Water Zoom Power Washer Review

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It can be really difficult washing surfaces of fences, vehicles, garden furniture etc with the power of water that flows through the ordinary garden hose. Less power means you might need to scrub and wash a lot of it in a painful way yourself. Sometimes the flow of water isn’t good enough for sprinkling the flowers and plants in the garden. You may resort to some of the bulky motors that run on gasoline or electricity to give force to the water flow but can easily leave a hole in your pocket. Water Zoom is one product that can help ease your worry and boost the water force like never before.


Water Zoom Power Washer
Water Zoom is a next level product which can help convert the ordinary power washer into a powerful water dispenser. It simply is a small attachment which can fit into any standard size hose without any complex connections. The attachment is a long wand like structure which helps in reaching areas which are generally inaccessible while cleaning. It comes along with different settings available to change the water pressure that can run through it. The powerful wash can easily be used not to just clean vehicles but also remove dirt and grime stuck in its tires. It also comes with a fan spray attachment that has a wider range to provide softer spray while cleaning railings, decks, etc without any fuss of manual scrubbing.

The variable pressure settings can give a powerful force to wash away and clean a wooden fence to make it look new like. It also can be used to reach up to a second floor window to clean it without the need of a ladder. Its force can also be utilized to clear away pavements from dirt, leaves, twigs and even lawn clippings without using brooms and brushes. The lowest setting is soft and perfect to provide water to flowers and plants in the garden. Its advantage over other similar products is that it is not at all bulky and does not need any external power source to boost the water flow and all of this at a very low price. On purchase of a Water Zoom, an optional Zoom Soap and Scrub Water Kit which has attachable soap dispenser and brush head is available for half of its selling price.



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7 thoughts on “Water Zoom Power Washer Review

  1. I agree with the above. Shame I did not read your reviews before wasting 40 dollars! My ordinary cheap hose attachment emits the same amount of pressure. I agree don’t waste your money! An ordinary cheap hose attachment will wash your car pavement etc. Just the same!

  2. Water Jet Power Washer is a complete waste of money -DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, It performs like a $1 water attachment & will break in 2 day (just like the one I purchased).

    It is a complete POS.

  3. Review Water Zoom

    Can Water Zoom really provides high pressure to an ordinary garden hose?

    Does Water Zoom come with wide variable pressure settings?

    Is Water Zoom good enough to clean garden furniture easily?

    Can Water Zoom help remove dirt and grime off the pavement easily?

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