Stone Wizard Review

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Granite has its own special place when it comes to stones used for countertops and if you are a granite lover you might know the hassles of keeping it clean and scratch free over the period of time. Regular cleaning solutions actually damage the crystal stones in the granite. Stone Wizard comes with quality high end solution which will make cleaning and keeping small scratches from your granite countertop away guaranteed. The line of products under it is designed with extensive testing and technology that has been in existence at quarries at a professional scale. The aim is to get rid of contamination, scratches and keep the granite clean in the easiest way possible.

How does Stone Wizard Work

Stone Wizard consists of 4 solutions in its granite cleaning and restoring system. They are:

Gran-It Hide-It:
It is the most cost effective solution for fixing scratches off the surface of granite. Tested in labs, Gran-it Hide-It has proved to be very effective in hiding any small scratch and micro-fissures that start developing on granite over usage along with giving it a fresh look.

Gran-It Revive-It:
Stone Wizard’s research in industrial chemicals has benefited in making this amazing solution that has the capacity to fill and hide micro scratches and fissures on the countertop surface. It makes the surface less porous, stain resistant and resists any food contamination. The Revive-It also is useful for anyone wishing to beautify the granite since it intensifies the colors to boost a much fresher look.

Gran-It Seal-It:
Due to extensive use of different appliances and cooking the countertop may start getting contaminated and start smelling bad. Seal-It is an amazing solution that protects the granite from any such issue and protects the countertop for almost a year depending on the porosity of the granite.

Gran-It Clean-It:
Unlike any other cleaning solution, Clean-It is specially designed to clean the countertop surfaces keeping in mind it doesn’t depreciate the crystal stones in the granite. It is a 100% environmentally-safe product which keeps the countertop clean and resists any bacterial growth keeping the kitchen area fresh and clean on usage day after day.



What do I get?

  • Gran-It Hide-It Light $14.99
  • Gran-It Hide-ItDark $14.99
  • Gran-It Revive-It$89.99
  • Gran-It Seal-It$39.99
  • Gran-It Clean-It $9.99
  • Gran-It® Clean-It Concentrate4 oz. Bottle (makes 64 oz.)$9.99

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