Whoosh Screen Shine

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What is Whoosh Screen Shine?

It is a natural screen cleaner that shines and polishes the gadgets while keeping them hygienic. It also resists further fingerprints on the screens and works on all types of gadgets.


A solution to clean gadgets and make them hygienic

Whoosh Screen Shine promises to keep the screens of your mobile phone or any other device like phablet or tablet ultra clean and also hygienic. It is believed that mobile phone screens are ten times dirtier than a toilet seat and about 30% of viruses are transferred from the screen to the users’ fingers. So even if you use solutions to clean the screens not only are they left unclean but also unhygienic. But Whoosh Screen Shine promises to help you in this regard since it claims to clean all kinds of devices that are laden with dirt and grime and we use all day long.


Non-toxic solution

All you supposedly need to do is sprits Whoosh Screen Shine on the microfiber cloth and wipe the screens and surfaces with it to get rid of grime, dirt and germs. Whoosh Screen Shine is said to be made of natural propriety polymer formula that is 100% natural and non-toxic so that it is eco-friendly and can safely be used even by kids. The solution claims that is has not been tested on animals making it a more eco-friendly option. The thin film that the solution leaves behind resists fingerprints and makes your fingers slide on the screen more smoothly other than leaving the device shiny.


Doesn’t leave residue or etches

You can use it on iPhone, iPad or Macbook Pro Retina. Also unlike other solutions that defeat the purpose of cleaning the screen, Whoosh Screen Shine is meant to not leave any residue behind. Other than that, it also doesn’t harm or create etches on the screens since it comes with a microfiber cloth that is very smooth and does not cause scratch. So your device will believably look as good as new since the smudges and dirt won’t only be gone but also not return.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Whoosh Screen Shine-POCKET for $5.99
  • Whoosh Screen Shine-GO for $10
  • Whoosh Screen Shine-DUO+ for $20

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