Spot Shot Pet Aerosol

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What is Spot Shot Pet Aerosol

It is carpet stain and odour eliminator that claims to do its job instantly.
Spot Shot Pet Aerosol promises to offer respite to all pet owners who have to deal with stains and odours on their carpets from time to time. When you bring a pet home, you add a new member to the family. But there are some issues involved as your pet often tends to relieve himself on the carpet in the house. Thankfully now you don’t have to go for expensive professional cleaning of carpets because Spot Shot Pet Aerosol does the job for you, according to its claims.

Spot Shot Pet Aerosol for worst stains and odours

Spot Shot Pet Aerosol asserts that it has been specially formulated to be effective on the worst kind of stains and odours from the carpets in your house. It claims to have an edge over other cleaners because it can eliminate stains and odours that are caused by pet urine, faeces and vomit. It can also get rid of stains caused due to dirt, mud and oil. One of the advantages of Spot Shot Pet Aerosol is that it prevents these stains and odours from returning too.


Spot Shot Pet Aerosol and how it works for you

Spot Shot Pet Aerosol emphasizes on the fact that it has dual odour eliminators that are capable of absorbing and neutralizing the odours that are left behind on the carpets. It also contains anti-resoiling agents, which ensure that the stains don’t return and your carpets stay protected as you want them to be. Spot Shot Pet Aerosol stresses that it has shown proven results and has been approved by the Carpet and Rug institute for its overall performance.

Spot Shot Pet Aerosol and its important features

Spot Shot Pet Aerosol maintains that it is completely non toxic, making it safe to use at home with pets and kids around. It doesn’t contain phosphates or volatile organic compounds. You will also be pleased to find that it hasn’t been tested on animals. Spot Shot Pet Aerosol claims to be an environmentally friendly solution for you too because it has been certified biodegradable by Scientific Certifications Systems. It is available in recyclable packaging that is made out of at least 33% recyclable steel content. Thus it does its job well while giving you peace of mind.

What do I get?

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