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How to turn dull finishes into a spectacular super easy, super-fast and SuperClean shine in no time? Answer is SuperClean. Forget the stained utensils or metal/glass wares which give a look of wreck. A simple dab on the surface with SuperClean Product slices through toughest of grimes in no time. It works efficiently on burned gas burner surface, pans or any area in your home which needs cleaning, polishing and protection in one stroke.


SuperClean is eco-friendly and environmentally safe and highly effective cleanser product which surprises you with one stroke super easy, super-fast and SuperClean shine in no time on your grime gripped kitchenware.

The precious glassware, metal artifacts and other products in your house would love the new clean look with SuperClean, the product that is scratch proof and non-abrasive. It works on ceramics just as efficiently.

Got a long face looking at the jewelry’s tainted look? Just dazzle the jewelry with SuperClean and see the glow on your face as the rag to riches makes your jewels shining every time. The burned over marks on the gas stove or a spilled food burn on glass is possible to get rid of in a jiffy without worrying about getting any sort of scratch or other damages on the surface.

The protection finishing left after the wipe prevents the surface from forming any dust or food stains on the surface. Do you get nightmares thinking about cleaning the after baked casseroles?

Well one stroke is all it takes to get the super easy, super-fast and SuperClean shine in no time back. SuperClean is powerful enough to get through the tough stains on dripping pans, stainless steel utensils and refrigerator doors. SuperClean is Super Cleanser when it comes to cleaning barbeque surfaces, deeply burned pans or cleaning the bath tubs and showers leaving a film to protect the surface of rebuilding of dust and water stains.



What do I get?

  • SuperClean Tough Task Foaming Formula
  • Super Cloth
  • SuperClean for Kitchens
  • SuperClean Household
  • SuperClean Foaming Grill Cleaner

All this for just $9.95 + $14.85 shipping and handling. Official website



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7 thoughts on “SuperClean Review

  1. I tried this but soon realized the dollar store brand was more effective. So disappointing especially for the amount of money they charge for the product.

  2. Online reviews of products were like the word from the Gospel for many buyers. That’s what I seem to remember from some years ago. So what has changed now? Is it possible to really trust any of these review sites that show up when you start looking for product reviews? That was my experience when I searched for reviews of SuperClean. There was absolutely no way to tell if these review sites were genuine or not. My money is on the latter because at the end of the day the just wanted my money. They were doing their best to try and sell me the product, which could be utter crap for all I know. But they just weren’t interested in telling me anything about the review. It was refreshing to find your site and I have noticed that you have brilliant and honest reviews about all the products, which is heartening to see.

    • You are quite right; many of these sites are completely fake, and they have come up in recent times. They are being supported by manufacturers of these products, who are paying huge amounts to affiliate marketers to keep these sights running. Due to loopholes in the system, which these people make the most out of, they end up being all over the Internet. They are a nuisance for genuine users like you and one can only hope that search engines wake up to their menace.

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