Stretch Hose Review

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All home owners who have the luxury of space around their houses want to make the most of it and it makes a lot of sense because well kept gardens add to the aesthetics of your surroundings. But looking after gardens can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to watering them because carrying those regular heavy and bulky hoses around can be a nightmare. However now you can take care of your gardens the way you want thanks to Stretch Hose.

How does Stretch Hose Work

Stretch Hose is a self propelling, expandable hose that will be the answer to all your woes. The good thing about this hose is that it expands easily and up to three times its original size, which makes it perfect not only for watering plants in your garden but you can use it for outdoor cleaning purposes as well. And it does that on its own when you turn on the water and it retracts to its original size when the water is turned off. Thus Stretch Hose will do the job for you without any hassle.

Stretch Hose works so well because of the smart dual sleeve, which is right at its heart and coupled with water pressure activated design it gives fantastic results. The flexible, expandable hose is on the inside and outside is a heavy duty protective mesh sleeve, which makes it a durable option for you as well. Stretch Hose works as water flows through it and pressure starts building in the hose. That’s how it expands and grows to three times its original size.

Stretch Hose is extremely light and can be carried around without any difficulty and added strain on your hands or back. It folds up neatly and can be stored in your drawers too. Another advantage of the hose is that it never kinks or folds and tangles and that’s why water flows through it without any hindrance. The web mesh layer on the other hand slides smoothly over and under any surface making things a lot easier for you. Easy to use, lightweight and simple to store; what more could you ask for?

Stretch Hose Spray Nozzle
The task of spraying water becomes easier with this ultra-smart Stretch Hose Spray Nozzle. It sports a multifunction sprayer head and is designed to offer seven different spray settings! The brilliant construction of the spray nozzle, available as a set, ensures that it’s regarded as the perfect addition for your hose.


Stretch Hose Holder
Store your stretch hose right by hanging it in this smart Stretch Hose Holder. The unique Stretch Hose Holder is exactly what you need for your hose as you can hang it on the faucet you fix it on. It’s the best way to ensure it’s around and keep things simple.


Stretch Hose High Pressure Sprayer
The amazing Stretch Hose High Pressure Sprayer empowers you to jet-blast clean surfaces like pavement, siding, windows and more immaculately! The sprayer, available in full set, is the perfect addition to your hose that makes your task of cleaning areas incredibly easy and fast with its irrepressible high pressure features.


What do I get?

  • X 1 Stretch Hose 25 Feet £28.95
  • Stretch Hose 50 Feet £49.95
  • Stretch Hose 75 Feet £69.95

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Stretch Hose Video

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4 thoughts on “Stretch Hose Review

  1. I have a cheaper version of the stretchy hose and it is wonderful. I live in a Unit and this little hose can stretch enough to wash every window around my little home.
    Although I think my spray nozzle is a bit of a dud it does leak a little… I would recommend this type of hose to anyone who is looking for a hose that shrinks back small enough to fit into a pot plant container…

    • Since this post I have tried another type of stretchy hose. FAILURES all of them. My first one lasted 3 years but the other two barely went 2 weeks, leaks sprung up all along the hose and the connection to the tap sprayed water out everytime I used it. I wish someone would invent a really good one.

  2. I bought one of your hoses at Wal-mart 50 foot and it will not retract plus it has holes all over –squirts water all over me every time I use it.

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