Wonder Weave by Ronco

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What is Wonder Weave?

Wonder Weave by Ronco is a cleaning cloth from Ronco that assures to revolutionize the way people clean their homes. It claims to clean any mess in the house effectively, quickly and easily a lot better than any other cleaning cloth or paper towel. Wonder Weave by Ronco emphasizes to have more absorbing power than cotton or microfiber cloths and it can be rinsed clean under warm running water.

Wonder Weave REVIEW

Not many reviews for Ronco Wonder Weave, one customer who tried to buy this product could not complete his order. He complains he did not receive the confirmation mail and was not charged for the purchase.

How does Wonder Weave work?

Wonder Weave by Ronco claims to be made from Rayon cloth that’s in turn made from the pulp fiber of bamboo, a wonder material that is among the most renewable resources on Earth. With 50,000 odd strong yet soft micro-weaves Wonder Weave by Ronco proclaims to wipe away all the dirt, dust, grime and grease on any surface along with 99.9% germs. All this mess is also convinced to be washed clean entirely by just a simple rinse under warm tap water. Wonder Weave by Ronco also asserts to be a lot more absorbent than cotton or even microfiber, as its creators allege, and the cloth does not drip the absorbed water back.


Clean just about anything indoors or outdoors
So far the only way for people to clean the stuff in their homes has been using paper towels, cotton cloths, microfiber cloths or sponges and tossing them away in the trash sooner than later. When just towels and cloths don’t serve the purpose, harmful chemicals and solutions come into play. However, Wonder Weave by Ronco cleaning cloth claims that you can now clean just about anything inside or outside your house with this wonder cleaning cloth easily without having to throw it away soon.

Wonder Weave by Ronco asserts to clean everything whether it is the grease on the gas stove in your kitchen, dust on the glasses and mirrors in your bathroom, stubborn grease stains in the garage or even the patio furniture that has been assailed by the weather all year long. After the cleaning job, you can just rinse Wonder Weave by Ronco clean with warm tap water without having to use detergents.


Rinses clean with just tap water
Regular sponges and cleaning cloths lock in the grease, grime and bacteria that won’t wash out when rinsed so you either have to throw them away after a while or clean them in the dishwasher alongside other dishes or in the washing machine with other clothes spoiling other things. But Wonder Weave by Ronco gets rid of all the grime and germs with just a simple rinse but is also machine washable. You do not have to use chemical solutions with Wonder Weave by Ronco so it promises to be safer for the family especially with kids and pets and also environmental-friendly also because you longer have to usurp 200 paper towel rolls a year.

Even after months and months of use, Wonder Weave by Ronco emphasizes to not show any wear and tear. Rayon towel Wonder Weave by Ronco claims to save on storage space of bundles and bundles of paper towels that also cost over $200 each year. The color coded Wonder Weave by Ronco states that it is possible to allocate different colors for different areas of your house or outside that need to be cleaned.


What do I get?

  • 5 10-inch Green Wonder Wave Cloths
  • 5 10-inch Blue Wonder Wave Cloths
  • 10 8-inch Red Wonder Wave Cloths
  • 2 Cleaning Mitts

Price: $39.98 + $14.99 S/h. Official website: BuyWonderWeave.com


One thought on “Wonder Weave by Ronco

  1. Went to the Wonder Weave website to order but there’s a problem. Every time I order it accepts but no confirmation email and funds are not deducted from my bank account. And when does the package come if you order it on a Friday or a Saturday. I even ordered it on a Tuesday and nothing.

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