Sweep Away Cleaner Review

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What is Sweep Away Cleaner

It is a specially designed cleaning formula, which maintains that now you can get rid of stains effectively and without any difficulty.

Sweep Away Cleaner guarantees you perfect cleaning results every single time so that you can keep your surroundings spic and span, just the way you want. The cleanliness in your house is of great importance to you because it speaks volumes about you. At the same time you want to maintain the hygiene levels in your house for the comfort of your loved ones. But you know cleaning different parts of the house; especially if there are stubborn stains to contend with can be a tricky proposition for you. It often means you have to get down on your knees and scrub for a long time. Sweep Away Cleaner claims that it takes the hassle out of cleaning while giving you spotless results.

Sweep Away Cleaner is powerful for you

Sweep Away Cleaner promises to have an edge over your regular cleaners because it has been formulated to do the job effectively. For starters, it combines citrus degreaser with a non-bleaching absorbent to ensure that the cleaning task is handled well. Sweep Away Cleaner also assures you that now you won’t have to struggle with getting rid of those old stains. That’s because it is capable of locking onto and extracting the entire stain from the surface where it tends to turn into powder. Thus it asserts that it is a smart solution when it comes to removing stains.

Importantly, Sweep Away Cleaner stresses that you can keep your surroundings spotless clean without any scrubbing or rinsing because it lifts off the stains as they dry. Hence you won’t be putting a lot of strain on your wrists while cleaning.

Sweep Away Cleaner is simple to use

There are many cleaners that make tall claims but don’t live up to them and what’s worse is that they are so tedious to use. But there are no such hassles with Sweep Away Cleaner, according to its claims. To start with, you can simply apply the Sweep Away Cleaner on the stain. The formula will break up and draw the stain to the surface. Once it’s done that and dried, you can simply wipe away the stain or vacuum it. The area will be spotless clean like there wasn’t any stain there in the first place.

Various features of Sweep Away Cleaner

Firstly, Sweep Away Cleaner doesn’t just mask the stains but eliminates them completely. Moreover it is quite versatile and can be used on different surfaces including masonry, walkways, driveways, outside walls, garage doors and more. It is safe to be used on asphalt, brick, stone, concrete, composite decking too. Sweep Away Cleaner is effective on grease stains and those caused by cooking oil, wax, brake fluids, motor oils, transmission fluids and other tough materials. You will also be pleased to find that it is 100% bio degradable and phosphate free.

What do I get?

You will receive two Sweep Away Cleaner for just $10 + $9.9 P&H. Official website getsweepaway.com

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