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What is Vaccuflex?

As shown in the infomercial, VaccuFlex claims to be an ultimate cleaning solution for hard to reach spots. It is an accessory kit that contains two rubber hose and four different diameters of tubing that easily connects to vacuum cleaners of any make and size. Do they really clean as effectively as promised? We have to wait for VaccuFlex reviews to make up our mind.


How does VaccuFlex work?

You might have come across different types of Vacuum Cleaners that promise to reach even the toughest of spots and corners but more than often these promises turn out to be true only on paper and not on practical usage. That’s where VaccuFlex seems to have scored an advantage. Regular vacuum cleaners can only go so far, leaving many places in your home, dusty and dirty. VaccuFlex alleges to go and clean places that no vacuum cleaner has gone before. Have we tried it? No. Have we read any VaccuFlex reviews? Not yet. If you have used it, we’d really like to know your experience. So how about you writing some VaccuFlex reviews?


The VaccuFlex kit comprises of two rubber hose adaptors that have been uniquely designed to fit almost any kind of vacuum cleaner, including Canister, Upright and Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners. There’s also a provision of four diameters of vacuum flex tubing. This enables reduction of the size of the vacuuming tip so as to reach even tighter and narrower spaces like the grooves between sliding doors and window tracks. The tubing of VaccuFlex can be cut to any length and angle so as to customize the vacuuming action. Furthermore, the rigid red tube included in the VaccuFlex kit provides extended reach and greater control of the vacuuming tip. Sounds like a boon in disguise right? But we’d rather advise a word of caution to first check on the VaccuFlex reviews and then decide for yourself.


VaccuFlex convinces us of its multiple uses. It’s not just the nooks and corners of the house, it can also be used to clean cars and trucks. Especially those places below and between the seats. It can even remove lint build-up from the dryer vent. The refrigerator core will stay clean, devoid of dirt and pet hair, if we are to go by the claims of VaccuFlex. We all know that pin-hair has the uncanny habit of hiding in hard-to-find places and reveal itself in the presence of a houseguest causing a great deal of embarrassment. VaccuFlex maintains to handle such awkward situations. Apparently cleaning around the litter box or behind and underneath furniture and appliances is a cakewalk for VaccuFlex. One can even retrieve lost valuables from difficult areas. VaccuFlex guarantees to provide a quick and easy fix for clogged sink or toilet drains. Come to think of it, VaccuFlex does seem like an essential tool to have in every home, workshop or garage. However there are no VaccuFlex reviews to back these claims, so we can’t really endorse it at this point of time.

What do I get?

Buy Vacccuflex for just $19.95 + $7.95 S&H | Official website:

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