Wipe New Reviews and Complaints

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What is Wipe New

Wipe New is a car restorer spray that claims to restore the showroom shine of your car. It claims to be long lasting for years. The infomercial asserts that Wipe New restores dull foggy headlights, faded bumpers, whethered sun-damaged vehicles to their original showroom shine. You will realize in this Wipe New review if these promises are true.


Why do you need Wipe New?

Are you uncompromisingly particular about your car and want it to look well turned-out at all times even though it’s really difficult to manage it? When the initial phase of the good looks and wonderful shape of your new car passes, it tends to appear dim and you feel disheartened to notice the weathered body, faded bumpers, foggy headlights and other things you wish never existed. Getting rid of such hassles is no easy job; it demands a whole lot of time, resources and of course, money. For all this you need the Wipe New. You will find out yourself in this Wipe New reviews below if it really stands up to these claims.. If you’re really concerned about these issues and frantically searching for a perfect solution to keep such embarrassing developments at bay, turn to Wipe New, the amazing new nano-polymer formula.

How does Wipe New claim to Work?

Wipe New claims to really smarten up your car to make it appear brand new and dismiss the undesirable elements that disfigure it as it’s built using the infinitely powerful nano technology that’s taking the world by storm.

Wipe New claims to be a great solution that liberates you of the burden of expensive car treatments such as applying and subsequently reapplying costly silicone based products. According to the Wipe New infomercial, normal car cosmetic results are only temporary and end up in wastage of your money and precious time, and can’t fight the impact that the rain, UV rays, salt and other agents can leave. But Wipe New claims to penetrate deep down and grips the surface tight to restore the luster that the car originally wore.

Retrieve the lost sheen permanently that strike your car and conquer the faded, weathered surfaces that tarnish your precious car and that too in an incredible 13.5 seconds flat with just one application and nothing else after that! Every inch coated with Wipe New restorer is permanently protected with a shine that actually lasts as long as you own the vehicle. Wipe New begs to give it a chance to rev up every part from bumpers, dashboards, rims and lots of more of your car! Wipe New is fast and really easy to use; switch over to it to acquire the enviable showroom new look permanently so easily that you’ll be zapped!

Wipe New claims to work better than other car cosmetic products because it works at the root of the problem and holds on to the surface tight. Thus it will not only restore your drive’s look it will also help maintain it by fighting the effects of salt, UV rays and rain for that matter.

One application of Wipe New is all it takes to have your car looking at its glorious best. Who needs those expensive silicone based products that require a few applications to do the job when this amazing product will do it in one go and work brilliantly all over, from bumpers to dashboards.

Wipe New FAQs

How much Wipe New do I need for my vehicle?
A single wipe across the vehicle’s surface (1.5 ounces) is enough for a mid-sized vehicle that is not awfully faded or porous.

What items does the Wipe New Pro Detailing kit include?
One red and two yellow microfiber applicator cloths, one pair of gloves, headlight prep pad, and sponge swab applicator each.

What is the purpose of gloves, headlight prep pad and applicator brush?
Wear the gloves to prevent irritation and because Wipe New doesn’t come off the skin easily if it dries. Use the headlight prep pad to remove heavy oxidation from the lens before you apply Wipe New. Dip the sponge tip of the brush into the Wipe New bottle and clean difficult areas – around your headlights, rear view mirror, grill inserts, interior HVAC vents, etc.

How are the microfiber cloths different from one another?
The two yellow cloths fit inside your palm for more precise application. Use the larger red cloth to apply Wipe New on surfaces like the headlights.

Can one stop applying Wipe New, restart later and get matching results?
Restarting may not always give same results because of difference in light, temperature, humidity, etc. It is recommended to finish the application on a surface in a single go. If you must, reapply in a less noticeable spot on the surface.

Will rain affect the application?
Wipe New needs 24 hours to cure. The vehicle must not be exposed to moisture – rain, dew, sprinklers, mist, or car washes as it may result in spotting or streaking.

Does Wipe New damage clothes?
Wipe New does not contain dyes but it hardens on drying therefore may damage your clothing.

Can one apply Wipe New on surfaces like glass/mirror?
It is not recommended on glass/mirrored surfaces as it may give a “wavy” effect. If you apply it on such a surface wipe it off immediately. Glass or mirrored surfaces are not included in the Wipe New Protection Guarantee.

Can one apply Wipe New on painted surfaces?
Only by a professional detailer in the right setting to prevent streaking. The vehicle owner can apply it to a painted surface at their own risk and it is not covered in Wipe New’s Protection Guarantee.

How can Wipe New be removed after drying or from a painted surface?
It can be removed with extremely fine high-grit (2000 or 3000) sandpaper. It comes off easily if wiped off immediately. Remove dried Wipe New from painted surface using a polishing compound on a microfiber cloth.

How long does Wipe New last after application?
Assuredly for two years on most surfaces. Reapplication is needed over a period of time if the surface is exposed to friction, oil from the skin, etc.

Why do streaks show on the surface?
Usually if Wipe New starts drying on the applicator cloth, if the surface has not been cleaned with soap and water or exposed to moisture within 24 hours.

Can Wipe New be applied to a fiberglass surface?
Yes. Shine will be restored to the surface and it will be protected from UV damage.

Is there any product to clean oxidation before applying Wipe New?
No. Do a regular prep and clean job on your fiberglass vehicles and ensure there is no residue by wiping your hand across it.

Wipe New Instructions

Wipe New should be applied on a well-ventilated area after wearing Nitrile gloves that you get with Pro Detail Kit. While this product shouldn’t be used on glass, extensive preparation is needed in case you want to use it on clear coated and painted surfaces on vehicles. That’s the reason an automotive detail professional is best equipped to do the job.

The exterior trim of a mid-size sedan can be coated with the help of 1 to 1.5 oz of the product. Application is best done from top of the car to down and that will make sure that freshly painted surfaces are not touched when wet. Before making any contact with a treated surface Wipe New should be left to dry for an hour. You can allow contact to moisture only after 24 hours of application. The product should not be applied in direct Sunlight.

If the product comes in contact with paint or other surfaces, you can wipe it off with cloth immediately. You can use Acetone to remove the product within the first hour of application. Once the product is cured you can remove it with a fine polishing compound or automotive sandpaper with high grit.

There can be some streaking if the product begins to cure on the cloth. In that case the cloth can be re-wet with the product or you can use a new cloth instead. Wipe New should always be stored in a cool place and discarded after expiration.

You can find demonstrations for use of product on http://www.facebook.com/WipeNew or http://www.youtube.com/user/AventoCorporation.


Instructions for Trim application

The surface should be washed with liquid detergent or car wash, while the surface should be rinsed and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Tip: There should be no water on and around the surface, and you can tap the surface gently. Any remaining water can be made to run and excess water can be dried up. Degreaser can be used on the surface to get best results and you can scrub thoroughly to get rid of any residue that might be left behind from other restorative products used in the past.

With the cap in place shake the bottle for 10 seconds before use. Pour the product on the yellow applicator cloth till it’s saturated. Apply on the surface without overlapping from one row to another. You might need a 2nd coat for badly faded surfaces; first coat should be dried for 10 minutes.

Tip: After saturation applicator cloth should be folded in half and then quarter.

Wipe New Headlight application instructions

Green/blue headlight polishing block found in the kit should be used. Untreated lens should be treated with the abrasive side to rid it of contaminants and oxidation. Rub in back and forth motions to ensure that surface has a white hazy appearance.

When the lens has yellow tint rub till yellow is removed. Rinse it till all dust is removed and let the surface dry before using the product.

Shake bottle with cap on for 10 seconds before opening, pour on applicator cloth till saturated and apply on the surface in a single wipe without any overlap for best results.


What do I get?
Don’t miss out on the irresistible offer on Wipe New that brings you one bottle for just $19.99, plus $7.99 S&P, and also the Detail Kit along with application pads, special headlight pad, detailing brush, two pairs of applicator gloves and a polishing block free! Not only that, the entire offer will also be doubled on payment of just$7.99 separate S&P! Official website GetWipeNew.com / WipeNew.com

183 thoughts on “Wipe New Reviews and Complaints

  1. I bought a 3 pack of wipe new to use on my interior and bumper for my car. I was very disappointed. This crap is not cheap. I followed the instructions and used the prep wipe than I used the wipe new wipe. I went to check on the results the next morning and there was a white residue and it didn’t do anything but make my dash look like shit. I will never use this shit again.

  2. Rust-oleum Wipe New is junk. It went on fine and looked good for a few weeks, then turned my Jeep Wrangler into a mess that can’t be easily cleaned off. Was told by the manufacturer to use polishing compound on the textured fenders and bumper to remove it. I bet THAT will be fun! One thing is true for sure… THE CRAP WON’T WASH OFF!

  3. This stuff ruined my headlights do not use. Followed instructions to the t. Made my lamps look much worse and created a bad rough coating which I am currently sanding off

  4. Bought the WipeNew Headlight restore to do my 2008 Trailblazer lenses. Took about 30 minutes to do. Took my time and followed instructions exactly. They look great. I did this outside of the garage and after the hour of drying moved it in. Didn’t notice the smell everyone is talking about and I am a non-smoker. I planned a day where I didn’t have to drive anywhere in case it did rain. Would recommend and would definitely use again. Most car places wanted from $75 to $125 to do this.

  5. Do not buy it. Husband did not even open the bottle. Only opened the box to read the directions. He got an instant headache as did others standing nearby. The instructions were stuck between 2 sealed bags so he got them by slicing the bag of the applicators. The did not come out. He attempted to read the directions but the smell and a burning sensation began. He put everything in the shop and stopped.
    Next morning half his face was swollen with what looked like a chemical burn. Some area look blistered including areas on his arms. We will not use it.

  6. I used it on my 1999 Vehicross cladding with excellent results.

    It only lasted 1 year, but that’s far longer than any other product I’ve used.

    I will be using it again soon, if it ever stops raining.

  7. I own a 2002 pick up with yellowing headlights. Purchased WipeAway upon seeing tv commercial saying all I had to do was wipe/ wipe off. After purchasing found out before you wipe on/ wipe off you had to abrasive clean. Not in the tv commercial. Out of curiosity I cleaned one head light with the included prefer/included cleaner sponge and a standard old SOS pad. Equal results. Have also”coated” each respectively with included sealant and plain old silicone sealant. Will see the results. My guess is will be same for both. Opinion, wasted $10.00.

  8. Proper prep is the key. You can’t just slap it on.I did all my black trim, tires and headlight lens on my 06 subaru. It’s now been over 4 years and it still looks new, even after driving through rain, snow.

  9. Just used wipe new headlight restore left thick fm on headlights cant get off buying new headlights over 200 dollars thanks wipe new for nothing

    • I wish I would have read about this product first but after seeing it on the market for several years now I thought it would be safe to try. Followed the directions to the letter. Will now be buying new headlights. Disgusting!


    • We did also try the wipe new but it utterly destroyed the cladding on our Avalanche which is now blotchy and ugly…have tried everything we know of to try and remove it but nothing seems to do it !!! Don’t try this product !!!

      • this stuff was made for the Avalanche – I used rubbing alcohol before I applied it and it did EXCELLENT!!!!

  11. Bottom line. Two products—ReNu Finish and Wipe New—really stood out, far outlasting all others. They brought back a rich, dark finish to our panels and maintained that look for 70 days and 10 washes. But both come in small bottles that provide far less product than the others.

    The other products made a big improvement at first, but after 10 weeks the effect had almost completely faded. Still, if you don’t mind regular applications, they offer good results and come in larger bottles.

  12. I placed an order for Wipe New on Saturday and it was not what I wanted so I wanted to cancel the order and have not been able to do so can you assist me????

  13. Used it On my 2000 jeep G C 3 years ago still looks good and going over it ago. Looks great just like the first time.

  14. I used original Wipe New on the trim of my Nissan Pathfinder and it worked great ! It has been on the rear bumper trim, mud guards, running boards, roof rack plastic parts and the plastic around the windshield wipers.

    It has been over 6 months since I applied it and the areas still look great. Weather and washing have not affected the looks.

    The rear bumper guard and the running boards are textured and it took more time than a smooth surface but was not a problem to apply.

    I did take the time to thoroughly clean these areas and let them dry.

    I have tried a number of other products but they do not work for very long. I was impressed with this product.

  15. Used this stuff on my Hummer H2 and it ruined the black trim. In 2 days it all turned a whitish gray. It will not wipe off. Don’t know what to do? Cant sand like their suggestion as it is a textured surface. I am so mad at myself for even falling for this scam!

    • A detailer for 34 years!! You should never put this on the paint of your vehicle. The product is Linseed Oil, and can be bought at the health food stores.

      • Wipe New is not linseed oil. Not sure where you got that idea. It’s some kind of nano-polymer, as the article says.

    • I can vouch for his story…our Avalanche now looks terrible after using it…we also have tried everything we can think of to remove it, but have had no luck !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I used WIPE NEW on my Hummer H2 black bumper covers and body trim. It looked great for 6 weeks then it began to chalk. Now at 8 weeks its even worse I just want to remove it. The company claims the only way to remove this junk is by SANDING with 3000 grit wet sand paper. NEWS flash this will destroy the textured surfaces. DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF OR USE IT. Its a RIPOFF.

  17. I use wipe on my 70 monte carlo for shows and get great compliments but never on tires is it good for them

    • My guess is that Wipe New shouldn’t be used on anything that will be flexed, like rubber tires, since it’s a coating kind of like a lacquer, that in my experience can crack and turn white if flexed.

  18. I put Wipe New on 2008 Honda accord headlights shattered them the next morning, got headlights to proof it. Cost $720.00 to replace and install.

      • A headlight lens is made of polycarbonate plastic, a thermoplastic that can be changed with chemicals like paint solvents. The strong smell of Wipenew tells you that it is solvent based and when rubbed on the surface of the lens the properties of the polycarbonate change and the result looks like shattered glass. A general rule is never put anything on polycarbonate that has strong smell.

  19. Just bought “Wipe New Tires” to clean and protect my tires….. it worked great! love the finished look… make sure you use the gloves that come in the kit…… CVS has a Seen On TV section buy there and save shipping. This stuff smells like ammonia, throw out or store outside the micro pad that you use to apply this stuff with.

  20. Don’t know what they used in their TV commercials…,,but it WASN’T Wipe New!!!! I’ve been detailing cars for over 40 years!!!! This is the WORST product for the money I’ve EVER purchased!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

  21. I tried the original for trim, it works great, no complaints. Now onto the Wipe New Tire. Not really as great as they say. You need two bottles for truck tires ($32.00). at first it looks shiny (make sure you clean your tires well first). but after it dries it looks “just ok”, just makes the tires look clean, the shine is nothing like you would get with armour all or other tire shine products. the other problem is that if you scrape a curb with your tire, you need to apply it again which is reasonable. I just wish it had a shinier finish, then it would be worth the cost. I am wondering if armour all could be used over it.

  22. So glad I read these comments before I used the product. I bought it at a store for $20.00. I was going to use it on our vintage 1976 vinyl boat upholstery. It is in mint condition.

    Now I am afraid to try it. This avocado vinyl is irreplaceable. I’ll try it on my husbands old truck, or one of our Jeeps.


    • I’d be careful about using something like Wipe New on flexible items like vinyl upholstery (especially vintage), even though I know the box says that vinyl and leather are two uses for it. It’s a coating kind of like a lacquer, that in my experience can crack and turn white if flexed. Best to stick with a more specific vinyl reconditioner.

  23. Used it on a 2011 Ram 1500. Worked great for a year. Now the black plastic is turning white, and I can’t get it back to black with any solvents….acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, etc. I wish Ihad never used……I will end up buying all new plastic. Don’t use!!!!~ Same thing happened to a friend I recommended to.

  24. One month after applying as instructed, fading unevenly occurred and the worsts part about it was nothing I put on to clean or even the fading out worked, it’s like a liquid proof messed-up finish. Buyer beware.

  25. As with any As Seen On TV product review, you must be able to determine if the problem is related to the product itself or some other issue. It seems that most of the reviews on here complain about size, shipping & handling. These are issues that you as a consumer need to ASK about before you buy! Ask what the total price will be and a break down of each charge. If you do not do that then it is YOUR FAULT. That being said, if you take away the complaints concerning shipping, price, etc… Then it seems the product does work.

    I bought mine at the store and followed the directions exactly as written. Prep. Is the #1 reason most products fail so you have to make sure the area you’re using the product on has no dirt, oil, water, etc. if you prepare the area properly and use the product as states, it works. I have a 96 ford ranger that is basically a “work truck.” Wipe New made the exterior and interior look great.

    As with almost any product, most people do not clean, prep and apply properly. If you do these things as instructed, it will work.

  26. Everytime I see a commercial like this on tv, I sit back and wait for people to try it and then come on the internet and check for the result. This way I don’t get scammed like all of you. So happy that I waited again to see some people’s opinion and experience with the Wipe New product again before starting to think of buying it. It saves me some money. I can’t believe, there is still lot off people believing in those commercials and jump on the phone and buy anything they don ‘t even know about it. People are buying mindlessly. After all these years and warning about those kind of product (that is all scams) people are still falling into it, for Christ sake, you really all don’t deserve credit card in your hand, spend wisely not blindly.

    • If everyone waited till the reviews started coming out, then there would never be any reviews. Idiot think before you speak or write

  27. I Ordered Wipe New a couple a weeks ago and haven’t received anything or heard anything from yea. I just wanted to know what is going on??

    • I ordered wipe new forgot what date, I got it, packing list says 1 wipe kit-1 bonus kit, no bonus kit. I emailed them, ask where the hell is my bonus kit, no response from them. They are a bunch of crooks, frauds. People never do business with Wipe New. I am sending the crap I got from them back, will buy the same thing from store.

  28. Glad I found this review site. I was about to buy some wipe New at Wally’s but with all these bad experiences with this stuff, I’m convinced this us just another fly by night, make some quick cash and disappear company. As the saying goes “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

    • We ordered this product around the first of the yr. had same issues with the outrageous s&h charges but used it on the fenders of our wrangler sport jeep, went on beautifully and has lasted over 10 months so far, used it on the side view mirrors of our motor home as well. The product goes a long, long way. I will not order again on line, but go to the store now that they have it there. Our jeep has been through car washes and still looks great. We do not work for the company in any way. Just thought we would share our experience

  29. I just used Wipe New on my 1997 Dodge Neon that had headlights so bad I didn’t drive at night as I could only see three feet from the bumper if at all. It was very easy to remove the awful oxidation and apply the product and took less than 1/2 an hour. I am totally amazed and thrilled with the results! My car no longer looks like it is blind and for the first time I CAN SEE at night. II am so happy with this product as I only spent about $20 to fix this when replacement run $250 and up for a 1997 Neon. Thank you Wipe New! I can’t wait to do the rest of my car!!

  30. Not sure if it works because I haven’t received it yet. However after ordering it, I received three telemarketer calls. I figured that I would save money by buying it online, but dealing with these calls is not worth it. Save yourself a headache and buy it at Wal-Mart.

    Beware before ordering online!

  31. Would like to say I used the wipe new on my chevy avalanche and it looks great but the size of the bottle really disappointed me because there wasn’t enough to do my whole truck, only the trim on the outside and very little inside. I say you need to increase the size to about 5oz. for $19.99 or you will not sell very much of this stuff. I will not pay that for another tiny bottle again up the sixe and I will

  32. I purchased Wipe New which I’ve not yet used so I don’t know if it works. I want to warn buyers if your expecting to pay $19.99 + shipping as I did the final cost will be $74.00.

    • Well this is a review site and if you have not used the product why would you post a review? thank you for your unfortunate financial displeasure but please use the product first before you post.

        • Thanks smarty pants and Dawn, quit whining and get the stuff at Walmart and stop posting a review before you even buy it!


            Every aspect of the product deserves a review, including misleading advertising. Do you know that not everyone in this country has access to a Walmart or Target, etc. There are also many elderly people or people who don’t want to take the time to go to those stores…They should be aware of the final price before giving all their personal info to the order taker, whoever that may be when placing an order.

            You guys either have a vested interest in the product or don’t know what the heck you are talking about. Reviews always will and always have included all aspects of the product, including price, shipping, customer service, and obviously the quality of the product.

            The little girl in me wants to yell “Duh!!” haha.

      • @smarty pants; dude, shady business practices are part and parcel to the review. Unless this is your personal site, butt out and handle your own reviews. If the site owner doesn’t like the post THEY will handle it… @SC; thanks for the info.

    • I ordered it, the same thing happened to me, ended up being $81.93 so I called and they were so rude. Told them I only ordered 1 bottle what happened. They told me that I ordered more, told them I didn’t – long story it is a rip off and it dose not work but for a week. DON’T FALL FOR IT SCAM.

  33. My wife has a 1991 dark brown Lexus LS400 that still runs and looks like new except the fiberglass bottom panels on the sides and back bumper. They had become oxidized over time and nothing I tried would work. We were excited when we saw the Wipe New ad on TV and placed the order and were billed the $37+. My wife got a phone call in the next few days trying to sell some other products and she told them no and that’s been the end of that. I noticed some comments that people didn’t get double the order but the regular amount is 1.5 ounces and I received a 3 ounce bottle.

    I used it last week and it did an outstanding job. I could not be happier with this product. I read over all the information and watched the website videos to be sure and follow the instructions.

    We saw it at Target last week at their “As See on TV” display area for $19.99 for a 1.5 ounce bottle, with the pads, etc. So I would suggest buying it their to avoid the shipping, sending and paying for more kits and avoiding additional sales calls.

  34. Spent $10.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond for this. I just applied it and not happy with results. Streaks and application process is a pain. I would not recommend this product.

  35. I’m a detailer in Toronto and I use a product called Hydroblue Regloss, it does everything wipe new will do and I thought it was expensive at $40 for a 16oz.

  36. Wipe New, if ordered through the tv ad, is indeed a scam & a rip off. It is just another product marketed and sold by Telebrands, the kings of the as-seen-on-tv scam. ALL of their ads are identical, regardless of product. They promote the product, usually for $19.99, and then you get the “But wait, if you order NOW, you’ll get a second product absolutely free. Just pay separate processing & handling., That’s two for ONLY $19.99!!!” Then you place the order, only to find out the “processing” charge per item is as much, if not MORE than the price of the product itself. So, that $19.99 turns into $60 or $70 in an instant. Plus, 99% of the products, like Wipe New, are not at all like what you see in the commercial. It’s quite simple, whenever you see one of these commercials, look at the bottom of the screen for the tiny “Telebrands” name. If you see it, AVOID at all costs. Or simply do a Google search, or go to the product website.

    • Thanks for your feedback, I was apprehensive at best, and with your info, I am more than apprehensive and am a non believer. When things seem to good to be true they usually are!

  37. I have seen multiple negative comments regarding: the size of the bottle and amount of product, shipping and handling charges, and product not working / not lasting. First, the bottle size. I ordered two of the double size bottles and used two coats on my wife’s Mustang convertible and my Tahoe. I still have a bottle unopened and 1/4 of the bottle I used. You have to remember that once you have the cloth soaked, you can do a lot of trim. Secondly, as to, it didn’t work or it washed away, did you thoroughly clean and dry the area that you were working on? I used a citrus de-greaser and blew the areas dry with a motorcycle dryer. Worked like a champ and has gone through several car washes and a lot of rain. If you don’t clean and dry the application site, it ain’t gonna work. Finally, as to shipping and handling charges, if you are too stupid to know what you are paying for before you give out your credit card number, maybe you don’t need that credit card.

  38. Just used the samll bottle of wipe new on my 2007 Chevy HHR and what a difference this stuff has made. I cleaned all the plastic interior parts with 409 cleaner and dried them with a cotton towel. Apllied the wipe new and the surfaces just popped! the only complaint I have is the small bottle was not enough to finish the cargo compartment of the car.

    I also have a 1962 Tbird and will be buying the larger bottle to knock that out as well. What a great product!

  39. I saw Wipe New for sale at Dollar General today. No rip off for shipping charges if you buy from a store. I thought I’d check the reviews before buying it to make sure it worked. Never buy these TV products using their phone number. If it looks like something you’d want, buy it from a store instead, if you’re not happy, take it back for a refund. I bought the Wax Vac from Dollar General without checking reviews first. It’s worthless! Dollar General happily refunded my money.

  40. In case you didn’t already know, wipe new is now being sold in stores (Walmart ,etc). So, no more complaining about the shipping charges.

    Don’t review a product based on the size of the bottle if you have not yet used to product. I purchased the product and applied as stated in directions and put my SUV away for 24hrs before allowing the elements to get to it. I am very pleased with the results thus far. Plus, I am selling the vehicle, so it looks great for the buyer experience! For $20 it was definitely worth the try! Apply carefully and LET IT DRY!

  41. This product did not restore the color of the bumpers on my jeep. It made it shine a little but they are still the same gray color. I paid $35.97 for a very tiny little bottle. Also, after ordering the product online, a representative from Wipe New called my home several times. When I finally talked to them, they tried to sell me more of the product before the original order even arrived. My suggestion for those who go ahead and order this product, take clear before and after photos as they are required when you return the product.

  42. wipe New does not work. Looked good for less than one day. After the rain the bumpers and lights look the way they did BEFORE the wipe new. Do NOT recommend this product.

  43. Beware – appears to be a scam from start to finish. Shipping charges are excessive. No meaningful refunds. By the time you go through the return process and harassing telemarketing calls you’ll likely chalk it up to experience. $19.99 turned into $35.97. Product is difficult to use and inattention to prep can lead to nightmare results. Shame on this company.

  44. I bought this product at my work on employee appreciation day (30% off) for less than 15 bucks w/tax. The little 44 ml bottle goes a long way. I own a 2000 740il bmw w/lots of polyvinyl trim. This stuff works like nothing else, amazing results on exterior even used it on the painted plastic parts of the rear clip under the belt line. Plenty left to do the interior but I prefer Armour all for the inside. The only parts that streaked w/the rag were the black b-pillars, metal not plastic, so i used a foam brush and put it on a little thick and the result was amazing. Here’s one piece of advice..apply outside then park in garage for 24 hours to let this stuff dry completely if it’s tacky if will attract road dust.

    • I feel very compelled to say I have no dog in this fight…I bought this stuff because I was sick of applying the back to black etc…products every other week and watching them run off when it rained. I don’t know if this result will last for 2 years as promised but as for now I couldn’t be more pleased.

  45. Thanks everyone for your feedback on this “product”. I was looking for information on the “size” of the bottle when I found this site. Thank God. What a rip-off.

    I suggest you try the tire stuff sold at Costco, it works miracle on any plastic of your vehicle and it last very long (especially inside the car). It comes in 4 cans, 3 for tires and 1 for mags, around 12$ Best product for the price so far.


  46. I was horrified to see the tiny little bottle which arrived along with the head light applicator. I just don’t feel like I got my money’s worth! The 3 oz bottle is half full! And I just think that for $40.00 I should have been treated better! So the product may work but because of the dishonest way it’s sold that’s all anyone will ever see.

    This is the reason greed is so illogical !

  47. Here is what works for me folks.

    Don’t buy anything that is advertised by TV ads, where they charge you for shipping and handling, and then also offer a second amount free for just shipping and handling. These are scams! The best thing to do when these adds come on TV is to grab the zapper and change channels until they are over. Don’t even be tempted by these evil scamming tricks.

    One more thing, please do not vote for Obama again.

  48. This product is absolutely amazing! I have detailed two Mercedes Benz autos and cannot believe the difference this product has made. I see a lot of complaints about cost and for my one double size bottle ($35), I couldn’t be more pleased for the cost vs. the results. Two cars and some left over. Just circle your car and you find many areas ripe for a renewed look. If this was my product I would have named it “NEW CAR LOOK”. That’s all I have to say about this….

  49. I was about to order this Wipe New product, but read this blog first. I am sorry for your awful experience w/that company. Many thanks for your input…I will not purchase this product.

  50. After seeing an ad on TV for Wipe New, I was excited to order this product, although skeptical. I used the “order by phone” method. The AD was by one bottle and get the second free, just pay S&H. 1) They never tell you the size of the 1st bottle, which is 1.5 oz and 2) S & H cost is not stated.
    The S&H is $7.99 PER ITEM. In my specific order, the S&H was MORE than the product. When I called Wipe New, they offered to credit 1/2 of the total S&H………..So, you end up paying 100% for the product and tack on another 50% for S&H.

    If I were to do this again, I would order through Amazon, it is a couple bucks cheaper and you know the customer service will be much better.
    The product, I have yet to test it out, but will probably send it back and dispute on credit card.

  51. I was thinking of ordering this Wipe New Restorer,but after reading the reviews,most were not good. I will not be ordering. This company sounds like a BIG RIPOFF!!

  52. I am so glad that I read the Wipe New reviews here because I felt that it was a ripoff. It is like the product that was on the market some 15 or l years ago that was suppose to bring back the color on faded cars. It worked good for about 3 months and then it became clouded and dull and you could never get the shine back. Thanks again for the reveiws.

  53. This is the biggest rip off of the year. I received my “double size ” bottle and it was three oz., and that was the double size. They advertise that one bottle will do two cars. That would be an outright lie as one bottle is a mere 1.5 oz. I will not be buying anything else off TV again. What do the advertising folks take us for? These people are absolute frauds.

  54. Thank you so much for the Wipe New reviews. All of you have saved me headaches. Sorry you got duped by the scam.

  55. Wipe New is a Ripoff. The bottle was only 1.5 oz for $20.00. This was not enough to even do the car. I got my bottle from As Seen On TV. How did everyone else get 3 or 3.5 oz. I really got cheated.

  56. Only an idiot will not figure out the purposely tricky price before buying this or buying anything else for that matter. Main issues are does it work and is it price effective. It does work but the jury is still out on value until I’ve had it work as long as it claims….after 6 months so far so good. Tips…remember it has to dry 24 hours. The applicator has to be completely moist with product or streaking may occur. Because it dries rapidly it must be applied to a cool surface….and quickly at that. To apply quickly without slopping it on painted surfaces, tape off painted first. Make sure to cover surface on first swipe… re going over a already applied area may makes streaks and YOU CANNOT add more wipenew to remove streaks. Sneaky pricing and tricky application almost negates its use….almost

  57. Be aware of the fact that 1 bottle equals… “””3 TABLESPOONS”””, again “”””3 TABLESPOONS””” of product! Regardless of their ads, in all reality, how far could 3 tablespoons of liquid possibly go in wiping ‘any’ surface?!!

    These are realistically “sample” bottles. Go measure 1.5 ounces of water out in a bowl and see just exactly what you are sending them money for. They claim that you can easily cover the surface areas of 1 car. Consider how much of that 1.5 ounces it would take just to make the rag wet enough to wipe even a small area. I’m afraid that this company has taken what could possibly be a great product and turned it into an enormous deception!

  58. I have tried other products like Meguiars on my plastic molding,dash board and steering wheel but I have to keep applying more because it just doesn’t last between exposure to car washes and the elements of rain and snow.I just applied Wipe New to my plastic molding and the steering wheel and I was really amazed it looked like it came off the show room floor.I am sold on Wipe New and received a lot of praises and compliments after I showed friends and acquaintances what improvement it made.I bought a small bottle and I ran out quickly and I’m waiting for the big bottle of Wipe New.

    • To all the people that want to try other products from the auto parts stores you will waste your money because I’ve tried other productsespecially Mequiars and you have to keep applying more of the product over time. It looks good after you apply the product but the real problem is it doesn’t hold up to the elements of sun, rain and snow and my test is to see if it will hold up for two years like they promised in their advertisement.

      • Have you tried Mothers Back to Black on plastic bumpers, splash panel , etc? I have used on my Expedition bumpers and splash panels with good results. Put in spray bottle to apply.

  59. Your product is so expensive I got dupe in buying thinking is was a good product. I used in on my car. It rained after 4 days. Wipe New disappeared entirely after one used. I want my money back. BUYERS beware. Don’t buy this product, you will regret it.

  60. I have found a website that sells Refinish Restorer online with good reviews. Check out therightcarstuff.com as they have a few items available.

  61. They charged me $87.91, from a conversation with a computer! Wipe New Car Restorer was $39.97, sent through UPS in a tiny box. They charged me 6 times for shipping 3 Wipe New bottles and 3 cloth wipe packs.

    I sent it all back and will battle with my bank.

  62. Thank you all for the Wipe New Car Restorer reviews. I ALWAYS do product reviews before ever even visiting an online purchase site and after reviewing the comments and experience with this Wipe New company, I will certainly NOT even consider this product unless its on the shelf at a local retailer where I can return it with no questions asked or credit card phishing issues. Thanks everyone for your reviews and help to keep me from calling from an unpublished number. I try to protect myself by investigating a product before purchase and I’m thankful for the internet to help people review these processes before making terrible mistakes.

  63. Have not received Wipe New as of today. HOWEVER, be aware of additional offers that will be offered to you – $1 now and then $20+/month for discounts or whatever – and, even though you decline the offer, it will be charged on your credit card without your approval. You will then have to file a fraudulent charge with your credit card company.

  64. You know I used the Wipe New and yeah I paid the $35.97 deal. Was not happy with that price. Still I decided to use it and it works just as they stated it would.

    If you don’t know how to order something on your computer or phone just don’t do it.Its that simple.

    You want to blame them.

    You placed the order be it Wipe New or something else. Yeah everyone complains. I bet none of you even used the freaky product on your car. Stop your wining.

  65. Wow this stuff does work. I have a 03 infiniti g35. It looked good but now it looks great except for 1 small detail. The headlights – I tried 3 different approaches and each one failed. It started to look good but then ended up looking worse than before. The 03 infiniti g35 has bad lights anyway, but I guess I will leave that to the pros at the detail shop. I just thought maybe I would catch a break.

  66. Just a note to all dissatisfied buyers, call your credit card company and report you did not know the amount they were charging you and file a compliant to have it removed from your account. I have had to do this before..Anytime they want you to take all extra’s they will charge a lot more…Be aware…..

  67. Well do much for me ordering Wipe New! I use Restore Black made by Bondo, get it at Walmart. It’s a black paste that you wipe on and acts more like a dye, I use it on my fender flares and it gives them a nice dark shine. It looks great but fades off after a while but I feel it does a better job than Mothers Back to Black.

  68. This is the biggest rip off I have ever been involved in. $35.97 for an ounce or so, it must be made from pure gold.The price was supposed to be $19.95 + shipping.t may work because it goes on “NICE”. I would seriously doubt it will last 6-Months much less 2-Years.After two years I want remember where it came from.

    • Try 303 Aerospace Protectant available at RV stores and Amazon in various sizes – about $55 a GALLON. It is a proven product on the market for at least the past 15 years. It will do anything that Wipe New alleges it can do. It will not harm auto paint and leaves no sticky residue – it penetrates and restores any surface or product made with polymers.

  69. Well I was mad about the shipping costs mainly. I did get the product and decided to use it. It did work the way its shown on TV but I checked Youtube for more video information. As mad as I was about the size of the bottle. The stuff works .and I’ve tried everything. While these posts are helpful. In the end you need to make of your own mind, not by what other people say happened to them. I did not like the time spent trying to order the darn product over the phone. Other then that its a good product.

    • I got the 3 oz. Wipe New bottle plus their mini clothes for including shipping & handling for….$81.93. Rip-off, you think? My credit card company got my money refunded back. Thievery!

  70. Spend a couple of bucks at Walmart and buy “back to black” . It works great on all the plastic Parts on your car not just black parts. Not good on paint or headlights but this advertised item does not either.

  71. You can use heat gun on a lot of plastics with really good results I personally used it on my jeep with great results check it out on YouTube. You can buy one for under 30 bucks hopes this helps someone.

  72. Regardless of what I may think of this product I was not prepared to be hammered by phone call to my cell phone, 12 over the day at work and at home. I bought a product, not a rash of phone calls trying to sell me something I neither want or need. If your product is as good as I believe it is, you are hurting your sales by these tactics. If ask, I will warn my contacts of this

  73. I use new vinyl..Ace hardware usually has it in stock. The best car wax I ever used was Autofoam but they took it off the market.

  74. Stop complaining about the shipping and extra costs. Does anyone have any common sense and tell me how effective the product is? If it lasts for ever I would be willing to pay 100 dollars for it.

    • I agree it does work good on the plastics, but my headlights not so much. I would not pay $100 for it lol, well then again if it was bigger maybe.

  75. Thanks everyone, I was gonna order this product but now I never will. Thank god these posts were here. It saved me time and money thank you.

  76. Yeah, I think I’m going to wait and see if it comes out in stores like these things usually do. If not, well, it’s not worth trying.

  77. Can you believe this company? Within hours of my call –and about an hour after posting here- to inquire about the manufacturer and the many questions and comments I had in store for the employee, they called be back to get me to buy the product. The company call back was unsolicited. I never gave my private and unlisted number out to anyone. Yet, they had it all. Amazing. Simply amazing the levels some will go to sell a product or service. I never said I wanted to buy. I simply had questions. The company agent stated that I attempted to buy the Wipe New product but didn’t finish the transaction. Originally, I was talking with Customer service trying to gain info –not order product. The agent at White view kept on me as I blasted her back with my legitimate concerns and comments. She called my private number, I didn’t call her. She kept telling me that they were not scared of little ole me. They will do what best brings in the most sales… “As long as more sales close than those who disapprove of their business model they are good”. I recorded everything as I do all incoming and outgoing calls. The agent had an opportunity to settle this issue with me. They decided to bully. Let’s push back in the name of “Joe consumer” shall we! I have sent off a detailed e-mail to the Federal Trade commission on this one. I sent off an e-mail to Verizon as well. I’m paying for caller ID block and an unpublished number every month. I demand to know how this company is able to do what they do with all that in place. I’ll post my results. My opinion is to stay very clear of these companies and this product.

    • I’ve filed a complaint against them with the Hampton Roads Better Business Bureau…would appreciate it if you would do the same.

      I went online to place the order, then decided to check reviews BEFORE I HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON. I saw the bad reviews and decided to back out, but danged if they didn’t charge me anyway.

      Biggest scam I’ve seen in a long, long time!

      • I, too, contacted the BBB in Hampton Roads. This company is a joke and they are a bunch of thieves.

        Another concern of mine is the fact that they ship through USPS. There are no ingredients listed on the teeny, weeny, 3 oz. bottle, yet there are plenty of warnings of hazardous material. Let’s put this company out of business AND keep our postal workers safe.

  78. I am writing this to tell good honest folks to watch out when ordering from wipenew.com I just placed an order with them. I wanted 2 of the wipe new kits, Thats All! but instead they felt that I needed 2 extra detail kits without me knowing it. They never let you see the total of what your ordering so you can change anything before submitting or placing the order. This to me is fraud! They take your credit card info and then your order has been placed! come up. What The Heck! And another thing they get you on is the free Bonus Pro Detailing Kit. You have been charged an extra $7.99 for that! So you pay them $19.99 plus $7.99 Plus $7.99 a total of $35.97 not the $27.98 you think you will be paying. Then they tack on extra stuff you never ordered. I called to have them take this off of my purchase since I never wanted it in the first place and the lady said that I had to call back at 3:00 pm after waiting to finally talk to a real human being! It’s 9:00 am right now and I’m mad as hell! For 2 kits I was charged a grand total of $91.98 I was floored and there is not a dam thing I can do about it! PLEASE BEWARE OF THERE SCAM!!!

    • At the bottom of the review I placed, I misspelled a word. It should of said: Please Beware Of Their Scam! Sorry ~

      • “It should HAVE said,” not “should OF said.” I’m laughing my butt off after reading all the reviews. Most of the writers can’t spell for crap, keep putting an apostrophe in simple plurality words where it shouldn’t be; or otherwise displaying errors which are inexcusable. If same can’t effectively themselves, they probably aren’t sharp enough to interpret the terms of the scam advertiser before hitting the Order button.

      • The SAME thing happened to me! I never hit that submit button. I’ve filed a complaint with the Hampton Roads Better Business Bureau where they are located (Virginia Beach).

  79. What a rip off, the product seems to work OK but the marketing is very deceptive. I only ordered i bottle it was a 3oz bottle when I got it not a double size. I got the polishing kit that was supposed to be free I didnt want it, it comes pre packaged so I had to take it, charged me $7.99 for S & H, for the detail kit $19.99 for the 3oz bottle of wipe new I also paid $&.99 S & H for that for a total of $35.87 I got 3, 3″ cloths, 1, 2″sponge, 1 pr cheap plastic gloves and a 3 oz bottle of wipe new came in a 4 or 5″ box that may cost $4.00 to ship & I paid $15.97 for items I told them I didnt want .. Really $35.97 for a $3 ox bottle. Thats crap

    • I agree with you 100%. I was so angry when I got this tiny weenie box that I paid $15.98 shipping and handling for which that alone is illegal. I send and receive things all the time on eBay and other sites and you are not allowed to gouge people. To charge $7.99 for the “FREE” item as well as the tiny little 3 ounce bottle of cleaner and another $7.99 shipping and handling and then to top it off they are sent in the same box. $15.98 shipping and handling on a box that weighs 5 and 3/4 ounces. I weighed it with my kitchen food scale.

      ATTENTION!!! When I called in to complain they told me about their return policy. You will NEVER get the $15.98 back it’s nonrefundable HOWEVER there is a 2 year return guarantee on the liquid ‘wipe new’ and they don’t care if the bottle is full, partially full OR completely EMPTY!!! (FYI)

      • It is NOT illegal to charge excessive amounts for shipping AND handling. Handling charges, sometimes called processing charges, are entirely arbitrary, but as long as they tell you in advance how much they are charging you, they can charge $1 or $1000. In any event, all of these products on tv are sold in the same manner, and most of them are not worth the time, trouble or expense.

  80. Shipped 2 units and charged me twice. I only ordered one. Thats not how I’d do business. I will not buy more from them no matter if it works are not.

  81. What a crock this Wipe New product and company is. Let’s deal with Company – what company? Call the As Seen On TV number and you get White View order line. The hold is 5 to 7 minutes. Before the company replies with the demand is great response, the wait is due to the three separate advertising recordings callers are forced to listen to. Here’s a helpful hit, know when to stop selling –you already have the interested caller on the line. Next issue. When a caller is finally directed to the actual order phase, the computer generated voice asks for verification of an address it already has based on the caller telephone number – even if the caller has a paid caller ID block and unpublished number in place. So much for respecting privacy. Does the product manufacturer and White View pay off Verizon to make an exception? What else are these two companies sifting information wise? Putting the product review aside, the scamming is heavy on this one where it relates to the S & P and the “free-included plus kit”.

    Consumers need to be better educated to the S & P scam used by so many companies to recover more than what the free stuff is even worth – O.K., worth is subjective. What is not subjective is the “compared to what” option that every consumer has the right to explore. First, as a consumer do you really think it is fair and just that a company charges you to take your order, capture your money, and put the goods in a box? Some shipping charge I can understand. Making things worse is the “Buy One Bottle and we’ll Double the Size for FREE and also include a BONUS Pro Detailing Kit”. Offer Details: With your order, you’ll get 1 Double Size Bottle of Wipe New for $19.99 and $7.99 S&P, PLUS 1 Detail Kit, which includes: 2 yellow Wipe New applicator cloths, 1 red headlight applicator, 1 blue headlight polishing block, 1 detail brush and 1 pair of nitrile gloves – all you pay is an additional $7.99 for S&P. Let’s be as outrageous as this offer and say that the total product weight is the same as shipping a 12 oz. bottle of soda. That would be a lot of Wipe New liquid. The bottle shown is around a 6 or 8 oz. max, I’d even bet the farm that it s less than that amount – I’m a thermoformer, I know what I know. Notice how nowhere in any material offered is the actual size and weight of the bottle given.

    The light weight gloves, foam products and the plastic detail brush all accounted for in my weight. Let’s take the worst case, Non-commercial rates. U.S. Postal rates as of January 22, 2012. 12 oz. ships in large envelop for $3.10 anywhere in the U.S. Package rate is $3.48. Let’s bump shipping weight up to a whole pound. Large envelope $5.15, package rate $5.15 –dead even. The company is charging you twice for the same offer. First the “actual product” then the Plus kit.

    That all totals $15.90. Subtract the max shipping and the company gain is $10.80, way more than enough to pay for the “so-called free stuff”. Let’s look at the actual product offered. Anyone in the free world can purchase a 20 oz. bottle of what is generically referred to as “automotive clear or poly” for on average $12.95. The “amazing Wipe New product” works the same. The offer is $19.95. No where does the size appear. My company uses automotive clear or poly to restore shine to acrylics and plastic. In my honest opinion this offer sure sounds like the same that appeared way back in the 80’s called Auri. The Federal Trade Commission shut that all down and I believe someone went to jail.

    Perhaps a call to the FTC is due on this one just to assure consumer protection. In short, consumers are buying the Wipe New product not being told how much they are getting; that unknown is offered as being doubled, what a deal right!; purchasers get a hand full of goody extras included in the Plus kit; all consumers pay is the deal price of $19.99 and S & P times two. Your $19.99 turns into $35.89 real quick. Perhaps all that extra S & P is to recover the processing costs for the very bad service and the over the top additional advertizing callers are subjected to when calling both companies.

    I called the number listed on the Wipe New website hoping to fare better on getting answers to my concerns then I got when calling the TV offer number. I didn’t. I got yet another person on the line who knew nothing about the company offering the Wipe New product. The lady’s response to me was one of defending the many disclaimers put forth by the manufacturer, the infomercial, and White View. She offered to transfer my name and number to a supervisor-who wasn’t available by the way. I addressed with the manufacturer offered “customer Service number agent” every item I am posting here. I’ve had more educated talks with plants. I jumped off the marry-go-round by hanging up.

      • Are you really going to criticize someone for trying to be complete and inform the public fully. I appreciate what he has done. Stop being an anonymous jerk. what a world we live in where someone does an exemplary job to help his fellow man and someone has a negative comment on it.

      • I replied already but willing to take the time and repeat myself as they continually repeat their scamming commercial. One 3 oz. Wipe New bottle, one package of sandwich bag size of mini clothes, product $39, $36 s&h, other misc. charges unexplainable….total charged $81.93. I am just to save someone, anyone, the grief and from being victimized. A complaint with the FTC and my state’s Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs has been filed. Just trying to help people save their hard earned money from thieves.

  82. At Wipe New , customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to ensure that you receive exactly what you wanted. Please email us at cs@wipenew.com with “as seen on tv” in the subject line so that we can assist you with correcting your order.

    • You mean, to get an answer from Customer Service I would have to put ‘as seen on tv’ in the subject line?
      So… this tells me alot about your company… No integrity!!

      Folks, do yourself a favor and don’t give your money to these type of predatory businesses. If their product was truly as marvelous as they say, they would not have to stoop to deceptive practices. They would instead be beating off the onslaught of customers!

      Wipe New:FAIL

    • Purchased a bottle of Wipe New a few months ago and was surprised at the small amount you get for about $20.00. The 4.5 bottle is not enough to do a mid size suv with a black luggage rack. The stuff does go along way and it does seem to last well. It has been three months in the Florida sun and no fading. I just ordered two more bottles from amazon at a $8.00 per bottle savings. The black on my wife’s suv could use one more coat and I didn’t have enough the first time to do the black running boards. I plan on doing my ford f-250 next, tired of re-applying back to black every two months.

      • I purchased this Wipe New product in pep boys $15.04 no extra bottle bummer, so small I did my 2002 Montero Sport and my wives 2001 Lexus 300, I didn’t have enough to finish her car but she was ecstatic, mine looks great I did both cars headlights mine cleaned up well but not great, her’s were great like new. Maybe my fault as I wiped twice on mine and instructions said only wipe one time. It’s been a month a still looks new on all outside applications so I just hope it last as long as it says.

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