Spin and Go Mop Review

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Are you still cleaning with traditional mops? Aren’t you tired of wringing out mops containing dirty water and bacteria, by hand? You need to get the amazing Spin and Go Mop! The Spin and Go Mop is the ultimate cleaning system that will revolutionize your life! Your mop can even stand by itself! Cut down cleaning time, get better results and save money with the great Spin and Go Mop!


How does Spin and Go Mop work?
Spin and Go Mop is a fantastic 360 degrees rotating mop with a powerful spin cycle system. You have to simply press the handle a few times and it automatically spins dry your mop. The mop head is made up of nano technology and contains nano fibers that absorb six times faster than other mops making the mop an efficient cleaning system which cleans dirt and grime quickly.

No job is too big for the Spin and Go Mop; it leaves your floor clean and dry every time. Rinsing is easy; all you have to do is just dip the mop head in to the bucket and with a few pushes of the handle, the mop gets clean and spins dry in seconds. You won’t have to touch dirty mops again with your hands!

You can use your Spin and Go Mop for both wet work like cleaning out stains and dry for doing your dusting etc. The Spin and Go Mop is ideal for marble, tile and hardwood floors, windows, furniture, cars and more. You can change your mop head in seconds so that you can use different mop heads for cleaning different areas and surfaces of your house.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.TheSpinNGo.com)

  • Spin & Go 360 Mop Floor Care System (Touchless mop and Wringer)
  • All this for just $49.95 + $14.95 S&H.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Spin and Go Mop Video


5 thoughts on “Spin and Go Mop Review

  1. My wife and I just bought an Ultimate Spin mop, but the mop won’t stay on the head. It seems to click on OK, but when it is heavy with water it just drops off when you lift it. We are returning this product to the store.

  2. Is this Spin and Go Mop any good?

    How does it compare with other Spin dry mops?

    How many washes does one head last?

    Are the nano fibers eco friendly?

    Do old mop heads attract germs?

    Is this mop durable?

    • The head would not stay on

      Handle keeps coming apart when spinning, other than that it is good
      mop handle came apart after only it’s second use,and would not screw back together

      Great idea, poor design, shoddy workmanship

      Mop head keeps dropping off the handle. Everytime I rinse it out and spin it,when taking the mop out of the spinner the head falls off and won’t seem to click back on.

      Handle could be a little longer

      Suggestion: A telescopic handle would be very nice for dusting high areas

    • Spin design makes the mop virtually dry

      Good sturdy build,and machine washable heads

      It both dry for mopping our wooden floors and wet for the ceramic and terracotta ones.

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