Tsunami Hose Nozzle Review

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Tsunami Hose Nozzle was recently voted the No 1 Garden accessory for 2012 and its functionality for your garden use can probably explain why. Do you end up struggling with your regular garden hose because the water pressure in it is too low? Does watering your plants, lawn etc end up taking a lot of time for you? Tsunami Hose Nozzle claims to increase the water pressure of your hoses so that you get a steadier and strong stream of water. In fact it promises to give you a tidal wave of water every single time.

Different settings for your convenience

It is a heavy duty all in one nozzle that gives you a much stronger stream of water when you want it the most. However Tsunami Hose Nozzle is also known to have five different settings; a powerful jet stream, soaker, fan, gentle mist and a cascading spray. You can use any of these settings based on the results you are looking for and according to your convenience.

Several applications

Thanks to the different settings it has you can get just the right amount of water for various uses around the house. Tsunami Hose Nozzle can be used to water the plants in your garden or when you want to power wash your house. You can also use it to water the grass or give your pets a refreshing wash. It can also be taken to wash your patios, cars, boats and RVs when needed.

Designed for versatility

This nozzle is said to have a wide grip that makes it possible to attach it to any standard hose. In fact, it can fit comfortably on all expandable hoses, according to its claims. Tsunami Hose Nozzle also has a sturdy rubber design and it ensures that it doesn’t rust and it can keep being your favorite garden accessory for a long time to come.
Now you can also save water with this nozzle too because it has an on/off function, which is an added advantage.


What do I get?
Ge the Tsunami Hose Nozzle for just $29.95 + S/h. Official website Lawnproductsforless.com

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