TriangYello Review

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Cleaning tasks in the house can become the bane of your existence as they can be strenuous and quite time consuming as well. What’s worse is that you need a different device for various cleaning tasks around the house. However that’s not the case with TriangYello, which is an all in one steam mop for your regular cleaning needs.

How does TriangYello Work

Now who needs to have all those cleaning tools in the house and add to the clutter when TriangYello with its 17 piece accessory can do the jobs for you, efficiently and effectively as well?

TriangYello, is a part of the exclusive Yello range that has already created waves in the industry. It’s the trusted name for many as well and now they will find TriangYello quite handy too because it is capable of converting itself from a high power steam mop to a handheld steam cleaner. Thus you know it’s extremely versatile and can be used for major cleaning tasks in the house, including wide floors. You will be pleased to note that the cleaning job will be done efficiently without the need for any harmful chemicals at the same time you can use it for smaller surfaces and precision cleaning too.

TriangYello is a powerful 1500W steam mop and steam cleaner; thus it will be strong enough for quite stubborn dirt, grime and stains on different surfaces in the house. Another important feature of TriangYello is the 480 ml cold fill tank, which makes things easier for you while cleaning around the house. It’s known to give out continuous steam for your convenience and it will ensure that your cleaning jobs are done in double quick time. The 180 degrees swivel head of TriangYello lets you get to those hard to reach areas to get excellent cleaning results.




What do I get?
Get the TriangYellO All In One Steam Mop with 17 Piece Accessory Kit for just £99.99 + £5.99 P&P at IdealWorld.TV



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