Whip-It Cleaner Review

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Whip-It is the world’s #1 multipurpose eucalyptus infused cleaner that effectively removes grease and grime from the garage to the kitchen sink. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, environmental friendly, and safe to use too. You can use it to clean your greasy garage floor or car without worrying about harming the environment.

Whip-It Cleaner
It contains no bleach, no ammonia, no dyes, and no fumes. You can use Whip-It to eliminate old stains, new stains, and sets in stains on your carpet, your clothes or your couch.

Whip-It can be used to dissolve stubborn set stains in just 10 seconds. It is better than other oxygen cleaners that are available in the market. It contains enzymes for pet and human accidents.

Since Whip-It is safe to use you can even use it to clean up high-chairs, toys and ugly messes that your toddler creates.

What do I get?
Get one 32 oz. bottle of Whip-It (pre-mix) cleaner for $14.99 plus $8.99 P&H and get a second bottle of Whip-It, just pay separate P&H. Official website www.WhipItCleaner.com

Whip-It Cleaner Video

36 thoughts on “Whip-It Cleaner Review

  1. For blood stains try peroxide. Just pour it on the stain and dab it up. You might have to do it several times but it has always worked for me. Learned this when I worked doing blood draws.

  2. I got mine a month ago and have used it several times on carpet stains from dog treats and it worked great ! better than my Oreck stain treatment and carpet cleaner that I’ve been using for many years! Also took the stain off our bathtub from a dripping faucet instantly! I’m sold on it and I’m trying to cut back on all those plastic bottles even those that can be recycled. I can buy a bottle of concentrate and refill my spray bottles and even eliminate a few products that do not work as well. Like my carpet cleaner and “Awesome” which I used to think was really good and the bathroom cleaners I’ve been using.

  3. I bought this terrible productt in Walmart yesterday y
    First of all the name is pathetic WHIP IT! Something a 4 year old cane up with , it leaves a film and looks greasy! I don’t recommend this product at all
    There’s no antibacterial in it so long whip it. I whipped you out!

  4. In addition,I think this product is a scam. There was a demonstration at BBB, 15 minutes of my life I want back. Everyone at the demo bought it. Does not work!

  5. I saw the demo and was excited to try on my carpet that had dirt stains. It did not work as promised, very disappointed. I am surprised BBB is carrying it. I want to be refunded.

  6. I just got some last night. I can tell by some of the comments here that either they are neat freaks that have never had to deal with real stains or they are paid to comment.
    as like everyone else I got it and started testing it. it has impressed me on some things and let me down on others. But I knew that would happen. NO product will ever be amazing enough to work on everything. so why did I buy it? its all natural, vegan friendly, Non-toxic, biodegradable, and pet safe! you cant say that for most other cleaners! It does work better than most cleaners as well. Will I buy it again? Depends on the price. I got the demo offer of 3 bottles for about $30. but $30 for one bottle even as a concentrate? Oh Hell no! that’s to expensive!

  7. We purchased this at Canadian tire in Lethbridge alb. Canada. We immediately started using it as a carpet cleaner. We have a 40 year old carpet in our basement, it was matted down and was never cleaned. We followed the directions on the bottle, and it worked amazingly. The carpet came extremely cleaned and really fluffed up the carpet. That carpet has never be anything more than matted down since we moved in. Love the scent and the product.

  8. Unfortunately this product does not work. It looks great in the store demonstration but take it home and it doesn’t work. I sprayed “Whip-It” on a small ink stain on my counter and let it sit for 10 minutes and when I wiped it off, the ink remained. I then got my Mr. Clean “Magic Eraser” sponge and it took the stain away in one wipe. Don’t waste your money on Whip-It.

  9. I bought whip it after a demo at Sam’s xlub because of sensitivity to chemical cleaners my husband has. I tried this in a quartz sink that has dark stains from dark liquids being poured on the sink. It did lift some of the darkness out but didn’t come all the way out. I then used my normal cleaning process for it which is baking soda and vinegar; came all the way out as it always does. I then tried it on my ceramic bathroom shower tile; used my comet spray on one side the whip it on the other. The whip it didn’t clean the soap scum off at all! The comet spray was ol’ reliable. I tried on a hard water stain in the sink; didn’t budge. The demonstration sales person stated it would work on all of these scenarios; it didn’t work AT ALL!

  10. Love my Whip-It! Saw a Demo at Meijer in my hometown and was amazed at what it could do. I used it on my kitchen floor grout and it totally brightened it up! I have not tried it on marker. With all the unsafe cleaners out there with 100’s of toxic chemicals, I’ll stick with Whip-It!

  11. based on the demo that I was on suff “tried stains that miraculously lifted from carpets and fabric probably just food coloring anyway this product is useless. I tried to clean up an old dye stain and it was heavily saturated it did not work I think the bleach, baking soda and peroxide is what acutaly got the stain to lift. I do not see the link advertising money back guaranteed or this crap would have been gone.

  12. The product did NOT work on shower tiles – left lots of soap scum and mildew behind. Also, the spray nozzle kept breaking off the bottle. Bad product, bad packaging – don’t waste your time with it.

  13. I saw Whip It demonstrated last Thurs. and brought some home with me. I cleaned the whole house on Fri. I have never been more amazed and delighted with a product. Excellent cleaning product with the added benefit that the spray does NOT set off my asthma…even without wearing a mask! I am certainly going to tell my Pulmonologist!

  14. I’ve been using Whip-it for 8 to ten years and I have never been happier with a product. It does every thing I want it to do. It removes stain from the carpets, clothes, cloth furniture, almost everything I’ve used it on. I don’t know what the salesman told the people, but would recommend it.

  15. They must have changed the formula seeing the negative reviews. I bought mine 2 weeks ago at a Sam’s club demonstration. I love it! It took most stains out of my carpet (had trouble with blood stains). I use it for kitchen and bathroom as well as glass and general cleaning/dusting. It works great on grime buildup and grease. It even took up sticky tape residue that I would usually have to use goo gone for. All and all keep it cause it works and it’s pet and environmentally friendly.

  16. It doesn’t work the way it says it would. And I knew that when I purchased it. I like it for my kitchen counters and that is about all it is good for. They will tell you anything to get you to buy it. And I didn’t believe a word the sale person said, but I bought it anyway. I like that it doesn’t have all the harsh crap in it for the kitchen. I won’t dare use it on my good wood tables. Don’t trust that for the finish. So really, don’t waste your money, it isn’t worth it if you expect to actually do what it says it’s going to do.

  17. I want my money back, they said at Walmart it won’t remove finish, well I tried it on my kitchen cabinets and it removed the finish right off…. I wan my refund

  18. There should be a class action refund suit for this crap..It didn’t do half the things it claims it does. Didn’t remove old stain in carpet,spray paint off floor, or dye on sink. What a deception

  19. This crap should be called RIP off in stead whip it..salesperson said oh yes it will.get was out of clothes, NOT. Soaked overnight in full strength.. it didn’t remove anything..

  20. I was told by the salesman at Sam’s Club that this product would remove stubborn ink marks on leather that was over 5 years old. It didn’t work. Nothing came off of the purse and on the terry cloth towel. I am calling for a refund.

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