Viatek Mighty Blaster Review

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The next time you’ve got to clean around your house, water your garden or lawn with a steady blast of water for just about any purpose, use the incredible Viatek Mighty Blaster and make things really easy! The renowned Viatek brings you the amazing Mighty Blaster, an amazing water gun that you can use to let off a steady blast of water which cleans dirty surfaces anywhere in a jiffy.

How does Viatek Mighty Blaster Work

Viatek Mighty Blaster is the perfect tool designed rightly to make it easy for you to blast through all the dirt and grime around you. Whether you want to remove muck from the doors, windows, the walkway and flooring of your garden, trust Viatek Mighty Blaster to eliminate it. All you have to do is add water and some soap in the nozzle, fasten it at the base close to the outlet from where water oozes out and release it like spray. It has nine versatile settings ranging from gentle for plants to tough enough to wash sturdier surfaces. The blaster will duly clean all the soiled surfaces and make them spotless quickly.

Viatek Mighty Blaster works at different pressure levels, which means you can adjust the force depending upon what you wish to clean or even water. If you need to water your plants, spray them with a gentle stream of water by adjusting the force it lets it off with. Remove stubborn dirt effortlessly from floorings in the driveway, on the wheels of your car where mud gets accumulated, and also wash your car clean with the powerful spray these jobs require.

What makes Viatek Mighty Blaster even more useful is the fact that there’s no need for slogging, scrubbing and rubbing while cleaning with it as it loosens and releases dirt with the force it sprays water with. What’s more, you can use the tool for long periods continuously. You can clean areas at even great heights as the force it sprays water with can reach high. the attachments can also be fixed quickly and conveniently. It is also durable, easy to grip and store, so make sure you have it at home!



What do I get?
All this for $14.99 at



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