Turbo Shot

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What is Turbo Shot?

It is a compact yet powerful solid brass spray nozzle that can release a stream of water up to 40 feet to wash away grime and dirt off surfaces.

Small in size, big on benefits

Turbo Shot, the new solid brass spray nozzle that boasts of advanced features and exceptional performance, promises to blast away all the dirt on your vehicles’ tires, rims and many other areas around. Since we can’t really prevent dust, grime and muck from settling around, a tool like Turbo Shot becomes a necessity since it seems to be the best way to keep surfaces around clean. Though it is compact in size and make, it claims it does what other spray nozzles cannot. It proclaims that it amplifies the force with which it sprays water by letting off a stream up to no less than 40 feet by actually using 40% less water than other sprayers.


The ultimate nozzle

The manufacturers of Turbo Shot declare it as the best and the most versatile nozzle ever as you won’t think of any other once you use it. To begin with, it is designed with precision ball bearings that allow you to make any number of adjustments you need instantaneously. It states that it works really fast and is also easy to control. It boasts of numerous features such as the power stream to wash off dirt, grime and break dust from your tires and rims with a force that it can bring down an entire line of heavy bricks from a distance of 10 feet. If you give the nozzle a twist, it can release a misting spray which is ideally suitable for flowers and shrubs that require tender loving care. And if you twist it further, it will turn up with the pinpoint stream which is so precise that it can actually pass through a small ring.

The secret…

What empowers Turbo Shot to make it click is its special no-leak gasket which fills the entire nozzle with tri-bearing control. It guarantees maximum strength and accuracy in releasing water with enough velocity to even reach second-story windows easily to remove grime out of your concrete. The force of the stream is so intense that you can rely on it to serve a variety of purposes by cleaning gutters, patio furniture and other spots by adjusting the spray to your requirement.

Durable, reliable and incredible!

The makers of Turbo Shot state that it is so sturdy that it can withstand a truck running over it still function perfectly. It guarantees all the convenience and flexibility you need to clean dirt off surfaces the way you need with minimal consumption of power and water.

What do I get?

Please see official website getturboshot.com


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