Water Jet Power Washer Review – NO PRESSURE

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What is Water Jet Power Washer

Introducing the Water Jet Power Washer. It turns your ordinary garden hose into a super power washer. Get the high pressure spraying force without the big expensive machine. Water Jet is powerful enough to clean the second storey windows. Remove wasp nests from safe distance and reach under the eves without motors, gas or electricity.

How does Water Jet Power Washer work?

Water flows through the volume reduction chambers where pressure builds until a powerful jet stream blasts through the precision engineered solid brass tip. The Stainless steel control valve easily adjusts the water pressure and the force of the jet stream. And because of volume reduction you use less water.

Water Jet is your economical solution for those tough outdoor jobs. Blast grime and weeds off brick and driveways. Great for wood and aluminum siding. It attaches to any garden hose so you can take it along boating and camping. The 30 inch wand easily reaches into tight spots and it is built to last with heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel and solid brass.

Bonus solid brass fan tip creates a powerful fan shaped spray, use it as a sweeping water broom for wood decks and docks. Easily clean pool filters, wash cars and trucks.

Water Jet Reviews/Complaints

Customers have complained that the water jet wand does not work as advertised on the TV. It hardly generates any pressure. In fact applying your thumb would generate more pressure. Some users have also complained that this hose wand leaks. For further complaints please see the “Reviews” section.


Water Jet Power Washer Video


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46 thoughts on “Water Jet Power Washer Review – NO PRESSURE

  1. I would not have purchased this product if I had known there is no quick adapter for a USA garden hose. Doesn’t fit and I have been to Auto Parts, Landscaping outlets and Hardware stores to no avail. Do not buy if you live in the USA.

  2. Absolutely disappointed with this product- so much promise, so let down! My sprayer on the end of my garden hose works better than this junk. Not worth purchasing! Save your money!!!

  3. totally over rated, does not work anything like as seen on tv no pwer it does not even reach 2nd floor.waste of money

  4. Save your money. This is as worthless product. No pressure at all. I wish I had found this site and read the reviews before I purchased this junk….Trust me don’t purchase this. You will definitely be disappointed.

  5. Received water jet yesterday 6/12/17 very disappointed!This “water Jet”offers little more pressure that garden hose nozzle!I would not recommend to anyone.

  6. I’ve had one for 3 years now and it works pretty much as advertised. If yours leaks at the hose fitting, try Teflon tape or a thicker hose washer. I fit all my sprayers with quick disconnects, which worked just fine with this product too.

    As for water pressure, it roughly doubles the range of your average sprayer from about 7 feet to 15 feet. You’ll never mistake it for a pressure washer, but it’s more than enough to wash off vinyl siding. The wide spray tip is nice for washing windows or the car.

  7. Garbage! I saw this at the local market and thought it would be worth $20. NOPE! I can’t get the hose nozzle to screw in tight enough. I’m looking for a fix or hack to improve this garbage. If you have one, please share!

  8. Wish I had found this site before I ordered this piece of crap – Water Jet Power Washer. Now I can not find a return address. I guess I could send it back to the address it was shipped from but I am not sure if I will get a refund if I do that. Has anyone gotten a refund from this company? They advertise a 90 day money back warranty but don’t include an address or phone number!

  9. Once again: IT’S CRAP! I should have read the Water Jet reviews but instead I was sucked into the commercial. They count on folks doing that. That can be the only way they can sell a piece of junk like this. Don’t buy it!!! It’s not what they say it is.

  10. They never did show the other end of the hose what it was hooked up to…. Might have been a PRESSURE WASHER you think…

  11. I like the Water Jet Power Washer, and it works well for me, I use it to rinse off my car mostly.

    The Only thing I hate about it is that I have to fight to screw on the Water Jet onto my hose because the screw part that you screw onto your Hose doesn’t screw ALL THE WAY, only a little bit and sometimes the water leaks or drips out and if you don’t screw it on just right the water jet gets knocked off from the hose causing you to get wet!!
    I would complain to the Main Company about this defect.

    Has anyone had this problem with their water Jet? If so please let me know.

  12. I love my water jet. I prefer NOT to hold my thumb over the hose end. I cleaned my Florida concrete pool deck, my drive way and side walks. I forgot to place the O ring in at first and water was leaking. But placing the O ring in, I had some leakage but it was less spraying. It is light weight and easy to use. My only problem I lost one of the brass tips and do not know where to get more. I purchased my kit from CVS drug store for about $19.99. No brush or soap dispenser was included in this one. Help I need a couple of brass tips……

  13. This nozzle do NOT increase the pressure coming out of my hose. They must have had very loose dirt on the tv commercial. I’m using mine as a doorstop.

  14. I bought this Water Jet Power Wand knowing full well it probably wouldn’t work. I was right! Piece of Junk. I’m shipping it back! How much do you want to bet I never see a nickel back?

    • I don’t bet, but if I did it would only be on a sure thing ;-? I appreciate the review, because I have changed my mind. I love other’s review. IT is very helpful

  15. I saw the Water Jet commercial on tv, and liked. I was tempted to buy this as seen on tv Power Washer, but then I decided to find the Water Jet reviews, because I am tired of buyng stuff that does not work as they say it will! Thanks to all of you that bought the product (sorry)… and posted the reviews! You saved me a few bucks and a big headache. Thanks! I am a review fanatic!

  16. I purchased the Power Jet and it doesn’t work any where as well as seen on TV. I would NOT recommend wasting your money on this product.

    I think you’re better off putting you finger over the nozzel of your hose and using it that way, you’ll have a much stronger stream.

    Perhaps a better name for it would be the Powerless Jet or The Trickle.

  17. The Water Jet Pressure Wand is a piece of crap, the stream isn’t anything as shown on TV….one word comes to mind…scam

  18. I wish I had read these reviews before I spent my money. This is a totally worthless product! I wanted to use it to remove mildew from my siding. There was not enough pressure to do that even with the nozzle touching the siding. They make it appear like such a good product on TV. I don’t usually fall for gimmicks but this one looked like it would really work. Don’t waste your money! I will use it to water my flowers, that’s about all it’s good for! Someone must be laughing all the way to the bank!

    • Hi Barb,
      Question is, I would like to do the same, remove mildew from my siding. Did you ever find something that worked. If so can you please reply. Thanks for your review.

      • Denise,

        A good, old fashioned gas power washer works best. I have tried using the electric ones, but I found that they overheat before the job is done.

  19. i bought this Water Jet Pressure Washer at a show and am very pleased with its performance. I came online to search to buy another one and came across these negative reviews and thought I do my own evaluation. my water jet came with plastic jets instead of the brass ones,would have preferred the brass tips. the wand did leak but was an easy fix with some Teflon tape and small channel lock. Then I went out to the side of the house and the water jet easily reached my second story windows and passed the roof, the fan tip works great also, the water jet shut off valve regulates the water pressure, so all in all I give it an A+. I’ll be be buying a few of them …makes a great gift..

  20. This Water Jet Power Washer is not what it is advertised as. They claim that this as seen on tv pressure washer has a volume reduction feature as shown in their video but if you take the nozzle tip off you will see that the long aluminum tube is just that a tube that does not reduce down. JUST ANOTHER SCAM PRODUCT ON THE MARKET PLACE THAT IS MADE IN CHINA. PURE JUNK!

  21. worthless product and absolute scam doesn’t do anything other than waste 20 bux. Fraudulent commercials

  22. it’s crap, again, this water jet power washer is a ripoff, for 20 bucks all you get is the same pressure as when you put your thumb on the end of the hose, the moss on the patio wont go away. I will send couple of emails around to companies and websites who channel this made in china crap into the US, to have these products discontinued, and as seen on TV and distributors prosecuted for fraud

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