Towel Mints

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What are Towel Mints:

They are tiny towels in the shape of mints, which claim to be the right solution for all your cleaning needs.
Towel Mints seem to be have been created for all those who are tired of carrying rolls of paper towels or boxed wipes wherever they go. It can be particularly a hassle if you are travelling with little ones and you just can’t do without these paper towels. But the problem is they take up a lot of space in your luggage and they are just a nuisance overall. Towel Mints claim to offer a small and simple solution that can work well for you.

Towel Mints expands with ease for your cleaning needs

Now you won’t have to carry those awkward and bulky paper towels because Towel Mints can do the job for you, according to their claims. All you have to do is wet them and clean easily. The secret of Towel Mints lies in the natural water wicking material that is used to make them. The good thing with this material is that it is supposed to expand to 190 times its size, which ensures that you are ready for practically any clean up anywhere.


Towel Mints claims to have many features for your benefits

For starters, Towel Mints work as fast acting super absorbents to clean up any mess rather quickly. You simply put them in water and they work like fully functional towels. They are said to be capable of absorbing 6 times their weight in liquids. Towel Mints also have a light fresh minty scent, which is a nice and pleasant touch to them. These towels are meant to be reusable so that you can get the most out of them. Since they are chemical free, you can safely use them with your little ones.

Towel Mints save you space

If you have to carry paper towels everywhere, you won’t have much space left for essentials in your baby bag. Towel Mints are your way around it because they are compact and offer you complete cleaning freedom.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll get a pack of 100 Towel Mints plus Two 10 pack carry container for $10 plus $13.98P&H.
  • Official website:
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