Stream Clean Reviews and Complaints

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Pets will be pets, ever so adorable and innocent. Which is why you don’t really get angry when they create stains, but cleaning them becomes quite a task and expensive too. So bring home something that’s absolutely useful to get rid of those pet blots which you can never really escape. Get Stream Clean right away and let cleaning stubborn pet stains be a breeze!


How does Stream Clean Claim to work

Stream Clean, a wonder solution in a spray bottle is the powerful way to dismiss pet stains and even foul odor for good. It can protect your carpets, sofas and other surfaces from undesirable stains by just spraying it on the affected area conveniently without bending or scrubbing. All you have to do is point it at the target spot and spray it to dismiss the stain for ever. It can instantly clean stains and stink and also tidy up the place as if the mess was never ever there! It’s like some magic act: now you see stains and when you spray it, they disappear!

What makes Stream Clean a must have for any household is that it penetrates stains and odors very deeply with enzyme action. It eliminates all marks on its own and doesn’t burden you with any additional cleaning to be done by you. When you have Stream Clean at hand, you get far better results as compared to ordinary cleaners as they cannot really go deep to clean the mess.

Stream Clean Review

How much quantity of Stream Clean to use

It is advisable that equal amounts of Stream Clean be used in comparison with the urine that originally created the stain. Apply enough amount of Stream Clean and follow the path of urine on the mattresses, furniture, floors and flat surfaces. Enzyme based cleaners require use of adequate quantity to provide better results. There might be some residues of uric acid crystals if the cleaner does not extend beyond the edges of the stain.

Directions of using Stream Clean

Stain Elimination

  • Clear the area and soak the entire surface thoroughly with Stream Clean.
  • Wipe away the stains after 5 minutes and use a stiff, bristle brush to gently remove tough stains.
  • Re-soak the area with Stream Clean if the stain still remains and wait for an hour before wiping.

Odor Removal

  • Completely soak the area with Stream Clean reaching the deepest parts of the carpet and apply it directly to the pad and floor.
  • Allow air drying. Depending on the circulation available products can take 2 weeks to dry.
  • If the odor still persists post 2 weeks period look for the odor source and repeat cleaning with Stream Clean.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children and pets. Keep pets away from the area treated till it dries completely.

Target the stained area with Stream Clean and wash regularly.


What is Enzyme Action and Its Pros and Cons

What are Enzymes : Enzymes are found in all living creatures. They are specifically present in order to fasten the biological process in the organisms. They help in building up substances or breaking it down for the overall growth of the body. In humans there are thousands of enzymes that are essential for carrying out different purposes like breaking down food while chewing and breaking it further to divide the nutrients like fat, protein, etc from the food for better digestion. This particular feature of enzymes has led to their application in many man-made products for as cleaner and detergents.


Enzyme Action for stains: Stains that take a lot of time and effort are something everyone wishes to avoid. Any amount of elbow grease or other stain cleaners do not really get rid of some type of stains altogether. In such a situation Enzymes can really help to clean such stains very easily since they are typically biological compounds, a type of protein which is said to speed up the metabolic reactions in all applications. Their ability as discussed above makes it possible to break down stain marks from the carpet, linens and clothes very easily and safely.


Enzyme Action by different types of Enzymes
Enzyme Action takes place in a different way depending on the type of enzymatic cleaner is used. Four major types that are peculiarly used are amylase, protease, lipase and pectinase. These four work very differently. For example, amylase works on stains that contain starch in it like chocolate, spaghetti,etc. Protease as the name suggests works on protein related stains, lipase works on fats or oils and pectinase removes stains and spots that of fruit-based products. One may even combine different types of enzymes to remove a particular stain.


Pros of Enzyme Stain & Ordor Removers : Enzyme Action helps in saving a lot of time and effort that goes into cleaning and scrubbing stains. This is due to the fact that the reaction time of enzymes is a thousand times faster than any other compounds or solutions. Unlike other cleaners Enzyme Action can even remove stains that are age old and are generally irremovable. The quantity required using Enzyme Action on stains in relatively less and enzymes used for such cleaning purposes are safe since many of them have relative features that are similar to the ones present inside the body and used for breaking down foods within.


Cons of Enzyme Stain & Ordor Removers : Enzyme Action has its advantages but has cons when it comes to removing stains of a certain type which would require complex compounds. Enzyme Action doesn’t have the capacity to remove mud or dirt and one can face lot of difficulty when it comes to cleaning up stains of petroleum oil by Enzyme Action.


Safe to use

Stream Clean is hundred percent safe to use around people and pets even though it’s so powerful. Also, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue or mess behind after you use it. Moreover, Stream Clean goes beyond cleaning just pet stains. Whether new, old, or set-in it can even clean blots left behind by red wine, grease, food , dirt, ink, urine, vomit, blood, coffee and more successfully within seconds!

If your pets live in their own little homes like a doggy bag or some cozy box that have become hopelessly stinky, don’t give up. Deodorize and clean them with just a blast from Stream Clean and use them all over again! With Stream Clean at home, you can really save hundreds on cleaning, and thousands on replacement costs.

Stream Clean “Digests” the Stains

Stain removers often use enzymes or other proteins to break apart stain molecules. Enzymes digest proteins and fats in stains quite like they digest the food you eat. Stains may be broken apart by breaking the chemical bonds in the stain molecules. Oxidizers can break apart a long colored molecule, making it easier to lift away or sometimes render it colorless. Enzyme-based stain removers are highly effective on stains as blood or chocolate.

Stream Clean Complaints

As claimed by the Stream Clean commercial, pet urine odor or stains are not eliminated when you spray it on the affected areas on the carpet and you can’t even tell the difference after using it. Unlike the claims that you need not bend or scrub, Stream Clean does not pick up pet urine but needs you to be hunched down as low as just one foot above the floor to spray it effectively. Its light is also quite weak. The spray doesn’t dry but leaves an oily gloss and the instructions regarding this are unclear.


Another complaint is that the spray works well only on new stains and only partially on older stains, which are difficult to eliminate. It works only as a spot cleaner but is ineffective on larger patches or older carpets. It may not work as a standalone product and Petzyme may be a better product.




What do I get?
2 cans of Stream Clean for just $19.99 and $9.95 P&H. Official website

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-340-3418

40 thoughts on “Stream Clean Reviews and Complaints

  1. I have been using this product for over a few months and the results are great. I have 4 dogs, two are rescues from a junkyard so you get the picture. Before I found Stream Clean I pulled up the main floor carpeting out of frustration from all the other products and machines. We still have carpeting on the top floor and sometimes these little critters sneak up there and well you know the rest. I use Stream Clean and it does a wonderful job. Of course set in stains are a match for any cleaning product or machine so don’t expect miracles. It does however neutralize the horrible smell. Walmart had it on discount and I bought out their entire shelf.

    I would highly recommend this products over any of the many tons of other products including professional cleaning services and their products.

  2. The product is good but they rip you it says &10.00 buy 1 get 1 free got 4 charged &40.00 pus
    7.95 per can it was &51.80 the black lights are a joke 1 did not even work called them ask
    for &20.00 oh no that will not fly I have to send it all back you can buy at WalMart 9.95 a can
    will not buy any more.

  3. I went to the site last week to order this Stream Clean product only to realize that shipping was $7.95 PER CAN–I got to the last screen and did NOT hit the submit order button. I was checking my banking online yesterday only to see a debit authorization hold for $51.80 in my checking account. I called the company and asked them how on earth they had processed my order when I had never hit the submit button–they couldn’t answer that, but cancelled the order that I had never placed and released the hold on my card (or so they said). Checked my account today and sure enough, the $51.80 was taken out of my account!!!! I called again, and was told I would receive a refund in 5-7 days. WTF??? This company is nothing but an online scam and the shipping charges are absolutely outrageous!! Buyers Beware!!!!!!!!

  4. I only purchased one can of Stream Clean expecting it not to work like so many products I have tried. Boy was I wrong. It is amazing. I am cleaning pet stains (some new, some old) with Stream Clean today. I am very pleased with results. What other products does Stream Clean offer?

  5. The best solution to clean that pet stain and odor, first you wipe up poop and urine, put some baking soda on the spot and rub it with brush then the baking soda add white vinegar see the frizzing action as it gets deep in the carpet, it is the same formula used in upside down fire extinguisher, StreamClean uses the same kind of chemical action! you can do it few times as let dry and vacum, you be saving more money that way.

  6. Save your money on this because Stream Clean does not work, they fail to mention that you have to get down on your hands and knees to blot it up which still gave the same result… didn’t budge the stain. It may work on fresh stains only because you have to do what you would do anyway and that’s get on your hands and knees to blot it up, but does absolutely nothing for old stains.

  7. I bought a can of that stream clean and I followed the directions completely..nothing happened. So, I added more to the stains, both old and new and still nothing has happened. I was cheated out of money and that really makes me angry. This stuff is junk.

  8. I am scared now too! I was going to order it but from the sounds of it, its going to probably cause an allergic reaction (stench and fragrance remark) and does not work like the commercial. In the commercial it makes it seem like you spray and thats all, poof, it disappears!

    We for anyone else looking for tips on how to get rid of urine stains from pets I have a natural non toxic method I use.

    You have to put some elbow grease into it but hey, it costs a few pennies. Just alternate between vinegar and baking soda and suck it up with a shop vac or steam cleaner until its gone.

  9. I was fooling around with my GF on my parent’s couch. I left a bunch of stains/her stains all over the cushion. I found this Stream Clean in the laundry room, and tried it…also grabbed a black light app on my phone. After three treatments it was still very visible. Treated these stains just as instructed, and no dice. Now we have a bunch of white stains all over a $2000 couch…glad I am back at school.

  10. I think the Stream Clean really works, but you have to put pressure on it. You can’t expect it to clean stains completely by simply spraying it on surfaces as no product can do it. Stream Clean does manage to get down deep and remove all odors at the same time. I had to use a bristle brush after I left the cleaner on the stains for a while. Once you do this, the stains will come up. However, the price of Stream Clean higher as compared to other pet cleaning products that can do the same job cheaper. The effect of Stream Clean depends upon the nature of the stain.

  11. The Company’s claim that there is no need for scrubbing while using Stream Clean is baseless. Each time I enter someone’s home who uses it I sense foul stench mixed with a cleaning scent. Stream Clean might reduce the mess, but it doesn’t remove it completely.

  12. Stream Clean is totally ineffective. It does not remove any stains and the black light gadget is ineffective. Even after you use the cleaner, the black light still shows dirt. It shows dirt even on surfaces that have been washed and disinfected several times. Purchasing Stream Clean is a waste of money and its commercial is misleading.

  13. Your loudmouth advertiser is repulsive. I turn off the volume every time your ad comes on. Thanks, Sandra

  14. There is a very easy and CHEAP way to get ride of all dog and cat odors in your carpet and is safe for your pets too, good old fashion RUBBING ALCOHOL. Think about it, what causes odors? Bacteria! What kills bacteria? Alcohol. It will not remove the stain, so afterwards I follow it up with Odoban. ( a gallon for $10 at Home Depot and they have different scents). Be sure to read the label. It has to be diluted. But it will last a very long time. So for $11-12 its taken care of. We even use this combo when renting a large steam cleaner to cover large areas, rather than using the expensive non-working crap they recommend.
    This combo also works in the laundry for pet bedding or if they get sick on your bedspread. In addition, I use it on my husbands work clothes and workout clothes. It removes all sweat odors.

  15. In answer to the questions they posted…..

    Ans 1. It did work for me, takes a little more than what I expected and the volume in the can, but it did work. The stains I had were a little old, so it took a little more, but did work.

    Ans 2. Yes and no. Yes because it actually does work, which I was very skeptical of, but not enough.

    Ans 3. Do you find it useful? Yes

    Is the Stream Clean ad misleading? Only the “free” black light was a little disappointing.

    Would you recommend this product to fellow customers? OR do you know a better alternative? I think I would actually recommend this to others. I would let them know if they have big areas or stains that have set in some, you will need more than the cans offer.

    Would you report this Stream Clean as a scam? No, not really.

    Did they let you review your order before hitting the “buy” button? Yes, they did let me review. I didn’t like all the other stuff that they offer for you to purchase, but other than that, it was ok.

    How much is the shipping amount? is it acceptable to you? No, the shipping is outrageous.

    Do you know the Customer Service number for Stream Clean? Not right off, but I’m sure I can find it.

    Is Stream Clean back-ordered? For me it was not. My card was not charged until the item was sent. I tracked both.

    Do you know the return process? Yes

    Did you buy this product in a store? which stores carry them? I have not looked as of yet. I know that KMart has “as seen on TV” isles, but not sure if it is there. I haven’t been to KMart in a very long time as they do not have one where I live anymore.

  16. I just bought Stream Clean . I have relativity new carpet. I also have a new puppy. I’m a clean freak and it took a lot for me to have an inside dog, but i did it for my wife for Christmas. So yeah, we have urine stains everywhere. I don’t think this stuff is meant as a carpet clean for large areas. And I also don’t think it’s meant for really old, really dirty carpet. I had new carpet, and about 5 months worth of pet stains. Now, when you clean urine… you should soak all the urine up with toilet paper before clean. Don’t just clean the urine stay in the carpet and expect ANY cleaner to remove the stain plus all the liquid. Stream clean is a stain remover. Now, did it work? Yes. Every little urine spot on my carpet that has been sitting for a few months is gone. All of the “stain rings” are gone, odors are gone, all of it. However, all the heavily traffic areas were people walk is still a little darker in the carpet. But like I was saying, this stuff is for spot and stain remover. Don’t expect for it to replace having Stanley Steamer come over. This worked on my carpet. I have lighter carpet, and new carpet that wasn’t already dirty and stained, so I can easily see a difference. If your carpet is 10 years old, already filthy, you don’t soak up the urine out of the carpet when your pet pees, or just put some water and soap on the urine and spread the urine deeper into the carpet, then don’t expect this stuff to fix your problem. You probably just need new carpet. Stream clean is a very effective spot remover. Oh, and I’m a 28 year old guy. So this isn’t even my thing to talk about. But I’m also a business owner and don’t like seeing a good product driven into the ground.

  17. I tried ordering Stream Clean online and never received product. All I got was monthly charges from THREE different “companies” of $29.95 that I did not authorize. They obviously are rip-off artists that love to make us run around in order to recoup our money. They won’t be around long. Need to be arrested and charged.

    • I ordered this Stream clean product online as well and after I hit “ok” it took me to 10 other ordering options for this product and others!!!! I kept hitting “No Thanks” and when I FINALLY hit the last page I was relieved that I made it through, but then I get an immediate email saying “Thank you for your purchase BUT unfortunately we are back ordered” with an expected delivery of 2-3 weeks out!!!!! The bright spot is that my credit card charge has reversed as of now, I will keep watch to see if I get charged in 2-3 weeks???

  18. FYI be aware when you buy this product. They are lying about the price. The ask for your credit card number first, & if you don’t buy the other products that they are offering you don’t pay $10.00 plus s&h the price is over $50.00. Fraud much? Had to report it to the credit card company! Fraud fraud fraud! Don’t give your credit card info online !

  19. How can you charge my account when I never submitted? Your antics are very misleading, I will cancel my card re; order #9522339.

    • They did the same thing to me!! Never submitted the order and they processed it anyway–this company is nothing but straight up fraud!!! Buyers Beware!!!

  20. I have only recently started shopping online and after a couple of bad experiences already, I have wizened up. Hence when I was looking to buy Stream Clean I decided that I wasn’t going to be spontaneous with my purchase. I used Stream Clean review as the keywords for my search about more relevant information about the product. But that turned out to be a wasted exercise because clearly there are no genuine review sites out there besides yours. What a refreshing change it was to find your website, which told me everything about the product. But the others, I have no idea what they are trying to do in the name of reviews.

    • These sites that you mention are not review sites at all; at best they are fake sites that are supported by the manufacturers of these products. It’s a strategy that is gaining ground today with many affiliate marketers getting good commission for creating these sites. And since they go unpunished because even the powerful search engines haven’t been able to do much about them, these sites are on the rise. Genuinely interested users like you are the ones who suffer and end up wasting their time.

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