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Everyday millions of dust particles travel through air and settle down in your home and offices. Have you ever wondered how many unhealthy allergens might be breeding right at some corner of your bedroom? Cleaning the entire house is definitely a big task especially for areas that are hard to reach. Either self cleaning or hiring costly professional cleaners is the only probable solution for it. But can all the effort really help your home pass the white glove test? What if your vacuum cleaner could modify to reach all levels with ease? You probably need Vac Attack for that kind of magic.


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Vac Attack

Vac Attack is a vacuum extender which provides flexibility and dynamic portability to reach anywhere with ease. The Vac Attack comes with memory-flex coil, a patented design which gives it the advantage or fitting and working with any vacuum cleaner available in the market. What Vac Attack generally does is form a kind of extension to the ordinary cleaner giving it an extra long hose to suck the dirt from any out of reach area exposed.

It has the flexibility to turn and reach areas that are really hard to clean like the top of cabinet and bookshelves. Its length helps in avoiding the use of chairs, tables or ladders and lugging the vacuum over them to reach heights. It can also easily reach the backside and corner areas of heavy furniture and appliances nullifying the need to strain while moving them. It can bend easily to reach under the bed, sofas, chairs or shelves for the perfect clean instead of bending and crawling with the mop. Vac Attack is so amazing it can even clean dust from ceiling fans, blinds, air vents and curtains which are areas with maximum dust and takes maximum effort to clean up.

Vac Attack provides the perfect clean with 8 piece micro attachments that come free with it. Every attachment is specialized in cleaning drier vents, computer keyboards, collectibles, car interiors, etc. Cleaning was never this easy.




What do I get?
Vac Attack is available for just $14.95 + $5.95 shipping at the official website


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    Can Vac Attack really attach to any vacuum cleaner?

    Is Vac Attack really flexible to bend and reach at the bottom of a sofa?

    Is Vac Attack long enough to reach ceilings and top corners?

    Do Vac Attackā€™s micro attachments help clean computer keyboards with ease?

    Can Vac Attack help clean drier vents easily?

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