X5 Vac Review

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What is X5 Vac

It is a cordless, lightweight and powerful vacuum that claims to be easy to use for you cleaning needs.


X5 Vac promises to offer you the complete home cleaning solution with one machine. If you have been looking for a vacuum that can get rid of spots from carpets and rugs then you can rely on it, according to its claims. At the same time stresses that it offers you relief when it comes to manoeuvring around hard to reach objects. X5 Vac also maintains that it’s lightweight, which ensures that there’s no strain on your back.

All home owners who like to keep their houses spotless clean just can’t do without their vacuum cleaners. You know your home says a lot about you and you also want it to make an impression with your guests. At the same time you want to cut down on your cleaning time and make your chore a lot easier. That’s why you rely on your vacuums to do the job for you. And now you have a sensational new X5 Vac vacuum system that will easily convert from an upright vacuum to a hand held one.

How does X5 Vac Work?

X5 Vac brings five smart functions right at your fingertips

With the help of these functions, X5 Vac claims to offer you dry and wet vacuum instantly. It can be used as an upright cordless vacuum while you get complete ease of use. At the same time you can take it anywhere around the house as a handheld vacuum too. X5 Vac works well as a liquid lifter and as a result you will be able to stop spills turning into stains. The liquid lifter attachment will do the job for you.

X5 Vac can be used to clean your windows and glass too. You can squeegee up liquid and give a streak free finish to your glass surfaces. Lastly, the Dome Duster Tool means you can vacuum up the dust and not worry about it being spread around.

X5 Vac a convertible vacuum that is extremely lightweight for your convenience and it’s very easy to use as well. Who needs two different vacuums to clean the floors and those nooks and crevices in the house when this bagless 2-in1 vacuum system can do the job for you? You can use it in its upright position to clean the floors or any of those large areas in the house that you want to leave spic and span. And you can then detach it within no time simply with the head and the handle. You will have a handheld vacuum system ready for use.

This portable handheld vacuum can then be used to clean your furniture and ensure that it doesn’t have any dirt and dust collected on it. You can use it on stair cases and other hard to get areas in the house too. What’s more, you can take it outdoors and use it inside your cars to keep your drives clean. It’s a versatile product that can literally do many such jobs for you and save you a lot of time as well. The fact that this vacuum is bagless is an added advantage and works towards your convenience.

Now no more struggling with two vacuums for different tasks in the house when this one alone can do the job for you efficiently and quickly.

X5 Vac is powerful and versatile

X5 Vac emphasizes on the fact that it’s powerful and motor rpm of 26,700 – 22,450 can back those claims. However at the same time it is quite lightweight and weighs less than 3 lbs. Hence you won’t have to think twice about moving it around and the cord free design will further add to your convenience. X5 Vac asserts that it is versatile and can be used on different surfaces; from rugs and carpets to floors and glass.


What do I get?

  • 2 X5 Vac

All this for $99.95 + free shipping.Official website danozdirect.com.au



X5 Vac Video
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3 thoughts on “X5 Vac Review

  1. I’ve had blowjobs that sucked harder than this handheld X5 vacuum does! It will get things clean if you have the time to go over every spot 10 times and move the hose tip slowly enough.

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