Hurricane Twin Spin Mop

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What is Hurricane Twin Spin Mop

It is a mop that claims to clean your floors and hard to reach areas without too much hassle and need for harsh detergents.

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop maintains that it can be the best option for home owners who want to keep their interiors spic and span without using chemicals for cleaning. You want to make sure your homes are clean and hygienic for the comfort of your loved ones, but it can be a tedious and time consuming exercise for you. Hurricane Twin Spin Mop promises to do the cleaning tasks easily and in fraction of the time.

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop helps you clean effectively

To begin with, Hurricane Twin Spin Mop contains thousands of microfiber strands and they are capable of attracting dirt, dust and grim. Moreover liquids can also be removed without any streaking or leaks. Hurricane Twin Spin Mop also claims to work rather well as a dry mop, which can be used to eliminate pet hair etc. This mop stresses on the fact that it is versatile for your home cleaning needs because it can be used on floors and behind toilets, tables, closet corners, cabinets and more.

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop and how it works

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop has a pump action mop handle, according to its claims. All you have to do is place the mop head in the side of the bucket that has hot water. You can them pump the handle to agitate the mop. The spin mop can then be placed in the bucket before you pump the handle again to spin mop dry at 300 rotations per minute. That’s what makes Hurricane Twin Spin Mop effective for cleaning without the need of any harsh chemicals. What’s more, it saves you time and effort cleaning as well.

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop is meant for your convenience

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop bucket has a special 2 piece design, which ensures that when you are not using it, the buckets come apart and can be stored easily, one nesting into the other. The microfiber head is washable and reusable too.

What do I get?

You get one Hurricane Twin Spin Mop for $39.99. Official website


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