  60. I seen this on product advertised on and the person made it sound like the best thing since slice bread. I bought one from an ACE hardware store. on the box it said as seen on TV. It did not make it through the five minutes after I hooked it up to the faucet before it burst in my face , lucky no injury. I took it back and got my money back . My daughter ordered me one from the TV ad, had it a couple days, used it a few times. On the 4th of July was getting ready to water the flower garden, turned on the faucet would you know it this one burst as well. I reverted back to my old garden hose, had for five years. It is a little heavy and bulky, but reliable. Don’t waste your money on this X hose junk it’s not all what it’s claimed to be.

  61. I bought the piece of shit x hose at Canadian tire, it was the 100 ft model and used it 6 times and on the 7th use my wife was taking a sprinkler off the end and just as she removed the sprinkler the hose ballooned up in her hand and before she could drop it, it exploded in her hand and the plastic end shot up and hit her in the face full force, about half an inch above her right eye giving her a concussion and just about taking out her right eye. This company should be sued for there piece of fucking shit hose and there total lack of safety and concern for there clients. If it had taken her eye out they would be hearing from my lawyer and paying a lot of money, how many close calls, and injuries does it take before this piece of shit company is forced to shut down, they are just lucky all she got was a concussion because if it was worse they would never forget my name.

    • I am SO sorry about your wife. I sure hope she is doing OK. I have a question. Did you send it back? I know all we get is a replacement but I wanted to know if any has gotten a replacement or am I just wasting my time?

      • This is Kenny’s wife. I am starting to feel a bit better.I do have a concussion. We will never ever own another one. Very traumatic and scary. We took it back and got our money back and bought a new regular hose which our kids enjoyed running through the sprinkler with much better. DO NOT buy one of these hoses they are junk and WILL hurt you when it explodes.

  62. Absolutely the worst product I have ever purchased. I initially purchased four. Two kinked and burst on the first use. The company replaced them. Before I could receive the replacements, the other two burst, one for no apparent reason, i.e., no kinks. It just burst. The next one burst when I tugged on it to move it to another position. I received the two replacements, and they lasted approximately two weeks before bursting. The company will replace them, but having now had a total of six burst inside of four weeks, I think I will pass on any further replacements.

    • Ours just burst after using about 4 months between last summer and this summer. I was very careful with it and kept it out of the sun when not in use but…it burst today. Did you attempt to send yours back for replacement? I was curious if their lifetime warranty really worked.

  63. I should have read these reviews here before buying the first one that worked for two car washes then burst within 12″ of the spray end – thought it may be me so I returned for another where purchased from BB&B – that one burst within the first cars wash cycle also at the spray end this time splitting lengthwise – made me so mad I could have spit – sat down to write a complaint and got here instead – if I could tell the world what a piece of junk this Dap Xtreme Black hose was I would – BB&B were stand up folks and no questions asked on return – refunded full purchase price, they even offered that they get returns every other day for the same reason but their store policy requires that they exhaust their supply – so sad for a stand up retailer. Get ripped by DAP – I may not buy their caulk anymore either !

  64. Purchased my hose while on vacation in Florida. Have used approx 6 times and today one of them exploded and took the head right off one of lawn ornaments. Imagine if that had hit me in the head,

    • One of those hoses did explode in my hand and the end of it hit me in the head an inch away from my right eye. I now have a concussion. Thanks x hose…I will never buy another one. This just happened on June 30.

  65. Absolute Junk. Used a 25 footer for 3 or 4 uses, it burst in the middle. Got the brand new 50 foot backup out and it burst at the fitting end the fist time I used it. Used in accordance with the instructions. Going back to Meijer. Never again.

  66. Great Idea even works , sort of! BUT, I have tried first the Green one… lasted a couple of times.

    Then I tried this one, the black Pro with high quality brass fitting, not plastic. The first one lasted just 5 days of heavy continuous use with my RV…

    May tow a truck, but can’t handle 15lbs of water pressure for more than just a light watering of your grass.

    More improvement and quality is needed. Would recommend for light use around the house.

  67. Thanks, guys! I’ll fight kinks and love it! Hint: Buy the green ultra from walmart (not the X pro DAP). Why? Walmart will take them back when they burst, and you save on postage. I have bought and returned or exchanged at least 7 of them. Walmart hates to see me coming. But it gets me thru the summer, I have non-kinkable, guaranteed to burst, Ultra Flexible hoses. Save your receipts, and you’ll have non kinkable exploding hoses all summer. You’re welcome, Jim.

  68. I was considering purchasing this product due to the fact that they are much lighter than regular garden hoses. I thank each of you for your honesty. You saved me money!! I will not be investing in this hose. Too bad too cause I really liked the concept.

  69. Piece of Crap. Used twice then sprung a leak. Soaked our should say turn lawn into a swamp. Do not use unless you want to start a pond. Good idea if they can get it to work. Love the way they shrunk up to nothing but can not have leaks. KEEP THINKING.

  70. These are Junk, first two both leaked on the first use, sent pack for replacements and one of them started to leak on the first use. Do not purchase these things that are junk.

  71. I just bought a Xhose today…. Got home hook it up, turned on the water, 30 seconds later it popped like a cheap balloon! I’ll be taking it back tomorrow for a full refund.

  72. Piece of Junk/Crap!! Good idea, bad design/construction. These should all be recalled!! Just a piece of junk and only used 3 times!! Burst/Split. Useless and Dap should be ashamed to have it’s name on this product. But, in todays world, quality doesn’t men a damN!! DON’T BUY THIS ITEM, JUST JUNK!!!!

  73. Really wish I would have searched this in Google and read the reviews before I purchased mine. I haven’t had it burst, but when using a sprinkler on my lawn the hose does not stay expanded and begins to contact dragging my sprinker with it. Not to mention I can spit with more pressure. Bought one because my regular hose was kinked, gone back to the kinked hose works MUCH better!

  74. Bought 2 last year. They both exploded.
    This year they were advertised as “improved” so I stupidly bought another one.
    Connected it yesterday and used it briefly. Today I turned on the water and it too, exploded.
    These are utter garbage. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  75. This product is pure garbage.I purchased a 50 foot X Hose for $30.00 and liked that it was light and easy to use.After using it 4-5 times over a 2 week period,it burst. I would not recommend it as it will not hold up. I’m back to the old rubber hose…They’re heavy but dependable.

  76. I’ve owned my Xhose pro for a 4 months, I live at the beach so it’s not used much (no yard) so I use to was my truck every couple of week. So in 4 months it was used about 8 times for wash my truck before it “popped” Really. I used another Xhose pro on my boat to flush the engine, it also popped about the 5 th time it was used. Bummer, I really like using it, but it only lasted a month passed warranty.

  77. My 75′ hose just burst. Three months old. I even put a pressure reducer on the valve that supplied the hose. Just called customer service. No answer, just a recording to call back later. Someone mentioned a class action lawsuit. Good idea. By the way, I have also tried the other brands of expandable hoses. All have the same problem.

    • what a peace of crap I bought for stupid me and no # to call to complain. Lets all sue……….get our money back. They don’t want you to be able to call them t v ad’s should be dropped maybe they don’t care after all they make money from the commercials.

  78. Have had THREE hoses EXPLODE during 60- 80 degree weather with regular watering. DURING the watering there was a big bulge and it popped all three times

    • DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!! I have gone thru SIX X-Hose Pro!!! Each one exploded on first use. I followed the directions exactly as instructed, even used the same nozzle they show on TV. Customer service is horrible!! They are nice the first 90 days, as soon as your 90 days are up watch out!! They say we’ll just send you a replacement. After 6 replacements I was past the 90 day guarantee (Lost track of time!) and guess what no more replacement – no money back. They should not have busted during the first use!!! No one would listen to my complaint. All I was told was I had to ship back the busted hoses. It cost me $18.00 to return the product plus the $98.00 I spent on the hoses!!!! It’s been four weeks and I still haven’t received the replacements. If you bought this product mark your calendar and get your money back before the 90 days are up!! All the good reviews are linked to the manufacturer so don’t believe them!!!

  79. The first things you should look for when ordering a product..
    1) where is it made
    2) customer service number, call it prior to the order and see how you are treated
    3) WARRANTY !

  80. This is a piece of junk. About the third time you use it, the inner hose explodes and it is useless after that. I tried splicing it but it just explodes somewhere else. Do not buy this. I have lost three already.

  81. I ordered the Xhose Pro (w/ brass connections) in May 2013, didn’t even receive my order until October due to backorder that I was not informed about until I called multiple times. I used the hose maybe 3 times but it appeared to kink /block. By December it had burst inside and water was coming out the middle of the hose. Got replacements under the “lifetime warranty” Those both burst within 2-3 months also. Got another replacement set. 1 had a bad connection from 1st use (water squirts out at main connection) and 2nd hose just burst, been 2 months of daily use. Company will only replace under “lifetime warranty” twice. After which you have to mail them your broken hoses + a check/money order for shipping and handling of each replacement hose ($8.95 each). Rip off. Please don’t waste your money.

  82. Wish I had seen these complaints before I purchased 4 of these pieces of junk. My first two was the original ones with the plastic connections. I was washing my car when I dropped the hose and the plastic shutoff lever broke and the connection to the hose cracked, one down one to go. Four months later the female connection to the water spigot cracked. So..maybe I should have just spent a little(?) more money and get the “X-hose PRO”! I did…first one sprung a leak at the seam of the hose after 3 months….how convenient…35 days after “money back guarantee”…..just waiting to see how much longer the 4th (and last x-hose I buy) is going to last.

  83. Do not BUY THIS POS!!! The guy is a lair and flim flam man!!! It does not last and is not useful….AGAIN save your self the aggrivation

  84. Ordered the 2-for-1 deal X-Hose Pro. Had to pay shipping and handling for 2nd one — even though advertised for free.
    both hoses ruptured within a week — using residential water pressure. exchanged them. Got 2 new ones. Both ruptured, again. One from stepping on it. The other at the brass fitting. Great Idea, lousy design. Worst thing — I had to pay shipping and handling on the exchanges and the final return for refund. also returned the hose bib brackets. Only refunded for one hose minus shipping.
    So total cost to me: $117 for original order, over $40 in additional handling charges for each returned hose x2 (not including my own shipping prices). Total refunded to me: $32. Basically, ripped off. Dont be fooled! Again, great idea — they need a couple more years of R&D.

  85. I’ve had two ( thinking that the first failure was an aberration ).

    Each ruptured as I was using them – under residential water pressure.

    Great idea !!

    However, from an objective, practical viewpoint, A COMPLETE RIPOFF.

  86. These hoses do not last. I ordered these hoses after seeing them demonstrated on television. I paid 56 dollars for the brass version. They arrived as promised. The first one blew within one week. The second one blew the second week. I called the company to have them replaced. They promised replacement within 5-7 days, Three weeks later I called to inquire about the replacements. They told me that they were on back order. They couldn’t tell me when they would be available. So I asked for a refund of my 56 dollars. They said I would get a refund within 5-7 days. They refunded me 29 dollars! What a crooked company! DO NOT ORDER these hoses. They are crap.

  87. WOW! Wish I had come upon this blog 3 months ago. I didn’t find one positive review. I purchased (online BOGO) two 75′ hoses in November. Received them in December, but didn’t use the first one until a couple of weeks ago. Mine had the brass fittings – no problem.

    Phyllis Kennedy must work for XHose/DAP!! Impossible to last a year only for her.

    Did exactly as instructed and I loved them; they were great. After each use, I always drained the water out of the hose, kept them under cover in the shade.

    Today, after using it about 4 -5 times, it burst. I was watering my newly planted flowers when I heard a POP, POP. I quickly shut off the nozzle spray and ran to shut the main faucet off. By the time I shut the main faucet off, I had pieces of blue balloons all over the yard, and the black hose was split from about 3 feet from the nozzle extending for about 10 feet. I still have the paperwork, but there is no customer service # (thanks for that info in these blogs). It does say that they will replace it but we pay the shipping.

    How many times can they do that and still stay in business? How many times do we have to pay for the return postage and we finally give up and go back to buying a good regular rubber hose?.

    They should advertise it as the “perpetual hose”. Their slogan could be – “It keeps breaking while you keep paying”

    In addition to reporting it to BBB, we should start a class action suit. Anybody an attorney here?

  88. I paid the extra money for the Pro model based on their claim it is “Super strong and durable”… NOT! The first one they sent me lasted about 3 weeks before it sprung 7 LEAKS ALL AT ONCE along the length of the hose. The replacement they sent me had ONE BIG BLOWOUT after just ONE WEEK! At this point a refund is in order. Calls to their 800 number get me bounced around from person to person with no satisfaction. Lousy product! Terrible customer service!

  89. I called 866/434-6600 and they transfered me to cust service. they asked for my telephone number and are sending out two new. I hope these work. I like the idea but they do break easy. I didnt have to send anything back! Very quick and easy.

  90. I’m with all the posters who said the Xhose is a piece of crap. My experience with the 4 I purchase is the same as theirs. One of them burst just below the fitting, and the others all have fittings that leak. Plus, the hose is such small gauge that it doesn’t deliver enough water to make a small sprinkler rotate. AND…when you turn it off and the hose contracts, the sprinkler comes flying back at the house from the middle of the lawn. I absolutely regret buying this crap.

  91. I also have bought 3 x-hoses and they all exploded after little use it crap product maybe all about water pressure the product needs a stronger inside hose to make it last a great idea just poor choice of material in manufacture.

  92. I expected a product with the DAP name to be reputable. The Xhose is not. Within two minutes of use the end flew off. Absolutely worthless pile of dung. What a ripoff.

  93. I return the two DAP hoses I bought that were defective (see my previous post) and they did promptly credit my visa card. Off course I had to pay the shipping so I had a net loss.

  94. I was miss lead when I ordered this hose about when I would receive it. Still don’t have it after a month & was told it was it is on back order & I would have it in another month. I ordered on 9/9/13 & called the 800# tonight & received no discount for not backing up their promise of 4 weeks. I hope other buyers will beware of this companies promises. After reading all the reviews I don’t even expect my hose to hold up. I hope this company will learn to back up their product & treat their customer right. I have learned a big lesson.

  95. I agree with you all, my 75 ft pocket hose is a piece of crap. I bought it in April, and it failed today Oct 4. What sold me was Richard Karns’ endorsement, I guess he did the commercial for the money. I am actually able to tear the hose apart with my fingers.

  96. I just checked my customer status and it says they are waiting on credit card approval. I ordered the damn things the first week of august it is now October. YA wont get approval after I speak to the bank in the morning, That is stupid

  97. I would like to leave a review but I have no idea where my hoses are. Where are my hoses ? Did it say 6-8 months or weeks ?

  98. All the reviews are CORRECT so I’m not going to get into telling my story! I will tell you I bought mine at the BOSTON HOME SHOW in FEBRUARY 2012 and they should be there again this year! I think we should all make an effort to go and invade them with all our broken hoses and demand a refund!! I still have all my original packaging as well as receipt not that it’s going to matter anyway! I’m going again this February and if they don’t refund my money, I will be making a complaint to the Show Director that they allow fraudulent businesses in their show!

  99. Does anyone have a phone number to x-hose? Mine snapped on the inside and I want either a new one or my money back. It’s hard to get in touch with them.

        • If you purchased your Xhose or Xhose Pro online we are NOT the company to contact. 877-661-5640. We are a distributor only and do not sell them online and have no affiliation with the manufacturer or Express Sales etc. We do not have any contact information either as we do not purchase our products directly from the manufacturer.

          Thank you!

  100. This hose is horrible and not worth the money ! I purchased the 75 ft hose and don’t even use it all the time , have only had it 6 months and the cheap made thing sprung a leak. 90 day money back guarantee is a crock too , these are poorly made and will advise others not to purchase!!

  101. I think these hose must be made in china and the there is absolutely no quality control involved. Probably why it takes 2 months to get the damn things. Nonetheless, they have everything wrong with them from the wrong threads to fittings blowing off to hoses busting. Don’t waste your money on these DAP hoses. I wonder if they are really DAP or just ripped off the name to sell more hoses.

  102. I bought an Xhose on either Groupon or Dealfind back in March as one of my husbands birthday gifts. Being a late spring, he went to try it in May and couldn’t because the connectors were broken. I then sent it back to the company for a cost of over $11.00 and waited to get my replacement. I am still waiting for a replacement, after 2 phone calls to them and they saying that I would have it in about 7 days. I am still waiting and after reading the reviews on this page, I can see it’s a rip-off and advise anyone else to stay clear of this company. It is a failure.

  103. The Xhose products are pure crap! I’ve been through 4 hoses in one season. The maximum lifespan has been just under 30 days. 2 of the 4 burst or started leaking on the 2nd use. These hoses are a great idea that just don’t work, they are nothing but a scam, don’t waste your time and money!

  104. X-hose came after 2 months. The only warranty was a 90 day money back guarantee. I finally found a number on this website. 866-434-6600. When I called a guy asked “how did you get this number?” A lady in the billing department said they didn’t enclose the lifetime warranty. Company policy. The 90 day is only to get a refund. These people are crooks. The return address is the same as for the flex hose.

  105. After reading several of the reviews left here I found a phone number for the X-Hose. I called and they said they only guarantee the Blue XHose product for 3 months. I’ve had my hose for while, I should have called right away when it started leaking, about 3 months into using it, but I let it go like an idiot. I did follow their instructions about storing it away from the sun. I never left my hose connected always emptied it and stored it inside a container on my back porch. Even with the care that I gave the hose it burst. Here are the telephone numbers for all you unhappy customers like me. Two numbers, one that shows on my Bank Statement, the other is one that shows up on a review on this same page. I called them both and one was able to contact a real person.

    TEL: 866-434-6600 – Contacted with success
    TEL: 800-284-4628 – Contacted with success

    • Thanks Bernice for the phone numbers, I was able to get a hold of someone and they are sending me a replacement hose. I am not too excited about though because I know that it will do the same thing , it is just a matter of time.

  106. I was very happy when I received my blue 50′ X-hose. However, 3 months into using it started leaking in the middle. It was a small leak so I continued to use. Yesterday the darn thing exploded. After spending so much money for the blue hose which is supposed to be the real thing and not what everyone else is putting on the market this thing is not worth your money. When you spend $50.00+ on a hose it’s suppose to last. There is a lifetime guarantee on it, but you can’t call the company, they have no telephone numbers listed anywhere. After a month, I threw away my receipt. If you have one and have receipt handy. Don’t throw it away you are going to need it.

  107. I bought one of these hoses from store,same thing that’s on tv, I have had it for about 2 to 3 months,and it works like they say,but it does not work like a regular hose,like a regular hose when you turnthe water on and leave it on while you are washing your automobile,it does not blow a hole in it,this so called new hose that gets big when on,and small when off.when I was using it the other day I was washin my car,and I used it the regular way,but I pulled the hose over the driveway,and my driveway is not rough,but 2 holes burst open,so I thought I might put tape on it,so I turned it off,then back on,so I could see where the 2 leaks were,i had the nozzle on it so when I turned it on,i was waiting to see where the 2 holes were,another holes really burst open,so I am now using my faithful hose, which does not and has not blow any holes in it,i will not buy another one,thats for sure.

  108. Along with everyone else, I was thrilled when these came out. I bought one at a Home and Garden show (perhaps the best I’ve had). However, it also broke within a month. Prior to it breaking I loved it so much I purchased several from the As Seen On TV add. Working with them was miserable! It took nearly 3 months to finally get my order and when I did some of them split the first day!!! The only way I’ve found that they do not split or break is to only use the 25 foot hose and never drag it over anything!
    I am back to using my old faithful but heavy garden hose. Great idea, terrible product!!

  109. I purchased 2 hoses from the t.v. which both exploded after a matter of weeks and minimal use. I was sent replacements which after the same amount of time and use did the same thing. I thought it was me the way I was using them and was too embarrassed to send them back again, so I purchased 2 more from Lowes. Yes I know “is she stupid or what?” but I really liked them and being disabled they were perfect for me to use – lightweight – but – you guessed it the same thing happened again they burst after little use. I too looked after them really well not dragging them around but lifting them to move them and not pulling on them purchasing a special bod to store them out of the sun. Now I have 4 broken hoses all with exactly the same problem burst not far from the end. I did get a free shower from each episode because it bursts where it is being held so you can’t avoid getting soaked. Any tips on how I can recoup my losses?
    Dorothy – Kitchener Ontario Canada

  110. Took a about a month to get the 2 – 25′ xpro hoses as advertised on tv with ship about $55 or so. Both hoses had defective threads and would not screw together. Was never able to tighten them enough to get the gasket (which was installed upside down on delivery) to contact the face of the male end and seal. Apparently pretty poor quality control. I was suckered in by the name DAP which is typically a good name. I wonder why DAP would put their name on a defective product. I even tried a wrench thinking that would help but the threads are obviously cut wrong. The brass fitting is a very thin brass but I never got to use the hose. I returned them and will be waiting to see if they do credit my credit card. It cost about $15 dollars to return them. I will get the ones from Walmart next time.

  111. What a piece of crap, had them ( 2- 75′ 4 months) and took care of it kept out of sun and etc. call x hose and they said they were out of the warranted both are leaking…..as my friends are too,what a waste of money.”BEWARE DO NOT PURCHASE”

  112. I bought 2 xhose off eBay and both hoses came away from connector, very disappointed, but when it was working it was brilliant.

    • Same thing happened to me today. The female part of the connector split and the hose came apart. Reassembled it and reenforced with a hose clamp. Good idea louse engineering. And reading the comment even worse customer service.

      Instead of using cheap inferior plastic they should have used either brass or brass plated Aluminum. But that is the way American business is going. Remember the 1950’s when made in Japan was the butt of jokes. Is America going that way??

  113. Ordered black, got blue. Called, said I didn’t check the right box to get black at an additional cost. Rude, cocky customer service agent. Did say I could send back and be charged additional shipping to get what I originally ordered. Confirms my suspicions of these infomercials.

  114. It’s a piece of junk. Used it only 5-6 times, emptied after use, stored it out of sunlight, used with sprayer/nozzle. Hose burst ~12″ from connection to house. Cannot be repaired successfully. Do NOT waste your money.

    • I’m curious if you tried their warranty, which claims that the product will be replaced, free of charge, if it fails. It’s always hard to know when reading these reviews, what the real scoop is. Some folks rave about a product, while others say “Don’t waste your time”. In my experience, the company’s Customer Service is a good clue if the product is going to back up their claims. (Which is why I’ve asked if you bothered to report the problems you’ve had . . . and did they follow through by replacing the faulty item.)

      Would appreciate hearing back. Thanks for taking the time to describe your experience. Ciao.

      • What warranty? I purchased mine in November, delivered in December.

        Three pieces of paper in the box has no phone number, no customer service contact. There is a ‘lifetime guarantee’. You just keep returning it every time at our expense for each hose depending on the size of the hose charged to your credit card. This is a ripoff.

  115. We bought one of these at a local store and like it so much we ordered two more from the tv commercial. They doubled the order. We kept all hoses and uses daily. Three have exploded and I am waiting for the other two to die, great idea, lousy implementation. Really hate they exploded, seems the product is junk!

  116. I made a purchase with XHOSE when I realize that it was hard to find there customer service number, I knew that they were going to be a problem. I later cancel this order the following monday and they charged my credit card about 6 weeks later..anyways…this is fraud…please be careful with this company. When I called them they told me that I did not cancel this order..and I could not sign for it when it comes…I sure that I don’t’ have to sign for it anyways because they have already taken their money out of my account. The customer service number is 1-866-434-6600 and they transferred me to someone else.

  117. Husband purchased two x hoses @ 50 ft. each for me. Loved them light and easy to use. Used one hose for about 2 month. Then it sprung a leak. Went to the second hose {These were not buy one get one free}. Started using the second hose. Around the middle of June 2013. This morning August 21,2013. THIS ONE SPRUNG A LEAK!

  118. Terrible product with inferior quality. After a week of using this waste of money, the hose split on me and I am now without a hose. Stay away from this product if quality is what you value! I could have spent half as much money on a regular hose and gotten ten times better quality. Now I have to go to a hardware store and do what I should have done the first time. Sure the regular hoses may kink up, but that’s a problem that I can deal with easily. My in laws also bought an xhose and had the same problem within the first month of using it. What a piece of junk!

  119. BEWARE

    Today, I cancelled my order for the Xhose Pro. I order it on June 15, 2013. It was never shipped. I waited two months for it. My gardening season is almost over and that is what I wanted the Xhose Pro for. I can’t use the hose during the winter. I am very disappointed.

    When I cancelled the order with customer service, I was not offered $10 off to keep the order as others have stated they were offered.

    If anyone needs to contact customer service here is the phone number:

    National Express Customer Service

  120. I bought three 40′ xhoses at the state fair. When I had all three connected together, the rubber tube inside one snapped. Called xhose customer service. Since I purchased the product at a state fair and not at a store or on-line they would NOT do anything for me. My guess, even if I would purchase it at a store and it snaps, the store will not replace it. They will tell me to work with the good folks at xhose. I might get a replacement in three months. Customer pays the shipping both ways of course. I do not recommend this product!

  121. I purchased the X-Hose August of 2012, order #36114201232120255. It exploded today when I was watering. What kind of warranty exists? A $50.00 hose should last more than one year.

    Appreciate your help.

  122. Loved this hose, at first. I bought 2 of the 25′ hoses. One was for the front of the house; the second was for the back. Both sprung a leak in the first week. I paid extra for the brass fittings. This makes no difference if it breaks in the middle. And, one of them did leak at the faucet the first time. Do not waste your money. I think all of us on this website need to get together and come up with an idea to make this product a GOOD product that will last for years!

  123. Loved this hose, at first. I bought 2 of the 25′ hoses. One was for the front of the house; the second was for the back. Both sprung a leak in the first week. I paid extra for the brass fittings. This makes no difference if it breaks in the middle. And, one of them did leak at the faucet the first time. Do not waste your money. I think all of us on this website need to get together and come up with an idea to make this product a GOOD product that will last for years!


    I have been searching all over the Internet for just one consumer who has received the XHose Pro. There seems to be many people who have ordered the XHose Pro but I can’t seem to find anyone that has actually received it.

    Please be careful if you plan to order the XHose Pro. You really do not want to get into a situation like I am experiencing.

    I ordered the Xhose Pro directly from their website at http://www.xhose.com. I ordered it on June 15, 2013 and I have not yet received it.

    I sent an email to their customer service and instead of getting an answer they told me to call a phone number. Obviously, they do not want anything they say to be documented in writing. Otherwise, they would have responded by email.

    I called the number and a live agent did answer. I did not have to wait on hold very long. The agent told me that the Xhose Pro is back-ordered. I told him that their order status web page is not updating with any information. He said that the order status page only has two statuses, “In Process” and “Shipped”. The agent never took any information from me to look up my order with. He said that my order would be shipped in about a week. That was one week ago when he told me that and I still do not have my Xhose Pro.

    I will wait a bit longer but if I do not get my order soon, I am probably going to report to authorities that this company has been collecting credit card information and does not seem to have the advertised product.

    They have not charged my credit card but they should not be collecting credit card information for a product they do not have. This company has probably collected millions of consumer’s credit card numbers. I am wondering what they have in plan. I sure hope my credit card information is being kept secure.

    • Hey Woody-sorry to hear that story from., because it’s exactly my story! I ordered a month ago and bought 2 of the 25 foot with the brass fittings (thinking that the plastic ones would break too easily) so, it’s not like these hoses are inexpensive and everybody will turn a blind eye and let it go!

      The thing that does concern me is the credit card security. It seems to me that if this scam is going on by all customers waiting patiently while all credit cards that they have on file now are being scanned! Nobody has written in that they have been scammed by Expos but it only takes a couple of hundred people out of thousands to be ripped off and not report it, especially people with open in credit cards! My point being that the scam could have been going on during advertisement blitz earlier this year and all through the summer not buyers are at big-time looking for a unique as an haven’t put it together yet that they’re being scanned, me included! Most definitely watch for unexplained charges! Good luck to you…!(What does the X in XHOSE stand for?)

  125. This may be a good hose but I question if I will ever know, I ordered it May 15th thinking I would have it in 2 to 3 weeks as advertised. They have given me three shipping dates the last of which was July 30th as of yesterday they now say they don’t know when they can ship, so like I said it may be a good product but don’t order if you are in a hurry.

  126. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I really found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Google for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post and an all round enjoyable blog. (I also like the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute, but I have added your website to my favorites, so when I have time I will be back to read more. Please do keep up the awesome job!

  127. Purchased two 25 ft x-hoses one has failed and is leaking and unable to use. Only had it one year.

  128. My magic green hose ruptured the very first time I turned it on. I tried to repair it; but the broken part cannot be removed from the fitting.

  129. I bought 2 ,25 ft. hoses about 2 months ago for my cottage and after the third time using them ,they sprung a leak at the connections to the water out-let (non -repairable ) I am very dissatisfied with the product and would appreciate a refund (2x the price of each hose plus tax and shipping) If you stand buy your WORD of guarantee of the product ,it will be a plus in your favour instead of all the negative comments I’ve read so far . A reply to this e-mail will be greatly appreciated …Michael kidd

  130. I bought 2 of your hoses (25 ft.each ) about 2 months ago for my cottage .The 3rd. time using them ,they sprung a leak at the connections .I am not satisfied with this product and would like my money refunded (19.99 +tax …2 sets ) I’ve read a lot of reviews on your product and they are not in your favour. My address is 122 Montrose st. n. Cambridge ont. Canada THANK YOU

  131. Laughing at myself now…Bought 2 hoses over the weekend at home and garden show in St Pete… Both have broken collars. Scam product. Do not buy.

  132. Had purchased 2 X-hoses and one of them leeks. Would like to return or if I can not return How can you fix the leak?

  133. Saw the product advertised on Thai TV thought it was the best product ever. Paid a whopping 70 Dollars for the hose to find it only worked once. Rang the TV buying group to be told they where out of stock Still waiting but really just want my money back. Not holding my breath. Crap product of the year.

  134. My X-hose burst after three uses and less that two weeks after delivery. They seem to be hiding the return policy and address. Has anyone else found it?

  135. This x hose pure junk, first one i bought the plastic collar broke, second xhose it blew up like balloon. Other problems are the hose reduces water pressure because it always forcing water out of hose to extract,when u open hand spray nozzle, making hose shorter in length. I don’t need to fight it. This hose may be good for pool area on smooth concrete as advertised, using it on ruff surface not recommended.

    Don’t waste your money on the xhose, u will only return it,hopefully in the year of warranty, my opinion if xhose exceeded warranty,it will fail soon after.

    • Me too….the end blew off. It’s a real trick trying to find their contact information to take advantage of their “Lifetime guarantee.”

      • I have had the same problem with the green one (Pocket Hose). I returned them to the store I bought them from (Walmart, Bed.Bath.Beyond) with no problems.

  136. I bought X Hose 25 feet which I thought expanded to 75 feet, but when I connected it expanded to 25 ft, it was only 8ft long before use!!

  137. I hope some police agency is investigating this scam with X Hose. I am out $150.00. Here is their toll free number…good luck…. when you call they tell you the computers are down.


    • All of these people have had the same trouble as I. Yes, they are made in China. I bought 3 50 footers from Wal-Mart. They all failed at the same time. I took them back and they refunded all my money! This people at DAP should be ashamed of themselves, while they roll in the millions they have made with this product. The Consumer Protection Agency should ban any further sales.

  138. Please do not purchase this product! It was a waste of my time and money, and if you go to http://www.xhose.com, there’s not even a way to contact them to return the product. I have searched for quite some time, and have finally found a number to contact them and a website that guarantees the product for 90 days. It then said that if you purchased this product in the USA, click here. I clicked and the guarantee went away on the website. If you don’t believe me, pretend you purchased the product and are trying to find a way to return it. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find!

    Good luck to you!

    • I purchased two 50′ sections in December of 2012. Of course I couldn’t use it here in the Midwest during the winter months, so had to wait for warmer weather. Well, at first I was pleased until after a couple of weeks of use it started to leak and form bubbles. I did contact them and was told how to return the defective hose. I had to pay for the UPS charges myself. It was only one 50′ section that was defective, but they replaced both 50′ sections even though it was out of the 90 day warranty. I was very pleased and ordered two of the X-Hose Pro on July 10th and was promised shipment on Aug. 19th. Well, today, the 21st of August I was told that they are still on back order and would not ship until some time in September, so I told the rep to just cancel the order. She didn’t even try to get me to keep the order open, she just said, “ok” and have a nice day. I emailed them telling them I was going to warn all my friends and neighbors to cancel their orders based on all the negative comments I have read here. I don’t think they will be in business for very long with this kind of service.

  139. After my “X-Hose” exploded in its second month of ownership and during what was probably its 6th or 7th use, I discovered that there is no readily available avenue to contact the company selling this product. I have since spoken to 2 others with the same experience and have yet to find anyone that bought an x-hose and is happy with it. Looks like they are out to sell as many as they can, as fast as they can, and get out of the business.

  140. I purchased three x-hoses. After only about 3 weeks one burst. I was told I had to return it to get a replacement, which I did, only to find out I did NOT have to return the damaged hose….cost me $10.00 to return it. Then another one burst. The inner core is very cheaply made….most likely in China. I use normal house water pressure, and don’t stop the water while the faucet is turned on. This could be a wonderful product if the inner core were much stronger. I am very disappointed.

  141. I have now purchased 2 hoses and both have failed. The connection of the hose to the fitting has failed on both … feeling ripped off.

  142. I wanted to use my hose for a while before I reviewed. It is wonderful, everything I was hoping for and more! #1 It is super light, I have been hauling around a heavy rubber hose for years and I was sick of it. #2 Storage it deflates down to small clump, no longer hoses all over driveway and patio! #3 It is very smooth and silky, it slides really easy around my yard and landscape block.#4 The brass fittings are very tough I wouldn’t fool around with the plastic ones! If it remains tough this will be an awesome invention for all time! If not send it back for replacement. I have not been this excited about a new product in forever. Highly recommended!

  143. You might as well be informed simply to not use these hoses outside, they inform you to ‘keep it dry and out of the sun’ . :0

  144. Bought 50 foot X hose in May of this year, used it through most of June then I heard pressure building as I was using it and it suddenly became a soaker hose, blew thousands of holes in itself and was now useless. I was leery about all the ‘rules’ of this hose, basically keep it dry and out of the sun (yeh right, it’s summer). I’m not about to bring my hose in after every use. Rate this a $40 fail.

    • I am out $150.00. Here is their toll free number…good luck…. When you call they tell you the computers are down.

  145. Don’t buy this product. They don’t tell you that it won’t work for sprinklers because it has to be under pressure to expand. Out of four of my spigots I could only get to go on one. The plastic connector is cheap and the hose burst after the third use, and we don’t have high water pressure. Worthless crap. If they wanted to send me a new one I wouldn’t take it.

  146. Both hoses I received broke after just a few months. If they are stretched at all, the ends begin leaking and now both hoses leak throughout. Sent email to customer service, but received no reply.

  147. I bought an x hose in February at a flea market in Arizona. And of course we could not use it in Minnesota because it is cold here. I started using it around the middle of June to water 2 flower pots and I was using it today and the end came off and we tried to fix it but no luck and it seems like hose has lost its the contracts feature and we tried to put water into it and the hose is full of holes. I am not happy with this product at all it worked real good but I think we paid 30 dollars so I think it should last longer then that. I would like a response from you.

    Margaret Larson.

  148. My Xhose has just exploded and I got drenched. I had it just over 2 months so I am very disappointed.

  149. Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy this hose! I was very careful to follow all instructions. It worked fine for a few times then without warning burst open at the connector with a loud pop, scaring the wits out of me and spewing water everywhere! It is a great idea but IT DOESN’T WORK! It is inherently defective and should be taken off the market.

  150. Gosh, after reading these reviews I would not buy them, What a great idea and would run out a buy one if these hoses worked. Hopefully they will improve this concept.

  151. Bought the X hose and both of them busted within 2 weeks. Very very Mickey mouse. Worked wonderful for 2 weeks and that was it. I’d rather roll my hose up myself than spend another 20 on this product.

    • I didn’t read the reviews until after purchasing the product. Luckily, I purchased it from Shopnbc so I have 30 days to try it and if not completely satisfied, return it with no questions asked.

    • Any company that does not stand by its products is worth ZERO in my book. I was at the website and there is no contact telephone. This does not sit well with me. I would use the form and contact them and let them know you will be contacting the local Better Business Bureau, and a post on Facebook which will go viral! But I would hound the company until you get a replacement because it has a lifetime warranty.

  152. Both one 25 ft and one 50 ft. broke with in a month. One broke at the neck the other popped. Big waste of money. Wish I had kept the receipts.

  153. Well, if you hadn’t bought those ten dollar hearing aids (ASOTV) you might have heard all the disclaimers that were being muttered in the background on the commercial! Caveat Emptor and So Long, Suckers!

  154. I bought two of these and after using the first one two times, it developed a leak, which quickly blew apart. The second one on it’s second use started leaking in the middle, then while trying to use the hose and hold the leak, it blew up and soaked me. These are expensive hoses to be blowing out during it’s second & third use.

    Terrible product. Good idea, but lousy product.

    • What I found out that it works.

      Watch water pressure – tubing is good but not that good!!!!

      Do not pull on hose when it is not pressurized.

      For start and stops while working let water leak some to relieve the pressure. Pocket hose is much cheaper and if it makes it for the whole summer you are doing good. Plus its worth it when you think about all the time lost trying to work with a standard water hose.

      X hose is just what it means x- no good, bad, divorced, discontinued…stop. You pay for what you get…… I knew this too good to be true…. But the inventor can see that he or she is on the right track… It cost too much not to work…. Fix it fix it…..we are interested.

      • We purchAsed the xhose here in Canada and it arrived Pronto. One thing. The ad said buy one get two. Well we bought the 75 ft hose to the time of 66.31 I believe it was. Imagine our disappointment when we only received one hose. We still had the bag with the hose in it and on the front of the bag it came in or plastic envelope was a phone number. After two phone calls ( the first try couldn’t find my order so I had to phone back the next day ). I complained and the said the offer for two was
        Only for the States I said I would be sending the hose back. 14.00 on my dime to send it back but I did get my refund. Thank god after all these horror stories that we felt we were dooped by the advertising. I did notice on their website today that they have a big “If Ordering in the USA click here” button. That wasnt there when I placed my order. Thank you all for your suffering
        Before me.

    • Contact the Better Business Bureau. And contact the inventors of the product who hold 2 patents (what a joke)

      I purchased mine from Shopnbc.com where I have 30 days to return the product if not satisfied. Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow, and after these reviews, I am not throwing out my garden hose!

  155. I like our X-Hose but from use, the hose has sprung a leak by the coupling that attaches to the faucet. It appears the rubber tubing inside the cloth exterior has detached from the coupling. I cannot find anything on line about how to repair this nor any company or manufacturer’s phone or email contact. I can’t be the only one with this problem and we have been very careful with our hose.

    • I had the same problem. I love this hose… I purchased a pocket hose (copy-cat) to see which was the best… guess which one won? The pocket hose, the xHose did just what yours did. If it came loose from the spicket and did not break. You can pull back sleeve and thread thru and reconnect with a tighter fit…(like sewing and running elastic thru for pants) I was told I could return it….but I am going to see if this method will work….it should its all the same.
      What i found out is do not leave it under pressure and do not pull on hose when it is not under pressure.

  156. We had high hopes but unfortunately our $49.00 investment went down the drain when our 50 foot hose lasted only 2 days. We failed to note the water has to be turned off after each use. We are used to leaving it on with our rubber hose. Our hose sprung a bad leak and unfortunately is not repairable. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  157. I bought the blue xhose about a year ago it has been in my house since I bought it in my computer room I took it out today to use it for the first time and it made a loud pop and broke. I bought these thuings because im disabled and thought this would be easy for me to use now all I have is a head ache and lost money on them. not satisfied with it at all

  158. I bought several at once. What a mistake! Two of them were cracked at the ends. I contacted the company and was told they had no record (even though I charged it on my charge card) so they couldn’t help me and I was not allowed to return it for my refund. It was quite upsetting because I am disable and limited income but also love gardening and was hoping to make it easier for me. DO NOT PURCHASE OR YOU WILL BE TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  159. I bought one at fair…love it love it…light weight expands when filled with water 50 feet long..OH OH sprung a leak, small one only, OH OH two more leaks in same area..OH OH flood the place.

    Concept great ..now to contact Xhose and get a replacement if there is a warranty at all…I have only been using it 4 weeks.

  160. Bought a 50 foot x hose and it blew a hole in it after the 4th time to use. Not sure about the Chinese made product. Best to buy locally at Home Depot or Wal-mart and get a refund if it blows up again.

  161. Absolute JUNK. Leaked at the inlet the first moment I put water through it. Burst a hole is the side after only 2 weeks. DO NOT buy this useless, good-for-nothing piece of crap!!

  162. My Wife bought this hose at a Canton, Texas flea market. Used two times and the hose burst. It is a Piece of $&!%. I want my money back but where do I go to get it . The seller is long gone. Next time , I’ll just mail $20 to China……. the result will be the same!!

  163. After making certain the washer was inserted in the hose, I hooked it up to the faucet. IT LEAKED. I tried the second hose. IT LEAKED. What a ripoff

  164. Unfortunately I was very disappointed when the hose must have separated and flattened on one end, therefore was never able to perform. I was very disappointed!

  165. I purchased a 25 foot xhose with less than good results. Used it twice and on the second try it developed a hole in the hose and the outer shell. I am less than impressed with this product.

  166. I ordered at 25′ and a 50′ Xhose. They both split and leaked. Returned both for replacements. The replacements split and leaked. That’s 4 hoses. Returned the replacements for a refund. That was over 2 months ago. Now they have no record of receiving the returns and I’m screwed out of upwards of $80.00. This place sucks. Do not do business with them.

  167. I purchased 25′ hose from Canadian tire, for $19.95 used it several times and liked the way how easy and light weight it was to use..How ever today I was using the hose which was attached to another 25′ xhose to water my plants when I finished, I started to drain the hose when one of the sections sprung two leaks, causing water to leak in my garage. Will contact the company on Tuesday as Monday is holiday..will see what they have to say.

  168. Bought 75 foot plus a spare 50 foot last year, halfway through the season. Before the end of season 1, a 50 and a 25 both burst. So replaced the 50 with the spare and bought 4 25’s thinking it would be easier and cheaper to replace 25’s. At the beginning of season 2 within only 5 or so uses, the other 50 and two of the 25’s also burst (and I’m not dragging this over broken glass). It’s just not durable. I wouldn’t take another one if it were free. Buy this product and get hosed.

  169. Expansion and contraction are great. The only problem is after using them for several months, they spring leakes. I’ve lost 4 hoses to leaks as of today and following the advice about using the hose. I will not buy another. Be advised!!!!!

    Jack Harvey

  170. Got two of the green hoses and put the together. A few days later the fittings on one blew. We had purchases it at Wal-Mart and still had the receipt, so it was exchanged with no problem. Why don’t they put brass fittings on these hoses? The only trouble is with the cheap plastic fittings on the hose. Otherwise it’s great. I don’t know who sees this, but PLEASE PUT BRASS FITTINGS ON THESE HOSES!

  171. I bought 2 of the 50 ft. hoses at Wal-Mart about a month ago. Today i was going to water my tomato plants and all of a sudden the green covering split and the inner liner blew up like a balloon and burst. I really like the light weight of the hose and the way it retract to its original shape. So I will be sending it back to the manufacturer for a refund. We will see how they stand behind their product.

  172. I’ve had 2 hoses so far and both have sprung leaks. If they were reliable they would be great. So disappointing. Maybe they are to good to be true.

  173. Bought the xhose at a home show. love the hose… put two together last nite to hose off my driveway and the second one popped. I cannot find any info to get ahold of anyone to get answers… Love the hose, just terrible service to get answers. any help let me know…

  174. Lmao: what a piece of tat this product was. Exploded on the 4th use soaking me and scaring my daughter. Lesson learned: you get what you pay for in life.

  175. I purchased the X-hose last August (9 months ago) and have two of them which I connected together for greater distance, and use daily. But…….the side of one blew out completely, so I called the number 1-800-554-5925, and the lady there was happy to replace the hose because I was within the one year warranty. I love how easy it is to water my plants, and with arthritis in my hands, this is a tool I can not do without.

  176. Bought X-hose last October and put it in RV. Didn’t use it until April ’13. first use it leaked at discharge end. the plastic ferrule that secures the hose to the male fitting was cracked its full length. Can’t find information to contact seller. Bought it direct from NEX-Xhose website.

  177. Bought the hose and it works great! Just like it said!!! Very happy!! Wanted to buy Spin Mop 360 but saw bad reviews on the handle. Glad I looked up reviews on that one! But this hose is cheap and works great!

    • Wow, I was so excited to post a ‘good’ comment but now that I’ve read these, hope I didn’t jinx us! Only used ours once so far but seems to me, some folks may not have followed the directions properly and that could be why it blew out on them. ?? Guess we need to wait and see. Hope it lasts because I HATE dragging the heavier hose around especially when it kinks. ugh.

      • What I found out that it works. Watch water pressure – tubing is good but not that good!!!! Do not pull on hose when it is not pressurized.

  178. All products advertised on smart tv are craps. Don fall on this scam again and again. I tried various products and it didnt last long. Steamer, electric broom, fruits juicers — All craps. Good luck for those are buying. You will regret for sure.

  179. I bought the Pocket hose 3 days ago. When I connected it and turned it on, the valve to let the water spray, broke off in my hand. Never got to use hose. When you go to the web site, you cannot post a complaint. Most of the products on Tri Star productions are, let me use a kind word, ca ca.

  180. My husband wanted one of these after seeing the commercials. Seems like a great idea but didn’t want to pay the shipping and handling so we purchased one at Ace Hardware. When we got it home I was disappointed by the cheap plastic fittings but we tried it anyway and it worked great, just like the commercials. The second time we used it, yesterday, we turned the water on (slowly) and the hose expanded about halfway and all the sudden the fittings just blew right off the hose, flooding the porch. Of course we didn’t keep the box but I do have the receipt and will try to return tomorrow. Would probably be a pretty good product if they didn’t use such cheap plastic fittings.

  181. I bought two of these hoses and both exploded after about 5 uses. I took one back to Home Depot and without a receipt it was difficult to to get my money back, but eventually I did. This hose is a sham and I recommended it to others. Will tell them all not to get one. Would like my money back.

    Thank You,
    Jim L

    • I can’t tell by the comments if you are talking about the X-Hose (blue) or the flexible hose (green) I have the blue one and I LOVE it! I wanted another and went to the store I bought it from and they only have the green one. People were complaining about the price so they dropped the blue one. I could readily see a difference in quality. The green one is inferior. If you’ve only tried the green one I would encourage you to try the blue one. I would like to know if you’ve had issues with the blue one. I am considering buying another one.

  182. DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS PRODUCT, BE PATIENT. For those who have decided not to buy, reconsider

    This is the first product review I have ever written though I depend on those reviews when I make purchases. What has moved me to write now is the product itself and my conversation with customer service.

    We have owned a 50′ X Hose(blue–the green Flex Hose truly is an awful product) since July 2012. We live in Florida and all the plants are potted therefore we water frequently. We have a pool and the maintenance crew loves the hose as much as we do. We have had no issues until yesterday when the hose gave way at the fitting that goes into the spigot. This is the same complaint that has been repeated many times in all the reviews, obviously a flaw in the product.

    I also would like to thank Bobby H, Feb 1, 2013 for including the contact number, 1-800-554-5925. If it was not for his experience with customer service I may have given up. However, I had an even easier time than he. The young lady who answered the call was familiar with the issue and did say that the manufacturer was working on the problem. It is possible that our replacement hose will be the ‘new and improved’ variety.

  183. I ordered a 75 foot hose. When they processed my order they added a 100 ft hose. Instead of owing 49 dollars they took 128 out of my bank. I called constantly until they closed to try and remove the 100 ft hose but they said that it was not in the system yet and that it takes 4-24 hours to put it in and then they could remove it. I called at 9:30 the next morning to have it taken off and they said the hoses were already on the truck and I could not remove it. They said I to reject delivery. Then I would have to start over again. Never again.x-hose is really a bad company.

  184. I thought it is an good thing to have it but after what I read I think I will not do unless if you guarantee the product to

  185. Hello I am from Lebanon (middle east), I did see the x hose on t.v. It was wonderful, What I want to ask do you have any dealers in Middle East? And if you don’t I want to know if I can make with your company any deal to bring it to Middle East. It will be my pleasure to have it and I want some one to be in touch to know mush on things you have.

  186. I purchased the X Hose last year (2012) in September and used it about 2 months, then drained it and stored it in a dry storage shed. About a month ago we hooked it up to start watering out vegetable garden, and used it a few minutes every day, and when finished made sure it was drained and dry, stored off the ground in the shade. The last time I used it, it literally exploded! The water burst out of the side and stopped coming out the end of the hose. My attempts to contact the company for a replacement have gone in vain. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSE TO ANYONE.

  187. Do not purchase this product, this is absolutely the worst product ever made. The hoses leak and certainly do not hold up. Do yourself a favor and purchase those so called heavy hoses.

  188. Thank you for all the comments…after reading all of them I decided not to waste my time in purchasing this horrible product!! I am sorry that you all had a bad experience. Thanx again!!

  189. My 50 ft hose performed as advertised for 6 months then started leaking. The hose was worthless after that as it could not be repaired.

  190. The third time I used my 50′, the female end (on the faucet) split. The 25′ still lives. Are they repairable? Who knows.

  191. I am glad I read the review’s about the X hose. I found it at Walmart, Lowe’s and Canadian Tire but didnt buy it because they didnt have the 75′ or the 100′ hose. Glad I read the review’s on here.

  192. It broke soon after buying. Never left it on, but used it with a hose end sprayer so when the trigger was depressed the fertilizer would come out of the sprayer. Any pressure breaks this hose.

  193. Xhose is a rip off company. I ordered a hose, the advertising a bit misleading. Made me think I was getting a 50 ft hose for 19.95 instead of 39.95 so I ordered one. They charged me 39.95 plus shipping and I tried to cancel it within hours of ordering, but guess what – each time I called they said it takes 24 to 48 hours to process a order and I should call them once I see in their customer website the order was processed. It took about 36 hours before I could get my order number off their website, I called them immediately and they said it was shipped already. How can that be that they can’t locate my order until after they shipped it. Bad company and read the reviews, bad hose as well. Pretty damned unscrupulous business practice. I paid another 14.00 shipping to send it back to them so they couldn’t deny receiving it when my tracking number was attached. They did say they would refund the purchase price and my original shipping but its yet to be seen. Credit card dispute to come and an expensive lesson learned.

    • They charged me for an extra hose and gave me the same story about waiting the 24-48 hours. They got me for 128 dollars.

  194. This xhose DOES NOT WORK!!! it is the biggest piece of garbage I ever purchased. Did not last or worked like advertized. The biggest waste of money!!! It never retracted and leaks everywhere now!!

  195. This is the most load of rubbish I had ever bought, leaked, sent it back at once. Waiting for full refund, the only thing is I am out 8.00 euro to send it back. Stay clear of computerized trash of a commercial.

    Frank Grimes.

  196. Blew apart 1st time I used it sent it back 6 months ago and 3 phone calls no hose will not refund money, good luck getting a replacement.

  197. They are now trying to push this X-Hose in England, having read the comments on this site I will continue to use my old hoses. It sounds like a wonderful idea, but somewhat lacking in the execution. Eventually it will appear in the larger outlets, when they have found how to manufacture it properly.

  198. The XHOSE is great! However, after about four months, we ordered another hose, because our first hose got a tare in the stretchable inner tube at the screw connection before the nozzle screw connection.. The tare was about one inch long, so I am going to try to cut off the last two inches and fix it, if possible.

  199. I purchased the 50′ hose 9-days ago at an ASOTV mall location. I was extremely pleased w/it the first time I used it. I only had to keep the water at half pressure as it was sufficient for my small yard (which is only 40′ wide) when using a nozzle. After using it by the third time I tossed the box out convinced I’d have no reason to return it. I also misplaced the receipt. (of course!) Mine also blew out at the plastic connector that attaches to the faucet. I called the store I purchased it from and was told they couldn’t help me w/o the packaging & receipt. (OK, frustrating but understandable) I checked out websites and found this one. I called the number that was posted by Bobbi H. 1.800.554.5925, and spoke with a remarkably friendly guy named Danny. I explained my situation, he asked for my name, address and verified my phone and happily said he would send me out a replacement at no charge, since I had informed him I purchased it directly from the store. I should expect it w/in 10-days and I could toss the defective one. NO NEED TO RETURN IT!!! Seriously? R U kidding me? I even asked him, “You’re serious? It’s really that easy?” he said yup and he was happy to help. Now if this truly happens remains to be seen, but for right now I’m a happy camper.

  200. I work on a military base in the HVAC dept. One of my duties is to clean ac’s and dragging a water hose to do this. I can carry the xhose for 3 floors from 1 room to the next, and it saves so much time. I like it so much, I am buying 2 more of the 75 ft hose. I want my company to buy these for all are techs, but they are tighter than a banjo string. I show people how fast it is to wash an ac, put the hose away, and they say “it really works”. Duh, it is a hose. the only thing that I would improve is the fittings. Easy to cross tread. I bought an attachment from Lowes to prevent the main hose attachment from being damaged. All you HVAC people need this!

  201. I purchased this hose, actually a 75′ and a 25′ for our RV. Worked as described for a few times then started springing little leaks in several places. Now they simply do not expand to their fullest length, they shrivel up in several places and cut off the water flow.

    I would go with cheap hoses from Walmart and keep replacing them before I would spend a dime on these pieces of junk.

  202. I bought this hose to use in the winter to fill water troughs for livestock. I injured my shoulder and couldn’t physically manage regular hose. When I saw the product, I thought it was poorly made, but thought it would get me through the season. It did not. The interior ‘surgical tubing burst and the product was then useless. While it worked though, I loved this product. I had to add brass couplers because the one’s it came with were so

  203. This hose is perfect for filling water troughs for my horses in the winter. I drain it and coil it up in a bucket after use, and keep it inside. It does not however build up enough pressure to use a sprayer. It is what I expected, no more/ no less. We’ll see how long it lasts!

  204. The contact number is 1-800-554-5925. I called Flexible Hose at first but I have the blue hose not the green one. They were nice enough you give me the number of their competitor. I had mine for 7 months but we didn’t use it a lot as I have in ground sprinklers. Just used it to water outdoor plants and this last time, to wash out the kitchen trash can. It DID have an inner lining and that is what split underneath the outer layer, which bulged. Both my adult children were sure it was a lifetime warranty as was I, but I was told 90 days.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, put on hold a couple minutes. They had consulted a supervisor who approved replacing it anyway. I said, it’s the 50 ft one. What? I have 75 ft in the back yard. A 50 and a 25 connected. “Then we have to replace both of them.”

    I can’t tell you what will work, but I was polite but determined and persistent. If you don’t ask for a supervisor, the initial contact has no authority to go above and beyond the call of duty.
    Yes I probably got lucky, and I don’t question the 100% negative reviews. But try again, see what happens. If you get a supervisor on the phone, if at first good manners aren’t successful, try pointing out their 100% negative reviews. Ask the. To do the right thing.

  205. I bought Xhose 5 months ago. It was everything advertised, light weight, didn’t kink, expanded and contracted. While washing a car, under pressure of water, it exploded in two places. Upon further inspection, I found there was no inner hose, just the expandable outer layer held together by thread. It doesn’t matter is the webbing is super strong if the thread isn’t. It is neither durable or reliable. It’s too bad because I really liked it. I thought they would send me another if I paid the shipping and handling. Nope. You get 90 days, and that’s it.

  206. I ordered my 50′ Xhose last fall and I have used it since that time and so far I am extremely pleased with it….it does not have the pressure of the regular rubber hose but it does fill the water tanks. It is light, so I had to put a heavy washer on the plastic to keep it from floating and spraying the pastures. I use it and bring it in the house until I need it the next time…it fits in a small plastic bag after it is drained….it drains quickly. I hooked it to a faucet the first few times to get it to extend and put the water pressure on slowly, I now hook it up to a hydrant in the barn and it is working fine. I am thinking of ordering another one for use this winter. The only concern I have is I have been told that some of the inner lining may not be safe for watering livestock, which is why I got it.

  207. Got mine at Target after my Great Dane puppy chewed up the traditional hoses….loved it, even gave my daughter one as a gift…until today when it burst at the connector and thoroughly soaked me …I have had it ??? two months -another one bites the dust, huh? I am disappointed indeed!!!!

  208. Wow! I have never seen so many reviews without a positve one. Will not be buying this hose. Thanks everyone.

  209. Thank you all for your reviews! It seems like a brilliant idea and I am so suspicious of ASOTV products that I had to check product reviews. Whew! Almost called and bought this xhose. It would really help with the yard work as I am getting older and lugging those heavy hoses is getting to be a chore. After reading the overwhelming number of disappointing reviews, I will wait for someone to make this with greater quality AND to see it offered in my local hardware store! Thanks again for your honesty!

  210. We received our 50 ft. hose in the mail just before Christmas. My husband and granddaughter went out to the barn to try it out. Hooked it up to the faucet and turned it on. It worked “BUT” as soon as it was full it blew off the plastic fitting hooked up to the faucet. It soaked everything in the barn including my husband as they were trying to catch back on to it. I can say they had a good laugh that day. Very disappointed in the quality of the connections, otherwise I do think it probably would work.

  211. Bought 2 x-hoses from the online site. Was impressed with how they work and thought I had made a great purchase. However after 3 months, both sprung major leaks and don’t work. Found out that their warranty is only for 90 days. Not sure if X-hose will ship 2 new hoses. It appears the hoses are not as strong as indicated by X-hose advertising. I was at a Crown Hardware today and saw a display by DAP advertising the x-hose. The hardware people told me the hose had a lifetime guarantee. Hmmmm.

  212. I have 100% proof this product is garbage. If this worked as advertised, every Home Depot, Lowe’s Fred Meyer, WalMart would stock them. End of story. The manufacturer wants to make money on their products. The ONLY way to make money with these cheap products is with fancy over-promising infomercials.

    This goes the same for diet programs, supplements, vitamins etc…. Exclusive distributors are a cover for poor quality products (and usually MLM).

    • Usually these products are done exclusively through infomercials because they need to be proven sellers before big box stores will carry them chain wide. I watch the TV show Shark Tank quite a bit and even they say that direct to consumer is best way to start because it gets out to consumers faster and if it’s a big seller that way they can provide the big box retailers tangible numbers because it costs a lot to shelve and stock a product and if it doesn’t sell it costs the stores money. That’s why it’s not in big box stores right now, once it’s a proven product you’ll see them in all the major stores.

  213. My son purchased an X-hose for me in June and it was never delivered. He received an order confirmation, but the hose never arrived. The company will not reply to e-mail messages, and when called, was unable to identify the order.

  214. I live in Colorado and am an avid poster on Facebook. I got your hose in the summer thinking it would be great on cold days like this to fill my pond. Boy was I wrong and believe me I am going to let everyone in the world know it I placed it on my facet. I ordered 2 25 feet hose and had the connected I turned the water on and it immediately popped No water what so ever! I am spreading the word rapidly and reporting you to better business bureau You will be surprised how rapidly word will spread on Facebook.

    • Mary, you comment on the Flexable-Hose caught my attention. I live near Toronto, Canada, with a pond in my backyard, and am also looking for a way to have my hose “useable” during the winter months. This sounded like the ideal solution. Now, after ready the reviews, my opinion has changed. Have you found a solution to the winter hose problem yet? If so, if you could kindly share I would be most appreciative.


      • Simply by and assemble what you need of PVC plastic pipe. Figure the length needed with connectors, cut with a hacksaw and glue together. Can be layed on top of the ground or buried. It’ll last a lifetime too as long as it doesn’t ever freeze up.

  215. I was all ready to order 2 of these X-Hose. After visiting multiple sites that review this XHose, I have changed my mind. Thank-god for the internet! Shame on this company for looking for a quick buck. DAP has ruined their reputation with a shoddy product. I will not buy and will spread the word about this terrible product.

    • What do you expect when the product is made in China, everything from that country is crap..companies are purchasing from them to save a buck; At the same time they are ruining their reputation.

  216. Thank you all for your reviews (and webmaster). My mother had received an ad for this hose and was interested and I check reviews on literally EVERYTHING that is shown on TV or has an ad come in the mail (I’ve found 99% of them to be either junk, or if they are working they nail you with $100+ in BS S&H charges).
    Sites like this are great for people looking up info on items you cannot ask around about via friends you know!

    Sure not buying it!!! Will get her a regular old Lowe’s hose like mine; never even bring it in during winter and it has held up for a good 8 to 10 years now (although I don’t even leave it under pressure, turn off water and allow it to drain).

  217. Thanks for all the comments on the hose – will not purchase one. Found the number below on their website – did not check to see if it is a real number.
    Customer Service Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST
    Saturday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

    Phone Number:
    Flex~Able Hose 1-973-287-5160

    Para ayuda in español llame al – 1 (973) 287-5175

  218. DO NOT buy Xhose. It is not a reliable product. It is an inferior product. I brought (4) 50foot sections and 3 of them burst within 2 months or less of use. One of the 3 has been replaced. They do not even have a phone number on the web site where you can contact them. Perhaps many of us should consider filing a joint complaint with better business.

  219. A key red flag is that the Xhose offers a meager 90 day warranty. Nearly all conventional garden hoses offer five, ten, fifteen year, or even lifetime warranties depending on price level.

  220. I am glad I saw this site because I was planning on ordering it for my grandpa for Christmas. Thanks everyone for the advance warning.

  221. If you got suckered into buying this piece of garbage, here is a tip that may make it last a little longer, though it won’t be as functional. If you don’t turn your water on all the way, it may last longer. Obviously the lighter material is not a durable. The pressure is too much for it to stand and it splits. So lower the pressure as much as you can to still get the water you need out of it.

    And in the future, NEVER be an early buyer of an ASOTV item. Especially something that cost more than $20. You can’t trust reviews early on since it is all astroturfed paid for positive reviews. Wait a few months until the real reviews come in. You also can’t trust those Does It Work segments on local news broadcasts. They test items for one day. Most of these items will work as advertised for a few uses. They just don’t last. (For example…does anyone REALLY think the Sticky Buddy will stay sticky indefinitely? It is a matter of physics. It CAN’T.)

  222. September 2012, purchased two 50 ft “Xhose the incredible expanding hose” for $69.90 delivered, loved the hoses for their ease of use and light weight until one of them burst while I was using. The bad part is, they have no phone number for customer service, you pay the return cost for a refund ($16.00) of a defective product, would not buy again..

  223. I bought 4 x-hoses and was quite disappointed with them. The hose connector was cracked on one of the four before I even used it and another cracked after the 2nd time I used it. I connected the company and was told they couldn’t find the order data showing I purchased them and wasn’t able to return them. BE VERY CAREFUL if you have any complaints because you will not get any help. I am now stuck with two hoses that is useless.

    • So they deny the order? That is a simple resolution. Submit a claim with your credit card company. I guarantee they will find the order

  224. Poor quality…after four months, the hose burst and sprayed water everywhere. Did not last! Will seek refund from company, but noticed no phone numbers or email addresses on their website.

  225. X-Hoses BURST!! Dangerous! Purchased three hoses and one popped off the end and blew violently around the yard soaking us the BBQ and god forbid if my child had been near….UGH. Second one burst after three uses about 1/4 the way from the spigot yet remained in the sheath. The third one burst about 1/2 way on FIRST use! STAY AWAY!

  226. Looking at the Ad the Xhose sounded like a good deal, after ordering the hose it took three weeks to arrive at my address, yet for the price of shipping this IS NOT A DEAL. I paid as much for shipping as the cost of the hose and the FREE hose will set you back another cost of the hose, not a real deal. AS for the X-hose I have not yet received it but I’m ready to be disappointed in the hose.

  227. I am a senior citizen, and I was excited to find a water hose that I would be able to handle easily. Purchased 2 of the Xhoses. Loved them at first…but after about 2 months one of them split and a few days later the other one sprung a leak at the hose connection. Very disappointed. Can’t find my info on how to return them. This is a great concept but needs a lot o improvement. Wish I had read the reviews first. Lesson learned!

  228. Xhose looked to good to be true, and my neighbor bought one and said it lasted only a few weeks. I buy and use the heavier and more expensive contractor grade rubber hoses with the solid brass ends. I’ve even had these freeze and they are still pliable and intact. Usually I leave these out all summer but on a roll up spool. The key for any hose is to release the pressure when not in use. Turn off the water at the source and leave the spray end open. For those who may have a problem with the weight of a 75’+ hose, buy the 25′ lengths and then add the quick-disconnect fittings to the ends. The come apart easily and then you only have to carry the shorter, lighter weight sections. I use these on all my hoses and attachments.

  229. Owned the 25′ X-Hose for a couple months and it worked fine until a hole appeared about half way up/down the hose. Because of the way it’s manufactured (expanding and contracting) I was unsuccessful in patching/fixing the X-Hose.

    A waist of hard earned money………TRASH.

  230. With all the X-Hose complaints I’m reading here I don’t want it for free or you could not pay me to take it. All the good reviews are from people who work for X HOSE. The XHOSE is like a crook that only a mother could love.

    Crap is still Crap.


  231. I bought the 50′ XHose about a month ago. It does really worked for the first time. the second time the end came off and the white rubber broke. I called them the number is on this site. They said they gonna send me the replacement in 8-10 business days, I told them I would like to return it, and he said he put the order for refund and I do not have to return the product. He said 24-48 hours and I will receive my money on the card… I will give an update…

    The product is good just as seen on tv… but because of the poor plastic quality 🙁

    • I was so excited about this expandable hose after seeing it on TV, but I read all the X-Hose reviews and can’t believe how many NEGATIVE reviews there are! Thank you for posting your reviews, saving the rest of us from wasting our money on such a (sadly) disappointing product. I might try one if and when they get to stores and I can take it back – but not until then!

  232. I finally found a phone number for them and they tell me they will reship my order in 2 days. The person I talked with was very nice. Time will tell!

    Anyway for those that would like the service contact phone number, it is 800-284-4628.

    • Bought this hose after seeing the ad. It worked very well – as we wanted for about 2 months until the inside hose burst. I just called the number and was promised 2 new hoses. They used my zip code and name to trace the original order, apologized for our troubles and treated me kindly. I want the product to work as we have space constraints that this product solves. Hope it lasts longer than 60 days next time. Oh, and they did say I’d receive the replacements in 12-14 days.

  233. Does anyone have the phone number for this company? I order the hose and they apparently sent it to the wrong address. Checked with FedEx and it was returned.

    No one from the company even contacted me to let me know it was returned to them. No credit on my charge account either.

    I am an 81 year old and cannot afford to loose this amount of money.

    Please help if you can.

  234. I have been tracking this site for months and very disappointed to see all the negative reviews. It is such an awesome idea. Just recently I saw a commercial for the XHose – check this out – it was not run at 2 AM, I saw this during the day and it now says Xhose by DAP. We all know DAP is a credible company. I looked up Xhose by DAP and they have a site. It is using the DAP logo so it has to be real. I am still waiting to see if this gets improved now that an actual legit company owns it. Possibly they saw it was a great idea and have (all fingers crossed) fixed the leaking/bursting problems. It’s late in season for me so I will check it out next spring to see if anything has changed for the better.

    • Jokes on me, I checked the old site and it also says DAP, crap how can a reputable company lend it’s name to a lousy product…..

  235. I bought the X Hose, and absolutely love it! As a 65 year old woman I got tired of trying to lift 40 pound hoses to water my plants. Had no problem with customer service at all. They called to confirm my order, said when it would ship and received it on time. This is a wonderful product.

    • You are a 65 yr old woman named Robbie? and out of all these review’s yours is the only positive one? I have to be suspicious about this review.

  236. My wife purchased this hose on a whim, thinking that it would be easy to pack and store in the horse trailer. We have been using this hose for washing horses at horse shows since August and it has been working great, have even had horses step on it. We can have the 25′ hose in a 5 gallon bucket with all the horse washing supplies. Others have seen us using and borrowed it and love it as well.

  237. I purchased a 25ft and 50ft and on the larger one with the first use the outer covering came apart at the connection point and the inner balloon filled up like a long animal balloon and popped. No amount of replacements will ease my concerns with the quality and workmanship. It’s going back. Lesson learned.

  238. I first saw this on tv. I was really excited, but it was 2am or something like that in the morning. I am disabled and on a tiny income and live in Hud housing. I wanted so bad to buy this for some missionaries I know that have almost no extra money and are trying to grow a garden. I thought$ 20.00 was doable .I called to order and then I remembered I should check the reviews. On one other item all the reviews were from the company and not even one from normal people, and I was afraid this was going to be the same. I am sooo glad to see this was real. I too feel like with so many neg. reviews the positive ones must be fake. one person kept harping about it’s only$ 20.00 dollars, I don’t think this is the what makes people so upset. I think it’s the fact that you are in America, a country that is supposed to be built on businesses with CHARACTER. I still believe in our country. but it’s company’s like this that hurt OUR PRIDE IN TRUSTING A COMPANY’S WORD. It makes us mad when they DON’T CARE that they conned sooo many Americans THAT PUT THEIR TRUST IN THEM. IT TRULY SEEMS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IT is ( THE BUCK) . !! WHEN WITH JUST A LITTLE FIXING AND LISTENING THEY COULD HAVE HAD MILLIONS AND THE REPUTATION OF TRUST SO THAT WE WOULD TRY ANYTHING ELSE THEY OFFERED IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE THEY COULD BE TRUSTED AND THEY SHOWED THEY CARED. HOW SAD FOR YOU XHOSE. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TURN IT AROUND MAKE GOOD YOUR WORD. I’LL BE PRAYING AND HOPING FOR YOUR SUCCESS, BUT RIGHT NOW I CAN’T ORDER FROM YOU. TRUST IS A VERY IMPORTANT WORD TO ME!!!! ‘THANKS GRAMMIE’B’

  239. Loved the hose when it first arrived, took it to Tulsa and it didn’t survive a week in the heat, started splitting and spraying all over. Great concept, poor workmanship.

  240. Ordered the hose 4 weeks ago. After two weeks leeks. Idea is good but poor quality. Don’t waste your money. sorry

  241. As promised, am writing a follow-up to my earlier post.

    I have been using my x-hose constantly since receiving it, for about 2 months now. No problems, everything working great. I hope it continues.

    Have to remember to use my rain barrel water, but I just love this hose so much I tend to over-water now! But the birds love to have their fresh water every day, and this hose makes it so convenient to clean their bird baths, and I have several. Before I would tend to leave the cleaning for a few days just because of the nuisance of dragging and coiling the heavy hose.

    So far so good. Hope it lasts, I would hate to go back to the old hose.

  242. Why would anyone waste $$$ on this. I’ve had the same 100 ft hose for 10 yrs. And is doing great, just roll it in nice big loops 3ft or so and put it in side come winter. No problems,

  243. Ordered the 75′ hose after seeing the add on TV. Thought it would be nice in my front yard so it wouldn’t be so noticeable hooked to my water spicket. I am not into rolling up convention hoses to make them look neater after each use.

    At first I liked the hose. Seemed to be as close to what I was imagining as it possibly can get but on the downside it kills off some of water pressure and it is a not possible just to lay it on the ground to water something without it spraying around like a like a crazy snake.

    After less that just 2 months the hose developed leaks. Looks like an uphill battle to get support.

    • Just called a number that I got from this site for support. 1800-554-5925. I told them about the x-hose leakage and before I even finished the sentence the customer service agent said, No problem. We had a big batch of defective hoses shipped out. Then immediately told me he would send out not just one but 2 replacement hoses for free and knock $5 off my original charge to go back on my card.

      This was quite strange and almost unbelievable customer service. Guess I will wait 7 to 10 business days and see if everything comes as promised.

      Thank god for this website.

  244. If I had read previous reviews I would not have ordered the hose. The computer order made an error and I could not get it corrected, but as noted by others, you cannot get help. There is only internet that will not answer questions, or phone number and it will not put anyone on to answer questions.

    My best solution was to cancel my credit card so that the order will be refused. I could then order again, but do you think I will? In your dreams! I’ve already wasted hours on this.

  245. Great idea, but very poor quality. Have bought three and had to return two. As mentioned in other reviews the attachment to the faucet is very fragile and easily breaks with out being extremely careful in tightening. The second one worked for a week and then the connection at the end popped. Seems they need to invest more in the parts before this product can be a success.

    It is great having a hose that takes minimal space and does not kink up, but it is just too delicate for normal use and I imagine they get a lot of returns.

  246. Thanks to all for writing reviews. I too was about to order one and thought I’d see the reviews. It took some digging but was worth it. Sorry you all did not get the product you expected and hope you get your money back.

  247. My hose was in two pieces, the first 50 ft. Then another 25 ft to make my 75 ft hose. I thought I was getting one single hose 75 feet long, not in two pieces. Then where you attach the two hoses together is broken last two. Uses and I only use it to water my planters on my deck.

    Why is there not a website address we can use to write our complaint to the maker? Why only a phone number?

    If anyone has an email address to contact these guys please send it to me or post it.


  248. Total garbage product. Called 800-284-4682 and they looked up my order. Said they would refund my credit card within 2 days. They did not want me to return the product for the refund. Another number that is posted in these reviews is 800-554-25924. Haven’t tried this number since I hope I got what I wanted from the first one.
    Good luck everyone.

  249. Lasted about 4 months even though it was only lightly used and always emptied after use. Inner hose seemed to pop about 10ft into a 50ft hose. Loved it while it lasted. Would never buy it again.

    • Thank you to all the people who took the time to write a review. I was just about to order a hose but decided to see if anyone reviewed the product first. After reading mostly bad reviews, I will not be purchasing a hose. It’s such a great idea and I hope someone else can make these better.

  250. Thank you all for taking the time to write your reviews.Those saved me one huge headache! I have back problems and when I saw the infomercial on the xHose I couldn’t wait to order one. After reading the reviews there’s no way I’d order one now. I’ll wait until it passes our American standards. Besides, it’s only a matter of time until some company in the states copies it and does a mass production. Then I’ll make my purchase.

  251. Thanks to all who posted here on this forum. After reading all of the posts, I’m not going to buy the xhose at this time. Maybe they’ll work out the kinks in this product (no pun intended) regarding quality, manufacturing and shipping and maybe next summer it will be a good value.

  252. Quality of parts is an issue. Got our first Xhose – valve was cracked/split before putting it on the tap. Returned it and got another one. We attached it to the tap, had it turned off as instructed, and within 30 seconds the valve split and came off.
    I’m taking this one back too! I won’t get another one.

  253. Bought this hose a couple of months ago from the Showcase Store (As Seen on TV). Got the 75 foot hose for $80. Pricey for my liking but hose has so far worked great. Just hope the material will stand up to time with the constant expanding and retracting when using. Plastic ends/connectors made of cheap plastic but I’m trying to baby my hose so I don’t develop any problems. Very entertaining to watch it expand and shrink.

  254. Thank you all for taking the time to review this hose. I was ready to buy one but wanted some REAL feedback from REAL customers. Now I’m searching for something else.

    • Bought this hose a month ago, yesterday it died. It was working really great but all of the sudden it collapsed. Seems like the inner hose became unattached from the spigot. One month was all it lasted me. hopefully this will be your “caveat emptor”. I am in the process of getting my money back.$50.00 for a fifty foot hose.

  255. We bought one of the 25ft versions and we’ve been using it several months in our small courtyard garden almost everyday.

    I guess we’re lucky ……….Our’s is fantastic!!! Convenient, works as advertised .

    A few noteworthy details, we live at the dead end of a city water supply, extremely high water pressure. When I initially installed the hose, happened to have some rubber hose washers installed those and I tightened the connections slowly making sure to not over torque the plastic fittings.

    I’d really like to buy another ……. All these post make me PARANOID 🙁

  256. A total piece of Chinese crap. The first one came with a broken connector. Sent back at my expense. 2nd one leaked after two uses. Junk. Look for an American made hose. Cost more but worth it.

  257. Whooh! Thank goodness for reviews as I was all set to buy 2 of these XHoses until I read all the negative reports. Must not be a good product when the company makes it so hard to contact them. That should be a warning sign in itself.

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to inform us about this product, good or bad.

    Hmm, with so many negative reviews, I often wonder if the company doesn’t put in the positive reviews themselves. Something to think about.

  258. I ordered the X-Hose on line and even got an email thanking for my order. I ordered it on the 8th of Aug. and it is now the 16th of Aug. and I have not received it. I know it does take time to get things ordering from online, but I tried tracking my order and it says it cannot be found. I looked repeatedly for a customer service number to locate it, and there is no number anywhere.. Any suggestions?

    • I called the customer service number … they are nasty. I got the name of the CEO for the company. My lawyer will be contacting them. I got a tracking number. When I called FedEx there was no record of it. This company in my book is a scam.

  259. I just received the X-HOSE 75′. To my surprise it was everything the commercial said it was. I was very skeptical at first and thought about cancelling my order. The evening I ordered it, I just came in from a grueling experience with my run of the mill, 75′ rubber garden hose. It twisted, bent, turned, and finally hooked on the edge of my front stoop. Then I tripped over it. By the time I finished watering my plants, I’d had it. I threw the hose down, shut off the wter and went inside, exhausted and upset. I plopped down on my couch to relax and tried to forget about gardening for a while , when coincidentally, a commerical comes on about this new type of garden hose, the X-HOSE. I thought to myself, God must be sending me a sign. This is too much of a coincident. I couldn’t dial the numbers fast enough, while searching through my pocketbook for my charge card, I quickly ordered 75′. However, a while later I started to second guess myself and thought about cancelling the order, thinking if it sounds too good to be true, it must be too good to be true. Well in this case it was truly the opposite. I am so glad I did receive the X-HOSE, because I am the talk of my neighborhood. Everyone that comes in my yard gets a demonstration. I’m still in awe, when I watch it uncurl and grow to it’s full length, and when I shut the water, it’s amazing how it shrinks to a third of it’s size. It is so light. I didn’t believe the commercial with the little girl holding it. It’s true. The amazing thing is it all fits into a small pot. No more mess of heavy twisted garden hoses laying in my yard. I am planning to buy one for each of my sons as Xmas presents. This is one time I made a good decision, buying something from a commercial and it really living up to my expectations. I would definitely recommend it, and if your in my neighborhood, you’ll probably get a free demonstration. Joyce, Franklin Square, NY.

    • Not that I’m the suspicious type…but this really sounds like a plant review sent in by someone from the company. It’s practically the ad copy from the commercial….

      • This is definitely an honest review. I do not work for the company, just very impressed with the product. If you have the tangle problems I’ve had and then come across something that really works, you would probably write a review like mine yourself. Seeing is believing, so try it and then review it yourself.


        • I too have had great results with the three that I bought 3 months ago. I love it and will probably buy more. Maybe you guys landed on a defective batch. I got it from xhose.ca may be it’s better from Canada.

          • No better in Canada. I ordered a 75′ and a 50′. First order came with a defected end and had to return at my expense. The they did not send replacement, but credited by credit card instead so reordered. Finally got a new hose and it was not long and the one hose sprung several leak and the other one blew up. Have contacted customer services and they will not replace. Would not recommend buying from this company at all.

  260. I would like to thank all of you for these reviews. I was very excited by this new design and I was determined to buy one. When I checked the reviews, I was so disappointed that the inventors or the company selling this hose did not do proper product testing. I decided not to buy it. As for some of the comments that it was made in China and that’s why it’s junk, I will comment that most products manufactured today are made in China, some very good products and others junk. The reason is because the companies ordering these products to be manufactured in China do not specify the materials, process and quality control from the Chinese manufacturing company, they want it made cheap. Apple products are manufactured in India and China and their products are some of the finest.

    • How are Apple products some of the finest? Their screens scratched until they was basically facing a class action lawsuit. The newest iPads shipped with scuffs and gouges all over. Apple is good at one thing…marketing

      • Amanda..no need to try be insulting..my goodness..Mark is making an intelligent decision by voicing his non-support of Communist China. His right, politically, anyway..although much is not ‘crap’ that is imported from China. Amanda..what makes him an ‘idiot’ in your opinion? Your retort certainly does not elevate your intelligence in the eyes of others.

  261. I got XHOSED. Tried it as soon as I got it. The plastic female connecter popped right off. It has a crack in it. Very disappointed. Can’t use and they want to charge to ship it back.

  262. I bought a 25′ hose in April. I received it the end of June. Yesterday it just burst in the middle. Today I sent it back for a replacement. Can be a great product-light-empties itself-easy to store.

    -no number to speak to a co. representative
    -no guarantee-90 days is not much since most hoses are lifetime
    -a fairly expensive product

    My advise is to wait until they work out the bugs and you can buy it on a store shelf.

  263. We finally got our xhoses after a few weeks. We bought the 25 ft for our camper and the 75ft for the garden. So far they have worked perfectly. No problems at all. We love the product. We were skeptical, as well, but the hose is very easy to use and very lightweight, which makes it great for the camper. Hopefully they will last the summer and into next year. I have and will continue to recommend the xhose.

    My husband bought a regular hose from home depot and it burst after a month and another cracked. Unfortunately, many products don’t hold up these days. I figured for $20, let’s give it a try. So far, we love the xhose!

    • Most of anything you buy at Home Depot is designed to break. Basically they mostly sell disposable crap that is made in China. I work for HD and we sell a ton of crap. Check those products small print…if it says made by HD move along…do not buy any HD crap.

  264. I almost got. Read all the posted reviews and quickly changed my mine.
    Will not Be buying Xhose. “You almost had me Xhose” but this one got away. Thank you All Reviewers.

  265. I ordered one online and it came fairly fast. Even though the receipt wasn’t detailed, I was charged the correct amount. I wish it had brass connectors but other than that it worked as advertised. Pretty cool concept. Maybe they will improve on it.

  266. Saw this product on a local Dallas news station that recommended it. Have been trying it for two weeks. It’s a descent product IF you only want to use a spray nozzle. Attach a sprinkler however, and you loose most of your water pressure which then requires moving the sprinkler and letting it run longer, added work. I’ll be sending mine back and buy a normal hose that costs half the price!

  267. I ordered a 50 ft Xhose and 5 way nozzle and there was a notice that this order qualifies for


    (click to claim)

    Please note I would like to claim my rebate but when I clicked nothing came up.

    I would appreciate if you would please investigate and adjust ASAP

    Betty Gibbons, Sweet home Road, Road view, St. Peter Barbados West Indies

    Shipping Address

    Earl Atkinson, Laurelton, 131-55 221st. Street NY 11413


  268. My wife ordered a 25′ xhose on 08/01/2012. She did not receive a confirmation after giving all the required financial and shipping information. today on 08/02/2012 I ordered a 50′ xhose and the same thing happened. No confirmation, no email, nothing.

    This is ridiculous and for one I regret even attempting to order from this vendor. There is absolutely no menu to contact them by phone or email and when I go to the order status page it advises that it has no record of my order after filling out the appropriate information.

    Don’t order it. They purposely limit the buyers ability to communicate with them. Not a good online sales site.

  269. RIPOFF ALTERT>>>DO NOT BUY!!!! Piece of trash. Connector broke the first time I tried to attach it to the faucet. Mailing mine back for a refund. Oh, and they will not pay for the return shipping which tells me they new what a piece of junk this is and there would be plenty of returns.

    • Same happened to me. I just tried for first time tomight and the connetor broke as it was filling with water. Cheap plastic connectors.

  270. I’ve had the hoses (50′ X4) for about 3 weeks and use them daily to water our flower beds. Until this morning, I’ve told everyone they perform as seen, but as expected have a greatly decreased volume from a traditional hose. I have to leave for work daily before 7am so I get up around 4:45 am to start watering. It’s kinda solitary outside, you get to see the sunrise, etc. With that said, no one springs to life at 4:45. I’ll admit I am still 1/2 asleep. Imagine my angst when my x hose exploded in my face this morning while holding it above my head with no shirt at 4:45am. I’m soaked even as I write this. They suck, as I thought. I’m 40 yrs old and no idiot. I own an auto collision repair center with over$1M in sales/yr. I’ve seen every stupid tv gimmick and laughed aloud when people order them, use them, and pay me to fix the results. Scratch-erasing wax or pens, dent wizard, headlight restoration liquid, paint restoring wax, all of them. They’ve all sucked. I gotta’ admit….they got me on this one. NEVER BEFORE…..NEVER AGAIN!

    • Here is a corporate number after much trouble I managed to get from a CST to slip up and give me after telling them I was recording the phone call at the begging of our conversation.

      The claim anyone who has the fitting issues will be sent out the new batch of hose with a free 25 foot bonus hose to say they are sorry , we will see.

      Direct corporate to the manufacturer

  271. I attempted to do a order today with this company when I selected for 1 x 100 foot X-Hose and clicked the submit button, not only did I not get a window allowing me to see what information they accepted on the transfer but it went directly to the thank for your order, no review or receipt, then after looking at what they had charged me for not only did they double my order and double charge me but of course no way to contact the company, when doing some investigating and finding the direct number in privacy policy I also found the 800 number here, when I called them trying to get some simple information about the issues they knowingly had with the cheat plastic fittings with it , I was treated very rude and refused any information about the product, they admitted they knew there was a fitting problem, also admitted they were still selling the faulty product, but refused to tell me the failure rate or give me direct contact information with the actual company that owns and produces the product which is a violation of federal law in the united states, all corporations and businesses must provide customers or tentative customers direct contact information with the president or owner which ever the case me be and I was refused all of that and hung up on.

    • all and all I would not recommend buying this product, they are very elusive to any information about the product and refuse to give any direct contact information and point blank told me they don’t care if they get a law suit or complaints with the BBB or consumer affairs.

  272. Ordered July 4, received approx. two weeks later.

    I live in Canada so I ordered through the http://www.xhose.ca site, not sure if that’s why the quicker shipping…

    I ordered two of the 25 ft lengths. I was quite fearful after reading all the negative comments, but I followed the instructions and turned the water on slowly. So far they both work great and no problems.
    I will re-post an update after using them throughout the summer.

    They are definitely a joy so far – love the light weight and ease of maneuverability. I put on those quick-connect gadgets so I don’t have to unscrew and screw every season from the tap and nozzle – hopefully to prolong the plastic.

    Don’t let the negative comments dissuade you: you still purchased your vehicle (or any high-ticket item) even though there are thousands of negative reviews (probably on every make and model) which involves thousands upon thousands of dollars. This is a $20 hose, well worth the risk considering they have probably sold millions, so the negatives are in the minority.

    • I got my hose about 3 weeks ago. I order 75 foot hose one 25 foot and 50 foot make 75 feet. Hose was working good until today, the 50 foot split at the seam. I had did what they said to do in taking care of hose, not letting hose get hot turning on water slowly. I do know why hose split. I do not believe I can get hold of company to get a fix.

  273. I was going to buy this hose for my 76 year old mom after reading these comments – changed my mind – still looking for a light weight hose.

    • I use the white marine hoses. Very light weight, easy to handle, haven’t had a problem with any of them. Buy at any big box store.

  274. Finally received the Xhose after 6 weeks of waiting. What a pile of crap. The female coupling was broken before I even got to hook it up. I then thought to myself good thing I bought two hoses. I hooked up the 75 foot hose and could not believe the lack of pressure. I have a nozzle on the end of the hose as recommended, but if you leave that nozzle on for more than 10 seconds your pressure goes to next to nothing unless you are barley squirting water out.

    I called their support line and advised I was wanting an RMA number to return. Sounded like the person answering the phone was at his wits end with return calls for the day. I will be contacting my credit card company and advising of the defective product which was broken and getting a full refund including the shipping. If they don’t return the shipping cost I will contact my credit card company as they all insure for full refunds on crap like this.


  275. I ordered this hose 5 weeks ago and they still haven’t sent it – after I was told I would receive the hose in 7 – 10 days.

  276. “Made in China” Junk from junk materials that China uses for so many of their exported products…never buy Chinese Junk!!!

    • Well so far both hoses work as promised. I purchased 2 50′ – I am not happy about this savings thing that you must cancel or you will be charged. I told them repeatedly on the phone that I was not interested, have not received anything in the mail yet but will diffidently cancel immediately. But as far as the product it working fine.

  277. Well I didn’t read this first, ordered a 25 foot and a 50 foot thinking this would be great. They both were split at the coupling that screws on to the faucet head. It is very cheap plastic. Water gushed out of the coupling then the hose flew off splattering water all over me. Needless to say I have both of them back in the box ready to send back. Hopefully they will credit my credit card.

  278. When I saw the ad on TV, I thought this could be the best invention in a long time (and I work with some patent attorneys) but decided to investigate before sending anyone a penny. After seeing many of the comments, I see that the idea may be great but the execution may have problems. (At least there is a product – we tend to deal with defending against patent trolls who have a patent but no product – NPEs – and make their money in getting legal settlements for nuisance value).

  279. The hose works great, but the cheap plastic fittings are worthless. Broke the first time we hooked it up. Going to send it back.

  280. I was super excited after seeing the ad on television, even stopped some of my staff to look at an online video. However, there are more negative reviews than positive and I think it wise to wait until the product hits stores in case I have to return it for being faulty.

  281. Ordered my X Hose on July 8th and just received today, July 19th – so that wasn’t bad at all. Just tried it once and it seemed to be great. I do wonder how long it will last but I will use it for light watering.

    My main concern is the fact that they basically signed me up for some savings crap and said I will get charged monthly unless I call the number and cancel. There was no info enclosed in the box so I’m sure their plan is for me to forget about it. That pisses me off.

  282. Hose lasted less than one minute. Opened the box. Connected the 25 foot hose. Turned on the water. Shut the water control on the end of the hose. Hose immediately disconnected from the connector. Can’t reattach the hose to the connector. Now have to send the hose back, pay for return shipping and wait for my credit. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  283. I just received my X-Hose recently,& couldn’t wait to try it. I own a CAMP GROUND, so I took it to camp. In front of about 20 ppl. ,the end that attaches to the supply, broke & soaked everyone. So I tried the second I bought,& the other end leeks like a sieve. Very nice demonstration in front of 20 plus people. I`m going to try to send it back…STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER DETAILS.

  284. I received my X-hoses today and was so excited to hook them up and use them. I started with the one I was going to use in my front yard the connector split and was too small for my faucet and is now unusable. I hooked up the longer one for the back yard. Water squirted from the faucet connection which my previous hose did not. I am so disappointed that I had not found this site first. I had bought the coiled hoses when I thought they would save space and after awhile they started tangling so was really looking forward to using the X-Hose, but the connectors are cheap plastic. I suppose if you don’t have to water much and have low water pressure it might be OK. I just feel duped.

  285. Got the X-hose today. 2 fifty foot and 2 twenty-five foot, fifty foot works well both 25 footer’s were broken at the attachment to the faucet (the little ring that screw’s on the faucet), before we even hooked them up. Hmm…going to send the short one’s back and PAY the stupid shipping again, grr!!

    • I ordered one 50 ft on June 4. Checked my order status a few days later online and saw two separate orders under my info. Called the number I found on this comment page and they said they would cancel one and other would arrive early July. I just checked my order status again and both have been cancelled. After reading your experience, I think I’ll just leave it cancelled.

  286. Fox News in Dallas just did this review

    I think I’ll buy one now…seems worth the wait

  287. Do not buy X-hose. Product is cheap junk. Then they sell your information to Tel-marketers to contact you with all kinds of shopping club deals and other rip-off scams.



  289. Received Xhose yesterday in the mail just a few days after charge appeared on my card. Connected it, turned on the water and the plastic connector came apart from the hose and can’t be put back together again. Noted afterwards, that the instructions indicate to turn on the water slowly. I will return it it the morning. Return shipping is not covered so I cannot recommend this product.

    • Right, because you NEVER spend $19.99 on anything wasteful or useless on a daily or weekly basis right? Gotta love the hypocrites.

      • Hey: you may be right. But I get to spend my hard earned money on what I want. People do not get to cheat you.

      • Oh me, Oh my, Omar: You may not realize it but YOU JUST CONFIRMED that spending $19.99 on this product would be “wasteful or useless”.
        Those are YOUR own words Omar! Oh my!

  290. I was tempted to order, but I will definitely wait until it hits Walmart, Amazon, or Beds, Bath, and Beyond, so when it fall apart, so I can get refunded with no hassles. If it never makes it large distribution stores?…well, we all know the end of that story.

  291. I don’t get all the people commenting how they won’t buy it due to negative reviews. If your not going to buy it, don’t, but I don’t understand the need to write a comment stating you are not going to buy it because you either don’t trust the site or the product. lol I mean its only 20 bucks. Most of you probably spend 20 bucks in 2 days on nonsense like junk food or drinks from Starbucks. Just sounds corny, but anyway, here is my review.

    I saw this on TV and as usual jumped on the net and tried to buy it from eBay or Amazon, however didn’t see it anywhere. Finally decided I’d just buy it from the site, after all it was only 20 bucks. So I ordered the 25′ hose on 6/16/12 and it came in the mail around 7/8 so the shipping took very long and I wasn’t happy with that, but whatever, I finally got it. I opened the box which was a small approximately 8″ x 5″ box and I couldn’t believe that a hose could be in it. I opened the box and and pulled out the hose which appeared to be around 8-10′ long. The end pieces looked cheap because they were made of plastic, so I carefully installed it into my faucet outside and as soon as I turned on the water, the hose started to expand which was very cool. On the other end it had a shut off valve made of plastic so I carefully and slowly opened it and got some good pressure. Keep in mind as you open the valve, the hose retracts back a little and as you close the shut off valve the hose expands again. What I LOVE about the thing is the weight. I often water by hand with a hose and it takes me a long time to water everything so dragging a regular 50′ or 100′ hoses gets very heavy at times, but with this thing, it was light as a feather to me and I was able to walk around holding it without a problem. Another thing I love about this is the open/shut valve which helps me not to waste water by unnecessarily watering areas of my yard that have no flowers/plants. Lastly, the other thing I love about this is when I’m done, and reel it up, it takes 1/4 of the space on the reel my old plastic hose did. So, so far, it appears to be doing very well. I actually wish I bought a longer one, so tonight, i ordered 2 other 75′ hoses from them. My only reservation is that I have not seen anything about any warranty and I’m hoping now that the hoses last me a while. This just makes want to be more careful with the hoses so I guess that’s a good thing.

    • Omar,
      Scroll to the bottom of the web site for this product and click on the “HELP” word…it will give you the opportunity to click on the warranty guarantee for the hoses…they state there that there is a 90 day warranty guarantee on this product…but no refund on shipping & handling that you would pay to return it to them. It might be a good idea if you print out that guarantee for your own benefit. Hope this helps you.

    • Oh Oh Omar, gotcha in another crazy erroneous claim. It says you must use a nozzle (a nozzle that shuts off when not in use). Thus, even if you were using a traditional style hose there would be no reason to “waste water” on areas that have “no flowers/plants”.

      Additionally, even with traditional hoses, most of the total weight is in the actual water that is contained within the length of the hose. So how could this hose be “light as a feather” when the water comprises most of the weight of ANY hose including this one?

  292. Ordered 3 weeks ago, still don’t have it. Got a call today to confirm shipment and try to scam me into buying other things. Never again.

  293. Also if they tell you it was sent out already, When it comes just refuse it. Or to safe guard yourself, take it to the post office to send back but get a tracking number.

  294. X-Hose is cheap, won’t last through the summer, mine has many pinhole leaks after a few uses. Pure junk!


  295. Very impressed with the claims of the “Xhose” however they do not mention a warranty in their advertisement. I have sent an email to the “affiliates” address at the bottom of their advertisement and asked them “What is the warranty and for how long” if not received in 3 days I’m figuring they don’t offer one.

    • It’s a 90 day warranty. I just talked to them on the 203 # because I had a problem ordering on the web.

  296. I’ve been reading many of your comments, and someone complained about no phone number being listed. I found it, you have to go into Privacy Policy. So in order to help out the person who couldn’t find it—here it is:

    Primary Contact/Website Owner:
    National Express Online
    2 Morgan Ave.
    Norwalk, CT 06851

  297. thanks you all who posted. I thought it was great when I saw it on TV. After reading all these posts. NO THANK YOU 2 X Hose. Seems to be buying it will just get me hosed too. If Amazon lists it, maybe, but sounds like typical buy one get one free wammo, slammo, slimmo,
    crap that you get on the off channel tv channels, and ov course, the 7 or 8 dollar shipping fee is where the profits are. thank you all, I will save my 28 bucks and use my normal hose.

  298. What I’m seeing based on the reviews is it is probably wiser to wait until this product shows up at CVS or Bed Bath&Beyond. There are too many As Seen On TV products that turn out to be scams or shoddy products. Thanks to everybody who took the time to post.

  299. Looking at the web site when trying to order, there is no padlock before the web address. That raised an alarm with me. Then, checking out the link to the “Verified and secured certificate” I saw it was from, “GoDaddy” Sorry but I don’t trust that site personally. Great idea but it’s a no from me.

    • Don’t know what you mean by a padlock? Must be an I.E gizmo (who knew people still use I.E?..lol) The way to tell if a site is secure is in the address. The “s” in https means you are on a SECURE site. As in https://www.xhose.com/index.php?page=Home

      As for GoDaddy, there are the registrar of the web site, they simply register it with INTERNIC for the owners. They aren’t affiliated with any site.

  300. They need to get their act together. You are told they can access your address from your home phone number–Then them you you have no home number. I backed off after that.

  301. The XHOSE Web site is just like all the scams for many of these info commercials. When you go to Amazon or others, 1.) you order, 2.) provide the information, 3.) verify the info and price and quality, 4,) then shipping options, 5.) and finally provide your credit card info, 6.) and click the order button.

    With XHose, like with all the other smiling voice overs, you have to provide your credit card right on their homepage before going to the next page, the EXACT opposite of the above legit businesses where you can cancel before clicking the order button. I don’t mess with these “our way of the highway” ordering Web sites.

    And I don’t want to support this ADHD type of marketing, order now and then buyer beware afterward. I’ll wait till it shows up in a box house where I can walk away with a return receipt . . . no shipping or handling charges where the profits are made for these infomercial sites and “just pay shipping and handling” is the hook, not the afterthought.

    The bottom line is as always: Buyer beware.

    Remember it’s not want you make. It’s about what you keep. And these infomercials are after your wallet, not your loyalty. So keep your money out of their hands may be the best idea unless you know otherwise.

    PS: Ever try ordering new plastic side legs for a Showtime cooker that suddenly break apart for no reason after a few years of wear? Their Web site wouldn’t even respond to e-mails to order the parts for a cooker that still works but becomes dangerous with broken legs that no longer hold the hot glass front.

  302. I wanted to purchase 2 hoses (X-Hoses) but the payment information area did not mention a secured setting for credit card transactions. Am reluctant to give out credit card info without this.

    Please let me know if you site is secures for payment.

    Thank you,
    Ellen Kade

  303. Dear Dovergirl,
    Could you tell me if the XHOSE is compatible with ANY spray nozzle, whether metal threading or vinyl? Thank you kindly.

  304. Got X-Hose after 2 months. Works great, wife loves it. Only concern are the cheap plastic fittings. Time will tell.

    • I’m with you on the plastic fittings. Metal ones don’t weight that much more. The lack of warranty or guarantee on a new product makes me uneasy. The fact that they want you to keep the hose inside during extreme winter conditions concerns me as well. I live in the Midwest, and I don’t have a garage right now. I’m not willing to wait 2 months, either.

  305. I think this is a SCAM! I tried to order this for my dad. I went through the whole purchase process only to find at the end it was not going to the shipping address I placed but to my address. Confused and concerned I wanted to contact them immediately to correct this error and silly me realized there is NO TELEPHONE NUMBER! Giving them the benefit of the doubt I emailed them using their stupid email address and surprise surprise I got NO response.

    It has been over a week and nothing. I checked their “customerstatus.com” to cheque on the progress and to see if they corrected their mistake without informing me. Yup everything is in motion to be shipped to my address which would be fine if I lived in the same city as my dad, which I don’t! Fortunately for me they have not taken money off my credit card yet. I just called my lovely Credit Card company and cancelled it. So if they want my money they better be giving me a contact number and mailing address as I don’t trust them until I know I can talk to someone on the phone. People be very careful!!!

    • I ordered my hose by using the website in May. Received the hose within two weeks. Love the lightweight hose. I hope that the plastic fittings hold up. So far it is living up to the advert.

  306. I ordered this via the internet over 8 weeks ago still no product, I called today and was told they dont know why I haven’t gotten it, and maybe I will need to place another order and cancel the first one.
    The wait to get this product is so ridiculous.

  307. Ok what if I got 50 and 50 put together does it still retracts??
    or 75 and 25 together??

  308. Finally received 75′ Xhose today and it appears to work as advertised. Question will be durability and only time will tell.

  309. I just checked the other site out, and found that it was for Canadian sales only. So, the U.S. website isn’t working right I gather?

  310. My question is, I found two websites claiming to be for this hose, on one site that says it is the official website, a 50′ hose is $29.95, on the other site the same 50′ hose is $39.95. Why is the price different? I tried to order the $29.95 hose, filled everything out, looked at the bottom of the page, and it said to click order now to submit the order, the only order now button was at the top of the page, I clicked it, but it never showed the order as having been submitted, it instead sent me back to the bottom of the page. I gather they aren’t taking orders at this time? I am going to wait to see what others say before trying the other site.

    • Ok, I went back and tried it again. I did the same as before, and after hitting the order now button, it sent me back to the bottom again. I ran my mouse over the blank space below the info section, and the fine print at the bottom of the page and found another blank button, so I clicked it. It sent me to a page that had a spray nozzle that they were offering for a little over $9.00, just as I clicked another blank button below it to see if it would send me back to the first page. Well it didn’t. It did show me that the order went through, but, it also showed that I ordered the spray nozzle also, which, I gather to get the hose, you HAVE to buy the nozzle. THAT, is a very dishonest setup in my opinion. What should have been a $37.90 order, ended up costing be over 50 bucks. They are going to get a phone call from me about this garbage.

  311. Finally, received my hose. Love it, have used it for a week now, just got finished watering and the hose burst wide open. Cannot repair. Oh well was good while lasted.

      • I received mine after about 4 weeks with the plastic fitting broken. FYI, the 90 day warranty does NOT include freight, so you have to pay to send it back. You can send it back for a refund. There is a form on their website.

  312. We were going to order 75′ hose but after seeing the above reviews I also will wait for it to come to the Store!! I don’t want to wait 3 to 6 weeks for them to be on back order and if Costumer Services doesn’t tell you that is bad for the company!! I think they need to tell you it’s on back order…..

  313. After reading the reviews, I’m waiting until I can buy the X-Hose in the store. It’s not like it’s the end of the world if I don’t get an X-Hose right this very minute.

    • I agree. Anything ordered that takes 2 to 6 weeks to receive is ridiculous. Bad business to make a customer wait that long. I also don’t want my info sold to another company which Xhose profits on. Reading the reviews I see the connections are plastic. One mistake and the hose is no good. I also see the hose burst out of the box for a few customers.

      I will wait until Xhose comes to Home Depot or RiteAid so I have a guarantee and not have to spend as much in shipping as the hose costs itself. I am sure Xhose could careless what we think anyway.

  314. This is a great product! I was amazed at how small it was when I received it in the mail. Yes-it took a while to get but I’m so glad I waited and didn’t whine about it. I purchased it for our camper to save on storage of a normal hose when we hook up to water at camp grounds. This is a great invention!

  315. Sounds exciting a great fix for those awful hoses. However, the reviews have made me think twice before ordering.

  316. Good News. I finally received my X HOSE yesterday June 9th and I am more than pleased. My husband washed both cars, watered the lawn and even gave the dog a bath. The technology that went in to making this hose is so fascinating that you will keep turning it on and off just to watch it swell up and go back down. You have to follow the instructions that come with it in the box for it to work properly. I got the 50ft one and still can’t get over how light weight it is. My only problem was threading it on to the hose faucet. My husband didn’t seem to have any problem and said I must have been cross threading it. Screwing plastic on to metal takes some patience. I placed my order back on April 18th and it took this long to get it. Needless to say, I am really happy that I did not cancel my order. I am sure that more people will be putting their positive remarks online as they receive their hoses. I hope my review will put all those folks that are waiting at ease.

    • Thanks for your posting. I was considering cancelling as I have been trying to find out my order status (I ordered on May 14, 2012 and it is now June 25, 2012) but nothing seems to change online. I was a little leary that it was a scam too as there is no phone number to call and no email address to email questions too. Hopefully I will get it soon, and it will be as advertised. There are a lot of negative reviews on this posting too so we shall see.
      Thanks again for your posting.

    • Dovegirl… I ordered and received my Xhose about a month ago. I am 82 and really needed a light weight hose. I am very much pleased with it. I was a little concerned about the plastic connections so I bought a couple metal Quick Connect attachments made by Orbit. Hooked the female part to the water spicket and the male part to the Xhose. So all I need to do is click it in and turn the water on. They also make metal shut off attachments if the plastic one that comes with the Xhose breaks. When I am done watering, I just disconnect the hose and loop it around my arm and put it in the garage. I have used it with a sprayer and with a sprinkler. It works great so far. This hose has been a real life saver for me. So easy to use. No kinks and so easy to roll up. I guess if your a big strong guy..and can handle big kinky hoses..you probably wouldn’t need this, but for Seniors or anyone with back trouble… it’s a real blessing. I will treat mine with much care..

  317. My question is…has anyone actually received the damn hose yet and does it work? I got an email to allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and this was on 4/18/12. its now 6/10 and as yet…nothing. The tel # to contact them is 800/554/5925 by the way.

  318. Order it, and if it doesn’t arrive in 4 weeks, call you credit card company or bank and cancel the payment. If you are that worried that they do or don’t have a website, then you shouldn’t be ordering. You are in control of your card, quit whining. Grow a pair and deal with it. You are in complete control of your credit card. No one needs to hold your hand.

    I just ordered 2 of the longest ones. If they don’t arrive in 4 weeks, then I will cancel payment. Simple.

    A nation of obsessive whiners is what we have here.

  319. I completely challenge Xhose to respond to one or ANY of these charges! I was about to buy but after reading this page’s comments alone, I, like so many others, will wait till they respond or get their sh!t together.

  320. 6-2-12 — The X-hose sounds ideal, but unless I can contact a human being right away, I back off fast, as in this case. Going to the domain info, it says the X-hose domain name is up for sale. I plan to curb my enthusiasm and wait as long as it takes to make sure the X-hose is not another TV scam.

    • The shipping box contained the 90 day money back guarantee paperwork with the name NATIONAL EXPRESS (the folks who ship all of the as seen on TV products) along with a corporation name of Fosdick Corporation. This hose is amazing. Please read my review above. I was very skeptical too until I got my hose. I think this is a case of getting way too many orders than supply. Well worth the waiting in my opinion.

    • Up for sale huh? Maybe I’ll buy it, just to tell people it will be on shelves in a matter of months this way you’ll have somewhere to return it, and maybe a few other choice words, (he he he he).

      CVS carries quite a bit of as seen on TV items as do other stores such as Rite Aid and some food stores, have seen the most at CVS.

  321. This link works, xhose.ca

    customer service: customer service # for all interested its 800 554 5925

    they did say they are on back order and that they do take 2 – 6 weeks to get.

    My question, has any one actually received their order and if so, do they work?

    • YES… I got mine in 6 weeks to the day. Had no trouble ordering it and YES it works great. (See my post to Dovegirl., above)

  322. I am beginning to think this is a rip off. Web page says customer service use contact info below there is nothing! no contact info. I call web page people at the bottom of page by trade mark — said they would get back to me — never happen. Xhose Web page doesnt work if any one out there has any info please contact me at 775 378 5925 or at eament@yahoo.com thanks

  323. Have yet to see it delivered. Says it in process , it’s been over a month. I think it’ s a scam , website is up and down, I can’t contact to cancel

    • I did not receive any confirmation in over a week. Called my credit card company & no charge was put through. I cancelled my credit card as I am now convinced that this a scam!

  324. I would like to order the largest of the Xhoses, but after reading about it taking so long to get, I will have to wait, unless you can direct me to a sight with more information and contacts.

    • I bought the Tuffguard hose in 2011 and I love it. It’s very lightweight but tough because it has has a helix wrapped around it. I find it easy to drag around the yard and easy to roll up, but of course it’s not made out of cloth.

  325. Ordered two xhoses off the toll free number. Had nothing but trouble for a full trying to get one of the hoses upgraded to a larger size. Three weeks later I found out it was backordered and would not be restocked for at least another 3 weeks. Too many problems. I cancelled my order.

  326. I have been trying to confirm my order of my XHose. I am unable to find a number to contact by phone. The website is down to ask questions. Are you able to help me here?

  327. where to buy collapsable water hose xhose. I saw an advertisement on tv buy one and get one free if I pay s&h

    • I ordered one via xhose.com but now the website is down. Upon getting my order confirmation it says it will take 2-6 weeks for delivery. Had I known that I would not have ordered. Now I am trying to find a way to cancel but there isn’t any contact info anywhere. However, I found that National Express Inc registered the xhose.com domain so I emailed them looking for assistance. This whole process has been a pain the a$$. The hose looks really cool but I think we’re better off waiting until they arrive in stores or until they get their sh!t together.

      • I wanted to order one or two also. Looked at the website one day to check it out, tried to go back the next day to order and the site is down! Glad I waited an extra day before I placed my order – what’s the problem??

        • The S&h is a rip off I order 2 set of hose they cane in 1 box but I had to pay double shipping Also 1 was defective and they do not put out the pressure as seen on TV however they are nice for watering flow. I hope I won,t Have to pay shipping to send me a new one.

          • I am in Canada and had no problem with Xhose.ca I love this thing! I ordered by calling the customer service number it’s all there.

      • Hi I also ordered online and am very nervous about it. For one thing, it never gave me a total amount to verify and click process. It just took the information and there is no phone # or way to contact anyone. It seems a little fishy to me. I hope I didn’t get “hosed”.

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