Wisp System

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What is Wisp System?

A smart and efficient disposal tool that has electrostatic bristles that to contain dust, debris and even pet hair
Wisp System claims to be the ultimate cleaning tool for easiest, fastest and most efficient way to sweep your house. While brooms tend to scatter the debris and dust, the supposedly re-engineered cleaning system Wisp System promises to be the best cleaning tool that will control and guide the dirt into the pan to give you a clean floor.

Prevents air contamination

Another aspect where Wisp Cleaning System is supposedly different from a regular brooms and dust pans is that brooms tend to flick the dust in the air making it unhealthy to breathe. But Wisp System is apparently equipped with bristle seal technology with its short, dense and indestructible bristles that are at a 90° angle to the floor thus creating a floor-to-bristle bond that captures all the dust and dirt. Furthermore, apparently the captured debris does not spill on to the floor again.


Electrostatic bristles get rid of debris and pet hair

With a traditional broom it is impossible to get rid of the minute debris and especially pet hair. But Wisp Sweeping System promises to tackle the problem with its electrostatic bristles that cling dust mites, debris and even pet hair to give you perfect cleanliness. The Wisp Pan also claims to have an inbuilt comb that removes the hair and debris from the bristles without you needing to dirty your hands.

Easy and quick to use

Where it is extremely tedious to use the brooms that are often heavy, Wisp Sweeping System claims that it is lightweight and it needs just a simple pushing forward or pulling backward with one hand to channel and direct the debris into its pan. The pan is said to be ergonomically designed too with its 4-pressure point system that allows you just need to place a foot on the back of the Wisp pan and it easily seals its edge on to the floor to collect the debris effectively. Also, it is said to reach any corner and even along the floorboard of the room easily.


What do I get?
You get Wisp System for $29.99 Plus 9.99 P&H

  • Wisp System Includes:
  • WISP (55″L x 12″W x 3″H)
  • Wisp Pan (11.75″L x 13.5 W x 2.75″H)
  • Wisp Away Storage Sleeve

Official Website wispdirect.com


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