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What is TriWipe?

It is a three part cleaning system comprising microfiber cloth, silicone blade and an absorbent sponge for cleaning glass windows, doors, mirrors and more spotlessly without dripping or creating mess.

Better than sponge & paper towels

TriWipe is a new cleaning tool that promises to make everyday cleaning tasks a breeze. It resembles a regular squeegee but claims to have an edge over even the ‘best’ one on account of its exceptional construction and additional features. While regular sponges leave a dirty film on glasses and paper towels smear the glass and crumble, a squeegee just drips with water and creates messy puddles. TriWipe states that it doesn’t involve any of these hassles but just makes your cleaning tasks simpler, quicker and neat for your convenience.


Smart functions and make

TriWipe is constructed with a unique design which singlehandedly combines functions of three components viz. a microfiber cloth, a silicone blade and a sponge. The three part cleaning system guarantees it’s the easiest and most complete way to make your home sparkle without having to grapple with dirt, water and mess. To begin with, its microfiber cloth brushes away the dirt and then the precise silicone blade mops away the liquid after which the sponge absorbs the liquid completely. That means you don’t have to use three different things to clean but can do it all better with TriWipe.

Bigger and better performance

TriWipe is provided with extra wide washing surface with a swivel head. It allows you to cover more surface area while cleaning and even rotate to clean better and farther. It is also provided with a 5′ telescoping handle so that you can clean hard to reach places smoothly. The promoters if TriWipe call it the easiest and the most perfect cleaning system that can make your home sparkle.

Saves time and extra efforts

TriWipe can carry out all the functions necessary to make glass doors, windows, glass tables, bathroom and even glasses on car shine in one step. You don’t have to first wash and then squeegee to get your surfaces to shine so you save up your precious time.

What do I get?

you’ll receive two complete TriWipe cleaning system for just $10 plus $11.9 P&H. Official website


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