Whirly Mop Review

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Wringing out mops can be so tiring. And they tend to spread the dirty water while you wring it making the floor dirty again. Also fitting them under the furniture is literally a back breaking job. But now you can get Whirly Mop, a wonder mop with 360° rotation system and great wringing bucket to take the problems out of your mopping chore.


How does Whirly Mop Work

Whirly Mop is so easy to use. You just need to glide the mop on the floor to clean and then place it in the bucket and press the pedal and it will wring out the mop by spinning 2600 RPM so that you get a completely dry mop that you can store away immediately. Whirly Mop has high absorption capacity so that your floor will clean and dry must faster compared to regular mops.

Whirly Mop has a nanotechnology of the star-shaped microfiber strips that give it immense suction power and super-absorbent quality that attract absorb six times more water and dirt to its head than a regular mop. Whether you want to clean the stairs or bathroom tiles, marble, ceramic or even your car you can do it easily with Whirly Mop. No need for a separate duster as you can use Whirly Mop when it’s dry to dust furniture and windows just as effectively. Another great feature of Whirly Mop is that its handle bends at a 90° angle so that you can reach the most difficult corners easily and even clean the ceiling.




What do I get?

  • The bucket with pedal and spinning system
  • The telescopic Aluminium handle
  • The revolutionary mop head

All this for just £34.99 plus £6.99 S/h. Official website BestDirect.co.uk | ISLShop.TV



Whirly Mop Video

2 thoughts on “Whirly Mop Review

  1. Indeed Whirly mop is pleasant to use HOWEVER IT IS VERY FRAGILE. This is the third that I bought in less than 4 years, and for moderate use because I do not have a large family. The circle on which is fixed the head microfiber breaks. Is this a piece that can be replaced? I have 3 buckets 3 sleeves and microfiber heads unusable … .. !!

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