Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper

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What is Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper?

It is a cordless battery powered sweeper that picks up virtually everything on any type of floor surface whether it is hard wood, tile or carpet floors. The Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper promises to clear litter that even traditional vacuums cannot.


How does it Work?

This battery operated cordless sweeper uses a unique brush roll system to pick up dirt and debris. It then deposits it into a dirt tray for easy disposal. The dirt tray can easily be removed for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. A second brush for pet and long hair is also supplied.

Hassle Free Cleaning

Sweeping the floors in your place of business or home can be a hassle as well as time consuming. However the Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper takes the hassle out of cleaning as it is great for light as well as heavy cleaning and comes with a non slip belt drive to ensure that the Speedy Sweeper is always cleaning at full speed.


No More Tripping

We all at some point or the other have tripped over a hard-to handle conventional corded sweepers and vacuums that were more difficult to carry around than the actual task of cleaning. The Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper puts an end to these problems as it is a cordless and light weight sweeper that you do not have to worry about dragging a cord around while you clean.

Battery Operated

The Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweepers with a Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery runs up to 90 minutes on all hard floor surfaces with a single charge. Designed to pick up what vacuum cleaners can’t, the Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper can be used on all types of floor surfaces, indoors as well as outdoors.


A Silent Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are so noisy that it takes the fun out of cleaning but with the Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper hardly makes any noise so you can enjoy your music while cleaning. Being compact and portable it is ideal for cleaning dust, sand or pet hair.


Scratch Resistant

Another great feature of this sweeper is that it is comes with soft rubber wheels that makes it scratch resistant.


    What do I get?

  • You get Speedy Sweep Cordless Sweeper just for $129.95
  • Official website:speedysweep.com

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