TV Wonder Product Info and Review

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What is TV Wonder?

– TV Wonder states to be a cleaner that lets you clean TV screens effectively, quickly, easily and safely. It declares that you do not need any chemical solutions to clean the screen and it leaves no scratches on the surface. The long handle of TV Wonder assures to let you clean TV sets mounted on the walls and it asserts to work great on glass, stainless steel, chandeliers, mirrors, and more, too.

How does TV Wonder work?

To make your TV screen sparkling clean and mess-free, TV Wonder asserts to be a combination of a rotating and dual-sided cleaning head and patent-pending long handle that pivots to work in any angle. You are convinced to just need to spray the terry cloth side of TV Wonder with tap water and wipe the dust and dirt away. The micro-fiber side promises to wipe finger prints and smudges away like they were never there. With its alleged microfiber technology, TV Wonder claims to lock dirt and stains in fibers and the dust is attracted to the terry side cloth to give you smudge-free and clean TV screen each time.


Super clean TV screens – Dust and mess on TV screen can be so annoying, especially when you are watching something gripping and the stains catch your attention instead. Using paper towel is a bad enough idea to clean TV screens because of the scratches it can cause. And the chemicals of harsh cleaners can destroy the delicate layers of the TV screens. But TV Wonder maintains that it can safely and effectively clean any TV screen without causing the above problems with its special dual-sided head and long pivoting handle. TV Wonder proclaims that you just need to spray tap water on its head and clean the TV screen. It assures to be so quick that you can clean an 80 inch TV screen within a minute. Cleaning mounted TVs can be quite a stretch, literally. But TV Wonder convinces that it has an extra-long handle that makes it a breeze to clean any TV screen and clean each and every inch of it. TV Wonder states that it can keep your TV screen free of static, and not just clean the screen when you use it but also repel dust between cleaning jobs.

Also cleans mirrors, chandeliers and out of reach windshields – In spite of its extra-long handle, TV Wonder proclaims to be easy to store and you can easily fit it into any drawer. That apart, cleaning TV Wonder is convinced to be easy, too. It is machine washable so you just need to toss it into the washer. Not just TV screens, TV Wonder promises to work just as great and give a shine to stainless steel, which is always difficult to clean. Mirrors, glasses, windows and a lot more are also alleged to be cleaned effectively and quickly by TV Wonder. The extendable handle of TV Wonder assures to be easily attachable to give you an extended arm to clean chandeliers and other hard to reach appliances. The cleaner also promises that you can take it outside to clean hard to reach windshields. Since it proclaims to use just tap water to clean effectively, TV Wonder states that it will be safe around kids and pets and also not harm the environment.

What do I get?

  • 2 TV Wonder
  • 1 TV Wonder Egg for smaller screens
  • 2 removable dual-sided cleaning covers
  • 2 Spray Bottles

All this $12.99 + $9.9 S/h. Official website:

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