Vac Bullet

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What is Vac Bullet:

It is a device that can be attached to your vacuum cleaner and claims to remove harmful debris that can be damaging to your expensive vacs.
Vac Bullet maintains that it can prevent damages that can be caused to your vacuum cleaners, which are no less than your lifelines. You rely on them to keep your homes spotless clean and save you the hassle of cleaning for long hours. They are effective in getting rid of dust and dirt but problems arise when they pick up things like pieces of glass. That’s where Vac Bullet comes into the picture ensuring that no damage will be caused to your vacuum cleaner.


Vac Bullet traps damaging debris

For starters, Vac Bullet states that now you will be able to see everything your vacuum picks up. While it lets pass all the dirt and dust, it will trap damaging debris like pieces of glass for example. It can do that with the help of the suction power of the vacuum and thus you will not only be able to see these damaging particles that are trapped but they will be taken care of easily too. In fact, Vac Bullet asserts that it is effective on different kinds of items that can have a damaging effect on your vacuum.
It’s true that when you are vacuum cleaning your surroundings you never know what you are going to pick up. But with Vac Bullet everything, from sawdust to nails and screws can be trapped and gotten rid off in a matter of seconds.


Vac Bullet is convenient for use

Overall Vac Bullet claims that it can extend the life of your precious vacuum cleaners by ensuring that no damage is caused to them because of these items. And you get the benefits without too much hassle because Vac Bullet asserts that it is very simple and convenient for use. You can attach it to just about any vacuum cleaner without any special tools or techniques. When you are done using it, the device can be quickly removed for emptying too.

Vac Bullet is effective on different types of things

How often have you lost your rings and earrings somewhere in the house or the car for that matter? These precious items just seem to get lost when you have vacuumed your surroundings. But Vac Bullet asserts that it won’t be the case anymore because they will be collected in a place you can see so that you can find them easily. Vac Bullet emphasizes on the fact that it can be used to pick up liquids as well. Whatever you want to pick up, it is a safe and smart option for you.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Vac Bullet & Lint Lizard for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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