Spray Around Nozzle System

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Spraying is the best medium to distribute liquid solutions across any surface desired. Though it is predominant method for cleaning since ages there has been no solution till now to ensure that the sprayer does not lose its power and work perfectly no matter how much liquid is left inside its container. This is pretty much the reason claimed for the development of Spray Around. It is said to be one sprayer that can solve all such issues with its patented technology.

Patented Flexible Dip Tube is the Secret

The highlighted feature as promised by Spray Around is the fact that it does not lose its power of spraying no matter the amount of liquid and the angle at which it is held. Spray Around does it with its patented flexible dip tube which has its ended weighted as to move around with the solution and stay submerged. This makes Spray Around to be supposedly used at every angle and even upside down. Spray Around also has fully adjustable power nozzle to change how much liquid comes out of it and how far will it reach to ensure that it is suitable for any task at hand. It also said to fit all regular cleaning bottles and refill containers easily making it a universal sprayer.

Never Loses Spraying Power

Since Spray Around claims to be powerful in all angles it makes it easier to tilt the bottles while cleaning hard to reach angles and completely upside down for cleaning toilet pans thoroughly. Spray Around also will save a lot of money by ensuring that every last drop of liquid is utilized with the same spraying capacity giving over 1000’s of powerful sprays in total. Spray Around serves as the perfect companion for cleaning bathroom sinks, refrigerators, car tires, toilets, ovens, shower, etc. in a very simple and easy way.

What do I get?
2 Amazing Spray Around adjustable 3 set nozzle systems for just $10.00 + $9.90 S/h. Official website: sprayaround.com

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