Soniclean Review

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Cleaning the floor can be a tedious chore especially and thinking that using vacuum cleaners will solve your problem is beyond reality. Vacuum cleaners can be really helpful for basic cleaning but can really be difficult to handle while cleaning hard to remove dirt. Soniclean, the newest vacuum cleaner can be dubbed as the king of all vacuum cleaners. It makes it all go away in no time with its latest design and the power to clean the floor off for a sparkling new floor with every swipe.

How does Soniclean Work

Soniclean has a unique motor that functions along with the patented sonic cleaning technology. This technology enables it to loosen dust, dirt and allergens that cling to the carpets and stick inside rendering their removal difficult. Soniclean has a sonic cleaning bar that is added at the bottom of the vacuum which works exactly like a sonic toothbrush vibrating the floor to clean it thoroughly. It’s amazing performance is not just restricted to use on only carpets but it also works well on hardwood, ceramic tiles, linoleum and other hardwood floors with one single flip to the power switch setting. Also unlike other vacuums that start smelling after use, Soniclean stays smelling fresh with its sonicfresh technology that embeds fragrance pods inside the cleaner that dispenses while usage keeping the house smelling fresh and clean. Plus it stays clean with the use of easy to install and remove Seal-Tech Hepa filtration bags trapping all dirt and finest bacteria inside.

If we talk about the suction power of Soniclean than believe it or not its direct air paramagnetic motor delivers higher efficiency by creating enormous suction power that can make it has been tested to lift about 150 pounds of weight. The most astonishing and amazing part of Soniclean design is it is lightweight due to its polycarbonate plastic and aluminum body. It weighs only 10.5 lbs which is half of the conventional vacuum cleaners. It can reach any area since it can be lowered to almost floor level and can be conveniently stowed away under the bed or placed in the closet.



What do I get?

  • 1 Soniclean
  • Handheld Steamer

All this for $49.99 + P.&H.Official website



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